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IIT JAM 2023 Preparation Strategy, Tips, Study Plan, Timetable

Updated By Samiksha Rautela on 02 Aug, 2022 12:17

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IIT JAM 2023 Preparation Tips

Usually, entrance exams such as IIT JAM (Joint Admission Test) need extensive preparation. IIT JAM often tends to take a toll on candidates, and it is regarded as one of the toughest entrance exams for PG admissions in pure Science fields. Premier institutes in India such as IITs (Indian Institutes of Technology), NITs (National Institutes of Technology), IISc Bangalore (Indian Institute of Science) and Centrally-Funded Technical Institutes (CFTIs) accept IIT JAM scores for PG admissions in Pure Science fields. 

In order to help the candidates with IIT JAM exam preparation, we have come up with a subject-wise preparation strategy for the IIT JAM exam. Candidates are allowed to appear for any of the two subjects from the list mentioned above, and the preparation tips for all the subjects can be checked below.

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IIT JAM 2023 Physics Preparation Strategy

We have elaborated subject wise preparation strategy for IIT JAM 2023 below. IIT JAM aspirants need to follow these preparation tips to achieve a better score in the entrance test.

Highest dedication and concentration is necessary for IIT JAM 2023 Physics preparation. The Physics syllabus of IIT JAM is vast, and the aspirants must give utmost attention to all the topics. Physics is the most sought-after subjects in IIT JAM exam, and the aspirants can expect tough competition and difficult question paper. There are specific IIT JAM preparation books for Physics, and the aspirants must get a book from the nearest bookstore or online store.

Before starting the IIT JAM preparation, divided the syllabus into two parts such as the topics which you are good at, and the topics that you are seeking improvement or yet to learn. Start with the new topics first so that your exam preparation goes on a smooth note. Some of the important exam preparation tips for IIT JAM 2023 Physics are –

  • After reviewing the IIT JAM Physics syllabus, prepare a timetable comprising to study hours and practice tests. You must make sure that equal importance must be given to study hours and practice tests regularly. It is better to study early in the morning, as the mind will be active in the early hours. Note down the important points from the topics you prepare. Revise the important topics in the evening and practise mock tests on the respective topic.
  • It is very important to list down all the formulas so that it would help you with exam preparation from time to time.
  • You must test yourself regularly so that it becomes easy for you to identify strong and weak areas. Based on the observation, you can give more emphasis to weak areas.
  • Thermodynamics is the most important chapters in Physics syllabus of IIT JAM exam. Therefore, it is mandatory to attain accuracy and perfection in all the concepts associated with Thermodynamics. Solve as many as problems you can to attain perfection.
  • Physics is a subject that requires constant practice. Therefore, aspirants must prepare regularly.
  • Electricity and Magnetism have more weightage in IIT JAM exam. Therefore, its mandatory to understand all the concepts associated with the topic. Practice enough number of mock tests on this topic so that you will have higher chances to score maximum marks in this area.
  • Refer previous year IIT JAM question papers and try to solve them. Solving previous year papers will enlighten you on the exam pattern of IIT JAM, nature of questions and difficulty level of questions.
  • Besides learning new concepts, revise the old topics regularly for effective preparation and better results.
  • Some of the other important topics in the Physics subject of IIT JAM are Kinetic Theory, Mechanics, and General Property Matter.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Physics are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

Colleges Accepting Exam IIT JAM :

IIT JAM 2023 Chemistry Preparation Strategy

Chemistry is one of the popular subjects in IIT JAM exam, which also needs extensive preparation like Physics. Learning concepts, solving problems related to the concept, referring relevant books and practising mock tests are the significant tasks that an aspirant must perform regularly for better results. Here are some of the important preparation tips for IIT JAM Chemistry subject –

  • Confidence, positive attitude, and desire to achieve are the key factors that are necessary to motivate yourself before staring exam preparation.

  • Refer to the Chemistry syllabus of IIT JAM exam so that you can list out the topics that you are good at and topics that you need to attain perfection or improve.

  • List out some of the important concepts in the subject, and give priority to active concepts first. You can focus on passive concepts later.

  • Under the basics in each topic so that you can easily solve the problems in the respective topic

  • Note down all the important points in each topic so that it will help you with last-minute preparation.

  • Organic and Physical Chemistry is important topics with more weightage in IIT JAM exam. Therefore, the candidates must understand/ learn all the concepts associated with this topic, solve enough number of problems and mock/ practice tests to attain perfection.

  • Inorganic Chemistry is another topic that needs the utmost attention of the candidates.

  • Apart from the above three topics, all other topics are also important. Therefore, it is better to focus on other topics too, as the question paper is unpredictable sometimes.

  • Refer the previous year IIT JAM Chemistry question papers and practice them to understand the exam pattern nature of questions and difficulty level of the exam.

  • Give equal importance to learning new topics, revising old topics and practising mock test for better performance in the entrance exam.

  • Choose a particular time for the exam preparation depending on your feasibility. Make sure that you sit in a quiet or peaceful place during the exam preparation.

  • Stay away from using the mobile phone or social media during the exam preparation. Do not waste time and focus on achieving a higher score in the entrance exam.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Chemistry are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

IIT JAM 2023 Mathematics Preparation Strategy

IIT JAM 2023 Mathematics preparation could be effective only if you practice regularly. Mathematics is one subject, which cannot be prepared just by reading and listening. Therefore, aspirants must focus on practice. Here are some of the important tips for IIT JAM 2023 Mathematics subject:

  • Firstly, refer IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus to have an awareness of the topics prescribed by the exam authority.

  • Gather previous IIT JAM Mathematics question papers and observe the exam pattern and nature of questions.

  • Divide the IIT JAM Mathematics syllabus as per your convenience, i.e., topics that you are good at and topics that you need to improve.

  • Prepare a timetable, and give equal time to all the topics so that your exam preparation will be effective.

  • Do not prepare three to four topics every day, as it creates unnecessary confusion and mess.

  • Focus on one topic, note down the important formulas associated with the topic, and solve at least ten problems in the topic. Constant practice improves your accuracy in solving the problems.

  • Differential Calculus is the most important topic in the subject and utmost attention must be given for the same.

  • It is mandatory for aspirants to practice enough number of problems in Differential Calculus to attain a better score in the entrance test.

  • Try to cover at least two subtopics in a day to complete your exam preparation on time.

  • During weekends, try to revise what you have prepared in the weekdays.

  • Do not give up the practice midway, and make sure that you do skip practising a mock test regularly.

  • Apart from Differential Calculus, Sequence and Series and Linear Algebra are the other important topics that the aspirants must pay attention to it.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Mathematics are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

IIT JAM 2023 Mathematical Statistics Preparation Strategy

There is a major difference between Mathematical Statistics and Mathematics subjects in IIT JAM exam. Students are confused between the two subjects. The syllabus and exam pattern of both subjects are different. In Mathematical Statistics, 60% weightage is given for Statistics and 40% weightage for Mathematics. Therefore, you need to tune your mind into Mathematical Statistical subjects instead of focusing on Mathematics. Here are some of the important preparation tips for the IIT JAM 2023 Mathematics subject:

  • Before starting your exam preparation, refer Mathematical Statistics (MS) paper of the IIT JAM exam. More importance must be given to Statistics part of the question paper, as it carries 60% weightage.

  • After checking the syllabus, separate Mathematics and Statistics part. Separate the topics that you need to learn/ improve.

  • Refer the previous year IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics question paper to have an awareness of exam pattern, difficulty level, and nature of questions.

  • While preparing for the exam, make sure that you do not skip any topic, as all of them carry equal importance.

  • In order to memorize the topics easily, note down the important formulas, points, statements, and theorems in the respective topic.

  • Solve at least 7 – 10 problems in each topic for attaining accuracy.

  • Practice all the problems in previous question papers.

  • Apart from Differential Calculus, Estimation and Random Variables are the other important topics.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Mathematical Statistics are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

IIT JAM 2023 Biotechnology Preparation Strategy

In recent years, Biotechnology has emerged as one of the dominant subjects in IIT JAM examination. However, IIT JAM scores accepting institute offer fewer seats in Biotechnology course. The competition for PG Biotechnology admission at IITs and NITs has been increasing, and the difficulty level of the question paper has been raised in recent years. In order to face the competition, the candidates need a perfect preparation strategy. Here are some of the preparation tips for IIT JAM Biotechnology subject –

  • The syllabus of Biotechnology subject of IIT JAM is a complication of different subjects such as Biology, Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry. Therefore, the candidates must focus on all these subjects. Among all subjects, 44% of weightage is given to Biology followed by 18% for Physics, 18% for Mathematics and 20% for Chemistry. Therefore, candidates must give major emphasis to Biology subject.

  • Before starting the exam preparation, refer the IIT JAM Biotechnology syllabus and list down active and passive topics.

  • Active topics mean most popular topics, and passive topics mean less popular topics.

  • In order to get clarity on active and passive topics, refer the previous year IIT JAM question papers of Biotechnology. If you observe these papers, you can see questions from similar topics. Referring to previous papers will also enlighten the candidates on exam pattern, nature of questions and difficulty level of the question paper.

  • Usually, Biology and Chemistry questions in IIT JAM Biotechnology exam are based on Class 10, 12 and UG levels. On the other hand, Mathematics and Physics syllabus is completely based on the 10+2 level.

  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology are the most important topic of the Biology section of IIT JAM Biotechnology exam. The major focus should be given to learning the concepts rather than memorizing them. Practice enough mock tests to attain perfection.

  • Mechanics from Physics, Coordinate Geometry from Mathematics and Organic Chemistry from Chemistry are the other important that the aspirants must focus to attain a better score.

  • Refer the best IIT JAM Biotechnology preparation books available in the mock, and solve the mock tests given in those respective books.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Biotechnology are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

IIT JAM 2023 Geology Preparation Strategy

Geology is the only subject in IIT JAM that is based on research-oriented preparation. The more you research a particular concept, the better knowledge you gain. Follow this principle throughout your exam preparation. Here are some of the preparation tips for IIT JAM Geology subject –

  • Refer to the Geology syllabus of IIT JAM exam and note down all the topics. Figure out the sub-topics for each topic.

  • Numerous preparation books for IIT JAM Geology are available in the market and online stores. Get the best book and learn at least one concept for every two days. Since the syllabus is vast, it is impossible to learn a concept in a single day.

  • Make short notes on each sub-topic to cover up last-minute exam preparation and revision.

  • Petrology is the most important topic in Geology subject of IIT JAM exam. Therefore, you must be perfect in all the sub-topics associated with Geology.

  • Economic Geology, Structural Geology, Mineralogy, and Applied Geology are the other topics that the candidate must focus on. Do not neglect other topics too.

  • After learning each topic, prepare a summary so that it helps you to revise from time to time.

  • Practice enough mock tests to attain accuracy and perfection.

We hope that the above-mentioned exam preparation tips for IIT JAM Geology are helpful to you for effective exam preparation.

IIT JAM 2023 General Tips & Tricks

Some of the general tips with regard to IIT JAM 2023 preparation can be checked below -

Start your Exam Preparation Well in Advance: If you are planning to take IIT JAM, then you must start your preparation well in advance. It will be beneficial for you to begin your exam preparation during your graduation. Most of the questions are asked from what you study during your graduation years, therefore, you must be very thorough with the degree course.

It is indeed important for you to clear your concepts and have a proper understanding of each topic/chapter. Also, to keep your preparation on track, you must also make notes while studying for the exam.

Getting Acquainted with Syllabus: Depending on the course that you are opting for, getting acquainted with the syllabus is the first and foremost thing to do. The syllabus of IIT JAM is announced by the organizing institute or respective institutes well in advance. Therefore, be sure to prepare each and every topic that has been mentioned in the IIT JAM Syllabus.

Refer to Previous Years' Question Papers: The more you solve the previous years' question papers, the better understanding you get about attempting the final exam. Solving previous years' question papers will not only give you an insight into the exam but it will also make you confident on the day of the exam. Previous years' question papers will also give you an idea of the frequent questions asked in the exam from various topics.

Take Mock Tests: There are mock exams available online which you can attempt to boost your exam preparation. Taking mock tests will enable you to have a strategy in place - in terms of time management and prioritizing the topics to be tackled first.

Refer to IIT JAM Books: There are various IIT JAM books by different authors. Referring to these books while preparing for the exam will help you extensively. These books will give you a fair idea about the exam syllabus, important questions, marking scheme and overall exam pattern of IIT JAM.

IIT JAM 2023 Exam Day Instructions

IIT JAM 2023 applicants will have to follow these instructions on the day of the exam –

  • Reach the exam centre at least one hour before the stipulated time.

  • Before starting to the exam centre, make sure that you carry IIT JAM admit card.

  • It is mandatory to carry Proof of Identity to the exam centre for verification.

  • Do not revise anything on the day of the exam.

  • Refrain from learning new topics on the exam day, as it creates unnecessary pressure.

  • Appear for the exam with open mind and self-confidence.

  • You should not carry any written or printed material into the exam hall.

  • Refrain from chatting or communicating with co-examinees.

  • Time management is very important during the exam. If you do not know the answer to any question, proceed with the next question. Do not waste time.

  • Follow all the instructions carefully explained by the invigilator.

  • Try to answer all the questions so that you will have chances to secure a better score.

IIT JAM 2023 Last Minute Tips

In order to ensure better revision of topics a few days before the exam, you can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks –

  • It is advisable to solve as many as previous questions papers of IIT JAM depending on its availability.

  • Practice enough number of mock tests.

  • Refer to some of the important IIT JAM preparation books.

  • Refer to the short notes prepared by you for each topic during the exam preparation.

  • Instead of learning new topics, revise the topics that have already been covered. Do not focus on learning new topics, as it creates unnecessary pressure.

  • Do not lose hope, do not lose confidence, do not panic before the exam.

We hope that the above preparation tips were helpful to you.

All the Best!

IIT JAM 2023 Important Instructions

  • Admit cards will not be sent by post / E-mail.

  • The candidates are advised to check the details of admit card with regards to their Category, Sub-category, Gender, Rural weight age, Name, Father's Name, etc. as mentioned on the admit card. In case of any discrepancy, the candidate should inform the Organizing Chairman, JAM 2021, conducting IIT institute immediately.

  • If a candidate is not able to download the admit card, then the Chairman JAM of the respective IISc/IITs, under which the first choice Test City/Town of the candidate falls, may be contacted through Phone/Fax/E-mail, giving the Online Enrolment ID, Name, E-mail ID, Mobile Number, Mailing Address and City Code of the desired Test Centre (first choice) to get information about the Registration Number and the Name of the Test Centre allotted.

  • A printout of the downloaded admit card must be brought to the test centre along with the original and valid photo identification.

  • No candidate will be permitted to appear in JAM 2021 examination without a valid admit card, and a valid as well as original ID.

  • The admit card of JAM 2021 must be carefully preserved by the candidate until the time of completion of the admission process.

  • The Organising Institute may withdraw the permission granted to a candidate to appear in JAM 2021 if it is found that the candidate is not eligible to appear for the exam.

IIT JAM exam preparation also depends on the subject chosen by a candidate. The questions may be either objective or descriptive. Therefore, preparation must be based on the subject one chooses and syllabus prescribed by exam authority for that particular subject. IIT JAM is conducted in the following subjects of Pure Science – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Mathematical Statistics, Biotechnology, Biological Science, Geology, Computer Application, and Geophysics.

A candidate may choose any subject depending on IIT JAM eligibility criteria prescribed by the exam authority. Except for Computer Applications and Biotechnology, questions in all the other subjects are descriptive in nature. For those two subjects, questions are objective in nature.  

Therefore, the exam preparation of the candidates should be based on subject, exam pattern of the respective subject and nature of questions.

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