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SNAP 2020 Preparation Tips

SNAP 2020 exam can be predictable if you've been following the SNAP previous years' question papers. All the questions in SNAP 2020 exam across various sections are based on the SNAP 2020 syllabus prescribed by the exam authority, Symbiosis Deemed University. Compared to other management entrance exams, SNAP 2020 pattern is different, and the candidates can score better with extensive preparation. Despite being one of the toughest management entrance exams, SNAP 2020 can be cracked with a sensible preparation strategy.

SNAP exam involves different sections such as General English, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, General Awareness and Quantitative & Data Sufficiency. If the SNAP 2020 aspirants are able to manage time and are able to complete the revision of all topics on time, they will have higher chances of achieving a better score in SNAP 2020. 

SNAP exam preparation will also help the candidates perform well in other management exams that have a similar pattern at par with SNAP. If you want a good score in SNAP 2020 exam, you must have confidence, subject awareness, time management, and dedication. On the other hand, one must practice numerous mock tests to improve their chances of securing a better score and admission in the desired branch of MBA.

In order to help the SNAP 2020 aspirants, we have come up with section-wise preparation tips for SNAP 2020 exam. A planned preparation strategy will lead to a better score in SNAP 2019 exam. We hope that these SNAP 2019 preparation tips will clarify all your doubts pertaining to SNAP 2020 exam preparation strategy.

Section-Wise Preparation Strategy for SNAP 2020

SNAP 2020 aspirants must focus on each section of exam separately, as one subject is different from other. As the SNAP 2020 exam is scheduled in December, it is important to allocate time for each section. Here is the section-wise preparation strategy of SNAP 2020.

General English

General English in SNAP 2020 exam involves a variety of associated topics, and you must focus on all the topics for better performance in this section. The General English section is a blend of Reading Comprehensions and General Abilities. It is advisable to practice the comprehensions regularly so that it is easy to answer the questions for comprehension passages in the SNAP exam.

As far as vocabulary concerned, it is advisable to learn at least five words a day along with its meaning, synonyms, and antonyms. It is better to note down the words you've learned in a book or flashcards so that you can revise them later to attain perfection. SNAP 2020 entrance exam will be followed by an interview, and it is important to improve communication skills.

There are many books available on Verbal Ability, and the candidates can practice at least one mock test a day. You can also read the newspapers or magazines, and note down the complex words and learn the meaning of the same.

The SNAP 2020 aspirants must note that:

  • Vocabulary is a scoring part in SNAP exam, and one must give utmost attention to the same.

  • It is advisable to improve accuracy and timing by practicing Reading Comprehension passage regularly. If this exercise goes on for a month, you will improve in this area.

  • Improve vocabulary by reading novels, newspapers, English movies, etc.

  • Lastly, one must take up the learning process of vocabulary regularly.

Analytical and Logical Reasoning

Unlike other sections of the SNAP 2020 exam, Analytical and Reasoning section is quite tricky. Analytical and Logical Reasoning is not only a tough section but also time-consuming. Therefore, you must be careful with this section, and it needs an intellectual preparation strategy.

  • While taking the exam, make sure that you devote enough time to this section, as you must think logically before answering.

  • Every question will have a logic, and you must remember that main agenda behind logical reasoning is utilising the information and preconditions to draw a conclusion.

  • There are books available on Analytical and Logical Reasoning in the market and online stores, and the candidates must get a book to practice mock tests and understand the basic concepts of Analytical and Logical Reasoning.

  • While taking SNAP mock test or SNAP exam, read the question twice or thrice to understand the actual logic or idea.

  • After practicing the mock test, draw solutions for right and wrong answers.

  • Finally, the more you practice, the better you score.

Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation, and Data Sufficiency

Similar to the above section, Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency section of SNAP exam is tough and lengthy. This section is also time-consuming, and it needs maximum time to answer. SNAP 2019 aspirants must note that they should devote equal time to Analytical & Logical Reasoning and Quantitative Aptitude sections. These sections are very crucial, as they play a vital role in determining the final score of candidates in the SNAP exam.

Some of the important tips you can follow to attain perfection in this section are:

  • In recent years, SNAP has given more emphasis to arithmetic questions. Therefore, it is better to list out all the formulas associated with arithmetic. You must remember these formulas and revise them from time to time so that you can easily solve the questions.

  • Time management plays an important role while answering questions in this section, and it is advisable for candidates to practice mock tests.

  • Apart from Arithmetic, focus on Algebra, Geometry, and Mensuration.

  • It is better to learn the shortcut methods to solve the questions.

  • Learn tables up to 25, remember squares and cubes of numbers up to 20.

  • As far as Data Analysis is concerned, it requires good practice and constant revision. It is important to solve at least 4-5 problems a day that is associated with Data Analysis.

  • While taking SNAP 2020, answer the easy questions in the section first.

  • Lastly, you must not give up if you fail to find a solution to a question. Try answering all the questions in this section for a better score.

General Awareness

In the last two years, SNAP exam has focused on the latest current affairs, and it is advisable for candidates to read newspapers regularly. Reading news will keep you updated with the latest happenings across the world. On the other hand, refer to the happenings in the last two to three years, and you can get the same information on the internet.

General Tips & Tricks for SNAP 2020 Preparation

Know Your Syllabus - When you sit down to study, you should know exactly what you have to study. Without knowing your syllabus thoroughly, you will not be able to make a timetable or plan your preparation. You can chalk out a study plan only when you are through with the SNAP syllabus.
Time Management - One of the most important lessons you learn while preparing for competitive exams is how to manage your time. Students often waste a lot of time thinking about questions in the paper instead of actually solving them. The more you time yourself, whether with studying or practicing, the chances of you covering the paper or syllabus is more. 
Make Short Notes - Instead of going through all the topics in detail at the time of the revision, the smart thing to do is to make short notes during your preparation and ensure that you use them for revision. 
Know Your Strengths & Weakness - Another important part of your preparation is to identify your strong and weak areas. This way, you will be able to build on your strengths and work harder on improving your weak points.
Study the Exam Pattern - While preparing for the exam, you must also become familiar with the exam pattern by taking Sample Papers and Mock Tests. Doing so will improve your chances of performing well in the examination, not to mention being able to manage your time efficiently. 
Practice - When it comes to examinations, practice is all that you need to brighten your chances of scoring well in the exam. If you practice well for the exam, your speed will improve and you will be more confident on the D-day.

Choose the Best SNAP 2020 Coaching Institute - If the students want to prepare for SNAP 2020 exam with the help of the best SNAP 2020 coaching institutes, then they must do proper research regarding the same as many coaching centres promise to provide the best assistance but they simply do not. So, while narrowing down the list of best coaching centres for SNAP 2020, the students must take various factors into consideration like faculty to student ratio etc.

SNAP 2020 6-Month v/s 3-Month Preparation Strategy

Check out the SNAP 2020 6-month v/s 3-month preparation strategy and choose from the two which preparation strategy suits you better:

SNAP 2020 6-Month Preparation Strategy

SNAP 2020 3-Month Preparation Strategy

  • Due to more than sufficient time left leading up to the exam date, you can be thorough with the SNAP 2020 syllabus and SNAP 2020 exam pattern

  • Identify your weak and strong areas

  • More importance should be given to clarification of concepts and building of the fundamentals

  • Do not dedicate much time for the theory part

  • Try solving as many SNAP previous year papers, mock test papers and sample test papers

  • Identify the best books for SNAP 2020

  • Starting early with the SNAP preparations will allow the candidates to assess themselves and their weaknesses periodically

  • Confidence is the key to crack SNAP 2020 entrance exam

  • Self-study is more important instead of seeking assistance from a coaching institute

  • Check if you have all the bases covered and have a good fundamental clarity

  • Except for the SNAP 2020 best books, start looking for additional study materials to help yourself with the preparation

  • Take SNAP 2020 mock tests with a perspective of analysing and rectifying the errors you are committing

  • Abstain yourself from reading the theory parts again and again

  • Clarify any confusion regarding the exam by visiting the basics

  • If you still feel uncomfortable regarding any topic/s, leave it/them and dedicate the time towards the strong areas 

Important Instructions for SNAP 2020

  • The candidate must report at the exam venue by 12:00 hrs to undergo all the security as well as identify checks such as admit card and ID proof verification, digital fingerprint scan and biometrics.
  • After 14.10 hrs, no candidate will be permitted to sit for the SNAP Online Test 2020.
  • The exam will end at 16.00 hrs, and candidates will not get any extra time under any circumstances.
  • Items such as mobile phones, calculators, watch calculators, alarm clocks, digital watches with built-in calculators/ memory or any electronic gadgets are strictly prohibited inside the examination hall.
  • The examiner will check your Admit Card and ID proof and authenticate the same.
  • Duration of the test is 120 minutes, i.e. from 14.00 hrs. to 16.00 hrs. The candidate may attempt any section in any order.
  • Candidates will not be given the permission to leave the hall until 14.45 hrs. Once the test has been submitted, the candidate will not be allowed to re-enter the test hall.
  • Those who are found using any unfair means will forfeit their chance of being considered for admission and will be debarred from receiving SNAP 2020 scores.
  • Differently Abled category candidates are requested to contact STS with scanned copies of their Medical Certificates for ascertaining percentage of their disability. Candidates failing to do this will be considered under the Open Category.

We hope that this explanation of SNAP 2020 preparation strategy was helpful to you.

All the Best!

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