How to Prepare for NID DAT 2021

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How to Prepare for NID DAT 2021

To prepare well for NID DAT Mains, candidates must be looking for the best ways. The national level entrance exam sees lakhs of candidates every year and this year as well, lakhs of design enthusiasts took the Prelims. It is one of the most popular design entrance exams in the country which is divided into two parts- Prelims and Mains. NID DAT Prelims will be held in December 2020 and candidates who get through the same will be able to sit for the next round. With the exam date approaching soon, candidates often get confused about how to go about creating the preparation schedule and the strategy for the same. While making a time table is the first thing that needs to be done, preparing the perfect customised strategy is the next step that one needs to take. 

On this page, CollegeDekho helps you with all the best ways to prepare for the exam apart from just developing drawing and sketching skills. 

Preparation Tips for NID DAT 2021

Have Knowledge About Current Events:

To appear in NID DAT 2021, you must have an idea about things happening around you. You should be aware of the latest and ongoing trends of the industry. Staying updated about the current events will help you enhance your awareness in the field of design. Therefore, it is recommended that you read newspapers and magazines every day.

Practice Sketching:

For NID DAT, sketching skills are absolutely essential. One of the best ways to practice sketching is to start with the outlines. While sketching, keep the right proportions in mind so that you can give the same output on paper.

Speed Optimisation:

In order to achieve success in the entrance exam, you should have good speed. As there is a time limit for every entrance exam, therefore, to fetch good scores, your speed of attempting questions should be fast and accurate. By regularly practising the questions, you can optimise your speed.

Do Your Revision Properly:

While doing your entrance exam preparation, you should revise all the important topics related to the exam. After checking the exam syllabus, figure out the topics that you need to prepare from the beginning and chapters that will need only revision. In addition, keeping preparation material and comprehensive notes handy with you will definitely help you at the time of your exam revision.

Practice a Lot:

Practice is the key for all competitive exams. Practising a variety of questions on a regular basis will not only help you score well in the entrance exam but will also improve your overall speed and accuracy. By practising sample papers and mock tests, you will be able to identify your weak areas where you need to focus more. Only a strong focus, practice and more practice can take you closer to your goal.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2021 Prelims

Let's now begin with the step-wise preparation of NID DAT 2021. The first step is to get through the Prelims and for that, CollegeDekho has created a list of things that you need to keep in mind while preparing for the exam. 

Get an idea of NID DAT 2021 Prelims Exam Pattern

Getting an idea of NID DAT Exam Pattern is the first thing you ought to do, which will not only help you understand what you will be coming across on the day of exam but will also keep you on the right track while making a preparation strategy for the same. 


Type of Questions










Understand the NID DAT 2021 Prelims Syllabus 

In order to come up with the most effective preparation strategy, candidates must know the NID DAT 2021 Syllabus well. Few of the topics are Graphics & Pictograms, Story pictures, Design Theory, Colour Psychology & Optical Illusions, Elements & Principles Of Design Form & Function, 3D Visualization, Colour, Pattern & Texture, Natural & Geometrical Form, Theme Development, Innovation in Design Creative thinking & writing.

Go through the NID DAT 2021 Prelims Marking Scheme

  • NID DAT 2021 prelims (B.Des) is divided into two parts- I and II. 
  • The Part I consists of Multiple Choice Objective Type questions (MCQs). The total weightage is 70 marks. In this section of the paper, candidates shall choose one or more correct answers.
  • Candidates will have to mark the responses in the OMR sheet
  • Whereas Part II of this exam has subjective type questions and the total weightage of this section is 30 marks.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Excelling in the entrance exam would require a thorough knowledge of the type of questions, getting familiar with the exam pattern and learning how to manage your time. All of this will eventually come with the practice of as many NID DAT Prelims previous year question papers as possible. 

Attempt Mock Tests

Candidates always gain a competitive edge when they take mock tests. Apart from helping them grasp the real exam environment of the exam, mock tests also come with the benefit of keeping a track of your progress.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2021 in 3 Months

NID DAT is a two-tier entrance examination which comprises the levels of prelims and mains. Candidates can easily prepare for NID DAT 2021 in three months if they follow the correct strategy and have a foolproof preparation plan. Design aspirants who are looking forward to appearing for the exam in January 2021 can find the details of how to prepare for NID DAT 2021 in three months here.

  • Make a detailed plan for each day of your 3-month preparation schedule. Allocate time for subjects after analysing your weak and strong areas.
  • Give time to all the subjects and topics that will be asked in the exam. Refrain from selective studies and divide time among all topics according to your need.
  • Sharpen your grammar by going through English language books of the 10+2 level. Solve exercises, practise comprehension passages, and keep in mind the idioms and phrases.
  • Include sketching in your regular preparation and expand the zone of your subjects. Do not practise just one type of figures, rather try your hand at several objects and techniques.
  • Update your portfolio with your diverse work and ensure it represents your creative best. Pay attention to the details and keep it ready for the studio test and interview round.
  • Solve as many NID DAT question papers as you can. Refer to NID DAT mock tests, previous year question papers, and sample papers provided. Practising through these papers will make you comfortable with the NID DAT 2021 exam pattern and you will also get an idea of the type of questions asked.
  • Focus on improving your speed while solving the paper. Do not spend more than the required time on one question.
  • Enhance your creativity and try to think outside the box. Make models from items of daily use such as bottle, straw, tape, paper clips, etc. Avoid rendering too much time in making one model and remember you will have to complete your model and explain it to the examiners within the allotted time. Resort to various activities for building up new ideas.
  • Read the newspaper every day as that will help you in improving your English as well as general knowledge. Through newspapers, you will stay updated with the current affairs across all sections.
  • Cover the entire syllabus of NID DAT 2021 thoroughly while also leaving enough time for revision.
  • Improve your communication skills and practise giving an interview. Ask your friends or family members to take your mock interviews and take their feedback.

How to Prepare for NID DAT Mains 2021

After you clear the first stage of NID DAT, you will be required to get through the second stage of the exam i.e. NID DAT Mains to be able to take admission in any NID. NID DAT Mains shall consist of tests in different formats such as in a studio set-up. This may last for a period of 3 days and the total marks of the exam will be 100 marks. 

All in all, the kind of problems that one may encounter in NID DAT Mains would include Doodling exercise, 3D Model Making, Wire Moulding, Clay Modelling, Story Illustration, Psychometric Test, Thematic Apperception. It is important that candidates keep themselves well-updated about the current affairs and build their portfolio to do well in the Studio Test.

​Recommended Books for NID DAT 2021


GK & Current Affairs Questions with Answers - NID B.Design DAT Prelims

Solved Mock Test Papers (Section B) - NID B.Design DAT Prelims

Mock NID MCQ Test (Section A) with answers - Pack of 6 Tests for NID B.Design DAT Prelims

Original Test Papers – NID B.Design DAT Prelims

GK MCQs with Solutions - NID B.Design DAT Prelims

NID DAT 2021 Exam Day Tips

  • Plan your strategy before starting to attempt any question. 
  • Be creative and don't spend a lot of time on one particular question.
  • Go through all the given options before picking one.
  • Try and think out of the box.

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Samiksha Rautela, Student / Alumni

Dear Student,

It is natural to get anxious and nervous before NID DAT as it is one of the most sought-after design exams. However, with proper preparation and sufficient practice, the exam nerves can be kept in check. You can visit the links below and get information and tips on how to prepare and what to prepare for NID DAT.

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FAQs about NID DAT Preparation Tips

How to work on my speed for NID DAT preparation?

To work on your speed for NID DAT, focus on practice and revision. Try to solve as many mock tests and sample papers as possible. It would not only increase the speed but also will improve the accuracy.

I do not have time for revision of NID DAT. What should I do?

If you do not have time for NID DAT revision, try solving the previous year's question papers. You must also try skimming through the important topics which have a higher possibility of cropping up in the exam.

How many hours should I sleep in a day while preparing for NID DAT?

A candidate must take 7-8 hours of sleep while preparing for NID DAT as the mind requires a break and needs to be refreshed every once in a while.

Are there any exam day tips for NID DAT?

On the exam day of NID DAT, an individual must focus on being creative and confident. Thinking out of the box may fetch individuals more marks than the other applicants.

What kind of questions are asked in NID DAT Mains to analyse students?

The questions in NID DAT Mains are generally doodling exercise, Wire Moulding, 3D Model Making, Clay Modelling, Psychometric Test, Story Illustration, Thematic Apperception etc.

How much time does it take for an individual to prepare for NID DAT?

To prepare for the NID DAT, an individual takes around 7-8 months. Some people also take less time than this depending on their ability and calibre.

Should I focus more on solving previous year's question papers or Sample papers of NID DAT?

Since the previous year's questions papers of NID DAT have the better essence of the design exam, you should try to pay more attention to it.

What happens if I do not qualify the NID DAT Prelims exam?

If a candidate fails to qualify the NID DAT Prelims, he/she will not be able to sit for the NID DAT Mains.

Is sketching practice required for NID DAT preparation?

Sketching practise is crucial while preparing for NID DAT. Candidates with good visualisation, neat sketching and great imagination are generally considered in the NID exam.

Is it important to go through the current affairs or events while preparing for NID DAT?

Yes, while preparing for NID DAT, it is of utmost importance to take note of the current event and affairs related to the design industry.

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