NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips: Study Plan, Strategy, Timetable, Important Topics, Mock Tests, Best Books

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NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips

NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips: The National Institute of Design (NID) organized the NID DAT 2024 (Prelims) examination on December 24, 2024. The announcement of NID DAT Prelims results for M.Des took place on February 16, 2024. These scores play an important role in shortlisting candidates for the NID DAT 2024 Mains examination for M.Des, scheduled from March 4 to April 4, 2024.

To secure favourable results in the NID DAT 2024 Mains, effective preparation for the Studio Test and Personal Interview is essential. In the days leading up to the exam, it is advisable to focus on revising, solving NID DAT sample papers, taking mock tests, and maintaining composure. Crafting a well-thought-out strategy for NID DAT 2024 exam preparation is vital.

Recognized as one of the most challenging entrance exams, the NID DAT requires a comprehensive approach for success. To excel in the NID DAT 2024 and achieve outstanding results, it is imperative to adopt a thorough preparation plan. Here, we present practical yet straightforward NID DAT 2024 preparation tips that can enhance your readiness for the exam.

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NID DAT 2024 Exam Day Tips

The significant day is just around the corner! NID DAT 2024 Prelims are scheduled for December 24th, 2023, and you might be experiencing a blend of excitement and nerves. Here are some NID DAT 2024 preparation tips for exam day approved by experts, which will guide you to excel in the exam and enter the next round with confidence.

Pre-Exam Tips 

  • Power Up Your Brain: Start your day with a nutritious breakfast and pack some energizing snacks for breaks. A well-nourished mind stays focused!
  • Pack Wisely: Bring your admit card, photo ID, a couple of sharpened pencils, erasers, a geometry box, and a clear water bottle. Keep valuable items at home to avoid distractions.
  • Rest Well: Ensure you get 7-8 hours of sleep for a refreshed and sharp mind on exam day.
  • Picture Success: Take a moment to visualize yourself confidently navigating the exam and excelling in each section. Positive visualization can boost your confidence.

During the Exam Tips

  • Be Punctual: Try to reach the exam centre at least 30 minutes before the reporting time to avoid last-minute stress.
  • Stay Calm: Take deep breaths and remind yourself that you have prepared for this. Trust your knowledge and abilities.
  • Read the Instructions: Before starting the exam, spend a few minutes understanding the paper format and instructions.
  • Manage Your Time: Divide your time equally among sections and stick to your plan. Move on from a question if needed, and return later if time permits.
  • Understand the Questions: Before answering, make sure you comprehend each question. Highlight keywords and underline important information.
  • Show Your Work: Even if unsure, write down your thought process; it might earn you partial marks.
  • Review: If time allows, go through your answers, ensuring you haven't missed any bubbles or made careless mistakes.

NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips: 10 Days Before Exam!

As the NID DAT 2024 Prelims approach, the last 10 days are important for strengthening your preparation and reaching your full potential. Here are some important tips to help you perform well in the exam: 

Revise and Refine 

  • Instead of trying to learn new things, concentrate on reviewing your notes, mock test papers, and key concepts to reinforce your understanding.
  • Identify your weaknesses by analyzing your mock test results and dedicate extra time to improve in those areas.
  • Solve official NID DAT question papers within time constraints to replicate the actual exam environment. This will enhance your speed and accuracy.
  • Give special attention to sections with higher weightage, such as Communication Ability, General Knowledge, and Design Aptitude. This can significantly impact your overall score.

Organize Your Resources

  • Make sure you can easily reach all your notes, mock test papers, textbooks, and reference materials.
  • Organize your remaining days wisely by setting aside dedicated time for each subject and topic.
  • Stick to a healthy sleep routine and make sure to take regular breaks to prevent burnout.

Seek Clarification and Guidance 

  • Feel free to ask your teachers, and mentors, or join online study groups if you have questions about any concepts.
  • Connect with other NID DAT aspirants on online forums to exchange tips, and strategies, and keep each other motivated.
  • Reduce distractions, such as social media, and prioritize focused study sessions.

Manage Your Stress

  • Practice mindfulness or deep breathing exercises to handle stress and anxiety.
  • Visualize yourself confidently taking and succeeding in the NID DAT exam.
  • Have confidence in your skills and maintain motivation throughout your preparation journey.

Stay Updated

  • Stay updated on any last-minute changes in the exam schedule.
  • Make sure you have downloaded your NID DAT 2024 admit card and printed it well in advance of the exam date.
  • Get to know the exam venue beforehand and arrive early to avoid any last-minute rush.

Note: Keep in mind that last days are important, but do not stress too much. Stay calm, confident, and dedicated, and you will be on the right track to succeed in the NID DAT 2024 Prelims!

NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips

It is a misconception that the NID DAT exam is solely for talented artists; in reality, it mostly emphasises the capabilities of problem-solving. Students must be aware that NID questions are designed to assess their creativity, imagination, and perceptual skills as well as general knowledge and observation. Additionally, the applicant should solve a few practice papers preceding the exam, particularly during the last two to three weeks. Discussed below are some vital NID DAT preparation tips for the NID DAT 2024:

Have Knowledge About Current Events:

To appear in NID DAT 2024, you must have an idea about things happening around you. You should be aware of the latest and ongoing trends in the industry. Staying updated about current events will help you enhance your awareness in the field of design. Therefore, it is recommended that you read newspapers and magazines every day.

Practice Sketching:

To know how to prepare for NID DAT 2024, you must understand that sketching skills are absolutely essential. One of the best ways to practice sketching is to start with the outlines. While sketching, keep the right proportions in mind so that you can give the same output on paper.

Speed Optimisation:

To achieve success in the entrance exam, you should have good speed. This exam is time-limited, therefore, to fetch good scores, your speed of attempting questions should be fast and accurate. By regularly practising the questions, you can optimise your speed.

Do Your Revision Properly:

While doing your entrance exam preparation, you should revise all the important topics related to the exam. After checking the exam syllabus, figure out the topics you will need to prepare from the beginning and chapters that will need only revision. In addition, keeping preparation material and comprehensive notes handy with you will definitely help you at the time of your exam revision.

Practice a Lot:

If you want to score well, progressive practising is one of the best NID DAT 2024 preparation tips. Practising a variety of questions on a regular basis will not only help you score well in the entrance exam but will also improve your overall speed and accuracy. By practising sample papers and mock tests, you will be able to identify your weak areas where you need to focus more.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2024 Mains?

After successfully navigating the initial stage of NID DAT 2024, the next hurdle is the second stage – Mains. Securing admission to any college requires clearing this stage. NID DAT Mains includes diverse tests, often set up in a studio environment. To excel in the Studio Test, candidates need to stay informed about current affairs and build a strong portfolio. Here's a comprehensive guide on preparing for NID DAT 2024 Mains:

  • Enhance Observation and Visualization Skills:
    • Remember, DAT Mains doesn't just assess your ability to memorize information. It focuses on your skill and creativity in applying that knowledge to create something exceptional.
    • Cultivate your creative side by being mindful of your surroundings and developing a keen eye for detail.
  • Improve Speed and Accuracy:
    • Utilize sample papers to enhance your problem-solving skills and subject knowledge. However, don't solely rely on them; practice exams are equally essential.
    • Take mock exams closer to the admission test, aiming to solve problems swiftly. A thorough understanding of concepts and their interconnections will significantly speed up problem-solving.
  • Solve Sample Papers:
    • Start solving sample papers early in your NID DAT 2024 preparation. These papers not only enhance problem-solving skills but also aid in understanding different topics.
    • Practice time management by setting a timer while solving sample papers.
  • Maintain General Awareness:
    • Stay updated on local, national, and global news, especially significant events. Regularly read reputable newspapers like the Indian Express, Hindu, TOI, etc.
    • Focus on editorials and opinion articles to broaden your perspective and stay informed about diverse viewpoints.

By focusing on these aspects, candidates can significantly enhance their chances of success in NID DAT 2024 Mains.

NID DAT 2024 Preparation Tips for DAT Mains Studio Interview

  • Improving Drawing Skills: Regularly engage in drawing exercises to boost accuracy, speed, and confidence. Experiment with various mediums such as pencils, charcoal, and ink. Explore different drawing styles, including observational, perspective, and figure drawing.
  • Cultivate Design Thinking: Hone your ability to analyze design problems, generate creative solutions, and iterate on your ideas. Participate in design challenges or workshops to enhance problem-solving skills within specified time limits.
  • Enhance Communication Skills: Develop clear and concise communication, both verbally and visually. Practice presenting your design ideas effectively, utilizing sketches, models, and explanations to articulate your thought process.
  • Build an Impressive Portfolio: Select your top projects that highlight your various skills, creativity, and design abilities. Make sure your portfolio is neatly arranged, tidy, and visually attractive. Customize the content in your portfolio to match the particular design program you're seeking admission to.
  • Hone Your Interview Skills: Engage in practice interviews with experienced designers or mentors to become adept at expressing your design approach and showcasing your thought leadership. This practice will boost your self-assurance and enhance your communication abilities in a simulated interview setting.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2024 in 30 Days?

The NID DAT exam is a gateway to prestigious design institutes across India. If you have just 30 days left for the NID DAT 2024 Prelims exam preparation, it is essential to devise a strategic study plan to maximize your preparation and achieve your desired outcome. Check out these NID DAT 2024 preparation tips to ace the exam:

Week 1: Get Acquainted with the Exam Structure and Syllabus

  • Understand the Exam Format: Familiarize yourself with the number of sections, types of questions, and the allotted time.
  • Examine the Syllabus: Review each section's syllabus, noting key topics and their significance.

Week 2: Establish a Solid Foundation in General Knowledge

  • Stay Updated on Current Affairs: Keep yourself informed about national and international events through reliable sources like newspapers, news websites, and magazines.
  • Dive into Static GK: Explore Indian history, geography, polity, economy, and general awareness using reference books, online resources, and practice quizzes.

Week 3: Enhance Your Design Aptitude

  • Visual Reasoning: Practice recognizing patterns, relationships, and spatial concepts through visual puzzles and exercises.
  • Analytical Reasoning: Hone your logical thinking and problem-solving skills by working on reasoning questions involving data interpretation, number sequences, and verbal reasoning.
  • Drawing and Observation Skills: Regularly sketch, draw shapes, and understand perspective. Observe everyday objects and environments to improve visual perception.

Week 4: Reinforce Your Preparation and Take Mock Tests

  • Review and Practice: Go over key concepts, formulas, and theories regularly. Solve previous years' question papers and mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format.
  • Time Management: Practice time management techniques to ensure you complete the exam within the given time.
  • Self-Assessment: Analyze your performance in mock tests to identify strengths and weaknesses. Focus on improving weaker areas while maintaining proficiency in stronger ones.

Key Points to Remember:

  • Consistency is Crucial: Allocate a specific time each day for focused study. Consistent effort leads to better results.
  • Seek Guidance: Consult experienced teachers or mentors for personalized advice and support.
  • Stay Positive and Motivated: Believe in your abilities and maintain a positive mindset throughout your preparation.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2024 in 3 Months?

NID DAT is a two-tier entrance examination that comprises the levels of prelims and mains. Candidates can easily prepare for NID DAT 2024 in 3 months if they follow the correct strategy and have a foolproof preparation plan. Discussed below are some NID DAT 2024 preparation tips to prepare for NID DAT 2024 in 3 months:

  • Make a detailed plan for each day of your three-month preparation schedule. Allocate time for subjects after analysing your weak and strong areas.
  • Give time to all the subjects and topics that will be asked in the exam. Refrain from selective studies and divide time among all topics according to your needs.
  • Sharpen your grammar by going through English language books of the 10+2 level. Solve exercises, practise comprehension passages, and keep in mind the idioms and phrases.
  • Include sketching in your regular preparation and expand the zone of your subjects. Do not practise just one type of figure, rather try your hand at several objects and techniques.
  • Update your portfolio with your diverse work and ensure it represents your creative best. Pay attention to the details and keep it ready for the studio test and interview round.
  • Solve as many NID DAT question papers as you can. Refer to NID DAT mock tests, previous year's question papers, and sample papers provided. Practising through these papers will make you comfortable with the NID DAT 2024 exam pattern and you will also get an idea of the type of questions asked.
  • Focus on improving your speed while solving the paper. Do not spend more than the required time on one question.
  • Enhance your creativity and try to think outside the box. Make models from items of daily use such as bottles, straws, tape, paper clips, etc. Avoid spending too much time in making one model and remember you will have to complete your model and explain it to the examiners within the allotted time. Resort to various activities for building up new ideas.
  • Read the newspaper every day as that will help you improve your English as well as your general knowledge. Through newspapers, you will stay updated with current affairs across all sections.
  • Cover the entire syllabus of NID DAT 2024 thoroughly while also leaving enough time for revision.
  • Improve your communication skills and practise giving an interview. Ask your friends or family members to take your mock interviews and take their feedback.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2024 in 6 Months?

Cracking the NID DAT 2024 exam requires a well-structured plan and unwavering dedication. Here's a comprehensive six-month preparation strategy to guide you towards your design dreams. Check out these NID DAT 2024 preparation tips to score high in the exam!

1st and 2nd Month

  • Understand the Exam Blueprint: Before embarking on your preparation journey, thoroughly review the NID DAT syllabus 2024 and NID DAT exam pattern 2024. Familiarize yourself with the structure, question types, and marking scheme for each section.
  • Dedicate Quality Time to Each Subject: Allocate at least two hours per day to prepare each subject. This dedicated time will ensure you have sufficient coverage of all the topics.
  • Master the Fundamentals: Lay a solid foundation by mastering the basics of each subject. Build your understanding from a strong conceptual base.
  • Cover the Entire Syllabus: Ensure you cover all the topics listed in the syllabus, leaving no stone unturned. Comprehensive coverage will enhance your chances of success.

3rd and 4th Month

  • Identify and Tackle Your Weak Areas: Create a list of topics that you find challenging and prioritize them in your preparation. Dedicate extra time and effort to mastering these weaker areas. Go through NID DAT 2024 prelims preparation tips for a thorough strategy for the prelims exam.
  • Regular Revision for Long-Term Retention: Schedule regular revision sessions every 10 days to reinforce what you have studied. This repetition will help you retain information effectively and improve your recall.
  • Practice with Previous Year Papers: Sharpen your time management skills and problem-solving abilities by solving questions from previous years’ NID DAT papers. Practice under timed conditions to simulate the actual exam environment.
  • Analyze Performance and Adapt Strategies: After completing each practice exam or NID DAT mock test, take the time to analyze your performance. Identify areas where you excel and those that require further improvement. Adapt your study strategies accordingly to maximize your learning outcomes.

5th and 6th Month

  • Embark on Thorough Revision: Dedicate time each day to revise all the topics you have covered in the previous four months. This comprehensive review will solidify your understanding and enhance your recall.
  • Stick to the Studied Material: Avoid the temptation to introduce new topics at this stage. Focus solely on revising and mastering the concepts you have already learned.
  • Test Your Readiness with Mock Tests: Challenge yourself by attempting as many mock tests as possible. Analyze your performance after each test to identify areas for improvement and refine your strategies accordingly.

How to Prepare for NID DAT 2024 Prelims?

Let us now begin with the step-wise NID DAT 2024 preparation tips. The first step is to get through the Prelims and for that, CollegeDekho has created a list of things that you need to keep in mind while preparing for the exam. Go through these NID DAT 2024 prelims preparation tips for better exam preparation:

Get an idea of the NID DAT 2024 Prelims Exam Pattern

One of the most important NID DAT 2024 prelims preparation tips is to familiarise oneself with the NID DAT exam pattern. This will not only help you understand what you will be coming across on the day of the exam but will also keep you on the right track while making a preparation strategy for the same.


Type of Questions










Understand the NID DAT 2024 Prelims Syllabus 

To come up with the most effective preparation strategy, candidates should have some NID DAT 2024 prelims preparation tips handy and they should be well aware of the NID DAT 2024 syllabus also. Some of the topics are Graphics and pictograms, Story pictures, Design Theory, Colour Psychology and optical Illusions, Elements and principles Of Design Form and function, 3D Visualisation, Colour, Pattern and texture, Natural and geometrical Form, Theme Development, Innovation in Design Creative thinking & writing.

Go through the NID DAT 2024 Prelims Marking Scheme

  • NID DAT 2024 prelims (B.Des) is divided into two parts- I and II. 
  • Part I consists of Multiple Choice Objective Type questions (MCQs). The total weightage is 70 marks. In this section of the paper, candidates shall choose one or more correct answers.
  • Candidates will have to mark the responses in the OMR sheet
  • Whereas Part II of this exam has subjective-type questions and the total weightage of this section is 30 marks.

Formulate a Timetable

Candidates should prepare a schedule to adequately study for the NID 2024 exam. It is encouraged that applicants make a daily, weekly, and monthly preparation schedule for the NID DAT 2024 Prelims. Additionally, students should make an effort to finish their whole curriculum as soon as feasible and reserve an entire month before the exam for revision and the completion of as many sample papers, previous year question papers, and mock exams as they are able.

Practice Previous Year Question Papers

Excelling in the entrance exam would require a thorough knowledge of the type of questions, getting familiar with the exam pattern and learning how to manage your time. All of this will eventually come with the practice of as many NID DAT previous year's question papers as possible. 

Attempt Mock Tests

Candidates always gain a competitive edge when they take mock tests. Apart from helping them grasp the real exam environment of the exam, mock tests also come with the benefit of keeping track of your progress.

​Recommended Books for NID DAT 2024

Now that you are familiar with the NID DAT 2024 preparation tips, here are some of the best books for NID DAT 2024 preparation that students must refer:

  • Arihant's Ultimate Guide for NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam
  • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by RPH Editorial Board
  • Origami Design Secrets: Mathematical Methods for an Ancient Art - Robert J. Lang for NID Preparation
  • NIFT/NID/IIFT Entrance Exam Guide by D Mittal
  • NIFT/NID (Admission Test) Previous Years' Papers (Solved) by R Gupta
  • Logical Reasoning - Step-by-Step Verbal Reasoning by Philip Kay, How to Pass Diagrammatic Reasoning Test by Mike Bryon.  
  • Solved Mock Test Papers (Section B) - NID B.Design DAT Prelims 
  • Mock NID MCQ Test (Section A) with answers - Pack of 6 Tests for NID B.Design DAT Prelims 
  • GK MCQs with Solutions - NID B.Design DAT Prelims 
  • GK & Current Affairs Questions with Answers - NID B.Design DAT Prelims

Want to know more about NID DAT

FAQs about NID DAT Preparation Tips

Is it important to go through the current affairs or events for NID DAT preparation?

Yes, it is important to go through the current affairs or events for NID DAT preparation because the test evaluates your general knowledge, observation, problem-solving skills, and more. For this, candidates keep themselves well-updated about current affairs and build their portfolio to do well in the Studio Test.

Is sketching practice required for NID DAT preparation?

Yes, sketching practice is required for NID DAT preparation. Candidates with good visualisation, neat sketching and great imagination are generally considered in the NID exam. The myth goes that NID DAT can only be passed by someone who draws well. However, the test evaluates also students on general knowledge, observation, problem-solving skills, and so on.

How can I prepare for the NID DAT exam?

Candidates can prepare for the NID DAT exam by following the briefly mentioned steps provided below:

Step 1: Review the NID DAT syllabus thoroughly.

Step 2: Understand the NID DAT exam pattern along with the marking scheme criteria.

Step 3: Create your preparation plan/strategy.

Step 4: Consider the best NID DAT books for reference.

Step 5: Practice using the previous year's question papers and mock tests.

What are the top 10 NID DAT preparation tips?

The top 10 NID DAT preparation tips are as follows:

  • Practice rapid sketching

  • Practice colouring

  • Practice time management (Solve questions in a fixed time)

  • Practice quizzes for General Ability Test (GAT) topics

  • Study previous year’s NID question papers

  • Practice drawing in perspective & proportion

  • Come up with unique & interesting ideas

  • Read the newspaper and current affairs websites every day

  • Solve sample papers

  • Study History of Art and revise basics of subjects from 8th to 10th Std

How much time does it take to prepare for NID DAT?

Applicants should give themselves a minimum of six months to prepare for the NID DAT exam. They will have ample opportunity to thoroughly review each subject and efficiently get ready for the exam throughout this period. It is nevertheless possible to study for the exam in three months or less if the individual has a firm grasp of the fundamentals and basic concepts.

Should I practice drawing as a part of NID DAT preparation?

Yes, students should practise drawing as a part of NID DAT preparation. Practise drawing whatever inspires you or whatever you see around you, such as your mother's kitchen, the street you go to for daily groceries, the mall or perhaps a security officer going about his job. Another piece of advice is to master the use of dry colour, which is simpler and faster to use.

How can I master time management for NID DAT preparation?

Students can master time management for NID DAT preparation using the following steps:

Step 1: Get a calendar and a diary

Step 2: Set your priorities

Step 3: Decide your study hours and include short breaks in between

Step 4: Take care of your health

Step 5: Do not compromise your study time for something unimportant

Step 6: Get a good night’s sleep daily

How many hours should I sleep in a day while preparing for NID DAT?

A candidate must take seven to eight hours of sleep while preparing for NID DAT as the mind requires a break and needs to be refreshed every once in a while. A good night’s sleep allows students to grasp the concepts they learned.

I do not have time to revise my NID DAT preparation. What should I do?

If you do not have time to revise your NID DAT preparation, then try solving the previous year's question papers. You must also try skimming through the important topics which have a higher possibility of cropping up in the exam.

How to work on my speed for NID DAT preparation?

To work on your speed for NID DAT, focus on practice and revision. Try to solve as many mock tests and sample papers as possible. It would not only increase the speed but also improve the accuracy.

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