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Preparation Tips for KIITEE 2023 - How to Prepare, Study Plan, Tips & Strategies

Updated By Tiyasa Khanra on 07 Feb, 2023 19:20

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How to Prepare for KIITEE 2023

KIITEE is an annual entrance examination for admission to various engineering, law and other programmes. Those who are tensed about their preparation can just refer to the following things to be all sorted in the run-up to the KIITEE 2023 exam.

Following are some quick tips and tricks that students should follow when it comes to preparing for an exam like KIITEE.

    KIITEE 2023 Subject-Wise Preparation Strategy

    Here is the subject-wise preparation strategy for KIITEE 2023.

    KIITEE 2023 Preparation Strategy for Physics

    • Test-takers in the previous years have reportedly found the KIITEE Physics section to be the toughest of all the sections

    • Success can be attained in the KIITEE Physics section if the applicants choose to not skip any topic

    • The applicants are strongly advised against looking for shortcuts to score well in this section

    • The applicants must focus equally on both the numerical and theoretical aspects of Physics to score well 

    • Focussing on understanding the concepts instead of rote-learning is the right approach to prepare for the Physics section

    • The candidates should not ever think that they have practised enough as far as the KIITEE Physics section is concerned

    KIITEE 2023 Preparation Strategy for Chemistry

    • The candidates must know the Periodic Table along with the properties of each element like the back of their hand

    • The candidates must devote extra hours in mastering the f & d-Block elements and their properties

    • The route to scoring high marks in the Physical Chemistry section lies in how well the candidates remember the formulas

    • To score good marks in the Organic Chemistry questions, the candidates must have a decent knowledge about the structure of compounds 

    KIITEE 2023 Preparation Strategy for Mathematics

    • Knowing the formulas and shortcuts is the key to good marks in the KIITEE Mathematics section

    • The candidates must solve as many as previous year papers as possible to get accustomed to the question types and pattern

    • The candidates must develop the habit of understanding the question first and rather than jumping into the conclusion in an impulsive manner

    General Tips & Tricks to Succeed in KIITEE 2023

    Check out the General Tips & Tricks to Succeed in KIITEE 2023 below.

    Before even beginning your preparation, you should know the entire syllabus from where the KIITEE question paper will be set.

      • Make a schedule to cover the entire syllabus. Once you're done, just tick mark everything to ensure that you covered all the chapters.
      • Select a study format where you are able to cover topics on a regular basis without losing focus.
      • Include breaks in your study time table so that you don't exhaust yourself. Study breaks re-energise you and you can begin a new chapter with great enthusiasm.
      • Avoid playing video games or watching television during your study breaks as they not just exhaust you but will also put a lot of strain on your eyes.
      • You can easily take breaks by taking a power nap or you could also hold discussions with your friends and seniors about what you've studied.
      • Finishing your course and syllabus in time will give you an opportunity to study and solve question papers of the previous years.
      • Once the syllabus is complete, don't forget to revise and take mock tests.

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      Important Instructions for KIITEE 2023

      • You can go to any question directly by clicking on the question number, which will appear at the bottom of the screen. The answered question number will be marked green and the unanswered/skipped question number will remain in blue.
      • If you are doubtful of the answer, you can mark a question for review using the ‘Mark for review button’. This will be unmarked once you come back to the same question at a later stage and change the answer.
      • If you want to change the answer to any question, you may select the question and change the answer by clicking on the appropriate answer.
      • If you have completed answering all the questions in the sequence of a particular section, you will be automatically directed to the first question of the next section. You can move between sections at your will.
      • In case you finish your test before the allotted time, you will get a confirmation page, which will give you two options – either you go back to the test or complete the test.
      • In case you want to review the answers in the remaining time, you can do so, else you may complete the test and submit. Ensure that you click on submit as a sign of completion.

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