How to Prepare for TANCET 2020

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How to Prepare for TANCET 2020

Competitive exams like Tamil Nadu Common Entrance Test (TANCET) requires proper preparation and to do so aspirants need to churn out answers for how to prepare for TANCET 2020. Here on this page, we have dealt with proper answers to this question. In order to understand this question of how to prepare, aspirants must first know the benefits attached to the preparation of the examination. Proper planning and preparation of the examination lead to scoring good marks and performing excellently well in the examination. This will help the aspirants to step-up for the admission procedure for the various courses offered in the concerned institution.

Once the candidates understand the importance of the exam preparation, they must then search for details and information that would help them in the planning the preparation. In order to prepare well for the examination, experts advise the test takers to know the syllabus of the TANCET examination. The Anna University on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu will be releasing the TANCET 2020 syllabus for the aspiring candidates. The aspirants must go through the syllabus in order to make an effective preparation plan for the examination. Apart from the syllabus, candidates must also know about the exam pattern of TANCET 2020. Each of this knowledge will help the test seekers in planning a strategised structure for preparation.

There are more parameters that the aspirants must consider if they wish to secure good marks in the entrance exam. All such tips and tricks have been given below for the test seekers. It is to remember that the entrance test is expected to be conducted in the month of June (tentative) for the purpose of admission in courses like MBA, MCA and M.E. / M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan available in reputed and recognised private and Government-owned institutions Tamil Nadu. So its high time that the aspirants start preparing and brushing up their preparation for the entrance. The pointers below will help the candidates with this preparation and will also guide them through the preparation with the help of expert solutions and tips.

TANCET 2020 Preparation Tips for M.E./ M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan

  • Candidates who want to give the entrance for the Engineering and Architecture programmes offered by different institutions accepting the TANCET 2020 score must first check out the syllabus for these courses based on which the questions will be asked.

  • Once the syllabus is ready, aspirants must separate the sections of the syllabus and look for the easy ones that can be covered first. Since the syllabus is based on the graduation courses, churning out easy sections will be easy and quick.

  • After identifying the easy and tricky sections, the candidates must look for all the formula oriented sections. Making short notes for these sections will be considered as an advantage for the test seekers. This will also help in last minute revision a day or two before the examination.

  • Aspirants can also refer to the best books for TANCET 2020 that will help them in studying in a more precise manner. This will help in covering the tricky portions and accomplishing the sections to score more marks in the entrance.

  • Revision is a must for M.E./ M.Tech. / M.Arch. / M.Plan entrance exam. Candidates must keep a separate time in the everyday study plan for the purpose of revision.

TANCET 2020 Preparation Tips for MBA

  • The preparation plan for MBA entrance can become simple, easy and quick if the aspirants are aware of the syllabus defined by the exam conducting authority.

  • The exam pattern must also be known for this section as the division of marks will lead to cover a major section of the exam paper. Look for the section with more marks and start preparing for that particular section first. This will help the candidates in gaining good control over major portions comprising of more marks.

  • Experts also advise the test seekers to go through mathematical problems studied at graduate or 10+2 level. Mathematical sums can easily be covered with a rigorous practice of the sums studied at graduation or senior secondary level.

  • For this, the candidates can start solving the previous years’ question papers or sample papers. These question papers will give them an idea about the types and structure of not only the Mathematical questions but also the important portions of the MBA entrance test paper.

  • Sections like Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation, Decision Making, Verbal & Logical Ability must be studied well with a regular practice session for each of the identified sections of the TANCET 2020 MBA entrance exam.

TANCET 2020 Preparation Tips for MCA

  • For the preparation of the TANCET 2020 MCA entrance exam, candidates must start with the identification of the syllabus. Once they know the syllabus preparing for the same will become easy.

  • The different sections of the MCA entrance mostly consist of Computer Awareness, Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning and Basic Science.

  • Candidates must take mock tests of TANCET 2020 on a regular basis if they aim to conquer this exam with an excellent score.

  • Solving the mock test will help the aspirants to know the exam pattern and understand the syllabus in a better way.

  • With this session, candidates will also be able to identify the easy and tricky sections. Identifying these portions will help them to master the tricky ones and gain command over the easy ones.

  • The paper is about Computer Science, so it is recommended that the aspirants smartly acquire both practical and theoretical knowledge.

  • Sometimes even the practical training helps in answering a tricky and twisted question with ease. Therefore, candidates are advised to pay equal attention to both practical and theoretical sessions taught in classrooms or training centres.

  • Apart from this, the test seekers can also look for old question papers with their answer keys that will help in understanding the subject and preparing for the same in an easy and quick manner.

General Tips & Tricks for TANCET 2020

We have given some important tips and tricks for the TANCET exam preparation. The following preparation tips will help you earn good marks in the TANCET examination.

  • Collection of Learning Resources: Candidates should go through study material/learning resources, which they think are appropriate and suitable for them to understand so that they can learn easily.
  • Time Management in Exam: This is the most important factor that needs to be practised while preparing for the entrance test. Applicants must complete their paper in time with the right answers in order to secure good marks.
  • Correct Schedule: Make a correct schedule and start preparing accordingly. The schedule should have everyday activities but the first priority should be given to studies.
  • Practice: Practice is the key to perform well and practice is what is required to build confidence to face the exam.
  • Beware of Negative marks: One must attempt questions keeping in mind the negative marking in the paper. Be careful while answering any question in the paper.
  • Thorough Revision: Simply by going through previous years' papers and sample papers, you can prepare well for the exam. You can also take references from the notes that you had prepared at the time of preparation.
  • Maintain your Health: While preparing for the exam, students forget to take care of their health. You can prepare well only if you are healthy, so take nutritious diet, avoid junk foods and eat fresh vegetables and fruits. You can also do yoga and meditation to relief or relax your body. Take a sleep of at least 8 hours a day.

Last Minute Tips for TANCET 2020

  • For the ones ready to face the exam, it is important that they know about some important pointers that must be kept in mind while going for the examination.

  • The first and most important thing that every test seeker must remember is to carry the TANCET 2020 admit card. Without the admit card, no candidate will be allowed to enter the examination hall for the entrance test.

  • The admit card is a document that must accompany the aspirant until the completion of the admission and the counselling process.

  • Candidates are advised to keep an identity proof along with the admit card. This is also a mandatory document that must accompany test takers at the exam centre.

  • It is wise to arrange all the relevant and required documents ready a night before the examination. This helps in avoiding hustle and bustle caused while leaving for the entrance.

  • Experts advise aspirants to visit and check the exam centre a day before the entrance. With this step, candidates will be able to calculate the time taken to reach the centre. This in return will help in being on time for the entrance.

  • Candidates must know that they should reach the centre at least 30 minutes before the reporting time of the examination.

  • Taking good sleep a night before the exam is a must for the candidates. This relaxes the mind and keeps the candidate mentally fit and fine.

  • Being ready for the exam not only describes to be ready in terms of syllabus preparation but also caters to a healthy mind and body. This is so because, if the test taker has prepared extremely well for the examination but falls back due to his / her health then the entire preparation becomes a waste as the person will not be able to appear for the test due to illness.

How to Answer TANCET Question Paper

  • Since the examination dates are out and the preparation for the same is on the urge, it becomes important for the candidates to also know about how to answer the TANCET question paper.

  • Knowing this will help the test taker to clearly understand the pointers that they must keep in mind while answering the test paper.

  • The first thing they should do is to read the instruction given on the admit card and on the question paper carefully and understand the pointers given to answer the paper.

  • The question book in each subject may have different versions. So it becomes important to read the question book before answering the same. 

  • Each question book will have a unique serial number that must be copied carefully to be shaded on the front page of the answer sheet or the OMR sheet.

  • While answering the OMR sheet candidate must write and shade the correct answer sheet in the appropriate boxes respectively.

  • This is very important, as the evaluation will be based on what the candidates specified on the OMR sheet.

  • Any mistake committed in this regard may result in the answer sheet being evaluated against a different set of questions and the authorities will not be responsible for this wrong answer.


  • Candidates must produce their Hall Tickets at the time of Entrance Test and also at the time of Admission. 
  • Candidates may download the mark sheets from the website within 10 days from the date of publication of results of the entrance test. 

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