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SNAP Exam Analysis 2021

Updated By Yash Dhamija on 26 Nov, 2021 14:42

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SNAP 2021 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2021 will be conducted on December 19, 2021, January 08, 2022 and January 16, 2022. The exam will be conducted in online mode. The paper analysis of SNAP 2021 will be updated here once the exam is over. The SNAP 2021 paper analysis will allow the candidates to know the difficulty level and the type of questions asked in the exam. 

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SNAP 2020 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2020 Slot 3 was conducted on January 9, 2021, from 11 am-12 pm. SNAP 2020 Slot 2 was conducted on January 6, 2021, from 11 am-12 pm. SNAP 2020 slot 1 was conducted on December 20 from 11 am-12 pm. A detailed analysis of SNAP 2020 slot 3,2 and slot 1 can be checked here based on live student reports from the exam centre.

SNAP 2020 (Jan 9) Exam and Question Paper Analysis, Answer Key and Solutions

SNAP 2020 Slot 2 (Jan 6) Exam and Question Paper Analysis, Answer Key and Solutions

SNAP 2020 (Dec 20) Exam and Question Paper Analysis, Answer Key and Solutions 

The overall difficulty level of the exam was easy. This year the exam pattern of SNAP has changed and the time limit has reduced to 60 minutes. The total number of questions has also reduced to 60 from 110 and total marks have also reduced to 60 from 150. Like every year, CollegeDekho has released an exam analysis of SNAP which you can find below. Candidates can take a look at the SNAP 2020 exam analysis which includes sectional and overall difficulty along with the marking scheme and exam pattern.

Candidates can go through the exam analysis of SNAP 2020 in order to evaluate their performance and think about further possibilities. They can also go through the Colleges accepting SNAP score and use the SNAP College Predictor to explore the options. Candidates can go through the previous year's analysis to get an idea about the difficulty level and the type of questions that might pop up in the exam.

Symbiosis National Aptitude Test, also popularly known as SNAP 2020, is a national-level MBA entrance exam conducted for admission to institutes affiliated with Symbiosis International University (SIU). Every year, around 50,000 aspirants appear for SNAP 2020. SNAP is the mandatory entrance that every candidate aspiring for admission in SNAP participating colleges has to take.

Table of Contents

SNAP 2019 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2016 Exam Analysis

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SNAP 2019 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2019 exam was conducted by Symbiosis International University on December 15, 2019, in a computer-based format. As per the SNAP 2019 exam analysis, the paper was mostly on the same lines as that of 2018 in terms of difficulty level. The exam had some changes in the testing as well as scoring pattern, and had a moderate difficulty level. In the Verbal and QA & DI section, few questions were found to a bit tough. 

SNAP had three sections only - General English, Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation, and Analytical & Logical Reasoning. The questions and marks distribution for all the sections is given below. Candidates had the flexbility to attempt the questions in the sequence of their choice as moving from one section to another was allowed. Test takers were required to attempt the paper within a span of 120 minutes.

Break-up of SNAP 2019 Exam Paper


Normal Questions

Special Questions

Total Questions

Total Marks

General English





Analytical & Logical Reasoning





Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency










Section-wise Analysis of SNAP 2019

General English

Majority of the questions in this section were vocabulary based and they were much easier in comparison to questions asked in 2018 on the same topic. Like 2018, there were only two RCs followed by a total of 8 questions. 1 RC had 3 questions while the other had 5 questions. The FIB questions were easy and required common sense. The grammar-based questions were also on the easier side.

Overall, this section was a cakewalk and an attempt of 25-26 questions in 20-25 minutes with 90% plus accuracy would be considered a good attempt.

Quantitative Ability

On 2019, this section turned out to be much more time-consuming. Majority of the questions asked in this section belonged to topics like Time, Speed and Distance, Geometry and Modern Math. Calculator use was not permitted, which test takers had to resort to estimates while answering quite a few questions. Candidates had to spend a lot of time on reading questions as some of them were pretty long. Eventhough this section was not very difficult, it turned to be time-consiming.

An attempt of 18-20 question within a duration of 45 minutes with 90% accuracy would be considered ideal.

Logical and Analytical Reasoning

Some of the questions asked in this section were quite boring and lengthy but LR was mostly similar to 2018. Questions from Analytical reasoning dominated the section and the proportion of verbal reasoning questions was quite low. A couple of caselets were quite easy and should fetch the test takers easy marks. 

A score of around 32-33 would be considered ideal for LR.

Overall SNAP 2019 Analysis

In a nutshell, the SNAP 2019 paper was on the same lines as that of 2018, and an attempt of 80-85 questions with 80-85% accuracy would be considered ideal.

With Inputs from Career Launcher

SNAP 2018 Exam Analysis

SNAP 2018 was conducted on 16th December 2018 between 2 pm to 4 pm for all the candidates who had applied for the exam. SNAP 2018 turned out to be easier in comparison to the exams conducted in the last two years. Talking about the section-wise difficulty level, Quantitative Aptitude and General English turned out to be easy, although there were long RC passages in the English section. The section on Logical & Analytical Reasoning was also easier compared to the previous year and Verbal Reasoning was completely missing. 

Now that the exam is over, you can check our in-depth analysis of SNAP 2018.

Section-Wise Analysis of SNAP 2018

General English

This section usually comprises of Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal Ability. Apart from a few unusual vocabulary questions, this section turned out to be on the easier side. The special questions that were introduced in this section, which had all the aspirants worried, were actually coded questions that required candidates to identify the correct spelling or something on the same lines. There were 2 passages in RC, which turned out to be long and time-consuming. Each passage was followed by 5 questions that were quite direct and needed minimum time.

An attempt of 30-32 in 25-30 minutes with 85% plus accuracy should be considered good.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
 RC (2 passages)10Easy-Medium8-9
FIB (Vocab)5Medium4-5
Sentence Jumble (Special question)1Easy1
Verbal Analogy1Easy1
Idioms and proverb (1 special question)2Medium1
Grammar (Identify the participle) (Special question)1Medium1
Word usage2Easy2
Sentence improvement2Easy2
Direct/Indirect speech2Easy2
Odd one out2Easy1-2
Spot the error2Easy2
Vocab based (Special questions)2Medium1-2

Quantitative Aptitude

This year, the Quantitative Aptitude section had no Data Interpretation questions, which turned out to be a major surprise. This could've either been an advantage or a disadvantage, depending on how comfortable a candidate is with DI questions. The section was easy but a little time-consuming, and more inclined towards Arithmetic.

A good number of attempts in this section would be 23-25 in 45 minutes with 85% accuracy.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
TSD, Time & Work3Medium2
Set Theory1Easy-Medium1
Linear equations3Easy-Medium2
Total35Medium 23-25

Logical & Analytical Reasoning

The difficulty level of this section was moderate, with no sign of Critical Reasoning questions. The surprising element in this section was Visual Reasoning, based on which some questions were asked. There were no questions on decision making unlike the official mock test of SNAP 2018. Logical Reasoning had a very lengthy arrangement set and carried 8 questions.

An attempt of 19 to 20 questions in this section should be considered good.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
Sitting arrangement7Medium-Tough2-3
Blood Relation1Easy1
Paper folding2Medium-
Linear equation1Easy1
Data sufficiency3Easy-Medium2
Missing number2Easy2
TSD-train based1Easy1

Current Affairs

Overall, this section was pretty doable, with a few questions based on recent events. The difficulty level of special questions asked in this section was a bit tough. Basically, this section was on the same lines as the previous year.

An attempt of 10-12 questions with 60-65% accuracy in about 10 minutes should be considered decent.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty LevelGood Attempts
Business Awareness9Easy-Medium4-5
Current affairs-Awards3Easy-Medium1
Current affairs- Eco and polity8Easy-Medium4-5
Current affairs-Miscellaneous GK2Medium0-1

With inputs from Career Launcher

SNAP 2017 Exam Analysis

The Symbiosis National Aptitude (SNAP) Test was conducted on 17th December 2017 (Sunday) in 102 cities across India and the SNAP Result 2017 was announced on 28th December 2017. According to Career Launcher's official website, the SNAP 2017 examination turned out to slightly more difficult in comparison to SNAP 2016. Analytical & Logical Reasoning section was a little difficult and time-consuming. The Quant section seemed slightly tougher as well. The sections on Current Affairs & General English were more difficult. 

Detailed Section-Wise Analysis of SNAP 2017

General English (Overall Difficulty Level - Moderate to Tough)

This section with Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, and Verbal Ability did not bring any surprise elements although it turned out to be a little more difficult. The Reading Comprehension passages were not very tough and it was easy for any student to score well in the same. The difficulty level of Fill-in-the-blank (FIB) questions was moderate. Students were tested based on their Vocabulary and knowledge of Synonyms, Analogies, Antonyms, Idioms, and Phrases in this section.  There were also questions on jumbled paragraphs, which were quite doable. Within 25-30 minutes, students would have attempted close to 28-30 questions in this section and achieved a comfortable score of 22-23.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
FIB (Vocab)5Moderate
RC (2 passages)6x2=12Easy to Moderate
Para Jumble2Easy
Idioms & Phrases4Moderate
Verbal Analogy2Easy
Identify parts of speech2Tough
Word usage2Easy
Sentence correction1Easy
Voice Change2Easy

Quantitative Aptitude (Overall Difficulty Level - Moderate)

While this section turned out to be on the expected lines, it was also a little difficult. The questions on QA were individual questions and on the other hand, most Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency questions were in sets. Majority of questions were based on Arithmetic but there were also questions based Geometry, Algebra, Pure Maths as well as Mensuration. Within 40-50 minutes, students would have easily attempted 26-28 questions accurately in this section. In this section, a good score would be anything between 22-24.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Percentages, SICI6Moderate
TSD, Work3Easy to Moderate
Number System4Easy to Moderate
Algebra3Easy to Moderate
Probability4Easy to Moderate
Set Theory1Easy
DI-Pie Chart5Moderate
DI-Line Chart2Moderate

General Awareness (Overall Difficulty Level - Slightly Tougher than Last Year)

In this SNAP 2017 question paper, the GK section was a little on the tougher side and had questions based on past two years' events. For someone who had good knowledge of current affairs and is updated with the latest news from around the world, this section would not be so much of a problem. In this section, a good attempt would be around 10-12 questions within 11-13 minutes a positive score of 7-8.

TopicsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Business Awareness6Easy to Moderate
Sports4Easy to Moderate
Science & Technology5Easy to Moderate
Awards2Easy to Moderate
Geography3Easy to Moderate
Miscellaneous GK3Moderate

Analytical & Logical Reasoning (Overall Difficulty Level - Moderate)

Apparently, this section turned out to be very difficult for students. Most of the questions in LR were either tough or time-consuming. Students had to answer questions which were based on Clocks, Blood Relations, Calendars, etc. This section turned out to be difficult also because of the fact that since last year, SNAP has added more questions and cut down the marks. For someone who could give around 40-45 minutes to this section would attempt around 24 to 26 questions. In this section, a good score would be around 22-23.

TopicsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Mathematical10-11Moderate to Difficult
Blood Relation5Easy to Moderate
Coding-decoding2-3Easy to Moderate
Series2Easy to Moderate
Meaningful word1Moderate
Visual Reasoning2Easy to Moderate
Verbal Reasoning1Easy
Misc. Reasoning6Easy to Moderate

The result for SNAP 2017 exam will be out on December 28, 2017. Now that the exam has been conducted, candidates would soon be able to check the Answer Key of SNAP 2017

Note: Inputs taken from the official website of Career Launcher.

SNAP 2017 Expected Cut-offs in Top Institutes

Here are the expected cutoffs of SNAP 2017.

SIBM Pune66-67
SIBM Bangalore49-50

SNAP 2016 Exam Analysis

SNAP is conducted by Symbiosis International University (SIU) for admissions to its MBA programmes offered at various Symbiosis institutes. Last year, the examination was conducted on December 18, 2016, between 1400 hours to 1600 hours across various examination centres in 32 cities in India. More than 40000 candidates appeared for the examination, which is taken by management aspirants for admissions to any of the 15 Symbiosis B-schools. The management courses offered at SIU are two-year full-time flagship MBA programmes.

SNAP was conducted in a pen and paper-based format (from 2017, SNAP is being conducted online). The objective test had 150 questions that candidates were supposed to answer. Every question was followed by 4 options, out of which had to choose one. For every incorrect answer, 25% marks out of the total marks allotted to that particular question was to be deducted. The difficulty level of SNAP 2016 was more or less like SNAP 2015.

Synopsis of SNAP 2016

  • SNAP 2016 was multiple-choice questions based exam.
  • The section which is usually the most challenging, Analytical and logical reasoning questions, was of moderate to high level of difficulty.
  • In the General Awareness section, the questions were a bit tricky and comprised of mostly economics and business-related questions. 
  • The difficulty level of Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency section was high.

  • English section was a little easier although some questions were tricky. Nevertheless, candidates should be able to score maximum marks in this section. 

The following link will provide you overall break-up, along with the sectional analysis of SNAP 2016.

SNAP 2016 Detailed Paper Analysis

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Dear student, no information regarding when the SNAP 2020 answer key will release is available at the moment. SNAP 2020 result will be released on the 22nd of January so it is expected that the answer key for SNAP 2020 exam will be released very soon. You are requested to visit our SNAP Answer Key 2020 page at regular intervals for all the latest updates regarding the same. You can also call us at 18005729877 for any kind of admission related queries.


Can I appear for SNAP outside India?

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Yash Dhamija, Student / Alumni

Dear Student

No, the exam centres of SNAP are available in India online. SNAP 2020 will be conducted in 94 cities across India. You can choose up to 3 exam centres from the list available. You can check the list of SNAP exam centres from the official website of SNAP. You can check the links provided below to know more about the SNAP application process and exam pattern.

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-nipunUpdated on June 04, 2020 06:55 PM
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Dear student, 

Listing down the difference between MBA & M. COM below. You can then take a decision basis your interest and skill-set. 

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FAQs about SNAP Exam Analysis

What is the difficulty level of SNAP?

The difficulty level of the SNAP exam is not so high. However, candidates need to study well in order to score well in the exam.

What is a good attempt in the SNAP exam to score 99 percentile exam?

The good attempt in the SNAP exam to score 99 percentile exam varies depending on the difficulty level of the exam. However, candidates will need to score at least 35 to get 99 percentile.

Which section of the SNAP exam is most difficult?

Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency section of SNAP exam is considered more difficult in comparison to the other two sections since it involves calculation.

Can I check the section wise analysis of SNAP?

Yes, both the overall and section wise analysis of SNAP will be provided here. You can check the sectional analysis to know the difficulty level of each section of the SNAP exam.

What is the importance of checking the SNAP exam analysis?

The SNAP exam analysis allows the candidates to know the difficulty level of the exam. It also helps the students know what questions to expect in the exam.

When will the paper analysis of SNAP be updated?

The paper analysis of SNAP will be updated once the exam has been conducted.

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