How to Prepare for UPSC CMS 2019

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How to Prepare for CMSE 2019

The definite answer for how to prepare for CMSE 2019 is what the candidates must look for in order to score the requisite marks that will get them through the next round of the selection process. The candidates must acknowledge the fact that with each passing year, the difficulty level of the CMSE examination is increasing as is the number of applicants applying for UPSC CMS entrance examination. The preparation tips for CMSE 2019 is as important as smart work required to excel in an All-India Based entrance examination such as CMSE 2019. 

Every candidate appearing for the CMSE entrance examination do their share of hard work but with the right approach to prepare for the CMSE 2019, the candidates will be able to target that score which many can only dream of. 

To crack a tough entrance exam like the UPSC CMS, sincere dedication is not enough as the candidates have to balance between hard work and smart work to achieve their desired result. 

The best way to approach the entrance exam is to prepare a strict routine and stick to the same. The following sections will explain in detail about the CMSE 2019 preparation tips and tricks that, if followed, will fetch the candidates the marks that will help them qualify for the subsequent selection process.

Important Preparation Tips for CMSE 2019

The following pointers include important preparation tricks and tips to excel in the Combined Medical Service Examination (CMSE) 2019:

  • Important Topics: While preparing for the CMSE 2019 entrance examination, the candidates have to selectively point out the important topics from the vast ocean of topics related to the examination. In this regard, the candidates must make sure that they are thorough enough with the topics that are related to the medical field. 

  • Making Notes: The candidates must make notes while preparing for the entrance examination. The notes prepared will come in handy during the final phases of the exam revision. The candidates, instead of going through the entire topic, can simply revise the notes they have prepared to get a gist of the topic.

  • Selection of Right Study Materials: Proper study materials or books will provide the right kind of guidance to the candidates during their preparatory stages. Rather than going for the quantity, the candidates must remember that quality matters. One good book will be more than sufficient compared to a list of books that may contain irrelevant information.

  • Revision: To retain whatever they have studied, the candidates must revise the studied topics on a regular basis. It is important for the candidates that they must at least dedicate 2 hours for the purpose of revision which will make sure the candidates will retain a higher percentage of information.

  • Mock Tests: The candidates must solve as many mock test papers for CMSE 2019 leading up to the day of the examination. The biggest advantage of attempting online mock test papers is it familiarises the candidates with the exam pattern which eases the nerves. Solving online CMSE 2019 mock tests will also help the candidates keep a track on their time-management skills.

How to Prepare for CMSE 2019 Personality Test

The CMSE 2019 entrance examination will be conducted in two parts, i.e part I which is the online entrance exam and part II will be the personality test. The candidates must also know how to prepare for CMSE 2019 personality test and based on their performance in the CMSE 2019 online written exam and CMSE 2019 personality test, the candidates will be selected for the further round. 

Here are some important points regarding how to prepare for CMSE 2019 personality test:

  • The candidates must dress up properly for the CMSE 2019 personality test. The candidates must dress up in formals

  • The interviewers will gauge the honesty of the candidates during the interview. The candidates must admit by themselves if they do not know anything

  • The candidates must answer the questions to the point

  • The candidates should maintain their posture and calmness while answering the questions put forth by the interviewers

  • To prepare themselves for the personality test, the candidates must take a few mock interviews

Best Books to Prepare for CMSE 2019

The candidates appearing for CMSE 2019 must look for the best books to prepare for CMSE 2019 or the best study materials before they start their preparation journey for the CMSE 2019 entrance examination. The best books for CMSE 2019 are those books which contain CMSE previous year question papers, sample test papers and written in a comprehensible language. Here is the list of some highly recommended and best books that the candidates must look for before they begin their exam preparation: 

  • Sushil K. Vimal’s UPSC Combined Medical Service Examination

  • Nayak’s Review of Combined Medical Services

  • Prakash Nayak’s Elsevier Comprehensive Guide to Combined Medical Services UPSC Simplified Supplement

  • Bhatia’s Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Exam

  • M. S Bhatia’s CBS Combined Medical Services UPSC Entrance Examination

There are similar other highly recommended books for best CMSE 2019 preparation which the candidates can access on the Best Books for CMSE 2019 section.

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