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HPCET Preparation Tips 2022 - Study Plan, Best Books

Updated By Pragya Vyas on 23 Dec, 2022 10:20

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How to Prepare for HPCET 2022

In order to crack HPCET 2022, candidates must know how to prepare for HPCET 2022. Qualifying for the exam would only be possible with adequate preparation. HPCET is an entrance exam that provides entry to various courses in Himachal Pradesh Technical University. This is an offline mode examination that is taken every year by thousands of students. The preparation process for HPCET exam will take time and demand patience. Hence, candidates will need a preparation strategy to make it simpler and more effective. 

Candidates are advised to go through the HPCET syllabus and exam pattern of HPCET 2022 before beginning the preparation. The preparation for HPCET 2022 would become much simpler with the best books for HPCET 2022. It is important for candidates to stay healthy throughout the preparation time as they can only focus on studies if they feel well. 

Go through the tips and tricks mentioned below and follow them to crack HPCET 2022. 

Section-Wise HPCET 2022 Preparation Tips

According to the exam pattern of HPCET 2022, different exams of HPCET 2022 will have different sections. But, there will be some sections that will be common in every exam. Mentioned below are the preparation tips for some common sections from HPCET 2022.

HPCET 2022 Preparation Tips for Physics

  • This section of the exam will contain 50 questions, each carrying two marks

  • Ideally, this section should be solved in an hour giving 1.2 minutes to each question

  • Candidates should try to solve this section at least 5-10 before an hour so that they have some time to recheck the answers

  • Do not attempt the questions that you are not sure about. For every wrong answer, 1.5 marks are deducted from the total

  • Having good command over formulae and derivatives helps a lot in solving numerical faster during the exam

  • Learn to calculate faster. This helps in saving time during the exam

  • Mug up the basic and common mathematical values like square roots, cube roots, log, antilog, etc.

  • Do not hesitate in taking help from others. Whenever in doubt, contact mentors or seniors or anyone you think will help you

  • There is never one way to solve a question. Try finding different ways to solve derivatives or numerical and then use whichever you feel comfortable with

  • Some common topics are asked in the exam every other year. Solve previous years’ question papers of HPCET and it will help you become aware of such topics

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HPCET 2022 Preparation Tips for Chemistry

1. This section will carry a total of 100 marks distributed among 50 questions. For every correct answer, two marks are added to the total score.

2. Each question gets more than a minute to solve. Hence, candidates are advised to recheck all the answers in the end.

3. Make notes every day. Make sure that they are brief and do not contain long sentences. Short notes are easier to revise. 

4. Do not neglect units like ‘Chemistry in Everyday Life’ as objective type questions are asked from the topics that students generally skip.

5. Give proper time to Organic Chemistry.

6. Study d, f and s-Block thoroughly as ‘Why questions’ are asked from these topics.

7. Make precise and brief notes every day.

8. Memorising the periodic table along with atomic mass and number of the elements would make it much easier for candidates during the exam.

9. Revise derivations every day. Try to understand them rather than mugging up.

HPCET 2022 Preparation Tips for Mathematics

  • This section comprises 50 questions, each carrying 2 marks. The whole section contains 100 marks

  • The ideal time to complete this section is 60 minutes, giving more than a minute to solve each question

  • Do calculations being very careful.

  • Do not spend too much time in calculation. This can be achieved by practising every day

  • Learning formulae by heart is a necessity to solve this section

  • Learn to visualise 3D problems for better practice

  • Before solving any question, give it a thorough reading

  • Learn to calculate faster without making mistakes

  • Check your calculations at every step to make sure that it is correct

  • Solve previous years’ question papers of HPCET to know the kind of questions asked in the section

  • The important topics to ace this section are Vectors, 3D Geometry, Probability, Permutation & Combination, Matrics Determinants, Definite Integration and Complex Numbers

General Tips and Tricks for HPCET 2022

Start Preparations Early

For entrance exams, it is essential to start your preparation soon. Starting your exam preparation well in advance will not only give you ample time to prepare but it will also leave you a lot of spare time for revision.

Just Focus on the Entrance Exam

If you are preparing for HPCET 2022, then you should just focus on the exam. For the time being, you may give up on all the distractions that you have in your life such as social media, smartphone, video games, etc. You can get back once you're done giving your entrance exam.

Follow A Time-table

Making and following a time-table with both short-term and long-term goals can help you prepare for the exam earlier than expected. A good timetable makes you more disciplined and helps you get rid of all the distractions. So, follow your time-table religiously and do not procrastinate. The tasks assigned for today must not be pushed to tomorrow.

Focus More on Core Material

While studying for HPCET 2022, it is important for you to study the core material of your syllabus. If you are struggling with the unfinished syllabus, concentrate on the core material of the different subjects. Also, you should have an idea about the question pattern of the last few years so that you can prepare well for your exam.

Health is Wealth

Health is one of the crucial factors in your entire exam preparation. If you stay healthy throughout the preparation period, then you are likely to give your best on the exam day. If you are not healthy, your exam preparation suffers and you will not be as effective as you would have been otherwise.

Stay Positive and Confident

You must believe in yourself and your exam preparation. By staying positive and confident, you will feel motivated about the exam that you are going to appear for.

Check your Syllabus

HPCET 2022 syllabus will be available on the official webpage of Himachal Pradesh Technical University (HPTU). The HPCET curriculum includes the subject matters, themes, and modules to be studied. Applicants can consult the syllabus to determine which units must be analyzed for the test and prepare accordingly. The syllabus will assist applicants in determining which subjects are crucial for the exam.

Prepare according to the exam pattern 

Before beginning their planning, applicants should review the official HPCET 2022 exam pattern. The exam pattern will provide applicants with information about the qualifying examination, such as method, duration, marking scheme, and other specifics. After reviewing the exam schedule, applicants will be able to determine how the test will be administered by the officials. Aspirants  can check the exam pattern in addition to the curriculum to plan their schedule.

Customize your preparation schedule 

After reviewing the exam pattern and syllabus, applicants should make a timetable for their HPCET 2022 preparation. It really should be stated that the schedule should be personalized and tailored to the applicants' skills. While preparing the timetable, applicants should ensure that all topics and themes are uniformly distributed. Some challenging subjects may be given ample time on the agenda. The timetable should also be designed so that it would not become monotonous.

Make notes 

While studying, applicants should take frequent notes. This will allow the applicants to retain what they have learned and make notes on the subjects that they find harder to comprehend. Applicants can also sustain what they have learned by taking notes.

Make a habit of solving practice tests and previous year question papers

Practice tests are the most effective way to evaluate applicants' preparation progress. Because the practice tests are a duplicate of the exam, aspirants can take them to understand how the exam will be administered by the officials. Applicants can also learn about their common errors during the practice session and work on them so that they do not repeat them during the final examination.

Revise on a daily basis

Applicants should revise on a routine basis to ensure that they do not neglect what they learned in the test. It is recommended that applicants revise for several hours every day. Applicants are suggested not to analyze any new sections in the final days before the exam, but instead to focus entirely on revision.

Maintain your physical health 

Applicants are encouraged to participate in extra - curricular activities in order to maintain their minds sharp during class lectures. Applicants should prefer recreational activities and avoid excessive use of social media and smartphone. Applicants who participate in extracurricular exercises will be able to manage outdoor sports with their studies.

Last Minute Tips for HPCET 2022

  • Do not forget to carry important documents like HPCET 2022 admit card to the examination centre

  • To make sure, assemble the documents a night before the examination day

  • It is advised to check the examination centre once before the examination day so that candidates reach the centre on time

  • In the case of anxiety, try to calm or distract your mind by listening to songs

  • Do not get involved in discouraging conversations

  • Last-minute revision is not always a good idea. It might confuse you even with the things that you already know

  • Before beginning to write the examination, go through the instructions written on the question paper

  • Attempt questions being mindful of negative marking

HPCET Exam Pattern 2022

Before beginning with the HPCET 2022 exam preparation, candidates are advised to go through the exam pattern of HPCET 2022. The exam pattern of HPCET 2022 comprises of details such as marking scheme, question paper pattern, and type of questions asked in the entrance exam. The exam pattern varies from stream to stream but the marking scheme is the same for each one of them. Candidates will be able to prepare accordingly if there are aware of the topic wise weightage in the exam.

HPCET Syllabus 2022

Candidates going to appear in HPCET exam 2022 are required to have thorough knowledge of the topics mentioned in the HPCET syllabus 2022 in order to secure good marks in the entrance exam for admission in undergraduate and postgraduate courses offered by HPTU. HPCET 2022 syllabus covers topics from Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, and all the courses offered by Himachal Pradesh Technical University.

HPCET 2022 Preparation Books

The books mentioned below will be useful in preparing for the HPCET 2022:

  • A Master Resource Book in MATHEMATICS by Prafull K Agarwal
  • A Master Resource Book in PHYSICS by D B Singh
  • A Master Resource Book in CHEMISTRY by Sanjay Sharma
  • How to Prepare For Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative aptitude for all competitive examinations by Abhijit Gupta
  • The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CA by Nishit K Sinha
  • Quantitative Aptitude Quantum CAT Common Admission Tests for Admission Into IIMs by Sarvesh K Verma
  • Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT by Nishit K Sinha
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by Dr R S Aggarwal
  • Guide for BBA/BBS/BBM 2022 by Arihant
  • Accounting and Financial Management for BCA & MCA
  • Objective Botany for NEET/AIIMS/JIPMER and other PMT's

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FAQs about HPCET Preparation Tips

Will HPCET 2022 be held in offline mode ?

HPCET 2022 will be held as a pen and paper-based test (offline mode).

Where can I download HPCET 2022 syllabus?

HPCET 2022 syllabus has been released in online mode on the official website

Which courses are offered through HPCET 2022?

HPCET 2022 is conducted for offering admission in various UG and PG courses from technical and professional colleges of Himachal Pradesh. The courses in which the candidates may take admission through the exam are BHMCT, BBA, B.Tech, B.Pharma, BCA, M.Tech, M.Pharmacy, M.Sc., MBA, MCA. 

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