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NID DAT (Prelims) Exam Analysis 2020

Given here is the detailed paper analysis of NID DAT (prelims) 2020 exam which was conducted on December 29th for B.Des and M.Des programmes offered at all the three campuses of NID. The exam was conducted to assess the creative instinct of the test-takers, which is a must-have in design aspirants to pursue their dream design programme from any of the three NID campuses - NID Ahmedabad (Main Campus), NID Gandhinagar and NID Bengaluru. The following section will provide in-depth analysis of the NID DAT prelims exam which was conducted during the last week of December 2019.

Detailed Analysis of NID DAT Prelims 2020 

As per the latest exam pattern of NID DAT, the prelims paper was divided into two segments - Segment I comprising of a total of 21 questions for a maximum mark of 30 and Segment II comprising of a total of 07 questions for a maximum mark of 70. Let us learn more about both the segments of the NID DAT 2020 prelims exam.

NID DAT 2020 (Prelims) Analysis of Segment-I

  • There were a total of 21 questions in this segment which were in MCQ format

  • Questions in Segment-I of NID DAT 2020 (Prelims) exam were observation-based questions, general & aesthetic-awareness questions, reasoning-type questions and a quantitative question

  • One of the questions in this section asked for the name of 2019 Nobel winner in Economics

NID DAT 2020 (Prelims) Analysis of Segment-II

  • The maximum mark of this segment was 70

  • This segment comprised of six questions in total

  • This segment was comparatively lengthier than the NID DAT 2020 (Prelims) segment-II 

  • The aim of this section was to gauge certain skills of the test-takers like technical drawing skills, creative visualizations, social responsibility, critical thinking and ability to comprehend

Question Number

Marks Carried by the Question


Question 1


Redrawing of the given pattern in a 3-D cube structure

Question 2


Redrawing of the given sketch of a kitchen

Question 3


Three-frame illustration of a narrated story. Illustrations had to be done in Black & White colours only

Question 4


Fused bulb’s five creative uses had to be illustrated

Question 5


Five possible defence mechanism that can be developed by a tree to protect themselves from being cut down

Question 6


Interpretation of Tagore’s classic lines - Where the mind is without fear along with an illustrated poster

NID DAT 2020 (Mains) Pre-Exam Analysis

With the help of the pre-exam analysis of the NID DAT 2020 mains exam, the candidates will be able to gear themselves up for the upcoming challenge. The mains exam of NID DAT 2020 will be taken by those candidates who will qualify the prelims exam with the minimum cutoff scores. 

The NID DAT 2020 mains exam will be conducted for 100 marks and will comprise of group discussions, studio set up sketching/drawing, presentations or hand-made model making. English will be the medium of instruction of the 2020 NID DAT mains exam. The exam will be conducted over a time duration of two days. The difficulty level of the mains exam of NID DAT 2020 is expected to remain between moderate and difficult if the previous year stats are taken into consideration.

NID DAT 2019 Exam Analysis

The National Institute of Design - Design Aptitude Test, popularly referred to as the NID DAT 2019 Prelims paper was successfully conducted on 6th January 2019 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm across various cities and exam centres in India. Applicants who clear the NID DAT 2019 Prelims will be eligible to sit for the NID DAT Mains 2019 exam and then further seek admission in the Bachelor of Design and Master of Design courses at the NID Ahmedabad campus. Apart from that, candidates will also be eligible to pursue other Design courses at the different campus of NID in Vijayawada and Kurukshetra.

NID DAT Prelims 2019 marking scheme was detailed out by the institute earlier which highlighted that the B.Des paper would consist of mainly objective type questions for a total of 70 marks while the remaining 30 marks were to be for the subjective type and drawing-based questions. However, this time, NID DAT Prelims 2019 was completely opposite with 70 marks worth questions being subjective while the remaining 30 marks were for objective based questions. The NID DAT Prelims 2019 carried 100 marks in total. Hence, as per the first-hand reactions from the students who took the NID DAT Prelims 2019 today, they said that there were some unexpected changes in the NID DAT Exam Pattern 2019.

NID DAT Prelims 2019 Student Reactions for B.Des Paper

  • Most students felt that the questions were unexpected as the total number of drawing questions asked were 6 this time instead of 3, as per the trend of previous years. However, the questions were termed as of medium difficulty level and a little challenging.
  • Students also said that the aptitude section was easy to comprehend.
  • Majority of the students were able to complete the paper on time.

NID DAT Prelims 2019 Section Wise Analysis for BDes Courses

You can check the detailed analysis of the NID DAT Prelims 2019 for B.Des courses here below:

Number of Subjective Type Questions


Weightage of Subjective Type Questions


Topics Covered in Subjective Type Questions

  1. A picture of a room was given to the students and there was a window in the room. Assuming that they are on a ladder and looking into the room, the candidates had to draw what they see in the room.
  2. A picture from a side view was given to the students on the basis of which they had to draw it from the front view. The picture that was given to them had a dead old man, a dog barking towards a thief. 
  3. Candidates were asked to draw and colour a stamp which would commemorate the 160th birth anniversary of leader Mahatma Gandhi.
  4. Students were asked to draw a man/ woman who could be seen sitting on a table with a spoon, a fork and a plate in front of them.
  5. Candidates were supposed to draw something that could depict that all that glitters is not gold in a very realistic manner while supporting it with a few lines.
  6. Candidates were also asked to draw a fork and a spoon that were brought together at the handle.


NID DAT Prelims 2019 Student Reactions for M.Des Paper

  • Students reported changes in the exam pattern of NID DAT Prelims 2019 for M.Des courses as well. The aptitude section carried a weightage of 25 marks while the drawing section carried 75 marks.
  • Some students found the paper to be a little longer than usual.
  • The paper also consisted of theory questions which were to be finished within 30 minutes, terming them as pretty easy. It comprised a total of 12 questions as per the students.
  • Students also exclaimed that the descriptive test was a bit strange, challenging and interesting at the same time. They felt that most questions were open to interpretation and they could not really figure out how well they have performed.

NID DAT Prelims 2019 Section Wise Analysis for MDes Courses

You can check the detailed analysis of the NID DAT Prelims 2019 for M.Des courses here below:

Number of Objective Type Questions


Weightage of Objective Type Questions


Weightage of Subjective Type Questions


Some Topics Covered in Subjective Type Questions

  1. For the Product Design question, students were asked to imagine that they are going for a trek. Keeping that in mind, they had to design a product that could fit a bottle, sandwich, shoe, phone and a book. Students were further asked to explain how the product they design could be used.
  2. For the Interaction Design question, students were told that in future India is expected to be casting their vote through the mobile phones. They were asked to identify three (3) problems and alongside illustrate solutions to them.
  3. Students were also asked to draw five icons from the “UN Sustainable Goals for 2018”.


NID DAT Prelims 2019 analysis will be further updated here! Stay tuned!

NID DAT 2018 Exam Analysis

The NID DAT 2018 Prelims paper was conducted on January 7, 2018 across 23 test centres across India between 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. The NID DAT 2017 exam is conducted for admission to both Bachelor of Design courses as well as Master of Design courses for admission to National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. Basis NID DAT 2018 exam score, 100 B. Design seats & 275 M. Design seats are up for grabs at the main campus of National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. With a valid DAT 2018 score, students can also pursue Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (GDPD) at NID Vijaywada campus & NID Kurukshetra campus. Please note that both NID Viyawada & NID Kurukshetra are "independent autonomous institutes under the DIPP, Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India and offer four-year long Graduate Diploma Programme in Design (GDPD)", according to the official website of NID.

About Design Aptitude Test

Design Aptitude Test (DAT) seeks evidence of Knowledge, Comprehension, Analysis, Reasoning, Problem Solving and Creativity in the applicant.

The candidates were questioned on the topics such as Colour Terminology, Design Theory, Elements & Principles of Design, Innovation in Design, Creative thinking & writing, Visual Logic, Optical Illusion, Usage of colour in Compositions, 3D Visualization, etc.

NID Entrance Exam Pattern: In order to secure admissions in design programmes on offer at NID, aspirants need to clear two stages which are:

Stage 1: NID DAT (Prelims) - Pen & paper-based written test

Stage 2: NID DAT (Mains) - Studio Test and Personal Interview

The question paper of NID DAT (Prelims) was of 3 hours duration and in English. The question paper carried a total of 100 marks, out of which Section A carried 70 marks comprising of multiple choice objective type questions and Section B carried 30 marks comprising of subjective type questions. All questions were compulsory. There was no negative marking.

Students shared that NID DAT (Prelims) for admissions 2018-2019 was easy and students who took the exam for B.Des course admissions shared that they were able to attempt all the questions in the time allotted.

Read the complete NID Entrance Exam 2018 Student Reaction here.

NID DAT (Prelims) 2018

NID DAT (Prelims) 2018 was expected to have a slight change in pattern and so was the case with the written test conducted for admissions in various design courses on offer at different NID campuses.

The paper was of 3 hours duration wherein aspirants will be evaluated from a total of 100 marks. NID DAT test paper was divided into two parts. Section A consisted of 88 questions and Section B had 3 questions.

NID Entrance Exam 2018: Marking Scheme


Total Questions

Total Marks



70 marks



30 marks

NID DAT Prelims consisted of two parts:

Part I: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) marked out of 70 points. The responses of this part will be recorded on an OMR sheet and evaluated digitally.

Part II: Subjective questions marked out of 30 points, with responses to be provided in visual and/or written formats.

Majority of the questions in Section B were time-consuming and really tested an aspirant’s creativity and thought process. Section A was more objective in nature and evaluated aspirants around their general awareness and required them to be quick with their analytical abilities.

NID Entrance Exam 2018: Test Pattern Analysis

NID DAT 2018 did not hold any surprises for aspirants. The difficulty level of Section A questions ranged from ‘Easy to Moderate and tested general awareness of candidates. Questions related to probability and design solutions were put to students.

On the other hand, the difficulty level of Part B of NID DAT 2018 was above average. The question paper evaluated the creativity skills of candidates and one had to be quick and extremely creative in order to fare well in this section.

Overall since the exam was not very difficult so aspirants should expect the cut-offs to go high.

NID DAT 2017 Paper Analysis

National Institute of Design had conducted the Design Aptitude Test (NID DAT) in 2017 January across 22 exam centres across India. The 2017 NID DAT was conducted in two phases – NID DAT 2017 Prelims and the NID Design Aptitude Test 2017 Mains. NID DAT Prelims 2018 is a written entrance test, followed by NID DAT 2018 Mains, which comprises of a Studio Test & an Interview Round.

Known by the same name, NID DAT exam is conducted separately for admission to B. Design courses and M. Design courses as well.

While the NID exam 2016 had witnessed a slight change in the 2016 NID paper pattern in the written part, Design Aptitude Test 2017 was just an adoption of the previous year. The NID exam paper constituted of a total of 100 marks over 3 hours duration. The 2017 NID DAT exam was divided into 2 parts – Section A and Section B and the NID DAT marking scheme was as follows:




Total Questions



Total Marks



While the NID DAT (Mains) exam is conducted for admission to the 100 covetable seats in the elite National Institute of Design – Ahmedabad (main campus). With a valid NID DAT 2018 score, a student can secure admission to Bachelor in Design (B. Des) course, Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design/ Communication Design/ Textile, Apparel & Lifestyle Accessory Design and Master of Design (M. Des) courses.

NID DAT 2017 tested the students on the following parameters:

Problem Solving Design skills

Visual Sense skills

Skills on Observation & Perception

Environmental Awareness

Mental Ability & Communication Skills


The NID DAT 2017 Paper 1 or NID DAT 2017 Prelims exam paper was not very different from the 2016 NID DAT exam.

NID DAT 2017 Paper Analysis for UG courses:

Section A

Section B

Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate

Difficulty Level: Moderate to Difficult

Tests General Knowledge

Tests Creativity Skills

Some of the sample questions asked in the National School of Design’s Design Aptitude Test 2017 (DAT 2017) for UG courses included:

Make Incredible India’s poster with the national flag, national emblem, national tree, national bird and national flower

How to draw self in a living room that has zero gravity

Draw a mother with a child crying in the background

NID DAT 2017 Paper Analysis for PG courses:

Section A

Section B

67 Objective type questions

Subjective questions

Difficulty level: Easy

Difficulty level: Difficult

No Negative Marking

Negative marking

Short Paper

Lengthy paper

Some of the sample questions asked in the National School of Design’s Design Aptitude Test 2017 (DAT 2017) for PG courses included:

Task of creating emotions like sadness, anger etc. (from a given set of 5 emotions) using facial expressions

Drawing objects from a given set of strokes

Creating a scene placing 2 characters in the scene: the given scene was an ice-cream cart

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I am a graduate and I also have on-field experience. I am applying for M.Des Furniture and Interior Design through NID DAT. How should I prepare for the exam? Also, I have a phobia of exams.

-VIDISHA LATAUpdated on October 01, 2020 10:44 AM
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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

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FAQs about NID DAT Exam Analysis

What was evaluated in the creative aptitude section of NID DAT?

In the creative aptitude section or NID DAT Mains 2020, the out of the box thinking and experimental approach is appreciated.

For how many days is NID DAT Mains conducted?

NID DAT Mains is conducted over a span of two days.

When were NID DAT Prelims conducted for the year 2020?

NID DAT Prelims was conducted on December 29th, 2019 for the year 2020.

Which section had the highest marks in the NID DAT Prelims 2020?

In the NID DAT Prelims 2020, Segment II had the highest marks. 7 subjective questions were asked in the test and the maximum marks for the section were 70. Segment-I was only of 30 marks and had objective type questions.

Was NID DAT 2020 tougher than NID DAT 2019?

Yes, NID DAT 2020 was a little tougher than NID DAT 2019.

How was NID DAT 2019?

The difficulty level of NID DAT 2019 was moderate. There were some unexpected questions in the test while few were quite easy to attempt.

Which all stages are a part of the NID DAT Mains exam?

In the NID DAT Mains, group discussions, studio setup sketching/drawing, presentations or hand-made model making are conducted.

How many questions were a part of the Segment-II of NID DAT (Prelims)?

Seven questions were asked in the Segment-II of the NID DAT Prelims 2020.

What was the difficulty level of the NID DAT 2020?

The difficulty level of the NID DAT 2020 exam was between moderate to difficult.

How many questions came in the Segment-I of NID DAT (Prelims)?

In the Segment-I of NID DAT Prelims 2020, a total of 21 questions were asked and all followed the MCQ format.

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