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Sakunth Kumar Updated On: 20 Nov, 2019 14:30 IST

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How to Prepare For CUCET 2020

If you are planning to appear for CUCET 2020, then you must do your exam preparation in the right manner. Following the preparation tips given below may help you sail through the entrance exam easily.

Set Up a Study Plan:

While preparing the time table for CUCET 2020, you must ensure that your timetable is in tune with your schedule and daily needs. Applying a proper study plan will help you manage your time as well as attain the targets. So, setting up a study plan for yourself is the first thing you should do to crack your entrance exam.

Break Things into Smaller Sections:

For CUCET 2020, one good way to study is to break the entire CUCET syllabus into smaller sections. This way, you can study the topics one by one instead of trying to understand everything in one go. Also, breaking the syllabus into small sections will enhance your ability to understand a particular topic in true sense.

Start Preparing Early:

Starting exam preparation early is a practice that candidates should follow religiously, irrespective of the exam they are appearing for. Beginning the preparation early can greatly reduce last moment exam stress and pressure. Beginning your CUCET 2020 exam preparation well in advance lets you complete all your exam syllabus on time.

Take Timed Tests:

Taking timed tests is as important as clearing your concepts. During your CUCET 2020 exam preparation, you might be able to solve many questions, but what if you are not able to solve them within the time limit This is why you should take timed tests so that you can complete your exam well in time and identify the types of questions that are time consuming.

Best Books for CUCET 2020 Preparation

  • Fundamental Methods of Mathematical Economics by Chiang A.C. and K. Wainwright

  • Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science by Abhijit Kundu

  • Concepts of Physics by HC Verma

  • A Problem Book in Mathematical Analysis by GN Berman

  • A Textbook of Organic Chemistry by RK Gupta

  • International Economics by Bo Soderstien and Geoffrey Reed

  • Indian Economy: Performance & Policies by Uma, Kapila

  • Elementary Mathematics by DoroFeev Patapov

  • Higher Algebra by Hall & Knight

  • Objective Biology by Dinesh

  • ABC Chemistry by S.P. Jauhar

  • International Economics by Dominick Salvatore

  • A Class-book of Botany By AC Dutta

  • Economics by Lipsey R. and A Chrytal

  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable by IA Maron

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