How to Prepare for AIIMS PG 2020

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How to Prepare for AIIMS PG 2021

Wondering how to prepare for AIIMS PG 2021? A strategized plan with some time management can help candidates solve this riddle. Before starting the discussion on what steps and stages must be considered for the preparation plan, candidates are advised to go through the syllabus of AIIMS PG 2021. This will help them in planning their preparation strategies according to the subject matter they need to study in order to qualify this examination. Once the aspirants are aware of the syllabus they must go on finding the right source to acquire knowledge based on the prescribed syllabus. The All India Institute of Medical Sciences Post Graduate Entrance Examination (AIIMS PG) is an all India level examination conducted for the aspirants of the medical stream. 

It is important for candidates to know that they need to prepare themselves for all the different defining stages of AIIMS PG until the counselling process gets over. Therefore, the preparation must be in a way that they clear all these stages with the qualifying marks and performance and secure a place in any of the participating institutions of AIIMS PG. Listed below are pointers that can help aspirants prepare well for AIIMS PG 2021.

AIIMS PG 2021 Preparation Tips for MD/MS

  • Candidates aspiring to pursue MD or MS courses from AIIMS through the AIIMS PG 2021 examination must get a proper idea of the syllabus first. The time a candidate spends on a topic should depend upon the weightage of the topic. For example, in the entrance examination for MD/MS courses, the topics that carry the most weightage are Surgery, E.N.T., Orthopedics, and Anesthesia.

  • Managing the time while preparing for the exam is important but candidates must not compromise with the topics that do not carry high weightage as every mark holds high value in an exam that comprises Multiple Choice Questions each carrying one mark. 

  • Every topic from the syllabus of AIIMS PG 2021 for MD/MS is very vast. In such a case, it becomes a subject of utter importance that candidates only go for the best books for the exam. For this, candidates should consult people that they think would give them the right advice. 

  • In Biology, remembering diagrams along with the name of every part helps a lot in a number of questions. Diagrams become very helpful in questions related to Anatomy and Microbiology.

  • Candidates are advised to first clear their basic concepts of Biology and then go for high-level books to cater to the syllabus of the exam. According to the experts, class XI, XII syllabus books are of the best help for clearing basic Biological doubts. 

AIIMS PG 2021 Preparation Tips for MDS

  • It would be stating the obvious to say that candidates need to start preparing for AIIMS PG 2021 examination for MDS well before the exam but what candidates need to keep in mind is to figure out how much time should each topic get for preparation. This can only be achieved by checking out the syllabus of the exam thoroughly. 

  • For remembering the names of the enzymes, microorganisms, diseases, drugs, and any complex nomenclature, candidates must make a chart and paste it on the walls of their bedrooms so that it can be seen all the time. This will help in revision and at one point, the names will become really easy to remember. 

  • Candidates must make themselves accustomed to reading a lot of content in less time. It is necessary to give a good number of hours to the preparation every day. With constant practice and preparation, candidates will become quick learners which is a very important characteristic in the field of Health and Medicine. 

  • Along with preparing thoroughly for the exam, it is also important to keep checking the progress of the preparation. For that, candidates must take tests either by solving previous years’ question papers of AIIMS PG 2021 for MDS or by practising Mock tests for the same.

  • For topics like Embryology, Endodontics, Dental Anatomy, and a few others, basic concepts should be crystal clear. For that, candidates should refer to the syllabus books of class XI and XII.  

General Tips and Tricks for AIIMS PG 2021

Create a Study Plan

For AIIMS PG 2021 preparation, it is essential for you to prepare an effective study plan. A good study plan covers all the important sections of the syllabus and creates scope for improvement and regular up-gradation in the preparation. A planned and well-implemented study programme will not only help you cover the entire syllabus but it will also help in reducing your stress level caused due to exam pressure.

Take Tests Regularly

Taking test sessions on a regular basis is considered to be a good habit for entrance exam takers. Taking these tests on a day – to – day basis improves speed to solve question paper and also helps in identifying the tricky questions of the exam paper. Moreover, test-taking helps in getting a stronghold over the subject-matter and also helps in working on time management for the day of examination.

Seek Guidance from Expert

A good preparation may help you cover the entire syllabus but there will be a few topics that might need a detailed explanation and special attention. This is the situation where guidance from the experts is required. Every aspirant will need a guide to help them go through the tough and vast syllabus of AIIMS PG. These guides can be the mentors of specific subject or coaching centres specially available to train students for this examination. With proper guidance, you will get a better explanation and understanding of the topics. Joining coaching centres to seek guidance on difficult subject-matters is also a good option. These centres can help you with techniques to handle difficult topics.


Managing time is one of the most important parts of good preparation. For exams like AIIMS PG, where there are as many as 200 multiple choice questions that need to be answered in just 3 hours, it becomes important for you to be quick enough to answer all. This can only come with proper time-management techniques practised during the preparation. For this, you can start solving previous years’ question papers on a regular basis and keep a track of the time taken to solve these question papers. This will help in increasing the speed which in a way will improve the time management.

Stay Calm and Stress-Free

To improve concentration and mental ability, staying calm and free from all kinds of stress is very important for AIIMS PG aspirants. Being in stress decreases the mental stamina, which in a way affects the performance on the day of the exam. Experts advise giving equal importance to relaxation and stress-busting activities. Try to devote some time to meditation and yoga as that can bring peace to the mind and will also help in reducing stress around the exam time.

Revise the Syllabus

Revision is an activity that completes the preparation process for an exam. While preparing for AIIMS PG 2020 exam, revision can be a quick way of going through the entire syllabus in an easy manner. For good revision, you can make short notes on important topics of each subject. Revising topics will help you to memorize the important points easily. The more you revise the topics, the more clarity you will have. Plan your revision time and try to follow it on a daily basis.

Best Books for AIIMS PG 2021

To get a good score in the competitive exams, it is important to study from good books and reference materials. Knowing syllabus well will be fruitful only when you study from best books for AIIMS PG. These books can serve you with the purpose of acquiring the best information explained in the best possible way. There are a plethora of books available in the market for you to start preparing in an organized way. Do remember to check for the accuracy and credibility of the books before buying the books from the market. Choose the one that suits your understanding in a more clear and defined manner.

Important Instructions for AIIMS PG 2021

  • Candidates should report to the exam centre 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the exam.

  • TheAIIMS PG 2021 Admit Card is a must-have document at the examination centre.

  • A valid ID proof along with the admit card is compulsory for candidates taking the AIIMS PG 2021 exam.

  • It is to note that no candidate will be entertained in the examination hall without the admit card and the ID proof.

  • Once the exam starts no candidate will be permitted to enter or exit the hall without the permission of the invigilator or the concerned authority.

  • It is important to note that the test takers are not allowed to use their cell phones, pagers, calculators or any other electronic device in the examination hall without the permission of the examiner or invigilator.

  • Instructions disseminated by the invigilators are to be followed by the test takers. Remember not to disobey the rules and regulations delivered by the invigilator, as doing so might lead to the cancellation of the candidature.

  • In extreme cases candidates might get debarred if they are found indulging in any such activities framed against the rules and regulations published and announced by the examination conducting authority.

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