How to Prepare for ICAR AIEEA 2020

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How to Prepare for ICAR AIEEA 2020

Preparing for a national level examination is not an easy task. In order to make it easy, the test takers must first extract answers related to how to prepare for ICAR AIEEA 2020 question. To do so it is important for the candidates to understand that the exam requires proper planning and preparation. Only then the test seekers can think of scoring good marks in this national level competitive exam. The exam is scheduled to take place on 1st June 2020. Therefore, its high time for the candidates to kick start their preparation and work hard to achieve the desired score and rank in ICAR AIEEA 2020.

Success in ICAR AIEEA 2020 entrance test is a gateway for admission in a number of top class institutions and universities. And for cracking the exam, aspirants need to know the plan their strategies and be determined to effectively work on it. Preparation for different courses will be different but a general pattern and style of preparation can be followed by all undergraduate and postgraduate ICAR AIEEA 2020 aspirants. Given below are a few pointers that serve to solve the doubts related to how to prepare for ICAR AIEEA 2020 entrance. Candidates are advised to read all of these sections and then plan their workings accordingly.

General Tips & Tricks for ICAR AIEEA 2020

There are a number of tips and tricks that will help the test takers to crack the examination in an easy way. Our experts have combined a few effective pointers that can work as good tips and tricks. These are given as under.

Know the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

The first step that the test seekers can do is to know the details about the subjects and sections that they need to prepare for scoring good marks in this entrance exam. To start this doing this in the right way, they must first start taking out information related to the ICAR AIEEA 2020 syllabus. Candidates should also know the exam pattern. It helps candidates to understand the style and structure of the examination paper that they are about to face. Knowing the syllabus and exam pattern of ICAR AIEEA 2020 helps candidates to prepare in a systematic way.

Make a Proper Study Plan

With an approaching exam date, it is very important that candidates make an effective study plan and stick to it. Making a timetable and allotting equal time to all the subjects and its sections is a wise step that the candidates must do. This study plan will help them cover the maximum portion in less time and will also give them the confidence to complete all the sections wisely. This will also help the ICAR AIEEA 2020 aspirants to get an idea of what is to be done and in how much time. If candidates follow the study schedule in an exact way, then they will be able to cover all the important topics within a specific time period.

Make Short and Relevant Notes

Short notes always help. Make small and relevant notes while you study for the ICAR AIEEA 2020. Try to sum up important topics and sections in one or two liners and divide them into points so that understanding and memorizing the topics becomes simple and quick. Short notes also help in keeping the revision work handy. It is considered to be easy to do the revision with the help of short notes so that the maximum amount of information can be retained in mind. A repetitive exercise of creating notes and revising these notes on a regular basis will help the test takers master the difficult topics and solve the related questions more swiftly and efficiently.

A Good Mentor or Coaching Institute

With the exams approaching candidates must take guidance, help and support from good mentors. These can be seniors of the same stream or expert teachers or friends who have relatively gained more knowledge about a particular section or topic. Another type of mentorship can be acquired from the reputed coaching institutes. These guides and teachers will help test takers understand the base level of the subject and then try to solve the related questions. This will help candidates in clearing their doubts related to the subject and will also help them understand the right means to derive their answers. Last minute doubts and confusions can also be resolved with the help of good guidance.

Practice Sample Papers and Previous Years’ Papers

Experts recommend solving sample papers and previous years’ papers of ICAR AIEEA on a regular basis. It is considered to be a healthy mind activity as it trains the mind to solve similar patterned questions and divide the available time equally so that a maximum number of questions can be attended. Even though there is a probable chance of minute change in the exam pattern or the expected questions altogether, but the mind gets tuned to solve the maximum number of questions in minimum time and this in return will help to grab more marks. The aspirants will also get to know about the probable questions that might get repeated this year with more practice session of solving previous years’ papers and sample papers.

Time Management

Time management is one of the most important aspects of a good preparation schedule. It is very essential to manage time in order to cover the entire syllabus, study each important sections, revising at least twice before the examination and achieving a secured rank in ICAR AIEEA 2020. Candidates can prepare a time-table and divide the time equally among each subject. Managing time in preparing for the examination as well as while giving the exam is all that candidates needs.

Even if the aspirants have prepared all the sections well but fail to complete the sections, then the entire process becomes a waste. Therefore, managing time while giving the paper is equally important. In order to get a hold on this, candidates must start solving sample papers and old question papers on a regular basis. This can be done with a stopwatch or a timer on so that the candidates may get an idea of the time taken to solve the entire paper or a particular section of the paper.

Preparation Tips for ICAR AIEEA 2020 UG Courses

  • The ones who are planning for the undergraduate ICAR AIEEA 2020 exams must know that the entrance would include questions from subjects like Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology depending upon the specific course chosen by the candidates.

  • Before starting the preparation the test seekers must check the detailed syllabus and then plan out an effective timetable. This will help in covering all the subjects in an organised and defined manner.

  • It is very important to know the pattern and marking scheme of the paper so that preparing according to the marks allotment can be done. This will help in scoring more and clearing the cut-off marks.

  • The entire paper is of 720 marks with three sections and equal number of questions and marks for each section of the paper. To master this offline exam, the test takers must practice sample papers or previous years’ question papers or practice papers on a regular basis. Doing this will give speed to the candidates and they will be able to complete maximum number of questions in a time span of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

  • Remembering and understanding the formulas and theories attached to each section of the syllabus is very important. Be it Mathematical formulas or Chemical equations or concepts of Physics or terminologies of Biology, all must be mastered well before sitting in the examination.

  • If there are difficulties in understanding these units, then candidates must consult experts or join good coaching centres in the surrounding area. This will help in gaining proper knowledge accompanied with tips to solve more number of questions in the examination and score more marks.

  • Revision at regular intervals is a must for these subjects. Revising every covered section will help in retaining the important pointers in mind. Short notes are considered to be best for the purpose of revision. Even the experts advise to make one-liner or two liner notes for major sections and revise the same at decided intervals.

Preparation Tips for ICAR AIEEA 2020 PG Course

  • Preparing for postgraduate entrance will be termed as more difficult than that of the undergraduate courses. More technical terms and theories are involved in the sections that require deep understanding and knowledge. For this, the test seekers must first extract information related to the syllabus of the opted courses. The official site of ICAR AIEEA has clearly defined the syllabus and the courses for which the entrance has been planed.

  • The exam is pen and paper based on a time frame of 2 hours and 30 minutes. The number of questions in the different sections may vary depending upon the syllabus and course opted by the candidates while filling the application form of ICAR AIEEA 2020.

  • For this, the candidates are advised to go through the exam pattern in detail so that they may understand the distribution of the questions. This will also help in the preparation of the examination. With the knowledge of marks per section, candidates can prepare the one allotted with more marks first and then go on preparing the other sections.

  • Books are the best partner for ICAR AIEEA 2020 PU programmes entrance takers. Experts advise aspirants to churn out a list of best books for ICAR AIEEA 2020. These books will not only help in understanding the subject-matter in a precise way but will also help to solve a number of related questions. These in return will enhance the understanding of the candidates and will also in a way encourage them to better in the examination.

  • It is very important for the test takers to complete the question paper on time. Since it is going to be a lengthy question paper with approx 150+ questions, candidates need to be quick enough to answer a maximum number of questions in a short span of time. For this, aspirants need to solve more and more questions with a stopwatch on, so that, they may actually record the total time taken to solve a particular question or section of the question paper.

  • Books with attached sample papers or question papers of past years are recommended for the ones planning for this exam. Selecting such books must be kept in mind while picking up a set of preparatory books. This process of solving old question banks and reading through good books will also help the candidates in developing a habit of revision which is the most important session in a perfect preparation plan.

Last Minute Tips for ICAR AIEEA 2020

  • One of the most important thing that the test takers must remember is to carry their ICAR AIEEA 2020 admit card.

  • It is to note that no test taker will be allowed to enter the examination hall without the admit card of ICAR AIEEA 2020.

  • Along with the admit card aspirants are also supposed to carry their ID proof. Remember to carry an ID proof with the latest photograph on it.

  • It is very important for the test takers to get good sleep a night before the examination. This will help in balancing the mind of the candidates and will also help them to calm down, relax and be ready to face the planned day.

  • Experts also advise to check the centre of examination a day before the examination so that they may not get confused on the day of examination.

  • This also helps in being on time and at the exact place on the examination day. Remember to reach 30 minutes prior to the exam to get settled well and start answering the paper on time without any confusion and problem.

  • Stay calm and avoid distraction in last minute preparation and/or revision for the examination. Try to recollect all that has been studied and prepared well instead of starting with a new portion or section in last days.

  • Aspirants are also advised to read the instructions given on the admit card carefully, so that they may not miss out important information regarding the exam.

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