SNAP 2023 Last Minute Tips - Check What to Do in Last Few Days of SNAP Preparation

Abhinav Chamoli
Abhinav ChamoliUpdated On: January 02, 2024 01:50 pm IST | SNAP

The SNAP 2023 was held on December 10, 17 and 22, 2023, respectively. Here are some of the SNAP 2023 last minute tips to help you stay on track for exam preparation.

SNAP 2023 Last Minute Tips

SNAP 2023 Last Minute Tips: The SNAP 2023 Paper 3 was conducted on December 22, 2023. Previously, Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams were held on December 10 and December 17, 2023. The final few days of exam preparation can often lead candidates to experience stress and anxiety. Hence, it is important to have a solid last-minute preparation plan for SNAP 2023. This can help students keep a steady head and crack SNAP with ease.

Preparation for every phase of the exam is important if you want to get admission to a SNAP participating college. In this article, we have provided some of the best last-minute preparation tips for SNAP. These will help you take the bull by its horns and make sure it goes where you want it to go. If you work patiently through this phase, you will get a good SNAP result.

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SNAP 2023 Exam Pattern

It is important to be well aware of the SNAP exam pattern to go through the question paper smoothly. Take a look at the table below.

SectionNo. of QuestionsMarking SchemeExam Duration
General English15

+1 mark for every correct answer

-0.25 marks for every wrong answer

1 hour
Quantitative Ability20
Analytical and Logical Reasoning25

SNAP 2023 Last-Minute Tips

As the number of days for SNAP preparation decreases, you must walk the tightrope between getting too stressed and getting too lenient. Both will be detrimental to your chances of scoring well on the exam. Here are some last-minute tips for SNAP 2023 preparation that will help you get the most out of the last days of SNAP 2023 preparation.

Tip #1: Practice Mock Tests Rigorously

Attempting the SNAP mock test 2023 and SNAP Sample Papers is a good strategy in the final days of exam preparation. This will help you stay warmed up and ready to go on exam day. By helping you keep track of your strengths and weaknesses, they will also help you prepare a strategy to tackle the SNAP question paper.

Tip #2: Work on Your Weak Areas

This will also be a good time to brush up on any concepts that you find difficult. Since you will be prone to forget difficult information quickly, studying it now will help you retain it till the exam day. It will help you score some extra marks in the exam.

Tip #3: Do Not Start Any New Topics

If you have left a topic untouched till now, it is probably better to avoid it at the last minute. Starting a new topic involves time and effort and this is a time for being very calculative and smart about how you work. So, rather than doing that, you will be better at spending your time revising or brushing up your skills in a topic in which you are weak.

Tip #4: Go Through Important Formulas

Knowing all of the important formulas is very important when preparing for SNAP 2023. Make sure you keep refreshing your memory by going through the popular formulas used in the Quant section to sail through the questions on exam day.

Tip# 5: Brush Up Your Vocabulary

While vocabulary building requires months of practice, forgetting the meaning and usage of some words is only natural with a lot more on your mind. Make sure you keep revising your vocabulary of word meanings as well as meanings of popular idioms and phrases. With only a few days left for the exam, this will give your brain a better chance at retaining it.

Tip #6: Keep Your Schedule Clear

What many candidates forget to do at this time is to remove all of the clutter from their schedule. Make sure you have as little as possible to keep you engaged and give your time to exam preparation as well as rest and rejuvenation. If you can't do this, then avoid taking any undue stress in any other work.

Tip #7: Take Care of Your Health

Guard your health like you would a pot of gold during these days. Staying healthy and in top shape must be your top priority. Avoid doing any activity or food item that can make you fall sick.

Tip #8: Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy and nutritious food not only is beneficial for your physical well-being but also helps keep you in a good mental state. Make sure you are giving your body and your brain enough nutrition to keep them active and sharp for the exam day.

Tip #9: Get Enough Sleep and Fix Your Sleep Cycle

Some students are used to studying till late at night and then waking up late to begin preparation. During the last few days, you must ensure that your sleep cycle does not clash with the SNAP exam timings. Also, you must ensure you are getting 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Tip #10: Keep Calm and Stay Focused

Download your SNAP admit card in advance, get it printed out, and make sure you have your supporting documents with you. This will help you stay calm and tension-free on exam day. You must have confidence in your preparation and never lose sight of your target!

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SNAP 2023 Exam Day Guidelines

When it comes to SNAP last-minute tips, aspirants must also consider following rules and guidelines that help them have a hassle-free examination experience on exam day. These guidelines are related to various aspects like exam center formalities, things to remember on exam day, etc. Check out the SNAP 2023 exam day guidelines mentioned below:

  • The candidate is required to arrive at the testing location at least two hours before the reporting time specified on the SNAP 2023 admit card. Since the SNAP 2023 exam is scheduled to take place between 2:00 PM and 3:00 PM, candidates must arrive at their examination sites by 12:00 PM. A candidate will not be allowed to enter the exam centre after 1:30 PM under any circumstances.
  • Candidates must carry their SNAP admit card to the exam center. No candidate will be permitted to attend the exam without their SNAP admit card. The candidates must bring a printed copy of their SNAP admit card to the testing site. They must make sure that all the information on the admit card is accurate and that their pictures are visible and recognizable.
  • Candidates must also carry a legitimate photo ID proof (original and photocopy) provided by the government, such as an Aadhar card, passport, PAN card, driving license, voter ID, etc., in addition to their SNAP 2023 admit card. The name on the admit card and the ID proof must be identical.
  • Additionally, candidates must have a black/blue ballpoint pen for writing on the attendance form and rough work.
  • Before being allowed inside the exam centre, candidates will have to have their SNAP 2023 admit card and ID evidence verified. Candidates must follow the guidelines and carry out the verification process exactly as directed.
  • Additionally, candidates must be ready for biometric registration (image and fingerprint data capture), which may involve taking candidates' pictures and getting their prints taken for verification purposes.
  • Inside the exam room, candidates are not allowed to bring any electronic devices, calculators, watches (analogue or digital), mobile phones, luggage, study materials, or any other forbidden items. If a candidate brings any of these goods, they might need to make their own arrangements for their protection.
  • Before the exam starts, candidates are required to pay close attention to the invigilator's instructions and obey them. It is imperative to address any uncertainties or queries that applicants may have before the exam begins.
  • Candidates must mark their solutions and adhere to the guidelines for accurate marking. The accompanying rough sheets can be used for preliminary work. Before leaving the examination room, candidates must turn in their rough sheets to the invigilator.
  • Candidates must take a look at the seat numbers that are displayed outside the designated computer lab. Aspirants must verify the seat number on the displayed page in accordance with the 'System Number' provided next to their name.
  • No candidate will be allowed to leave the examination hall before the entire exam duration is over.
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If you need help with admissions, you can fill out the Common Application Form (CAF) or call our helpline number 18005729877. For questions and doubts, check out the QnA Zone. Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more information on SNAP 2023!


When will SNAP 2023 be conducted?

The SNAP 2023 exam will be conducted on December 10, December 17, and December 22, 2023. The SNAP exam will be conducted across several test centers across India.

How many times can I appear for SNAP?

You can appear for SNAP twice i.e. candidates who are not satisfied with their first attempt can apply for a retake. The best attempt out of all the attempts a candidate takes of SNAP will be considered for MBA admission at SNAP accepting institutes.

What is the number of questions in SNAP 2023 question paper?

SNAP 2023 question paper will have 60 questions in total with 15 questions in General English (Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability), 20 questions in Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency (QA, DI-DS), and 25 questions in Analytical & Logical Reasoning (A-LR).

What are the best last minute tips for SNAP preparation?

The last minute tips for SNAP preparation are based on ensuring that you are able to put your preparation to good use and deliver your best performance on the exam day. The article provides all of the details on how you can make the most of the final days of exam preparation.

How can I stay stress free on SNAP exam day?

Having things ready beforehand can go a long way in keeping you worry-free on the SNAP exam day. Plus, having confidence in your preparation and taking time out to relax are also highly recommended.

How do I recover my SNAP 2023 login password?

There is no need for concern if a candidate forgets their SNAP password. To download the admit card, candidates can set up a new password. They can do this by using the same mobile phone number and email address that were used to create the SNAP login. They must visit the SNAP Test website, select the "forget password" option on the SNAP login page, and then follow the steps to generate a new password. The new password can then be used by candidates for all SNAP login activities. Make a note of the new password or save it in a document or email to make sure you don't forget it or lose it.

How to avoid negative marking on SNAP?

As we know, SNAP uses negative marking. There is a 0.25 mark deduction for each incorrect answer. So, it is important for candidates to pick their questions wisely. Aspirants must skip a question if they find it challenging or are unsure of the proper response. The total time allotted for SNAP is 60 minutes, therefore candidates must bear this in mind when selecting a question or devoting time to it. A question shouldn't be given too much time. They should move on and leave the problem alone if they are unable to resolve it. Also, aspirants should not choose any options if they are unsure about the right response.

Is the SNAP question paper tough?

SNAP is one of the few MBA entrance examinations that isn't particularly challenging. Compared to other MBA admission examinations, this one has fewer questions and a shorter testing period. The questions in SNAP are of a fairly simple nature. Additionally, the SNAP exam is conducted three times for candidates to retake it, giving them the opportunity to raise their score if they so choose. As a result, it is considerably simpler to pass the SNAP exam than other exams. Since 2020, there are just 60 total questions on the exam, and it is only 60 minutes long.

What are the items needed on the SNAP exam day?

A candidate will only be permitted to bring a limited number of items to the SNAP exam centre. Candidates must not attempt to smuggle in any documents or items that have not been approved by the exam authorities or included in the exam day instruction manual because the exam is held under CCTV surveillance. The items that candidates are permitted to bring into the SNAP testing facility have been listed below:

  • Legible printouts of the SNAP admit card
  • 2-3 passport-size photos of the candidate
  • Photo ID Proof such as a Voter ID card, Passport, Driving License, Aadhaar Card, PAN Card issued by the government
  • Black/blue ballpoint pen for signing the attendance sheet and for rough work during the exam.

What types of items are prohibited in the SNAP exam center?

Aspirants must also note that there are several types of items that are prohibited in the SNAP exam center and if found in possession of any candidate, their examination will be cancelled. The items prohibited inside the SNAP exam center are:

  • Mobile phones
  • Watches
  • Calculators
  • Stationary items
  • Notebooks or pieces of paper with writing
  • Closed shoes
  • Bags and valuables
  • Accessories having metal
  • Outfits with pockets and hoodies
  • Caps and headgears

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