How to Prepare for AP LAWCET 2020

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How To Prepare for AP LAWCET 2020

In order to know about how to prepare for AP LAWCET 2020, it is indeed important for the aspirants to keep in mind few things like AP LAWCET syllabus, marking scheme, AP LAWCET 2020 best books, etc. AP LAWCET or Andhra Pradesh Law Common Entrance Test is a state level entrance examination that is conducted every year for law aspirants who wish to take admission into 3 year and 5-year law programmes like LL.B (Hons), B.A LL.B, B.Com LL.B and B.Com LL.B etc. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of their aptitude and ability and accordingly will be shortlisted for admission in the law course in top Andhra Pradesh law colleges.

Here we provide all the aspirants with some AP LAWCET preparation tips and tricks like which topic/s requires the utmost focus, question paper format, marks distribution to help the candidates to crack one of the toughest common entrance tests for the study of law in Andhra Pradesh.

Section-Wise Preparation Tips to Ace AP LAWCET 2020

How to Prepare for AP LAWCET General Knowledge and Mental Ability Section

  • This section will be of 30 marks and the candidates will have 60 minutes to complete it. However, it is recommended for the candidates to keep 15 minutes for revision and answer the unattempted questions. The candidates will be awarded 1 mark for each correct entry. There is no negative marking in this section.

  • Patience is the key to master the General Knowledge and Mental Ability section.

  • It is important that the candidate must be curious and observant to know about events that transpired in the past and for interpretations and reasoning skills.

  • The candidates will also have to develop a habit of reading quality newspapers and keep a track of unknown information.

  • Candidates should read books which are related to the field of their interest.

  • The candidates are required to go through class 6 to 12 NCERT standard books which will help them to strengthen their basics

  • Following channels like History Channel, Discovery etc can also help you visually memorize important historical events in details.

  • The candidates need to take online preparatory tests which will help them in identifying the areas or topics they need to work more on. It will also improve their efficiency and boost their confidence.

  • Solving different types of Mental Ability Problems in verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, data interpretation and puzzles which will help the candidates ease through the section containing Mental Aptitude questions.

How to Prepare for AP LAWCET Current Affairs Section

This section will carry 30 marks i.e 30 objective questions for 1 mark each and the candidates will have 60 minutes to complete it. There will be no negative marking and every correct answer will fetch the candidates 1 mark. This is the most important section of AP LAWCET which can land the candidate in their desired Andhra Pradesh Law College.

  • Watching news will keep the candidates updated about recent happenings all over the world.

  • Read and make notes of relevant topics from newspapers.

  •  Going through the top current affairs magazines will keep candidates a step ahead of their competitors. Collecting and compiling important materials will turn out to be fruitful during the final phases of revision.

  •  Candidates must be regular and consistent while preparing for the current affairs section.

  • Trying various online quizzes on current affairs will also help the candidates immensely and they might also be able to highlight repetitive questions or topics.

How to Prepare AP LAWCET Aptitude for Law Study Section

This section comprises of 60 questions carrying 1 mark each. Candidates are supposed to complete the section within 60 minutes, i.e 1 minute for each question.

  • It is very important for the candidates to read the complete questions, understand it first and do the assumption afterwards.

  • The candidate’s focus should be on important topics like criminal law, contracts, constitution laws and the law of torts.

  • By covering the law of torts, the candidates can be almost certain they have covered the bases for this section.

  • Solving online law aptitude mock test papers will also be very helpful during the preparation.

General Tips and Tricks to Master AP LAWCET

Gather Information About  AP LAWCET Syllabus:

To prepare for AP LAWCET, aspirants must, first of all, gather sound information about the syllabus of the exam. It will help the candidates to get vital information about the topics which are relevant Candidates having every possible minute details about the syllabus can thoroughly revise the important topics and manage their time efficiently while answering the questions.

Be Acquainted with AP LAWCET Exam Pattern:

Knowledge about AP LAWCET exam pattern will help the candidates to gather information like question paper format, the total time allotted, maximum marks of the exam, negative marking etc. The candidates can prepare for the exam keeping in mind which section carries the maximum and minimum marks respectively. Knowing the exam pattern will also help in increasing the efficiency of the candidates during the entrance exam. Such candidates are less likely to commit blunders in the answer sheet increasing their chances to clear the AP LAWCET with flying colours.

Time Management:

Time management is a key factor while preparing for AP LAWCET. It will help the candidates to organize and plan regarding how to divide the time between various sections of the AP LAWCET exam. Time management skills will come to the rescue of the candidates during the exam when they have to complete the entire paper within the allotted time duration, failing to do so may hamper the candidate’s chances of getting into a top law college in Andhra Pradesh. Charting out a time table will not only help in completing the syllabus of AP LAWCET in time but also allow the candidate to go through the entire syllabus numerous times. Time Management, while preparing for the exam will also make sure that the candidates will have extra time during the exam to revise as well as answer the unattempted questions. While preparing a time table, the candidates must make sure to include short breaks between study periods and time for some extracurricular activities.

Take Tests Regularly:

Candidates who want to make it into the top bracket of merit list of AP LAWCET exam should not ignore the importance of taking tests on a regular basis. It helps to prepare the candidates about the exam paper pattern they are supposed to face. It will reveal the chinks in the armoury, i.e weaker areas that need more practice. Scoring well in the mock tests will do wonders to the confidence of the candidate.

Study Material:

To cover the entire syllabus of AP LAWCET examination, it is recommended that the candidates must make full use of the study materials available on the internet and outside it. The study materials usually keep the information short and crisp which helps the candidates glance through the important points and sections without omitting any useful or relevant information. The study materials also give a fair idea regarding which section is more important or in this case the “Tie Breaker” so that the candidates can prepare accordingly.

Exam Day Tips for AP LAWCET

  • Start early from your home towards your destination to avoid unnecessary hassle. Try reaching the exam centre well before time to keep a check on your anxiety level.

  • Don’t forget to collect all the necessary documents beforehand like AP LAWCET admit card, valid identity proof and other requisite documents which you need to produce at the AP LAWCET exam centre/s.

  • In order to make sure that any of the documents are not misplaced, assemble them in a folder along with other required accessories like Blue/Black ballpoint pen, pencil, eraser etc.

  • Wake up early and if possible glance through the important topics once. Check again if all the required things are intact and stuffed properly inside your bag.

  • Check the AP LAWCET exam hall ticket or admit card for the time of reporting so that you gave a fair idea when to reach the centre.

  • Take healthy and nutritious food on exam morning which will help you stay fresh and focused. A healthy diet will keep you away from unnecessary health troubles.

  • Check the seating arrangements (if not mentioned in the exam hall ticket) to avoid any confusion at the last minute.

  • Listen to the instructions relayed by the invigilator carefully regarding time limits, when to start writing etc. carefully.

  • Read the instructions on the AP LAWCET question paper carefully and check if the number of pages and the number of questions is in sync with the instructions.

  • Read the questions very carefully before answering them. Although the question paper does not carry a negative mark, still you will not have the option to rectify your mistakes.

  • Move to the next question if the current one seems time-consuming. Try attempting those questions first which you are confident in. Later you will have enough time to come back and attempt the remaining ones.

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