UPSC CDS (I) 2020 Study Plan with Timetable

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12 days Remaining for the exam

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How to Prepare for UPSC CDS (I) 2020

In order to score good marks in the UPSC CDS 2020 part I examination, it is indeed very important to find a solid answer to the question- How to prepare for UPSC CDS 2020? Gone are those days when the aspirants could crack an All India level entrance examination like UPSC CDS merely by seeking guidance from their seniors or going to a reputed coaching centre as a part of their preparation strategy for UPSC CDS examination. In today’s cut-throat competitive world, the aspirants will need a lot more than mere hard work in order to prepare for UPSC CDS 2020 examination. The best preparation tips and tricks to succeed in UPSC CDS 2020 exam is now available on this page which will be helpful for the aspirants to clear UPSC CDS 2020 exam with ease.

In order to prepare well for the UPSC CDS 2020 paper I, the aspirants have to be well aware of the UPSC CDS Part I 2020 syllabus, marking scheme and exam pattern which will play a major role in helping them out to single out the more important topics from the lesser important topics. UPSC CDS 2020 preparation tricks may also involve the aspirants to prepare a time table, referring to the best available resources which have been discussed in details in the following sections below.

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Subject-Wise Preparation Plan for UPSC CDS 2020

Preparation Tips for UPSC CDS 2020 Part I English Paper 

  • To prepare for English, one can develop the habit of reading the newspaper regularly. Reading the newspaper improves not only one's vocabulary but also one's knowledge of the subject.

  • One can refer to basic grammar books to clear the concepts.

  • Try to learn a couple of new words on a daily basis. By doing this, a candidate will soon find that he/she is developing a good hold on the language.

  • When a candidate starts learning the new words, he/she should also try to learn their antonyms and synonyms and also how to use the words in sentences. Try solving previous year's question papers so that candidate has an idea of what to expect.

Preparation Tips for UPSC CDS 2020 Part I General Knowledge Paper

  • Read newspapers regularly and watch television for the latest happenings in and around the world.

  • Read magazines that cover varied topics ranging from economy to business to trade policies to the latest awardees in the fields of sports, art, literature. In short, just be aware of all the topics because questions can come from anywhere.

  • Refer to past question papers and see the pattern of occurrence of the questions. That will give an idea as to which topics to concentrate on. 

Preparation Tips for UPSC CDS 2020 Part I Elementary Mathematics Paper

  • Revise all the topics thoroughly.

  • First, the candidate must choose those topics in which they are strong. Later, they can move on to the difficult ones and try to practice as much as possible.

  • Concentrate on having a clear concept of all the topics.

Preparation Tips for UPSC CDS Part I Personal interview: Intelligence and Personality Test Preparation Tips

  • Concentrate and develop reasoning ability, written and oral expressions, self-confidence, courage, a positive and a cheerful attitude.

  • Train your mind to think clearly, rationally and logically.

  • Try to improve the way you can influence people through logical arguments.

  • Improve your communication skills.

  • Try to have a very strong hold on the English language.

  • Train yourself to respect your seniors and juniors.

  • Develop a cooperative and responsible attitude, which will help in successfully carrying out teamwork.

  • Improve your general awareness of national and international issues.

  • Begin to think and behave like an officer.

UPSC CDS 2020 Part - I Preparation Strategy: Time Table and Study Schedule

The UPSC CDS 2020 part - I exam is scheduled to be conducted on the 02nd of February 2020 which means the candidates have only 3 months for the final impetus. CollegeDekho has prepared a time table or study schedule that the UPSC CDS 2020 aspirants can follow leading up to the date of the UPSC CDS 2020 part - I examination. 

UPSC CDS Preparation Time Table


Ideal Hours to be Spent

Things To Do

Morning Session

3 Hours

  • Pick up a Subject

  • Choose a topic

  • Go through the theoretical part of the topic extensively

  • Move to the numerical/application part of the topic

Break Time

Afternoon Session

3 Hours

  • Revise the topic done in the previous session in the first half-hour

  • Choose another topic from another subject

  • Prepare notes while going through the theoretical portion

  • Turn your attention towards the application part

Break Time

Evening Session

4 Hours

  • Revise the topic done in the previous session in the first half-hour

  • Choose a new topic from another subject

  • Spend a considerable amount of time for both the theoretical and practical aspects of the topic (all to be done in the first 3 hours)

  • Practise mock test/previous year/sample test papers in the remaining 1 hour

General Tips and Tricks to Crack UPSC CDS 2020

The general tips and tricks to crack UPSC CDS 2020 Part I will help the aspirants in drawing out the best possible techniques for sure shot success in the UPSC CDS 2020 entrance examination. List of some are given below:

  • The aspirants must form a proper study plan which includes preparing an effective time-table so that they can dedicate an equal amount of time to each subject

  • The aspirants must know in and out about the UPSC CDS 2020 syllabus

  • The aspirants must focus on a time management strategy

  • In order to secure the desired marks, the aspirants must keep themselves updated about the recent happenings in the country as well as all over the globe and what better way than to read newspapers, follow the news

  • Before the day of the exam, the aspirants must have solved enough number of sample test papers, UPSC CDS mock test papers which will provide them with a better idea of what is to be asked

  • The aspirants must keep themselves motivated, positive and confident before the UPSC CDS 2020 Paper I exam which will enable them to attempt the questions with ease

  • The aspirants must refer to the UPSC CDS 2020 best books which will help them crack the exam without any difficulty

Last Minute Tips for UPSC CDS 2020

Here are some last-minute tips for UPSC CDS 2020 Part I:

  • The aspirants must refrain themselves from learning a new topic on the day of the exam. A proper last-minute revision would be sufficient

  • If the aspirant is unsure about the answer to a question, it is strongly recommended to not attempt that question as there will be no negative marking for questions not attempted

  • The aspirant must not get stuck to a question. He/she must move to the next question and can return to the unattempted questions after answering the remaining questions

  • A clear understanding of basics will keep the aspirants in good stead instead of cramming up things

  • The aspirants must be swift in their answering process

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