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AIEED 2023 Preparation Tips - Free Mock Tests, Best Books

Updated By Kamayani Meghawal on 16 Jun, 2023 10:24

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How to Prepare for AIEED 2023

One of the most well-known design entrance exams in the nation, the institute-level AIEED exam is taken by thousands of applicants each year. There are three sections of the exam: CAT, GAT and Video, Portfolio, and Personal Interaction. Candidates are frequently perplexed about their preparation strategy or how to create a study schedule. The first step in creating a timetable should be to review the exam pattern and syllabus.AIEED 2023 will evaluate candidates' design awareness, written and visual articulation skills, global awareness, and other abilities. On this page, we have compiled a list of AIEED 2023 Preparation Tips

Preparation Tips to Crack AIEED 2023

Listed below AIEED 2023 Preparation Tips:

Practise Illustrations:

To make a career in the field of design, one must practice illustrations. In order to crack AIEED 2023, you must practice the art of drawing and sketching. The total time you devote to your practice will surely reflect in your diagrams, and eventually in your entrance exam. One of the best ways to practice illustrations is to have good knowledge about shading, charcoal drawing and colour combinations (watercolour, plastic colour etc.)

Strategise Your Exam Preparation:

To appear for the exam, you must have a proper strategy for your exam. Proper planning and an effective strategy will help you remain focused and you will stick to your study plan. Therefore, planning and executing a perfect strategy will be suitable for you.

Remain Positive:

Staying confident and positive during the entrance exam have a huge impact on the overall performance in the exam. So, to crack AIEED 2023, you must stay self-motivated as exam anxiety will take you nowhere. Maintain a proper healthy diet and success will be on your way.

Speed and Accuracy:

All the entrance exams test speed and accuracy of the candidates. In order to increase your speed of attempting questions, you must take various mock tests and practice as many sample papers as possible since these will enhance your thinking skills and gradually your accuracy will also improve.

Stage-wise AIEED 2023 Preparation Tips

Stage 1: GAT (General Aptitude Test)

To prepare well for the General Aptitude Test at AIEED follow the pointers enlisted below.

  • Take as many mock tests as possible.

  • Identify the weak topics that require more practice and work on them.

  • Pick up books with reliable publishers and authors.

  • Stay connected with current happenings and general affairs.

  • Keep a close eye on the news on print media and digital media.

  • Solve the previous year’s question papers and sample papers regularly.

  • Set the timer and practise managing the time.

  • Stay aware of design-related affairs and global issues.

Stage 2: CAT (Creative Aptitude Test)

Here are all the tips on the Creative Aptitude Test that an individual can consider in order to score well in the exam.

  • Work on enhancing verbal and written skills.

  • Read a lot of books and try to go through the work of the top designers.

  • Practice a lot of Lateral thinking & Creative problem-solving questions.

  • Awareness of design-related principles and basic concepts is the must.

  • Revisit the last year’s question papers and try to understand the pattern and the nature of the questions.

Stage 3: Personal Interaction Round

To crack the personal interaction round make sure to follow the pointers mentioned below.

  • Keep all the documents and portfolio ready with your best piece of work.

  • Do not make the portfolio too bulky. Focus on the quality of work rather than quantity of work.

  • Try making your portfolio appealing and add your most cherished and best work in the beginning. If required, do the last minute changes on the portfolio. Check out the Importance of Portfolio for Admission in Design Courses and get to know more about it. 

  • Do proper research before the interview and try to know everything about the previous year’s interviews.

  • Confidence is the key and it only builds after an aspirant has prepared well and fully for the interview round.

  • Take good night’s sleep and a balanced diet to stay focused and mentally strong.

Read How to Crack Interviews for Design Admissions in India to get a better gist of how to prepare for Stage 3 of AIEED.

Reference Books for AIEED 2023

To prepare well for the entrance exam, candidates can refer and read the reference books mentioned below:

Living Spaces: 150 design ideas from around the world. Edited by Franco Magnani

Furniture & Interiors of the 1960s by Anne Bony

International Design Yearbook

New Interiors 1 Text by Daniel Giralt-Miracle

Furniture & Interiors of the 1940s by Anne Bony

Repertory 1950-1980, Pictures and ideas regarding the history of Italian furniture by Giuliana Gramigna

Want to know more about AIEED

FAQs about AIEED Preparation Tips

Is AIEED difficult?

The AIEED exam could differ in difficulty from person to person, but the AIEED exam is challenging and not impossible. Your design sense, problem-solving abilities, and general knowledge will be put to the test. You should do well on the test if you are well-prepared and have a keen interest in design.

How much time is required to prepare for AIEED?

The time needed to study for the AIEED test will vary depending on your unique situation and past events. If you are already knowledgeable about design principles and have a keen interest in the arts, you might be able to get ready in three to six months. However, you might need to study for 6–12 months if you're new to design or have less time to prepare. A complete approach to test preparation may be achieved by setting aside a few hours every day for focused study, working through mock exams, and seeking advice.

Should I complete the entire syllabus for AIEED preparation?

For AIEED preparation, it is not required to finish the full course. But it's crucial to concentrate on the subjects that matter the most for the test. The official curriculum can serve as a guide, but you should also adjust your study plan to take into account your own skills and shortcomings. Check the exam papers from last year to determine which subjects were covered most frequently; Think about your hobbies and skills; Focus on a topic that interests you if design is your area of interest; Ask other students who have taken the AIEED exam for their recommendations.

How many sections are there in AIEED exam?

The AIEED exam is divided into two sections: the Creative Ability Test (CAT) and the General Ability Test (GAT). The CAT assesses your design sensibility and problem-solving abilities, whereas the GAT assesses your overall understanding of art, design, and the world. The exam is graded out of 200 points, with the CAT receiving 100 points and the GAT receiving 100 points.

How many hours should I study each day to get a good score in AIEED?

Depending on your study preparation and the amount of time you have to prepare, you should study for a certain number of hours each day to perform well on the AIEED. However, you should attempt to study for at least two to three hours per day as a general rule of thumb. You can study for longer if you have more time to prepare. It's crucial to establish and adhere to a study plan that works for you. If you are having trouble staying motivated, consider creating passable objectives for yourself and praising yourself when you succeed.

Is AIEED more difficult to crack than NID DAT?

The AIEED exam and the NID DAT are both difficult exams, although their levels of difficulty differ. The AIEED exam focuses on your design sensibility and problem-solving skills, whereas the NID DAT focuses on your general understanding of art, design, and the world around you. Some consider the AIEED exam to be tougher than the NID DAT, while others believe the NID DAT is more demanding. Finally, the complexity of any exam is determined by your skills and drawbacks.

What are the best tips to prepare for AIEED?

Some of the important tips to prepare for the AIEED exam are:
- Because the AIEED exam is difficult, it is important to begin studying early. This will allow you to study the content and practise answering questions.
- Examine the official curriculum. The official syllabus is a fantastic place to start your research. It will provide you with an overview of the subjects covered in the test.
- Use previous year's question papers to practise. Previous year's question papers are an excellent method to get a sense of the test style and the types of questions asked.

Should I solve previous year question papers for AIEED preparation?

Yes, working on previous exam papers can help with AIEED exam preparation. It helps you in becoming acquainted with the exam structure, understand the types of questions offered, and identify any trends or repeated subjects. You can develop confidence, improve time management skills, and uncover areas that need more attention by practising with previous papers. It is a wonderful resource that may help you enhance your study and improve your chances of passing the exam.

How many mock tests should I solve when preparing for AIEED?

While studying for AIEED, you should take 1-2 mock tests every week. This can help you obtain a sense of the exam's format and the types of questions that will be asked. It will also assist you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to concentrate your study on the areas where you need to improve.

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