How to Attempt MICAT Exam 2019 and Tips for Psychometric Test

Published: | October 09, 2018
How to Attempt MICAT Exam 2019 and Tips for Psychometric Test

MICAT will be conducted on December 2, 2018, and is the basis for admission to the PGDM communication course offered by MICA. A few simple tips can help you in securing a good score in the MICAT exam and ace the descriptive section of the exam.

MICAT is the most important exam for students who want to pursue PGDM in Communication after completing their graduation. MICA is one of the few institutes in India that offers the programme. MICAT 2019 exam pattern is quite simple and consists of three sections and the syllabus comprises of various topics. It is a 2 hour and 45 minutes long exam.

MICA selection process comprises three phases and each phase comprises different schemes to evaluate the skills of students. The first phase of the selection process is the MICAT exam. Follow the tips given below while attempting the MICAT 2019 exam to get an excellent score.

Tips to Approach MICAT Psychometric Test:

  • Answer All Questions: It is very important to answer all the questions in the psychometric test as missing out even a single question might negate the purpose of the exam. Also, this is a qualifying test and passing it is essential in order to be shortlisted for the second phase of selection.
  • Answer Spontaneously: Going for the ideal answers may get you into trouble as the psychometric test is the basis for the questions asked in the personal interview started by MICA. Therefore, you must answer candidly to be quick and correct.

Tips to Approach MICAT Verbal Ability Section:

  • Manage the Time: The verbal section of the MICAT exam comprises 25 questions, i.e. you will have approximately 30 minutes to attempt this section. Attempting 18 to 19 questions is essential to get a good score in this section, therefore, time management is essential.
  • Attempt Short Questions First: In order to save time and get more questions correct, pick ‘fill in the blanks’ and ‘para jumbles’ first as they take less time. Then pick the sentence completion questions.
  • Reading Comprehension at the End: Reading Comprehensions are lengthy passages, therefore keep them for the last. Pick the easy passages first and answer them first as they will take less time than the lengthier and more complicated essays.

Tips to Approach MICAT Quantitative Ability Section:

  • Attempt the Easy Questions First: Although direct formula-based questions are hardly asked in the MICAT exam, it is always good to scan through and solve the easy questions first. This will save your time and will ensure that you are able to attempt the maximum number of questions.
  • Minimum Number of Questions: To get a decent score, you will have to attempt at least 18 questions or more. For this, you will have to manage time efficiently and ensure that you have at least 30 minutes for this section as well.
  • Keep Negative Marking in Mind: Whenever in doubt, avoid marking the answer options as each wrong answer will get you 0.25 negative marks. Getting more correct answers is important than attempting all questions.

Tips to Approach MICAT General Awareness Section:

  • Read all the Questions: This is probably one of the most scoring sections of the MICAT exam as it takes the least time and it is possible to attempt all the 25 questions in 15 to 18 minutes. Therefore, one must at least read all the questions to marks all the known questions.
  • Don’t waste too much Time: In this section, you either know the answer or you don’t know the answer. There’s nothing that you can solve, therefore, if you don’t know the answer, move on and don’t waste time.

Tips to Approach MICAT Reasoning Section:

  • Read Carefully: Convergent and divergent questions can be twisted in terms of language, therefore read the question carefully in order to understand what is being asked and mark the correct answer.
  • Attempt your strong sections first: Pick the type of questions that are your stronghold. For example, if you are good at solving statement sufficiency questions first, you must attempt these questions first.

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Tips to Approach MICAT Descriptive Test:

  • Make brief Points: Descriptive test are an essential part of the test since the institute wants to evaluate your creativity. Therefore, to present your ideas efficiently, write down the points that you want to present and then elaborate them into paragraphs. This is the best way to complete the essay.
  • Stick to your argument: While writing the argumentative sample, make sure that you are supporting a single side of the argument. Don’t juggle between two opinions as it will convey that you don’t have a firm take on the matter. It also questions your interpretation skills.
  • Flow of Content: While writing the essays, it is important that you maintain a flow. The paragraph must be a build a tempo in order to support your ideas and the flow of thoughts should be systematic. The essay should not be a collection of jumbled up paragraphs be it the essay, the story or the argument.

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MICA is one of the top communication colleges in India and offers excellent programmes in communication management. MICAT 2019 will be conducted on December 2, 2018. A detailed analysis of MICAT 2019 will be provided by CollegeDekho soon after.

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