NMAT by GMAC Preparation 2024 - Study Plans, How to Prepare, Best Tips for Self-Preparation

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How to Prepare for NMAT by GMAC 2024

If you're gearing up for the NMAT by GMAC in 2024, it's crucial to approach your preparation with efficiency and strategy. Crafting a well-thought-out plan and adhering to a structured study schedule are key steps toward achieving a commendable score or percentile in this competitive entrance exam.

The NMAT by GMAC 2024 is scheduled to take place between October and December 2024, in a computer-based test format. This exam serves as a gateway for candidates aspiring to pursue MBA and PGDM programs offered by a myriad of prestigious institutes participating in NMAT by GMAC 2024.

To enhance your chances of securing admission to one of the top 10 colleges accepting NMAT by GMAC scores, we've curated some invaluable preparation tips below. These insights are tailored to empower you in navigating the exam's challenges effectively and maximizing your performance potential.

NMAT by GMAC 2024 Preparation Tips

Given below are the important points to keep in mind when preparing for NMAT by GMAC 2024.

NMAT Preparation Tips | CollegeDekho

Tip 1: Optimize Time Management

In the NMAT by GMAC exam, every minute counts as you aim to tackle 120 questions within 120 minutes. This tight timeframe underscores the importance of mastering efficient strategies and shortcuts. Leverage resources from your coaching institute and online platforms to uncover valuable shortcuts tailored for quick problem-solving.

Tip 2: Target Weaknesses and Bolster Strengths

Strategic preparation involves a focused effort on both shoring up weaknesses and fortifying strong areas. Begin by thoroughly understanding solved examples, followed by rigorous practice with unsolved exercises. Subsequently, gauge your preparedness through NMAT by GMAC Mock Tests to refine your approach further.

Tip 3: Adopt an Alternative Subject Practice Approach

To maintain a consistent practice rhythm, consider alternating your focus between different subjects. For instance, dedicate specific days to honing your skills in Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning, and reserve other days for intensive practice in Quantitative techniques. This structured approach helps sustain momentum and optimize learning retention.

Tip 4: Conduct Regular Self-Assessment

Continuous self-assessment is pivotal for gauging progress and identifying areas needing improvement. Regularly scrutinize your performance, dissecting strengths and weaknesses to fine-tune your study strategy. By consistently evaluating your performance, you can tailor your preparation to address specific challenges effectively.

Tip 5: Prioritize Revision

In the final stretch of preparation, prioritize comprehensive revision to solidify your grasp of fundamental concepts. Strengthening your understanding of core principles ensures confidence during the exam, enabling you to tackle questions with clarity and precision. Dedicate ample time to revisit key concepts across all chapters to enhance your chances of securing high scores.

NMAT by GMAC 2024 Section-Wise Preparation Tips

NMAT by GMAC evaluates candidates on Language Skills, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning. Here are tailored strategies for mastering each section of NMAT 2024:

Preparation Tips for Language Skills

With 32 questions to be tackled in 22 minutes, precision and speed are paramount in this section. Strong grammar fundamentals and an extensive vocabulary are prerequisites for success. Effective approaches to reading comprehension involve annotating key phrases, words, and pertinent information for better comprehension and retention.

Preparation Tips for Quantitative Skills

Comprising 48 questions to be completed within 60 minutes, this section demands adeptness in time management and mastery of shortcuts. Emphasizing data interpretation, candidates must bolster their understanding of core mathematical concepts. Practicing with NMAT by GMAC previous year question papers, engaging in mock tests, and utilizing sample papers are instrumental in honing skills for optimal performance.

Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

With 40 questions to be tackled in 38 minutes, consistent practice is the linchpin of success in this section. Regular practice enables candidates to discern and swiftly tackle questions, optimizing time utilization. To sharpen logical acumen, focus on practicing diverse question types including Decision Making, Arrangements, Series, Numerical Grid, Family tree, and Verbal Reasoning.

NMAT by GMAC 2024 Preparation: 6-Month v/s 3-Month Study Plan

Presented below is the NMAT by GMAC 2024 6-month v/s 3-month preparation plan which candidates can follow to qualify the exam:

NMAT by GMAC 2024 6-Month Preparation Plan

NMAT by GMAC 2024 3-Month Preparation Plan

  • First of all, understand the structure of the NMAT by GMAC 2024.

  • Get hold of the NMAT by GMAC 2024 Syllabus.

  • Separate the strong areas from the weak areas.

  • Focus on building fundamentals and clarity of concepts of the weaker areas.

  • Focus on understanding the basics rather than spending more time on theory.

  • Attempt the maximum number of NMAT by GMAC 2024 mock test papers, previous year papers, and sample test papers.

  • Tilt the balance towards Self-study and regarding any issues, the guidance of the mentors could be sought.

  • Check if all the basics have been strengthened and clarity of fundamentals is achieved.

  • In addition to the NMAT by GMAC 2024 best books, try procuring extra knowledge from the other available NMAT by GMAC 2024 preparation materials.

  • DO NOT just attempt mock tests but also identify errors and rectify them.

  • Solve the maximum number of NMAT by GMAC previous year question papers.

  • Sign up for a good NMAT by GMAC online test series.

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NMAT by GMAC 2024 2-Month Preparation Tips

Achieving success in the NMAT by GMAC 2024 within a two-month timeframe hinges on several critical factors. Candidates who commenced their preliminary preparations at least 4 to 6 months prior to the exam date typically have an advantage. Attempting to initiate NMAT preparation just two months before the exam is generally futile. However, experts suggest that with a well-structured study plan, it is indeed feasible to attain commendable scores even with a late start. Here's a comprehensive guide on how aspirants can effectively crack the NMAT by GMAC 2024 within a two-month window:

  • In addition to theory, taking NMAT by GMAC exam quizzes, solving sample test papers, and NMAT by GMAC previous year papers will be beneficial

  • Always analyze after completely attempting an NMAT by GMAC 2024 Mock Test.

  • Try to dedicate extra hours to go through all the NMAT by GMAC 2024 preparatory materials in a convincing manner.

  • The GMAC preparation guide for NMAT by GMAC 2024 is a must-have for aspirants.

  • Try segregating the strong areas from the weak areas and focus on strengthening the weak areas. However, it is recommended that due to lack of time, it is wiser to move on to the stronger areas.

NMAT by GMAC 2024 Self-Preparation Tips

Many individuals preparing for the NMAT by GMAC 2024 exam may question whether it's feasible to achieve their desired level of success through self-study. The unequivocal answer is "YES". Numerous students have not only attained but surpassed their target scores in the NMAT by GMAC without relying on coaching institutes. Despite facing various obstacles that may hinder them from joining prestigious coaching centers, many devise alternative routes to achieving success. However, for those who choose self-preparation, it's crucial to begin with ample time available. Below are essential guidelines that aspirants should follow when embarking on their journey of self-preparation for the NMAT by GMAC 2024:

  • The candidates must not waste their time on hard-to-comprehend topics and rather should move forward. With ample time, they can ask for expert assistance on the topics that they skipped during the initial stages of preparation.

  • Candidates belonging to an Engineering or Technical background, most of the time, feel comfortable with Data Interpretation, Quantitative Skills, and Logical Reasoning while on the other hand might find the Language Skills section to be equally difficult. Such students must seek proper expert guidance to help them get their preparation on track.

  • The entire focus must be on improving the speed and accuracy of answering the questions.

  • The candidates will not be allowed to leave the exam hall during the exam hours which is why they must also work on their concentration power to be able to sit at a particular spot for 2 hours. To do so, it is advised that the candidates must try solving as many as NMAT by GMAC 2024 Mock Test and NMAT by GMAC Previous Year Question Papers.

Role of NMAT by GMAC 2024 Syllabus During Preparation

The NMAT by GMAC 2024 syllabus will play a huge role in the preparation for the entrance exam. The candidates must have a good knowledge of the syllabus for NMAT by GMAC 2024 before they start preparing for the entrance exam. Limited or no knowledge about the NMAT by GMAC 2024 syllabus will hamper the preparation plans of the aspirants for the NMAT by GMAC 2024 entrance test even if they possess the best of best preparatory materials.

Important Instructions for NMAT by GMAC 2024

Below are essential instructions candidates must adhere to before appearing for the NMAT by GMAC 2024 exam:

  • Arrival Time: Candidates should arrive at the test center at least 45 minutes before their scheduled test appointment.
  • Admit Card Requirement: It's mandatory to bring a valid admit card on the day of the exam. Candidates without a valid admit card will not be permitted to take the examination.
  • Confirmation Email: Along with the admit card, candidates must carry a printout of the confirmation email received upon registration.
  • Identification: Candidates must bring two original IDs—one photo ID and another with a signature—to the test center for verification.
  • Prohibited Items: Any form of unfair means or practices during the examination is strictly prohibited, and legal action may be taken against offenders. Candidates are not allowed to bring any textual material, including bits of paper, into the examination hall.
  • No Smoking or Food: Smoking is strictly prohibited in the exam hall, and candidates are not allowed to bring tea, coffee, snacks, or cold drinks inside.
  • Electronic Devices: Electronic gadgets such as calculators, digital watches, cell phones, geometry boxes, log tables, and slide rules are not permitted inside the examination hall. Candidates are advised not to carry any of these devices to the examination center.

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FAQs about NMAT by GMAC Preparation Tips

How to prepare for Language Skills section in NMAT?

Preparation for Language Skills section in NMAT requires a study of grammatical rules and exceptions, practice solving questions and looking at solutions, and read books or newspaper on a daily basis.

What are some preparation tips for Quantitative Skills in NMAT?

While preparing for the Quantitative Skills section in NMAT, focus on learning shortcuts and try to remove calculations from your solving methods as much as possible.

What are some preparation tips for the Logical Reasoning section in NMAT?

Reasoning section in NMAT is where the only thing that will work is practice. You will be able to find some tips and tricks for this section but solving questions is the only way to sharpen your reasoning skills.

Is coaching required to study for NMAT?

No. Coaching is not required and NMAT preparation can be done by self-study only.

Is speed very important in NMAT?

Up to a point. Speed is important since you have limited time to solve each question. But even if you are able to go any faster, you won't be able to leave the exam hall before the full 120 minutes. Hence, you should take your time and focus first on accuracy and then work on improving speed.

What is the ideal time to prepare for NMAT 2024?

The ideal time to prepare for NMAT 2024 is 3-6 months. A candidate who is not familiar with the exam should go for a 6-month preparation strategy while a candidate who has the basics covered can complete the preparation in 3 months.

How much time do I get for each question in NMAT?

Roughly speaking, you get 46 seconds per question in Language Skills, 1 minute 26 seconds per question in Quantitative Skills and 1 minute 6 seconds in Reasoning section.

What is a good score in NMAT 2024?

A good score in NMAT 2024 is a 200+ score. As per the NMAT score vs percentile analysis, a scaled score ranging from 230-240 is equivalent to 99 percentile. To land above the 90 percentile mark, a 200+ score is generally required in NMAT.

Which one is easier? NMAT or CAT?

NMAT. NMAT can be considered to be an easier exam than CAT. One of the reasons why this is true because the level of competition in NMAT is much lower than that of CAT.

Is NMAT 2024 a difficult exam?

No, NMAT 2024 is not a difficult exam. If we look at the analysis of the previous year's question papers on NMAT, it can be seen that the difficulty level of NMAT lies mostly between easy to moderate.

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