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How to Prepare for MICAT 2022

Updated By Yash Dhamija on 02 Dec, 2021 18:00

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MICAT 2022 Preparation Tips

If you are preparing for popular management entrance exams like CAT, IIFT, MAT or XAT, preparing for MICAT 2022 exam is not going to be a difficult task. For example, you need not devote extra time to the General Aptitude section, as the same is common in all the popular management entrance exams including MICAT 2022. However, MICAT is quite different from other management entrance exams, and the candidates must note that MICAT has a Descriptive part for which the candidates must pay utmost attention. The Descriptive part of MICAT exam involves story writing, essay writing, and psychometric test.

If you wish to improve in the Descriptive part of MICAT exam, it is advisable to write an essay or a story on different topics associated with the syllabus of MICAT exam. If you are appearing for the December or February session of MICAT exam, it is advisable to start your MICAT 2022 preparation as early as possible. You can appear for either December or January session of MICAT exam or both. For a better MICAT 2022 preparation, it is important to have a complete awareness of MICAT 2022 syllabus. After checking the syllabus, practice MICAT mock test or MICAT previous year question papers to identify your performance in different sections of MICAT exam. Practising mock test or previous year question papers of MICAT will help you in identifying the areas to improve in terms of exam preparation.

In order to help the candidates preparing for MICAT 2022 exam, we have come up with a bunch of preparation tips for MICAT 2022 exam preparation. We hope that these exam tips will clarify all your doubts pertaining to the MICAT exam preparation strategy.

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Section-wise Preparation Strategy for MICAT 2022

MICAT aspirants must focus on each section of MICAT 2022 exam, and the candidates must be aware of MICAT 2022 syllabus. Here is the detailed section-wise preparation strategy for MICAT 2022.

Preparation Tips for MICAT 2022

Creative Writing

The name of section creative writing itself denotes that the creative writing skills of candidates play a vital role. In the creative writing section of MICAT exam, you must express your imaginative and creative skills based on the theme and topic given. If you're not good at writing, you need to practice by writing on different topics. Before expressing your creative thoughts on a topic, you must know whether the given topic is abstract-based or knowledge-based.

Abstract topics need creativity, and some of the examples of abstract topics are:

  • Haste makes Waste

  • There is no right way to do the wrong thing

  • Smart Work vs Hard Work

  • Every cloud has a silver lining

  • Ethics and Values are Utopian Words

The above topics are just for reference purpose, and there is a strong possibility that these topics will come in MICAT exam.

The knowledge-based topics need facts, and the topic may depend on the current happenings in the economy across the country or world. In order to gain knowledge on such topics, it is advisable to read newspapers, magazines, articles on different websites, blogs, etc. The more you refer, the more knowledge you can gain. The knowledge-based topics in MICAT exam may be asked from different areas like psychology, history, politics, business/economy etc. You can ask your friends to give feedback on your essays so that you can improve.

Story Writing

Story writing is not a difficult task if you think positively. Many students feel uncomfortable with the story writing section, but there is no need to get worried about this section. In the MICAT exam, examinees will be given four pictures, and they must frame a story based on the pictures given.

As far as stories are concerned, there is a traditional pattern for the same. One must focus on a strong introduction to the story, and a sensible conclusion. Refer to some of the short stories or picture-based stories available on the internet to have an idea of the story pattern. Observe the pictures given carefully, and sharpen your creativity to weave a story.

Your story should have a good introduction, and you must create an impression in the mind of the examiner with opening lines of the story. You must continue the same tempo until the conclusion of the story. The ending of the story must be convincing and sensible.

There is no instance that the pictures given in MICAT will dry up your ideas. Every story is based on a theme, and you must understand the theme of the story by observing the pictures first.

In order to attain perfection in the story writing section of MICAT, you must observe different pictures in magazines, newspapers, comics, etc. and try creating a story. The more your practice, the better you perform.

Psychometric Test

The role of creative skills is limited in the Psychometric Test section of MICAT exam. The attitude of the candidates reflects in the answers they give in the psychometric test. While taking the psychometric test, you must have an open mind, and make sure that you are giving honest answers. The psychometric test in MICAT exam gives a detailed account of the strengths, weaknesses, moral values, and personality of the examinees. There is nothing like right or a wrong answer in the psychometric test. Most of the questions are based on situational judgment, career goals, life goals, etc. You need to practice some psychometric tests available on the internet to analyse your personality.

While taking a psychometric test, you must understand each question carefully. It is advisable to read each question twice or thrice, as most questions may be confusing or logical. The better your practice, the better you perform.

Convergent & Divergent Thinking

Questions in the convergent and divergent section of MICAT exam are unpredictable. The questions in this section are based on logical reasoning. The questions may be in the form of statement-conclusion based, word association, puzzle, and visual reasoning. In order to improve your skills in logical reasoning, you must practise many mock tests. You need to get a practice book on logical reasoning and start practising as early as possible. There are many books for MICAT 2022 exam preparation available in the market and online stores.

While answering each question in the mock test, you need to analyse the answers carefully. If you mark a wrong answer, analyse the mistake and come up with a correct solution or answer. The more you practice and analyse, the better you perform in the convergent and divergent section of MICAT exam.

Quantitative Ability

Quantitative Ability section of MICAT exam does not need extensive preparation, and one must focus on basic concepts associated with the topic. If you understand the concept carefully, you can easily solve the questions. Therefore, it is advisable to build a strong base on the basic concepts of Quantitative Ability. Without awareness of basic concepts, it is very difficult to answer the questions. Some of the tips that will be helpful to candidates are:

  • It is advisable to list down all the formulas associated with quantitative ability.

  • Revise the formulas at regular intervals so that you get perfection.

  • It is better to practice mock tests regularly and analyze your mistakes or weak areas.

  • If you are weak in a particular area, learn from previous mistakes and solve at least 50-70 questions in the same area.

  • Give importance to only those mock tests that have a mixed variety of questions.

  • Be careful with the calculation part. In order to get perfection in this area, learn tables (at least until 25), the square root of at least the first 10 natural numbers and cubes & score until 30.

  • Apart from the above, some of the other areas that you must focus on are Probability, Number Systems, Geometry, Functions, Graphs, Tables, and P&C. It is advisable to solve basic questions on these topics so that you will get perfection.

Verbal Ability

Verbal ability section of MICAT exam involves both verbal and non-verbal questions. Therefore, you must focus on both and attain perfection in the same. There are numerous ways to prepare, and the aspirants must read newspapers, articles, magazines that have rich content. Pick up the difficult or complex words from the articles, and search for the meaning in dictionary or Google. While learning a word, you must remember meaning, synonyms, and antonyms of the specific word. Later, try to frame some sentences by using the specific word.

There are specific books available for Verbal Ability in the market and online stores. If you get one book, it will be useful for multiple exams. The book contains meanings, mock test, synonyms, antonyms, comprehensions, etc. The more your practice, the better you perform in the MICAT exam.

General Awareness

Good preparation in General Awareness section of MICAT exam will not only be helpful in attaining a good score but will also be helpful in MBA admission interviews. You need to refer to newspapers regularly to stay updated about the latest happenings around the world. You must refer to the latest current affairs (at least one or two months), and most of the questions will feature the latest current affairs. The Internet is the key resource, and you can get information on all the latest happenings across the globe.

What Should Be Your MICAT 2022 Preparation Strategy?

Enlisted below are the pointers explaining the MICAT preparation strategy for 2022.

  • Before starting the preparation for MICAT 2022 exam, you must divide the MICAT 2022 syllabus into two parts – subjects you are good at and subjects where you're seeking improvement.
  • Based on the division, start focusing on subjects that you understand better first. It helps you in revising the syllabus fast.
  • Next, focus on subjects in which you need improvement. Devote enough time to understand the concepts and practise mock tests.
  • Refer to different sources such as books, study materials, the internet, etc.
  • A healthy mind is important for good preparation, and you must keep your mind fresh to enable better preparation.
  • Practising mock test will give you an idea of exam pattern, the nature of questions and time management. Therefore, focus more on practising mock tests to attain perfection.
  • Lastly, be confident so that you achieve a better score in MICAT exam.

Last-Minute Tips & Tricks for MICAT 2022 Preparation

Getting anxious prior to taking an entrance exam is completely normal, but you can overcome your fears by adopting some measures suggested below:

Don't Start Any New Topics

This pointer is applicable to all entrance exams. You should avoid starting any new chapter when the exam is just a few days away. If you've already appeared for CAT and if you are preparing for exams like XAT and SNAP, then you just have to revise the Quant, VA, DI & LR and GK sections. In the last week, your focus should be on revision and not starting a fresh topic.

Prepare for Online Format

Since MICAT is conducted in online mode, your basic computer skills should be in place. You may also get used to the Computer-based format of test-taking by practising mock tests online. The more mock tests you take, more comfortable you will be on the exam day.

Solve Previous Question Papers

One of the best ways to become familiar with the exam structure as well as the question types is through solving previous question papers of MICAT. You must try and solve as many papers as you can to get used to the exam pattern.

Keep Documents Ready

Keep yourself ready for the exam day by keeping all the necessary documents handy. Those who are yet to download their MICAT Admit Card should do the same now. The admit card is an important document that has details such as test venue, timing, and instructions for exam day. Also, keep some ID proofs that you will be required to show at the exam venue. You must report at the test centre as per the schedule.

Important Instructions for MICAT 2022

Check out the important institutions for MICAT 2022 below.

  • The candidate who comes to the exam centre without a valid admit card will not be allowed to appear for the examination.
  • Unfair means and practices during the examination are not entertained and a strict legal action can be taken. Further, any textual material (written or printed), (including bits of paper or any unwanted material) is not permitted inside the examination hall.
  • Electronic gadgets like calculators, digital watches, cell phones, geometry box, log tables, slide rules etc. are not allowed inside the examination hall. Therefore, the candidates are advised not to carry any of these devices to the examination centre.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the exam hall. Also, tea, coffee, snacks or cold drinks are not allowed inside.

We hope that this explanation of MICAT 2022 preparation strategy was helpful to you.

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FAQs about MICAT Preparation Tips

What should I do when preparing for Story Writing in MICAT?

When preparing for Story Writing, a candidate must focus on developing a positive mindset regarding situations. It is also important to practice structuring your storyline well to be able to tackle any type of question with ease.

How can I improve my Verbal Ability skills in MICAT?

In order to improve your Verbal Ability skills, it is best to develop a regular reading habit. You should also practice solving Grammar questions while focusing on the rules.

Which are the main topics to prepare for the General Awareness section in MICAT?

Some of the topics you should focus on while preparing for the General Awareness section include books and authors, advertising, tag line and logo of organisations, business events, static GK etc.

How do I improve my preparation for Quantitative Skills section of MICAT?

When preparing for MICAT, one of the best tips is to keep notes of all of the important formulas at one place. Regularly practice using those formulas in different types of questions to increase your skills and accuracy.

What are the best tips to prepare for the Psychometric Test in MICAT?

The preparation for the Psychometric Test in MICAT should be done with an open mind. A candidate should be prepared to create an answer on any available situation. It is also important to understand that there are no right or wrong answers and what you write will reflect your personality.

How to tackle the Creative Writing section in MICAT?

When tackling abstract writing section, it is important to be imaginative and think out of the box. Take a look at some of the example topics available on this page and practice writing on them. You should ensure that you write regularly to improve your skills and creativity.

How should I start my MICAT preparation?

When starting to prepare for MICAT, you must first go through the MICAT exam pattern and syllabus carefully. After that, it is best to start preparation with available study materials while also looking for MICAT best books as soon as possible.

What is the ideal time to prepare for MICAT?

The ideal time to prepare for MICAT can vary for different candidates. However, preparation can be completed within 3 to 6 months with ease.

How is MICAT preparation different from other MBA exams?

MICAT preparation is different from other MBA exams as it also includes the selection rounds of MICA Ahmedabad and hence candidates also have to prepare for Psychometric Test and Description Test in addition to other subjects such as English, Quantitative Ability and General Awareness.

Is it tough to prepare for MICAT?

Candidates who have experience with practising analytical questions will not find it tough to prepare for MICAT. Those who are starting from scratch will take some time initially but will find it easy to prepare after some time.

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