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JEE Advanced Preparation Tips 2022 – Study Plan, Practice Papers

Updated By Abhik Das on 11 Mar, 2022 15:41

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JEE Advanced 2022 Preparation Strategy

JEE Advanced is regarded as the toughest exam, and the competition for the same has been on the rise. After clearing the first stage i.e., JEE Main, JEE Advanced is the last stage to get admission in IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology). Most students who clear JEE Main and become eligible for JEE Advanced must note that a planned preparation strategy is essential to crack the test.

Candidates aiming to crack JEE Advanced 2022 must start preparing for the exam now. The JEE Advanced 2022 syllabus is vast, and it may take a lot of time to cover all the topics. Once the preparation is over, it has to be followed by revision. At the same time, students must focus on board exams. Therefore, it is important to utilise the time properly, and the wastage of time will further increase the pressure on the aspirants. In order to ease the pressure, utilise the available time, and prepare for the exam regularly. Aim for JEE Advanced instead of JEE Main if you are seriously aspiring to join IIT.

In order to help JEE Advanced 2022 aspirants, we've come up with a sensible and student-friendly preparation strategy, which will ease the pressure of aspirants. We hope that this preparation strategy will clarify all your doubts pertaining to the section-wise preparation strategy, time management etc.

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JEE Advanced 2022 Preparations - 1 Month Preparation Strategy

Well, it is unheard of that a student can prepare and crack a National-level entrance examination like JEE Advanced in 1 month. Yet, experts at CollegeDekho have something unique for the students who are preparing for JEE Advanced 2022 exam, i.e how to prepare for JEE Advanced in 30 days. Here are some expert suggestions and tips which the students can emulate for 1 month prior to the JEE Advanced 2022 exam - 

  • JEE Advanced Syllabus and Exam Pattern 2022 at your fingertips - It is not new or unusual for the regulatory body of JEE Advanced to change the exam pattern or syllabus of the exam without any prior notice. In such a scenario, students follow the old exam pattern or syllabus only to be left stranded at a no-man’s land before the examination. Click on the link - JEE Advanced Latest Syllabus 2022 to get hold of the latest syllabus and JEE Advanced Exam Pattern 2022 for the updated exam pattern

  • Identify the important topics/chapters and sort them out - 1 month is neither too many nor too little a time for those who are preparing for an all-important exam like JEE Advanced 2022. So, the aspirants are suggested to identify all those topics or chapters which are important or are expected to throw up more questions in the paper and start sorting them out individually. The candidates can click on the following link to check out the past 6 year trends - JEE Advanced Last 6 Year Trends

  • Choose the best study materials - It is not unknown that study materials can make or break the dreams of students preparing for an entrance exam, more so in the case of the JEE Advanced exam. Students must refer to only those preparatory materials which offer in-depth knowledge of basic concepts and topics. The best reference materials for JEE Advanced 2022 preparations are just a click away - Best Books for JEE Advanced 2022 Preparations

  • An effective study routine - With only say 30 days to go for the big day, preparing a good study plan will be as important as anything else to secure good marks. Candidates can simply ensure that they dedicate enough time regularly to one topic from each Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. For eg - 



To Do’s

Day 1

2 hours each

1 topic each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

Day 2 

2 hours each

1 topic each from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics

  • Revision and utilization of break time - Last but not least, the candidates must do an ample amount of revision to keep in touch with all the topics covered during the preparatory hours. Also, the candidates must keep in their mind - All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, i.e they must keep themselves focussed and rejuvenated for the exam where taking short and refreshing breaks comes aboard.

Preparation for JEE Advanced in 1 year

As mentioned earlier, JEE Advanced is considered to be one of the toughest entrances in the country. Therefore, to ace such an examination candidates are required to start preparing with ample amount of time in hand. Two years is considered to be right span of time which should be invested in by the students to prepare for this national level entrance. Though, with utter diligence, hard work and perseverance any sort of difficulty can be encountered. We have provided the students with a preparation strategy which can be adopted by them in order to emerge out as toppers. 

It is to be noted that the JEE Advanced entrance is based on the intermediate level entrance. Hence, aspiring candidates  should also pay heed in preparing well from their Class XI and XII textbooks. Given below are the subject wise tips for various subjects.


Candidates need to develop a clear concept to do well in this section. The question asked are generally based on concepts, laws, numericals and formulas. 

  • The majority of questions asked in this section are from Mechanics and Electromagnetism which is around 65%. These questions are completely conceptual and do not require any sort of formulas. Therefore, candidates are advised to practise as much as they gain to do gain the ability to solve such questions with ease.

  • Candidates are advised to not stick to the mainstream questions. The questions asked in JEE advance vary from one year to another. Aspirant should practice different type of questions.

  • Electromagnetism is considered to be the most difficult part of the syllabus. Excess importance and concentration should be laid on this section for this very reason.

  • Candidates should be careful about not going very deep into the topic and concepts related to it. The sole reason behind this being the questions asked in the entrance are not very tough. It should be noted that there is no end to concepts, therefore going very deep might make the candidates stick to one particular topic for a long time which in turn will cost them a huge amount of valuable time.

  • Equal importance should be given in preparing the theoretical portions of the subject.

  • Around 15% of the questions in the entrance are asked from Optics and Properties of Matter. The questions asked are based on concepts and theory.

  • The JEE Advanced question paper comprises of 10% of the questions asked from Modern Physics which is considered to be a relatively easier portion. Candidates should not ignore this section as there is a prominent scope of scoring easy marks in this section.

  • The last part of this subject is Heat and Thermodynamics. Candidates who appear in the entrance will have to answer 10% of the questions based on this topic. The questions are generally based on laws and numericals. To do well in this section, candidates are required to make their basics strong.

We have also given the probable time period which should be required by the candidates to prepare for the for the various sections of the Physics syllabus of JEE Advanced. It is to be noted that the schedule given below is a rough sketch, many students might require more or less time to prepare for the particular topics.


Time Span for Preparation


1 month


2 months


2 weeks

Heat and Thermodynamics

3 weeks

Properties of Matter

2 weeks

Modern Physics

1 week

Note: The entire time span as per the table given above adds up to 5 months which is considered enough to complete the Physics syllabus of JEE Advanced. The rest of the time should be well utilised by the candidates in practicing and revising the pre-learnt topics. The more the candidates hone themselves, greater are the chances of acing the entrance.


Chemistry is another subject which requires practice and a tight grip on concepts in order to do well. CollegeDekho has provided the candidates with certain strategies which can be taken into account by the aspiring candidates in order to do well in the examination.

  • Around 30% of the questions asked from this subject belongs to physical chemistry. This is considered to be the most scoring portion of the subject. The questions are mostly typical but not applied. Candidates are advised not to ignore this section because of it being comparatively easy. 

  • The next portion which should grab the focus of the candidates is inorganic chemistry. Almost 30% of the questions are asked from this section as well. The questions asked typical and applied. Therefore, candidates should invest a lot of time to prepare for this section as to solve the problems they will have to first know every detail about the basic properties.

  • Lastly, the most important portion of the subject - organic chemistry. Almost 40% of the questions asked in the JEE Advanced Chemistry paper is from this section. Most of the questions asked are applied in nature and are based on series of reaction. If the candidates aspire to do well in Chemistry they should make sure about having a tight grip on inorganic chemistry. It is to be noted that students find this section difficult in the beginning but with time if they start getting the concept clear scoring becomes easier.

Given below is a table depicting the amount of time which is required to prepare for the various sections of the Chemistry syllabus for JEE Advanced.


Time Span for Preparation

Physical Chemistry

1 month

Inorganic Chemistry

1.5 to 2 months

Organic Chemistry

2 to 2.5 months

Note: After the candidates cover all the sections of the Chemistry syllabus they should undergo the constant rigorous process of practice and revision.


As known by all mathematics is a subject which solely depends on concepts. In order to do well in this section, candidates are required to work on the basics. Detailed structure of the preparation flow and important pointers which should be taken into account is given below:

  • Algebra which is one of the most prominent section of the subject accounts to almost 10% of the questions asked in the entrance. This section consists of topics such as Permutation Combination, Complex Number and Probability. To do well in these topics require regular practice and concept clearance. 

  • Coordinate geometry accounts to around 25% of the questions asked from this subject. This section is considered to be relatively easier than the rest. Candidates can score full marks if they prepare diligently.

  • The most prominent and difficult portion of this subject is calculus. Almost 35% of the questions asked in the mathematics paper belong to this topic. To do well in calculus, candidates need to have a tight grip on the concepts related to it. Lots of practice is required as there are no fixed types of questions which can be asked from this topic. 

  • The easiest part of the mathematics question paper is Vector and 3D. The number of questions asked from this topic adds up to almost 30% of the total questions asked in the paper. The questions asked are a bit lengthy to, hence candidates should keep a track on time while solving them.

Here is the table providing the candidates with the time period which should be allotted by them in preparing for the various sections of the JEE Advanced Mathematics Syllabus:


Time Span for Preparation


2 weeks

Co-ordinate Geometry

1 month

Vector and 3D

1.5 months


2 months

Preparation Strategy for JEE Advanced 2022 - Important Pointers

Apart from the subject wise strategy and tips, CollegeDekho has also provided with certain other instructions which can be taken into account while preparing for JEE Advanced 2022:

  • Candidates should make a sheet comprising of all the formulae related to the various topics in the syllabus.

  • It is advisable to mark the tricky and difficult questions which will help the candidates at the time of revision.

  • It is not necessary for the candidates to attempt all the questions. They should focus on the easier questions at first and then go for the difficult ones. This will give the candidates a feeling of self-confidence.

  • As the time span for preparation is 1 year, candidates should focus more on the tactics of solving different kinds of questions rather than analysis of the paper.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy for JEE Advanced 2022

Before starting exam preparation for JEE Advanced 2022, you must divide the subjects into two –

  • Subjects you are good at

  • Subjects you need to improve

As per the above division, you can start with the first category, i.e., subjects you are good at, as it will help you to revise the syllabus on time. After revising the known subjects, proceed with difficult subjects, and try to devote more time for the same. Here is the section-wise preparation strategy for JEE Advanced 2022.


Mathematics is obviously a tough nut to crack for many, but a perfect preparation will change your feeling on the subject. The subject is easy if you are good at formulae and solving the problems.

  • In order to improve your mathematical problem-solving skills, you must practice continuously. The more you practice, the better your skills improve.

  • Before solving a problem, understand the concept twice or thrice.

  • Note down the formulae associated with the particular problem and start practising at least three to four problems in the same model.

  • Do not waste much time by focusing on similar kind of mathematical problems/ equations.

  • Proceed with further models, and by the end of the day, make sure that you are able to figure out perfect solutions for the mathematical problems you had practised.

  • If you continue the process regularly, you can create shortcut methods to solve problems. This particular process saves your time, as JEE Advanced 2019 questions are MCQ-based.

  • You need to attain perfection in problem-solving skills through shortcut methods, and your accuracy must match the time allocated for the mathematics section in JEE Advanced 2022.

  • Finally, practice JEE Advanced mock tests so that you can identify areas to improve and attain perfection.

In all, a long-term preparation will have higher chances of securing a better score in JEE Advanced 2022. If you are already good at Mathematics, a short-term preparation will boost up your abilities.


Physics is also a vast subject, and it needs equal attention at par with Mathematics. However, one can excel in Physics if he/she is good at basics.

  • Refer to NCERT physics textbooks to understand the basics.

  • Basics will help you in solving complex problems/ equations in Physics.

  • Note down the important basics, equations, or formulae in a book, as it will act as a reference.

  • Therefore, give more emphasis to basics. Make sure that you should practice at least 3-4 problems in a topic and proceed further.

  • You can refer multiple textbooks to solve different problems associated with varied topics.

  • Finally, practice mock tests to attain perfection in the subject, and it will also help you in finding out areas to improve.

In all, the more you absorb the subject, the better you perform in JEE Advanced 2022.


Chemistry is a combination of chemical equations and reactions, concepts and theory.

  • You must refer the best JEE Advanced 2022 preparation books and NCERT books that explain the subject in an easier way.

  • The best thing you can do is, understand the basic concepts, and apply the same to solve the problems and equations.

  • Note down the important points from each topic in a book so that your preparation becomes easier.

  • You must practice the chemical equations and problems on a regular basis to improve your dominance on the concepts.

  • Finally, practice mock tests to attain perfection in the subject, and it will also help you in finding out areas to improve.

General Tips & Tricks for JEE Advanced Preparation

The competition for JEE Advanced 2022 is expected to be stiff, and students can expect a tough question paper. Therefore, you must not give any scope for blunders with regard to exam preparation. You must have clarity on what you are preparing for the day, how much is being spent on a particular subject and how many concepts did you learn or revise on the day. Here are some of the general tips and tricks for JEE Advanced exam preparation.

Importance of Quality Preparation: While preparing for JEE Advanced, remember that the quality time spent on exam preparation is important than quantity. At the end of the day, you must make sure that you have learnt or revised the concepts planned for the day.

Give Emphasis to Class XI Syllabus: 40 – 45% of questions in JEE Advanced will be from Class XI syllabus, and it is important to revise Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry subjects of Class XI.

Be Careful with Conceptual-Based Questions: Some of the JEE Advanced questions will be conceptually based. In order to pass this hurdle, a better revision is the only way. Therefore, revise the concepts until you attain 99% accuracy or perfection.

Logical Thinking: For application-based questions in JEE Advanced, students must use their analytical and reasoning ability to solve the question. Every year, these questions are turning out to be difficult for students, and the same are influencing the performance of students. Therefore, the utmost attention must be given to these questions.

Pointers to Ace JEE Advanced 2022

JEE Advanced is an important examination that requires dedication, commitment and months of preparation. There are some other important pointers that students can consider in order to prepare well for the exam.

Determination and Commitment to Fulfill the Goal: When you set your vision on the national-level engineering entrance examination for admission to IITs, the only thing that matters is your determination and commitment to meet the goal. 

Explore the JEE Advanced Syllabus:It is only whenyou get a grip on the syllabus, you can start your planning further to prepare for the exam. You should have a clear picture of the important topics and chapters that you have to study. Without knowing the syllabus, you can not move forward with clarity.

Selection of the Best Study Material:While NCERT books are helpful during preparation for JEE Advanced, there are some really helpful books authored by experts in the field. Preparing from the best books for JEE Advanced ensures that there is little scope for errors in your preparation.

Old Papers and Mock Tests Always Help: Using the previous years' papers is a good way to get an idea of the exam. Also, mock tests help in evaluating one's understanding of the subjects. 

Time Management: Managing your time well on the examination day is the key to scoring well. Therefore, time management is an important formula to ace the exam.

Eat Well and Take a Good Night's Sleep: While preparing for the exam, you should eat right and sleep well. One should sleep for at least 8 hours before the examination to maintain his/her focus. Lack of sleep causes discomfort and candidates may feel irritated inside the examination room.

Important Instructions for Exam Day

JEE Advanced 2022 aspirants must follow the below instructions on the exam day –

  • It is mandatory to carry JEE Advanced 2022 admit card to the exam hall.

  • Read all the instructions carefully printed on the admit card.

  • Reach the exam centre at least one hour before the stipulated time to avoid last minute rush.

  • Refrain from revising the topics before the exam, as it creates unnecessary pressure.

  • Reach the exam centre with an open and peaceful mind.

  • After entering into the exam hall, refrain from operating the computer until the instructors or invigilators direct you to do so.

  • Follow the instructions of invigilators before starting the online JEE Advanced 2022 exam.

  • Refrain from looking at other’s computer. Do not chat or hold a conversation with the co-examinees.

  • Refrain from using washrooms unless it’s mandatory or urgent.

  • Complete the exam within the given time. Time management is very important.

  • After completion of the exam, follow the instructions of the invigilator.

  • Do not talk with others while coming out of the exam hall, as it creates an unnecessary disturbance.

We hope that the above explanation on JEE Advanced preparation, tips and instructions was helpful to you.

All the Best!

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