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CUET 2022 Study Plan & Preparation Strategy - Timetable, Tips, Important Topics

Updated By Samiksha Rautela on 08 Aug, 2022 17:10

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How to Prepare for CUET 2022

Common University Entrance Test UG (CUET 2022) is a national-level entrance exam, which is conducted by the National Testing Agency for the aspirants of Under Graduation courses of Central Universities of India. Aspirants who would like to appear for CUET 2022 examination must formulate a perfect strategy in order to qualify in the exam.

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Preparing for the CUET UG examination is not a strenuous task if the candidate knows accurately what to be prepared, when to be prepared and how to be prepared for CUET UG 2022 entrance examination. The dream of every candidate appearing for CUET 2022 is to crack the entrance examination and to get admission in the desired Central University, to meet this end candidate must prepare well for the examination in a correct manner. The initial step that every candidate should take in the preparation of the CUET 2022 examination is to know the entire CUET 2022 Syllabus along with every small detail of the CUET 2022 Exam Pattern. Once aspirants have clarity on what should be prepared for CUET 2022, then the preparation for the examination becomes a piece of cake for the candidates provided that they are committed and dedicated.

Given below are some of the preparation tips for CUET 2022.

Step Wise CUET 2022 Preparation

Here is the general step-wise process for CUET preparation 2022:

Step 1: Check out the CUET syllabus and CUET exam pattern 2022.

Step 2: Understand the marking scheme and exam structure properly.

Step 3: Keep all the study materials ready, including the CUET Previous Year's Question Papers and Best Books etc.

Step 4: Sketch out a preparation plan and how many topics to cover on daily basis.

Step 5: Revise & practice through mock tests and CUET 2022 Sample Papers.

Preparation Tips for CUET UG 2022

Provided below are a few effective CUET UG preparations tips:

Devise a TimeTable

The first step that a student must take is to prepare a timetable for CUET 2022 examination. Students are advised to allocate the maximum number of hours for the preparation because time is precious and all the students and everyone must utilize it very effectively. The timetable must be a felicitous schedule that should fulfill the purpose of the student. Students should allocate some time for recreation, as the heated brains too need some time for relaxing. Students should prepare to perfect a timetable that should bring good and desired results in CUET 2022 examination. Hence, students are advised to allocate a minimum of 4 to 5 hours for the preparation apart from other academic activities. Preparation of a timetable does not guarantee success in the examination but effectively following it, preparing well for the examination, and performing well in the examination do.

Master the Syllabus of CUET 2022

The second step that aspirants of CUET 2022 should do is to master the syllabus of CUET 2022. Before that, aspirants must gather information related to the syllabus of CUET 2022. Aspirants are advised to take a printout of the syllabus of the concerned subject that they are going to appear for the examination. While going through the entire syllabus of CUET 2022, aspirants must give preference to the topics/ units/concepts in order to cover them in a proper manner. Based on the importance and weightage of the concepts, units, and topics preference can be given. Aspirants must note that all the topics, units, chapters, and concepts should be covered without exemption. The question paper is prepared based on the entire syllabus but not on the important topics. . Hence, aspirants must prepare the entire syllabus to do well in the examination.

Know the Examination Pattern of CUET 2022

One of the important aspects that all the aspirants of CUET 20222 should take into consideration with utmost care and concern is to know the examination pattern of CUET 2022. All the candidates, who would like to appear for the CUET 2022 examination, must know the pattern of the examination. The examination pattern gives an insight into the type of questions asked, the marking scheme, important topics, and the weightage of the topic. When the aspirants have good knowledge about the examination pattern, it gives them an extra edge to perform well in the examination.

Gather Best Books

Candidates must muster all the best books and best resource materials for the prescribed syllabus that will automatically become the best sources. Make friendship with the books. The greatest knowledge of the world is preserved in the books. Similarly, the key to success in CUET 2022 is in the best books containing the same and prescribed syllabus. CUET 2022 Books are silent teachers. Candidates, who would like to appear for CUET UG 2022 examination, must sought out what are the best books available for the syllabus and spend quality time on them. Candidates are advised to stick around books in order to achieve the dream of qualifying in the CUET UG examination.

Practice Makes Perfect

As one of the English sayings states, ‘Practice makes a man perfect', candidates aspiring to qualify in CUET, must also practice what they have learned. The above said saying has been proved many a time until the date. A very important aspect of preparation is to practice sample papers or writing a number of mock tests or practicing previous years' question papers. It is equally important that as much as candidate studies, similarly candidates need to practice what they have learned. Some students may excel in acquiring a lot of information/ concepts/topics but not everyone can exhibit in the examination of what is acquired. Hence, all the candidates are requested to practice as many tests as they can, because mock tests, practice tests, or sample papers can reveal candidates’ strengths and weak areas where they need to work on. By practicing sample papers or previous year’s papers or CUET mock test, candidates will improve accuracy. Thus practice tests can boost candidates to do well in the examination.

Revision is the Key

Revision is one of the key aspects of preparation. It is as important as preparing for a new topic. Candidates must plan their preparation in such a way that they must complete covering and studying the entire syllabus at least a month before the examination. According to the experts` advice, candidates must spend at least a month in revision in order to produce the desired results in the examination.  Revision is nothing but recalling the entire concept or topics that have been studied already. The revision will have a great impact on candidates’ memory to retrieve the information when it is most needed at the need of the hour, which is nothing, but during the examination. Hence, candidates should give enough time for the revision. During revision, candidates are suggested to make a note of all the important points, just to go through them as a last-minute preparation. Revision helps candidates to give their best shot in the examination.

Revision Tips for CUET 2022 Preparation

Given below are the important revision tips for CUET 2022 preparation:

  • Candidates must start by Identifying all the topics that they need to focus on again.

  • Aspirants must come up with a strategic plan to cover all the topics that require revision.

  • Candidates must start the revision by covering the most difficult subject or most difficult topic first.

  • They can also go for CUET 2022 mock test and CUET sample papers to understand how to manage time.

  • Aspirants are advised to go through the previous year's question papers of CUET, and find out the important topics/ questions.

  • They should try to understand the CUET exam pattern.

  • Aspirants must keep revising the topics which are their strengths before the exam day.

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