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How to Prepare for TS ICET 2022

Updated By Mahima Gupta on 28 Jun, 2022 12:04

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How to Prepare for TS ICET 2022

Candidates must keep certain points in mind before the final leg of the TS ICET 2022 exam preparation. Preparing well in advance for TS ICET 2022 is a must if you are aiming to crack the entrance exam. TS ICET 2022 is a state-level entrance exam conducted in online mode for aspirants willing to take admission into MBA and MCA courses offered by Kakatiya University, Warangal. If you are preparing for TS ICET 2022, then, you should begin your exam preparation by covering the syllabus of the test and understanding the exam pattern to excel in the entrance exam. One of the best TS ICET 2022 preparation tips is to crack the exam with a good score is to solve previous years' papers or mock tests regularly, as regular test-taking will keep a check on the level of your preparation. Here are some useful tips and tricks for TS ICET 2022 that can make your entrance exam preparation easy and effective.

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Professionals' and past year's toppers' TS ICET preparation advice can help you succeed in one of the most competitive state-level MBA/MCA entrance exams-TSICET. The TSICET 2022 exam serves as the entry point for Entrance examination in the state of Telangana. TSICET results are also acceptable for state-level enrollment into the MCA course at Telangana's academic institutions and institutions of higher learning, in addition to MBA admission. Every year, approximately 60,000 applicants apply for the test, making it one of India's most cutthroat management qualifying examination. Candidates preparing to take the TSICET 2022 exam should really have begun their preparations. The exam will be administered by TSCHE on July 27 and 28 in three sessions. This article provides some important TSICET preparation tips.

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TS ICET 2022 Preparation: Pattern of the exam

Before beginning preparation for the TSICET 2022, it is critical to understand the framework of the written test. Recognise the significance of each topic based on the number of questions asked in the test as well as the grade.

Sections Total questions Maximum marks 

Section A: Analytical Ability

Data Sufficiency2020

Section B: Mathematical Ability

Arithmetical Ability3535
Algebraical Ability and Geometrical Ability3030
Statistical Ability1010

Section C: Communication Ability

Business and Computer Terminology1010
Functional Grammar1515
Reading Comprehension1515

TS ICET 2022 Preparation Tips

Some preparation tips for all the three sections of the TS ICET 2022 exam is mentioned below:

  • Analytical Ability: Rehearse answering an adequate set of questions from Data Sufficiency, Problem Solving, Blood Connections, Seating Arrangements, CodingDecoding, and so on. Try practicing TSICET mock tests to become familiar with the various types of questions that may be asked in the Analytical Ability segment as well as many other aspects. To understand the basic notions of these parts, consult books suggested by professionals.

  • Mathematical Ability: The section of the questionnaire are primarily from Class 10 and 12 mathematics. Matrix multiplication, percentage distribution, probability, distance and time, mean, median, and mode are some of the topics covered in this section. Applicants should review their high school textbooks to review basic ideas and understand complex theorems. To improve time and efficiency, solve question paper and take a mock test.

  • Communication Ability: In TSICET 2022, answers in the Communication Ability category will cover a wide range of topics, including vocabulary, comprehension, nomenclature, and ideas in computer and corporate scenarios (letters, reports, memoranda, agenda, minutes etc). Applicants should consult high school english books to strengthen their vocabulary and grammar. Students should read n ewspaper articles. Make a note of any new vocabulary you come across.

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Additional Tips To Prepare for TS ICET 2022 Exam

Here are some additional tips that will aid you in better preparation for TS ICET 2022: 

  • Before starting TSICET preparation, applicants should review the TSICET pattern and exam syllabus, as this will help you learn the overall design of the test and the topics covered in each chapter.
  • Start solving previous years' TSICET question papers to become acquainted with the types of questions that can be asked in the question paper. This will also assist applicants in honing their knowledge and skills related to the topic areas.
  • Side by side practise online practice tests that assist you in improving  your ability to answer questions correctly in the exam.
  • Purchase the best TSICET preparation resources. In the market, applicants will find a multitude of books and learning resources. Pick ones that have enough material to help you prepare.
  • Polish up on your fundamentals by consulting your Class 10 and 12 mathematics textbooks.
  • Create a time strategic approach for each chapter to assist you in finishing the question paper on time.
  • After finishing the TSICET syllabus, take practice tests to improve your speed and comprehend the layout of an online examination.
  • After you've gone over the study material and practice test, you should assess your own strong and weak points.
  • Check the proper answers to any questions where you made a mistake right away. Also, go over topics where you have the most difficulty answering questions.

Top Management Colleges :

Detailed Preparation Tips for TS ICET 2022

Sample Papers:

During entrance exam preparation, practising sample papers is important as they help you become familiar with the pattern of the TS ICET question paper. Apart from all of this, practising sample papers is a great way to improve your speed and accuracy. Other advantages of a sample paper are that you become confident about writing the exam, and you can also come up with your own strategy of attempting the questions.

Read the Question Twice:

In the exam hall, when you're attempting the question paper, you must read the questions carefully. There might be few questions in the entrance exam that will have confusing options. Therefore, it is better if you read all the questions cautiously or at least twice to answer them properly.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect:

For the preparation of any entrance exam, practice is an essential aspect. Practice helps in determining your speed and accuracy in the exam and regular practice of questions/problems not only broadens the scope for improvement, but it also helps in conceptual clarity and understanding of the subject matter.

Stay Fit and Take Rest:

Health shouldn't be ignored at all during the preparation of an exam. One must take care of his/her physical and mental health in order to give 100% on the exam day.

TS ICET 2022 Preparation Plan for 6 Months

Six months period is more than enough for preparation of TS ICET 2022 as it allows candidates to study all the important topics of the three different sections:

  1. Applicants should focus on covering the entire TSICET syllabus in the first 3 months of a 6 preparation plan for the TSICET 2022 test. Applicants should be thoroughly familiar with all of the subjects addressed in the three major broad parts. It is critical to gain deeper understanding while examining the topics. Do not leave any topics unfinished before moving on to the next. Do not only study a few subjects on a regular basis. Do not avoid the subjects in which account as your weaknesses. Rather, use this trying to sort out why these topics are difficult for you and come up with a solution to address your weaknesses.
  2. During the 4th month of your six month TSICET preparation, focus on thoroughly solving the TSICET question banks and trying mocks. Try to practise 30 practice tests and question paper on ordinary. Continue to evaluate your achievement after each practice session or after completing the question banks.

  3. Allocate one month to extensively reevaluate all of the TSICET syllabus sections, notions, derivations, and equations in order to remember them and construct mental arithmetic abilities.

How to Prepare for TS ICET in 3 Months

Candidates who are aiming to clear the TS ICET exam in 3 months are advised to dedicate at least 3-4 hours daily for TS ICET exam preparation. They should go through the syllabus and exam pattern of TS ICET to know the important topics and marking scheme of the TS ICET exam. Candidates may then pick any topic from the syllabus and start preparing it. They are advised to solve at least 30-40 questions from each topic. Candidates can solve the previous years’ papers and sample papers to solve more types of questions from the selected topic. Besides this, candidates are also advised to solve one or two exercises from the verbal ability daily. 

Three Months Preparation Plan for TS ICET 2022

Candidates are advised to prepare a preparation plan for TS ICET to ensure that enough time is allotted for all the important topics of the TS ICET examination. We have provided a preparation plan for TS ICET 2022 in the table below. They can either follow the preparation plan provided by us or they can prepare their own. 

Number of Days for TS ICET Preparation

90 Days

Number of Days to complete the syllabus

60 Days

Topics to be covered in a Week

Minimum 5-6

Number of Hours to Study in a day

At least 3-4 Hours

Number of Sample papers in a Week


Number of Days for Practise(Every Week)

3-4 Days

Important Tasks to be performed daily

  • Practice at least 20-30 questions from the quant/ logical reasoning topic you have covered on the day

  • Solve practice questions from previous years’ question papers

  • Prepare notes

  • Learn at least 10-11 new words

  • Read newspaper and articles

Last Minute Preparation and Revision

1 Month

How to Prepare for TS ICET in 60 Days

With just 60 days left for the TS ICET exam, candidates should focus on solving the maximum number of sample papers and mock test papers. They can start their preparation by checking the syllabus of TS ICET and after that, they can proceed to prepare a preparation plan. The preparation plan should be prepared in a way that enough time is allotted to all the sections of the TS ICET exam. Candidates are advised to check the exam pattern of the TS ICET exam to know the marking scheme and section-wise weightage of the TS ICET exam. 

60 Day Study Plan for TS ICET

We have provided a 60 days study plan for TS ICET in the table below. Candidates may either follow the preparation plan prepared by our experts or they can prepare their own preparation schedule.

No of hours to study in a day

At least 5-6

No of days to complete the syllabus

40-45 Days

No of sample papers/ mock test papers in a week

At least 3-4

Daily Routine for TS ICET Preparation

  • Pick any topic from the syllabus and read the concept of that topic

  • Learn all the important formulas from that topic

  • Start answering beginner level questions from that topic. Once done, proceed to the mid and high-level difficulty questions.

  • Solve sample papers from that topic. You can also solve the questions asked in the previous years’ papers of the TS ICET exam.

  • Read at least 5-6 new words and try to use them in sentences

  • Solve at least 4-5 reading comprehensions questions daily

  • Make notes of important points and formulas from the topic you have prepared on that day.

No of days for last-minute preparation

15-20 Days

30 Days Study Plan for TS ICET 2022

When a month is left for the TS ICET 2022 exam preparation, it is advisable to take up your strongest subject. Go through the type of questions asked in the particular subject, total time you need to solve the questions in this subject or section and what type of method you would like to apply to solve various questions. Learn, write and practice as many sample papers as you can.

You will not require much time while preparing for this section of the exam as you are picking up your strongest subject. Then whatever time is left, you can use it to work on full-length practise tests and evaluate your performance. Also, keep a track of the time and just assess how much time you are taking to solve the entire test paper.

TS ICET 2022 Last Week Preparation Tips

  • One month and final week planning are critical. Do not dismiss it. Here are some pointers to help you plan your study timetable for TSICET 2022 last week preparation tips.
  • To raise confidence, avoid concentrating on flaws and instead emphasise on positive aspects.
  • Continue to practise online practice tests and study material to improve your organizational skills and consistency in answering questions in a limited amount of time.
  • Even if you believe you are well equipped for the exam, go over all of the topics you covered.
  • Use various mathematical formulas and derivations to practise arithmetic, data understanding, and statistical data. Examine which formulas assist you in obtaining answers in a short period of time.

Best Books for TS ICET 2022

Candidates preparing for TS ICET 2022 must take a look at the following books, which are highly recommended for better TS ICET 2022 exam preparation.

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Nishit Sinha

ICET Previous Years Solved Papers by Praxis Groups

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations by RS Aggarwal

Cracking The MBA Admissions Interview And GD by Dhruv Nath

Wren and Martin for English Grammar

TS ICET 2020 (Telangana State Integrated Common Entrance Test) for MBA/MCA by SIA Experts

Tata Mcgraw Hill Education Pvt Ltd

Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma

Integrated Common Entrance Test (Complete Success Package) by Arihant Publications

Mathematics for MBA Entrance Examinations by RS Aggarwal

I-CET Model Papers by Vikram Editorial Board by Vikram editorial board

Kiran’s Icet For MBA/MCA 2009 To 2019 Solved Papers (English) – 1866 by Kiran Prakashan

TS ICET 2022 Mock Tests

Candidates who plan to appear for TS ICET should try and solve the maximum number of mock tests. By practising mocks tests, you can get to know how well you've prepared for the exam, and mock tests also give you an idea about important topics/sections, which might come in the entrance exam. Additionally, by taking the help of the TS ICET mock tests, candidates can get to know the exam pattern, type of questions, and other details of the entrance exam. Another advantage of taking mock tests on a regular basis is that it helps in improving the speed of solving questions.

Section Wise Preparation Strategy for TS ICET 2022

With the TS ICET 2022 notification soon to be announced, the candidates must chalk out an effective preparation strategy which will help them ace the entrance examination. TS ICET 2022 question paper will consist of 200 questions which will test the Mathematical Ability, Analytical Ability and Communication Ability of the candidates. The following section will provide the candidates with certain tips and tricks which will assist them in scoring good marks in TS ICET 2022.

Preparation Tips for Analytical Ability

This section will test the logical thinking capability of the candidates. The candidates will be asked questions based on Problem Solving, Data Sufficiency, Data Analysis, Date & Time and Arrangement, Coding and Decoding. TS ICET Analytical Ability section will carry 75 marks. The candidates must follow the given tips to master this section:

  • The candidates must have clarity of concepts which will aid them in solving the difficult questions.

  • Learning shortcuts to solve the questions will benefit the candidates.

  • With practice, the candidates can score well in this section.

  • The candidates must solve a good number of TS ICET previous year question papers to get a hang of the topic and identify the repeated questions.

Preparation Tips for Mathematical Ability

This section will test the calculation skills of the candidates. Questions based on Statistical Ability, Arithmetical Ability, Geometrical and Algebraical Ability will be asked in this section. TS ICET Mathematical Ability section will also carry 75 marks. Tips to ace the TS ICET 2019 Mathematical Ability section are as follows:

  • The questions will be based on Class 10 syllabus.

  • The candidates must focus on basic mathematical concepts instead of theoretical ideas.

  • The candidates must possess sound knowledge regarding LCM, Percentage, Profit & Loss, GCD, Distance & Work Problem, time, Relations & Functions, Median, Mean etc. to score well in this section.

  • The candidates must, first of all, understand the meaning of the problem before solving them.

Preparation Tips for Communication Skills

This section will evaluate the language ability of the candidates. This section will comprise of questions on Functional Grammer, Vocabulary, Computer Terminologies, Business and Reading Comprehension. The candidates will be evaluated on the basis of their grammar, vocabulary and ability to perceive written texts and patterns in drawing form. Here are a few tips to ace the TS ICET 2022 Communication Skills section;

  • The candidates must solve the maximum number of TS ICET previous year question papers.

  • More the candidates read, better will be their chances to score well in this section.

  • The candidates must focus on improving their vocabulary and learning the basic rules of grammar.

Tips and tricks to ace TS ICET Exam 2022

It is among the several state level entrance exams that requires complete concentration and a solid understanding of fundamental concepts. Candidates preparing for the TS ICET 2022 can read this piece for tips and tricks that will help them score well in the test.

1. Take Mock Tests

  • Candidates must take frequent practice exams to determine their standard of test preparation.
  • Applicants will learn about the level of the questionnaire and the structure of the written exam by deciding to take a mock test.
  • Candidates can take the practice tests online through the website.

2. Practice Previous Year Papers

  • It is a popular saying that "practice makes perfect," and this holds true even from an examination point of view.
  • Make it a routine to practise past year question papers to assist you in  maintaining your speed.
  • It will also aid you in becoming acquainted with the TS ICET 2022 exam pattern and subjects that have appeared frequently in previous years.
  • Students can start by taking the practice tests in addition to practicing previous year question papers.
  • It will undoubtedly enhance your experience and competencies, as well as inform you about your multitasking and speed.

3. Analyze the TS ICET Syllabus carefully 

  • The syllabus for the written test is determined by the topic you researched during your entrance test (graduate level).
  • However, some segments, such as intellectual skills and communication skills, are common to all papers.
  • The TS ICET 2022 syllabus must be followed by the students.
  • It can help you become acquainted with each of the subjects/topics that will be covered in the exam.

4. Time management

  • Time management is critical to prepare for any entrance exam.
  • Before you begin your preparation, you must build a robust schedule that includes all of the syllabus's subject matters.
  • Give enough time to subjects that require more focus and are asked about every year.

5. Revise the concepts thoroughly

  • Try to finish your entire syllabus in a timely manner so that you have enough time for revision of the important subjects.
  • Revision is essential before taking an exam because it allows you to clearly remember many details that may have slipped your mind.
  • Allow the last two days of the assessment test to prepare for relevant themes.

6. Make a habit of reading the newspaper daily 

  • Applicants should begin reading newspapers on a daily basis. This will assist aspirants in updating their general knowledge and world events.

7. Find the best study material 

  • Choose good study material for better preparation. Candidates should prepare from the best books available in the market. Students must also check the study materials available on the net and other online sources.

8. Keep your mental and physical health in check 

  • Students often neglect their wellbeing while studying for exams.
  • You can only make preparations accordingly if you are healthy.
  • Eat balanced meals, avoid sugary snacks, and consume plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • You can also relieve or relax your mind by practicing mindfulness meditation.
  • Get at least 7 hours of sleep per day.

TS ICET 2022 Exam Pattern

The TS ICET exam pattern can be found in the following data. This analysis is based on data from the previous year.

  • Exam time – 150 minutes
  • English is the language/medium.
  • Marking Scheme – 1 point for correct answer 
  • No Negative Marking will be done
  • The number of sections is three.

Section-wise distribution of marks for TS ICET 2022

Here is the section-wise analysis of total number of questions and marks for TS ICET entrance exam 2022:

1. Mathematical Ability


Number of questions 

Total marks 

Arithmetical Ability



Statistical Ability



Algebraical Ability and Geometrical Ability






2. Communication Ability


Number of questions 

Total marks 




Functional Grammar



Reading Comprehension



Business and Computer Terminology






3. Analytical Ability


Number of questions

Total marks




Problem Solving






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