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MAT Syllabus 2023 - MAT Subject-wise Topics, Weightage, Download PDFs

Updated By Tiyasa Khanra on 28 Aug, 2023 15:32

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MAT Syllabus 2023

MAT syllabus 2023 must be analyzed by the candidates planning to take the upcoming MAT (Management Aptitude Test) and are advised to check the syllabus before starting their preparations. The MAT exam is divided into 5 Sections - Mathematical skills, Language Comprehension, Intelligence, Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment, and Data Analysis and Efficiency. All three modes- IBT, PBT, and CBT will have questions on the same topics. However, based on previous year's question papers, Collegedekho experts have curated the syllabus of the most important topics for all 5 sections of MAT 2023.

Aspirants may also check our MAT Preparation Tips and MAT Exam Checklist to become ready for the exam day. As far as the MAT syllabus 2023 is concerned, candidates can cover all the necessary topics of examination if they study well. In addition to making a plan as per the MAT syllabus, candidates would become familiar with all the important subjects and the MAT 2023 exam pattern.

The syllabus for MAT includes graduation-level questions, it is designed to test the candidate's general qualification. Read on to find out the important topics that an individual needs to cover to prepare for the MAT exam.

MAT 2023 Detailed Section-wise Syllabus

There are 5 sections in the MAT 2023 exam. Given below is the section-wise syllabus including the important topics.

MAT 2023 Language Comprehension Syllabus

There are around 40 Multiple Choice Questions from the Language Comprehension section of MAT 2023 from the topics listed below.

English Grammar-based questions

Reading Comprehension

Verbal Reasoning

 Critical Reasoning

Sentence Rearrangement


 Contextual usage

Fill in the Blanks

Jumbled paragraphs

Sentence Correction


Sentence completion

Sentence correction

Odd one out


One word substitution

English Proficiency

Vocabulary Based

Foreign language words used in English


Finding Errors


MAT 2023 Mathematical Skill Syllabus

Mathematical Skill section of MAT 2023 has around 40 questions. Check out all the important topics that need to be studied in the Mathematical Skill section of MAT 2023.


In-equations Quadratic and linear equations

Sequence & Series



Ratios and Proportion

Allegation & Mixtures


Partnership (Accounts)


Time & Work

Simple Interest & Compound Interest

Number system


Instalment Payments

Profit & Loss


Permutations Combinations

Binomial Expansion

Set Theory

Venn diagram


Maxima & Minima Progression


Complex numbers

Surds & Indices


Coordinate geometry

Elementary Mathematics






Arithmetic: Number System, Ratio and Proportion, Mixtures and Allegation; Unitary Method; Time and Distance; Commercial Maths; Profit and Loss, Interest

Heights and Distance; Linear Programming

MAT 2023 Data Analysis and Sufficiency Syllabus 

Here are all the important topics that an individual must study in the Data Analysis and Sufficiency section of MAT 2023.

Venn diagram

Pie Chart

Column Graphs

Line charts    

Data Sufficiency

Data Caselet

Bar Graphs

Graphs representing Area

Data Table

Multiple Graph 

Data Comparison


MAT 2023 General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning Syllabus

Given below are the crucial topics that an individual must study in General Intelligence and Critical Reasoning of MAT 2023.

Fact Inference Judgment

Direction Sense

Verbal Reasoning

Blood Relation


Passage Conclusion

Linear arrangements

Statements/ Conclusion

Simple Puzzles

Family Tree/ Blood Relations

Cause/ Effect Relationships

Sequence and Series( Alphabetical and Numerical)

Analytical Reasoning





Matrix arrangements (Puzzles, Syllogisms, Functions)

Assertion/ Reasons

Mathematical Reasoning

Verbal Ability


Statement Argument among others


MAT 2023 Indian and Global Environment Syllabus

Check out the important areas that must be covered in the Indian and Global Environment section of MAT 2023.


International Organisation

Social issues

Current Affairs

National and International current affairs

General Knowledge



Punchline of companies


Conventional GK




Famous awards and Prizes


Major Corporate news

Important Quotations


Miscellaneous events


World Records


Top officials of big companies



Importance of MAT 2023 Syllabus During Exam Preparation

The MAT syllabus 2023 is of paramount importance during exam preparation for several reasons:

  • Focused Preparation: The syllabus outlines the specific topics and areas that will be covered in the exam. This helps you avoid wasting time on irrelevant or tangential subjects and enables you to concentrate your efforts on what truly matters.
  • Efficient Time Management: With a clear understanding of the syllabus, you can allocate your study time more efficiently. You'll be able to allocate more time to topics that are more challenging for you and less time to areas you're already proficient in.
  • Comprehensive Coverage: The MAT syllabus encompasses a wide range of subjects, including language comprehension, mathematical skills, data analysis, reasoning, and current affairs. This holistic approach ensures that your preparation covers all aspects required for success in the exam.
  • Targeted Practice: Each section of the syllabus requires specific skills. By knowing the syllabus, you can tailor your practice sessions to target these skills, improving your performance in each section.
  • Strategic Approach: Knowing the syllabus allows you to formulate a strategic study plan. You can break down the syllabus into manageable segments, ensuring that you cover everything before the exam date.
  • Effective Resource Selection: You can choose study materials, books, online resources, and practice papers that are aligned with the syllabus. This prevents you from wasting time on irrelevant resources.
  • Practice and Revision: With the syllabus as a guide, you can structure your practice and revision sessions more effectively. Regular revision of the syllabus content helps reinforce your understanding and retention.
  • Mock Test Preparation: You can simulate exam conditions by taking mock tests that are designed based on the syllabus. This provides a realistic assessment of your readiness for the actual exam.

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MAT 2023 Syllabus: Important Points

Given below are some of the important points regarding the MAT syllabus 2023 that the MAT 2023 aspirants should be well aware of:

  • MAT 2023 syllabus will be no different from the current MAT exam structure any mentioned guidelines.

  • All the major and important topics will be covered in the syllabus for MAT 2023.

  • Those who wish to score enviable marks in the exam must scan the MAT syllabus 2023 thoroughly before starting their preparation for the same.

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FAQs about MAT Syllabus

Is the syllabus fixed for MAT?

No, the syllabus is not fixed as such for MAT but you can go through the previous year question papers to get an idea of the topics which have more weightage. This will help you prepare accordingly.

What is the syllabus for MAT 2020?

Candidates will be asked graduation level questions in the MAT paper. The questions are meant to test the candidate's general qualification. Candidates will be asked questions based on the 5 sections of the paper - Mathematical Skills, Language Comprehension, Intelligence and Critical Reasoning, Indian and Global Environment and Data Analysis and Efficiency.

What is the syllabus of MAT 2020?

The syllabus of MAT 2020 contains all important topics of Language Comprehension, Mathematical Skills, Data Analysis & Sufficiency, Indian & Global Environment and Intelligence & Critical Reasoning.

What is the importance of MAT Syllabus?

The syllabus of MAT will allow you to know all the important topics that will be covered in the MAT exam. All candidates are advised to check the syllabus before starting preparation.

How can I download the syllabus of MAT 2020?

The syllabus of MAT will be updated in PDF form on the website. You can save the PDF of the syllabus of MAT.

Which section of the MAT exam is toughest?

Every section in the MAT exam has equal importance. However, you may expect some challenging questions in the Intelligence & Critical Reasoning section.

What topics will be covered in Data Analysis and Sufficiency section of MAT?

Some of the important topics covered in Data Analysis and Sufficiency section are Line charts, Bar Graphs, Line charts and Venn diagram.

What are the important topics of Mathematical Skill section of MAT exam?

Some of the important topics from Mathematical Skill are Algebra, Time-Speed-Distance, Allegation & Mixtures and Trigonometry.

Does the syllabus of MAT change every year?

No, the syllabus of MAT does not change every year. However, you are advised to check the syllabus from the official website before starting preparing for the exam.

Will the MAT syllabus remains the same for Paper-based & Computer-based exam?

Yes, there will be the same syllabus for both Paper-based & Computer-based exam.

What type of questions will be asked in the Indian and Global Environment section of MAT?

Indian and Global Environment section of MAT will cover GK questions from Finance, Geography, History, Sports, Science and other important topics.

Who decides the syllabus of MAT?

The syllabus of MAT is decided by the conducting body i.e AIMA(All India Management Association).

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