Best Books for AP ICET Preparation 2020

Abhik Das Updated On: 20 Sep, 2019 14:44 IST

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Best Books For AP ICET 2020

Applicants preparing for AP ICET 2020 must possess the right books to enhance their question-solving skills in order to ace the examination. While preparing for a state-level entrance exam like AP ICET 2020, collecting the right books is the most important step. The candidates must always look for the books that cover the entire AP ICET 2020 syllabus. The candidates must be extra cautious while choosing books because it could make or break their performance on the exam day.

AP ICET 2020 is a state-level entrance exam, which will be conducted by Sri Venkateshwara University, Hyderabad for admissions into MBA and MCA courses in the state of Andhra Pradesh. The exam is tentatively going to be held in the month of April and candidates preparing for it must never undermine the importance of books for a smooth passage to one of the AP ICET 2020 participating colleges. With the help of books, candidates can structure their preparation accordingly and achieve excellent marks in the entrance exam.

Choosing the correct books and study material for AP ICET 2020 is a very important step for those who want to clear the examination with good marks and secure admission in a respected college. The candidates are, thus, requested to go through the entire page, which will help them identify the best and highly recommended books for AP ICET 2020.

How to Select Best Books for AP ICET 2020

Here are a few pointers that examinees must keep in mind while choosing the best books to clear AP ICET 2020:

  • The candidates must refer to the books that have a recent year of publication imprinted on them.
  • The latest edition of the books must be referred by the candidates for updated content and information.

  • The candidates are advised not to waste their precious resources like time and money on books by infamous authors and unreliable publication houses.

  • Books that provide information in an organised manner must be acknowledged by the candidates preparing for AP ICET 2020.

  • Books containing previous year question papers, mock test papers and revision sample papers must be preferred by the candidates.

  • While choosing books, utmost importance must be given to books where the information could be easily consumed by the candidates.

  • Ratings or book reviews on the internet may serve as a useful source that the candidates may attribute to while choosing books.

Best Books for AP ICET 2020 Preparation

Candidates must always remember the fact that “Quality is better than Quantity” while choosing books for AP ICET 2020 preparation. Buying useless books in large number will only lead to chaos during preparation. It is, thus, suggested that aspirants should buy a handful number of highly recommended books that will assist the candidates in their preparation for the exam.

Here is a list of the top recommended books for AP ICET 2020 examination:

Book Name

Author Name

ICET Model Papers


ICET For MBA/MCA 2008-2017 Solved Papers

Kiran Prakash

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations

R.S Aggarwal

Quantitative Aptitude For Competitive Examinations (Old Edition)

R.S Aggarwal

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