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IIFT Exam Analysis 2020 (Live)

IIFT 2020 exam was conducted on December 01, 2019, and the time of the examination was 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Candidates can check the live analysis of IIFT entrance exam 2020 here.

IIFT 2020 Pattern Changes - First Impression (Live Updates)

Compared to the previous year, IIFT 2020 exam was easier. An overall score of 120+ can be considered as a good score this year. The results of IIFT 2020 are releasing on December 11, 2019. 

  • The VARC section was easy while Reading Comprehension was lengthy.
  • Among DI & LR, DI questions were easy and LR questions were difficult.
  • QA section was lengthy this year.

IIFT Section Wise Paper Analysis 2020

The section wise difficulty level of IIFT exam 2020 can be checked below -

Name of the Section Number of Good Attempts Cutoff
Quantitative Aptitude 10 - 12 28 - 30 Marks
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 25+ 30 Marks
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation 12 - 14 36 Marks
General Knowledge 8 - 10 -

IIFT 2020 New Exam Pattern

Name of the Section Number of Questions Marks Negative Overall
Quantitative Aptitude 25 3 -1 75
Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension 35 3 -1 105
Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation 30 3 -1 90
General Knowledge 20 1.5 -0.5 30
Overall 110     300

IIFT 2020 Video Analysis - To be Updated Today

The IIFT 2020 exam is expected to be a bit difficult as it has been in the previous two years. So the candidates are requested to go through the previous year IIFT exam analysis given on this page which will help them gear up for the challenge mentally. 

IIFT 2019 Exam Analysis

Now, CollegeDekho is providing a detailed analysis of IIFT paper for you to get an insight into the section-wise as well as the overall difficulty level of the paper. Not only this, you will be given complete information on the no. of questions asked in every section as well topics under each section. 

As per experts at Career Launcher, there were no surprise elements in the different sections of the paper but the overall paper turned out to be tougher as compared to the last year's paper. The paper was quite lengthy and some of the questions were very tricky.

The General Awareness (GA) section was on similar lines as last year in terms of difficulty level so the cut-off is expected to remain the same. English Usage (EU) and Reading Comprehension (RC) turned out to be tougher than last year's exam so the cut-off could go down by 1 mark. Attempting 4 passages would be considered a good performance in Reading Comprehension (RC).

The difficulty level of Quantitative Ability (QA) was also higher so the cut-off in this section could also go down by 1 mark. Logical Reasoning (LR) section turned out to be the hardest section and the difficulty level was higher in comparison with the previous year's exam. The cut-off for LR is expected to go down by 2 marks.

Out of all the sections, Data Interpretation (DI) turned out to be the easiest so the cut-off in this section is expeted to increase by 1 mark.

A total of 114 questions were asked in the 6 sections and every section had a different weightage. Check out the overall structure of the exam.


No. of Questions

Marks Allotted per Question

Negative Marks Allotted per Question

Total Marks Good Attempts Idea Time Sectional Cut-off

Data Interpretation




20 4 10 mins 0.75

Logical Reasoning




20 10 35 mins 4-4.5

General Awareness




9 8 10 mins 0.83-1

Reading Comprehension




16 9-10 25 mins 2.5-2.75

Verbal Ability




15 11-12 12 mins 3.25-3.5

Quantitative Aptitude




20 10-11 30 mins 3-3.25

Section-wise Analysis of IIFT 2019 Entrance Exam

Data Interpretation

Overall, this section was the easiest. An attempt of 4-5 questions would be considered very good. To sail through the cut-off, an attempt of just about 2-3 with 100% accuracy would be decent.

Topics No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Mixed Graphs 12 3 Tough
Tables 8 2 Tough

Logical Reasoning

This section turned out to be quite time-consuming. Attempting around 10-11 questions with 85% accuracy would be considered good in this section.

Topic No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Distribution 4 3 Easy to Medium
Matrix 4 4 Easy
Venn-diagram 2 1 Medium
Input Output 2 1 Medium
Missing number 1 1 Easy to Medium
Arrangement 4 2 Medium to Tough
Selection 3 1 Medium

General Awareness

This section was easier as compared to last year. Sailing though the cut-off would be easy with an attempt of 8 questions with 50% accuracy.

Topic No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Current Affairs 2 2 Easy
Business and Economy 10 3-4 Medium to Tough
Miscellaneous 1 1 Easy
Geography 2 - Tough
Science 1 - Tough
Sports 1 1 Easy
Books 1 1 Easy

Reading Comprehension

Tackling this section would've been easy for anyone with a good reading habit. Otherwise, this section was quite time-consuming.

Passages No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Culture 3 2 Moderate
Public Intellectuals 3 2 Tough
Information flow 4 2 Tough
Liberal Arts Education 3 1-2 Tough
GDP 3 2 Moderate

Verbal Ability

Overall, this section was tough. Some of the questions looked more like GK-based rather than English language-based. The questions based on para-jumble, fill in the blank, and grammar were easy.

Topic No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Jumble words 3 1 Tough
Analogy 2 0-1 Tough
Fill in the blanks (2 blanks) 3 2-3 Easy
Match the column 2 1-2 Medium
Spot the error 2 2 Easy
Word Roots 4 1 Medium to Tough
Sentence Improvement 2 2 Easy
Para Jumble (4 sentence) 2 2 Easy

Quantitative Ability

As compared to other entrance exams, the weightage given to Geometry and Modern Math was higher in this paper. An attmept of 10-12 questions with about 85% accuracy would be considered decent in this section.

Topic No. of Questions Doable Questions Difficulty Level
Arithmetic 5 3 Medium
Algebra 7 4 Easy to Medium
Geometry & Mensuration 5 2 Medium
P&C, Probability & Set Theory 3 2 Easy to Medium

Conclusion: For General category candidates, an overall score of 31-33 should be enough to sail through the cut-off. For NC/OBC category candidates, an overall score of 26-28 should be sufficient whereas 23-24 marks should be enough for SC/ST/PwD category candidates. 

With inputs from Career Launcher

Disclaimer: The analysis provided above is based on various sources and therefore is totally indicative in nature. Students are recommended to wait for their actual result before taking any decision. 

IIFT 2018 Exam Analysis

The IIFT entrance exam was conducted successfully on December 3, 2017 between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM. As per information available on the official website of Career Launcher, students were in for a surprise with the former 4 sections of IIFT paper segregating into 6 separate sections. Previously, candidates had the luxury to choose to perform either in Data Interpretation (DI) or Logical Reasoning (LR). In the same way, candidates could choose to focus only on English Usage (EU) or Reading Comprehension (RC). However, students have not been given this luxury this year. Candidates were required to perform across all 6 sections in order to clear sectional cut-offs.

As far as different sections are concerned, RC, Quantitative Ability (QA), DI and LR were quite similar to that of last year's paper. On the other hand, General Awareness (GA) turned out be tougher as compared to the previous year. English Usage (EU) seemed the toughest nut to crack this year, therefore command over English usage and Vocabulary was necessary to perform well in the exam.

Overall, the cut-offs for General should be around 38-40, OBC should be around 33-35, SC should be around 28-30 and ST should be around 20-22. IIFT 2018 entrance exam was conducted across 20 cities in a single session. Over 50,000 aspirants appeared for the exam this year.

The IIFT exam had objective type questions. Candidates were given multiple options, out of which they had to pick the correct response. The total number of questions in the IIFT question paper decreased from last year's 123 to 114 this year. Candidates were given marks out of 100. The two-hour exam also had negative marking for wrong answers.

IIFT 2018 Exam Structure:

Section No. of Questions Marks Per Question Total Negative Marks
Section-I 20 (Questions 01-20) 1 20 0.33
Section-2 20 (Questions 21 to 40) 0.75 15 0.25
Section-3 18 (Questions 41-58) 0.5 9 0.17
Section-4 20 (Questions 59-78) 1 20 0.33
Section 5 16 (Questions 79-94) 1 16 0.33
Section 6 20 (questions 95-114) 1 20 0.33
Total 114   100  

IIFT 2018 Exam Section-wise Analysis

Section 1: Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension: The difficulty level of this section was moderate.

Part 1 Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Part 1: Read Comprehension Passage 1: Manufacturing sector vs. Service sector 4 Easy
Passage 2: Reverse innovation by PepsiCo. 4 Easy
Passage 3: Female participation in labour force 4 Easy
Passage 4: SLAM in robotics 4 Easy
Part 2: English Usage Word meaning 4 Moderate
Antonyms2 2 Easy
Etymology 3 Difficult
Spelling 2 Moderate
Cloze Test 4 Moderate
Sentence Jumble 2 Easy
Idioms 3 Moderate

Section 2: Quantitative Ability: The difficulty level of this section was moderate to difficult.

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Arithmetic 3 Easy to Moderate
Algebra 7 Easy
Geometry, Mensuration and Trigonometry 3 Easy
P&C and Probability 5 Easy
Set theory 1 Easy
Numbers 1 Easy
Total  22

Section 3: Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation: There were tricky questions in the Logical Reasoning section and Data Interpretation had calculative questions. Overall, it turned out to be a Difficult section.

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Grouping and arrangement 10 Easy to Moderate
Analogy 04 Easy to Moderate
Series 02 Easy to Moderate
Blood Relation 04 Easy
Syllogism 2 Easy
Table (calculation based) 10 Moderate
Bar Graph 10 Moderate
Total 42

Section 4: General Knowledge: The difficulty level of this section was moderate. It mostly had questions based on Finance.

Topics No. of Questions Difficulty Level
Current Affairs 6 Moderate
Business and Economy 7 Moderate
Miscellaneous 5 Moderate
History 1 Moderate
Geography 1 Moderate
Polity 1 Moderate
Science 1 Moderate
Sports 2 Moderate
Awards and honors 0 Moderate
Books 1 Moderate
Total 25
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