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CLAT Counselling 2024

Updated By Debanjalee Sen on 04 Jul, 2023 14:09

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CLAT 2024 Counselling

CLAT 2024 Counselling: CLAT 2024 counselling will likely commence by the end of December 2023, within a few days after the CLAT results are declared. CLAT counselling will tentatively be conducted across 5 rounds and will begin with the registration round; conducted online. Candidates who qualify CLAT 2024 will be eligible to take part in the counselling process of CLAT.

The Consortium will launch the provisional seat allotment list of CLAT 2024, as per the respective rounds of counselling. Once the seat allotment results are out, the shortlisted aspirants can accept the seat for the offered law programmes and complete the admission process. CLAT seat allocation is based on category, rank, and the number of vacant seats. Candidates must pay the stipulated counselling fee to be included in the CLAT 2024 counselling process.

CLAT 2024 Counselling Dates

The CLAT 2024 counselling dates will be updated once they are released by the conducting body - 

Events Dates

Commencement of CLAT 2024 Counselling Registration


Last Date to Register for CLAT 2024 Counselling Process


Publication of the First Provisional Seat Allotment List


Last date for locking of allotted seats after exercising option for shifting or withdrawing from the admission process against the first allotment list


Publication of the Second Provisional Seat Allotment List


Last date for locking of allotted seats after exercising option for shifting or withdrawing from the admission process against the second allotment list

Payment of University Fee (after adjusting for Confirmation Fee and Counselling Registration Fee) to NLU concerned for all candidates who have chosen the Freeze Option in the counselling process for First and Second Allotment Lists (first and second rounds of counselling)TBA

Publication of the Third Provisional Seat Allotment List


Last date for locking of allotted seats after exercising option for shifting or withdrawing from the admission process against the third allotment list


Publication of the Fourth Provisional Seat Allotment List


Last date for locking of allotted seats after exercising option for shifting or withdrawing from the admission process against the fourth allotment list


Publication of the Fifth and Final Provisional Seat Allotment List


Last date for locking of allotted seats after exercising option for shifting or withdrawing from the admission process against the fifth allotment list


CLAT 2024 Counselling - Events and Details Overview

Counselling registration

To attend the CLAT counselling 2024, applicants will have to pay the CLAT counselling charges. Candidates should fill in a minimum of five preferences. 

Publication of the first allotment list

The CLAT office will post the first university-wise list online. It will be published on the grounds of merit-cum-preference. The list will be accessible via the CLAT website. Only students who have enrolled for CLAT Counselling 2024 will be taken into account. 

Such students should use their options - 

  • They must accept or lock the seat, submit documents, and pay the NLU fees. 
  • Or else, they can apply for an upgrade, attach documents, and pay the NLU fees.
  • They also have the option to leave the admission process.
  • NLUs will ascertain the certificates and accept the applicant after receiving the fee.

Publication of second allotment list

In this round also, the process will be similar for the shortlisted candidates - 

  • Those candidates who endorse the allocated seat must share documents before paying the NLU fee. 
  • They also can apply for a choice upgrade, submit documents, and pay the NLU fee.
  • In case they are not satisfied, they can exit the admissions process.
  • Following that, aspirants who acknowledge the seat or want to apply for an upgrade must submit documents and fees to the designated NLU.
  • NLUs will conduct document verification and update candidates' admission status.

Publication of the third, fourth, and fifth list

  • Candidates can exercise their seat options like in previous rounds.
  • NLUs must verify candidates' documents, accept the fees, and update their admission status.

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CLAT 2024 Counselling Step by Step Process - Complete details

The entire counselling process of CLAT 2024 is divided into 5 major stages -

Registration for the Admissions Counselling Process 

  • Eligible applicants will be asked to enrol in the Admissions Counseling Process based on the NLU's rank list and admissions matrix.
  • Eligible candidates will get an email invitation to participate in the Admissions Counselling Process, an SMS invitation to their registered mobile number, and an invitation to their CLAT 2024 site.
  • Candidates must log in to their CLAT account on the Consortium of NLUs' (the "Consortium's") website and confirm that they have been invited to counselling at each round. Registration for the Admissions Counselling Process will begin on December 28, 2022, and close on January 12, 2024, at 6 p.m.
  • Candidates must pay the Counselling Registration Fee by the time specified by the Consortium in order to finish their registration for the Admissions Counselling Process.
  • Candidates from the General Category must pay Rs 30,000, while those from the ST / SC / OBC / BC / EWS / PWD categories must pay Rs 20,000.
  • The Counselling Registration Fee is refundable for the admissions counselling procedure.
  • Only applicants who have actually completed the Admissions Counselling Process registration process will be considered for seat allocation.
  • Registration for the Admissions Counseling Process does not guarantee admission to any of the member NLUs.
  • Candidates who were not assigned a seat in any stage of the CLAT counselling Process may be assigned a seat in later rounds against any openings that arise in a certain category.

Admissions Counselling Process 

In a counselling session, each applicant who has been assigned a seat at any NLU may utilise any of the 'Freeze,' 'Float,' or 'Exit' choices based on the parameters outlined below -

Freeze option 

If the applicant is content with the assigned seat, accepts it, and is not keen to take part in future rounds of seat allotment / counselling, they may 'Freeze' the seat allocation. To 'freeze' their spot in the First or Second phases of counselling, the applicant must submit the Confirmation Fee within the time frame specified. Candidates who choose the Freeze Possibility and pay the Confirmation Fee in the First or Second Round of Counselling will not be evaluated in consecutive rounds of counselling.

A candidate who chooses the Freeze Option in the First or Second Round of Counselling shall pay the remaining University Fee to the NLU concerned by 11.59 PM on May 20, 2024, after correcting the Counselling Registration Fee and Confirmation Fee.

To 'Freeze' their place in the Third, Fourth, or Fifth round of Admissions Counselling, candidates must deposit the university charges to the NLU involved by the deadline specified in the admissions counselling calendar.

Float option

If an applicant has not been assigned to their first choice NLU and want to keep the potential of being assigned to a higher priority NLU seat open, they may select the 'Float' Option. To use the Float Option during the First or Second stage of Counselling, the applicant must pay the Confirmation Fee within the time frame specified in the admissions counselling schedule.

To use the Float Option in the Third or Fourth Round of Counselling, an applicant must pay the NLU the University Fee for the seat granted to them in that round of counselling within the time frame specified. Under the Float Option, the applicant may keep the seat that was assigned to them, but if they are assigned a higher choice NLU seat in a future counselling round, they must transfer to that higher preference NLU.

An applicant who has chosen the Float Option must either Freeze the existing allocation or quit the Admissions Counselling Session and forfeit the Confirmation Fee at the end of the counselling process.

The 'Float' option will be removed after the fourth stages of counselling, and the last given seat will be regarded as definitive. Candidates must now select whether to "Freeze" or "Exit" the Admissions Counselling Process.

Exit option: 

If, after successful registration, a student decides not to continue with the counselling process, they may 'Exit' the Admissions Counselling Process. If a person selects the Float or Freeze option before the Exit option, the seat assigned to them will be reassigned and the Confirmation charges will be forfeited. After selecting the Exit option, no contender will be assigned a seat.

Fee for Confirmation:

Prior to picking a 'Freeze' or 'Float' option in the First and Second rounds of counselling, an eligible candidate who has been awarded a seat based on their expressed NLU preferences will be asked to pay a non-refundable Confirmation Fee of Rs. 20,000/- (Rupees Twenty thousand only). The Confirmation Fee must be paid just once during the Admissions and Counselling Process.

Admissions Counselling Rounds

Admissions will be offered in five rounds. If an applicant is not assigned a seat in a given round of counselling, they are asked to wait for the following round, as this is a sequential procedure. The fifth stage of CLAT admissions counselling will be held in June 2024 to fill any remaining seat openings.

Counselling Registration Fee Refund

The Counselling Registration Fee will be returned in full if an applicant is not assigned a seat by the Consortium at the end of the Fifth phase of the CLAT Counselling Process or has not selected the Freeze or Float option and exits the Counselling Process.

If a candidate is assigned a seat and prefers a Float or Freeze option, and then chooses to leave the counselling process or fails to complete their admission at the chosen NLU by paying their fees, their Counselling Registration Fee will be refunded in full if the exit option is used before 10:30 PM on June 10, 2024, or after a penalty of Rs 5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand Only) if exit option was used after 10:30 P.M.

If a candidate is allocated a seat for the initial time in the Fifth Counselling round and chooses to Exit or is unable to complete their admission at the NLU by paying their tuition, their Counselling Registration Fee will be fully returned.

If an NLU determines that a candidate is disqualified based on the verification of documents/information submitted by them, an amount of Rs 5,000 will be withheld, and the remainder of the Counselling Registration Fee will be returned. Refunds will be made to the same account that was used to pay the Counselling Registration Fee. Applicants must check that their provided bank accounts are operational during the counselling and reimbursement processes.

Refund requests to some other bank account will not be accepted. The Confirmation Fee paid by any applicant shall be deducted from the fees payable at the NLU to which the candidate has been admitted. The Confirmation Fee will not be returned if an aspirant chooses the Exit Option, misses to pay the fees required at the NLU by the due date, or is declared unsuitable by an NLU based on the verification of papers / information submitted by them.

Check the detailed CLAT 2024 Counselling Process here.

CLAT 2024 Counselling - Important Documents

Here is the list of important documents for CLAT 2024 counselling - 

  • CLAT Application Form 2024

  • CLAT Admit Card 2024 

  • CLAT Scorecard 2024

  • 10th and 12th Marksheets

  • Specially-abled certificate (If applicable)

  • Caste certificate (If applicable)

  • NRI Certificate (If applicable)

  • Domicile Certificate (If applicable)

  • Sponsored NRI Certificate (If applicable)

CLAT 2024 Counselling: Important Points

Here are a few points that the candidates must be aware of regarding the CLAT 2024 counselling process:

  • CLAT 2024 counselling process will be conducted online by the CLAT conducting body.
  • All the original documents must be submitted by the candidates during the CLAT counselling 2024 process. The documents will be handed back to their respective holders after the verification of the documents is over
  • After the conclusion of the CLAT counselling process 2024, the eligible candidates will be issued with call letters from the officials.

CLAT 2024 Seat Allotment

Only those who have enrolled for CLAT counselling 2024 and paid the CLAT counselling fee will be regarded for seat allocation. The NLU Consortium will announce the CLAT 2024 seat allocation after considering the following factors.

  • Rank and category of the candidate
  • The candidate's college preference
  • Seat availability in the candidate's preferred category

The CLAT 2024 seat allotment is revealed separately for each of the 22 national law universities. Students will be called to verify their allotment status by logging into their registered accounts.

Options after CLAT Seat Allotment 2024

1st Option - Accept CLAT allotment

Applicants who have no issues with their allotment can use this option. They must upload documents and pay the course fee to the designated law university. These aspirants will be unable to participate in the next round of selection. Applicants must pay the application fee and complete the admissions process after getting their documents verified.

2nd Option - Application for Upgrade

Candidates who want to participate in the next selection round can request an upgrade. Such candidates must also complete the admission process by submitting the documents and course fee to NLU that they received in the first round of allotment.

Such students will be assigned a seat at the university that received the previous allotment. A new allotment will be made only if a vacancy in the NLU exists that is preferred over the current allotment. Candidates who exercise the upgrade option will be allocated another seat in the next round of counselling, with the opportunity to accept, upgrade, or exit the process. 

3rd Option - Exit from CLAT Admission Process 2024

It is the final option for candidates who are uninterested in any NLUs and wish to withdraw from the admissions process. Candidates who choose the exit will not only forgo their current allotment but will also be disqualified from participating in any subsequent rounds.

Options after the final round of CLAT 2024 Seat Allotment

Applicants will have only two options after the final round of seat allocation. They can either accept the assigned seat, upload the required documents, and pay the NLU fee. The other option they have is to exit the admissions process. They do not have an option to upgrade after the final seat allotment round. Contenders who accept admission in this round will be admitted if they meet the university's eligibility criteria for the course.

CLAT 2024 Counselling Fee Refund

Applicants who did not receive an allotment or chose the exit option will be refunded their counselling fees. Candidates who did not receive an allotment in any rounds will receive a full refund. Candidates who use the exit option and reject their allotment will receive a refund after the authorities deduct a processing fee. 

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FAQs about CLAT Counselling Process

Is there any provision of transfer of a candidate from one participating university to another participating university subsequent to their admission through CLAT?

No, CLAT rules do not provide for such transfers. Up-gradation to the University of Higher Choice is done only by the CLAT office during the admission process.

Will I be refunded the CLAT counselling fee, if I don’t want to take admission?

You will not be entitled for the refund of counselling fee if you voluntarily refrain from the counselling process.

When can I provide my choice options for NLUs?

You need to choose the preference of NLUs while filling the online application form for the entrance exam.

How will the counselling process of CLAT be conducted?

The counselling process of CLAT is conducted in the online mode. Candidates are required to register for the CLAT counselling and attend it online.

How will the seat allotment of CLAT commence?

The seat allotment for the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) will be done through the centralised admission scheme and will be based on the merit-cum-preference basis.

How many rounds of CLAT counselling process are held?

Usually, the CLAT counselling process is completed in three rounds. The rounds of counselling are arranged as per the remaining vacant seats at colleges.

How much is the counselling fee of CLAT?

The CLAT counselling fee is Rs. 50,000. Candidates will have to pay this fee in order to register for the counselling process of CLAT.

Can I change my preference of NLUs after locking the list?

No, you will not be allowed to change your NLU preferences after locking your choices.

Can I withdraw my name from the counselling process of CLAT?

Yes, you can withdraw your name from the CLAT counselling process. If you do not pay the fee, your candidature will be automatically cancelled. Another way to do so is before the third round of counselling.

Is the counselling fee of CLAT refundable?

If you withdraw your name from the CLAT counselling process before the third round of seat allotment, you will be refunded the counselling fee after a deduction of Rs.10,000.

Which documents are required for the CLAT counselling process?

The required documents for the CLAT counselling process are: CLAT application form, CLAT admit card, CLAT scorecard, mark sheets of 10th and 12th, PwD certificate (If applicable), caste certificate (If applicable), NRI certificate (If applicable), domicile certificate (If applicable), sponsored NRI certificate (If applicable).

Can my NLU preference be upgraded during the CLAT counselling?

Yes, your preference of NLUs can be changed during the CLAT counselling process. However, it will only be upgraded if there are vacant seats for that category.

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