AILET 2025 Last Minute Preparation Tips


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Solving as many as sample papers and model test papers, multiple revisions, developing conceptual clarity, learning ways to manage multiple choice questions etc are some of the important AILET 2025 last minute preparation tips.

AILET Last Minute Preparation Tips

To score well in the exam, the last months must be utilized very strategically by following a proper study plan as it helps in improving one’s performance in the upcoming exam.

Solving as many as sample papers, model test papers and previous year question papers, revising multiple times, having a grip over current events, learning the art of elimination technique, knowing how to manage time and answer with precision, covering important topics comprehensively, not leaving any subject completely or some of the important AILET 2025 last minute preparation tips that must be known to each and every appearing candidate.

AILET 2025 Highlights

AILET 2025 is conducted for offering both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Thus, it is very important for the candidates to know about the detailed highlights in order to develop a comprehensive and effective study plan for wrapping up the preparation in the last months.

Refer to the table below to get detailed information about the same.



Exam Name

AILET 2025

Conducting Body

National Law University, Delhi

Exam Level

National Level

Exam Frequency

Once a Year

Exam Mode


Course Offered

Five-Year BA LLB (Hons.), LLM, and PhD. programmes

Marking Scheme

01 mark is awarded for every correct answer

0.25 marks are deducted for every incorrect answer

0 marks are deducted for unattempted questions

Official Website

AILET 2025 Last-Minute Preparation Tips

AILET 2025 last minute preparation tips for both AILET UG as well as AILET LLM are as follows. Candidates are recommended to adopt these preparation tips in order to increase their score on the exam. These tips have been recommended by subject matter experts and law professors and have been previously used by exam toppers.

Revision is the Key: If you have written down the important topics and concepts, make sure to revisit them. Skim through the entire syllabus of AILET 2025 once so that the ideas stay in your mind.

Analyze the Mock Tests: Most of the candidates appear for the AILET Mock Tests while preparing for the exam. In case you did the same, go back and analyze them. Identify the silly mistakes and blunders you made. Focus on them and try to rectify the mistakes. Take the AILET 2025 mock test again to assess your improvement.

Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers: Dig out at least 6-7 previous years' question papers of AILET and try solving them. It would help you in understanding the nature and type of questions better. They also help you understand the exam pattern and the difficulty level of the exam. Solving the Previous Year’s Question Papers is the best way to figure out the weak areas and work on them.

Practice Makes One Perfect: It is highly underrated yet the most effective way to get a good score in AILET. Take some time to practice the questions and the concepts every day. Also, do not skip reading newspapers and editorials. It helps in maintaining momentum, increasing accuracy, and enhancing speed.

Know the Marking Scheme: The candidates must be aware of the marks distribution of the AILET exam. The total marks for the examination would be 150, where students will get +1 for every correct answer and -0.25 for every incorrect answer. Let’s quickly take a look at the LLB and LLM marks distribution.

Get Your Sleep Schedule Right: You are required to be well-rested before the exam so that you can perform in a relaxed state of mind. Sleeping for 7-8 hours a day removes fatigue and mental exhaustion. It enhances concentration and helps in putting pressure aside.

Focus on Time Management: Managing time plays a crucial role in the AILET exam. Set the timer before taking any mock test or solving sample papers. Allot a fixed time to each section and try winding it up within the prescribed time. Leave a few minutes at the end for revision.

Remember the Shortcuts and Formulae: Knowing apt formulae and shortcuts saves a lot of time in the exam. Do not make the mistake of neglecting them. Learn them by heart and apply them while practicing for D-Day. Try jotting down the shortcuts and formulae in a notebook and going through them once in a while.

Do Not Go Through New Information: You are required to pay attention to whatever information you have already gathered throughout preparation. Do not start anything new as it can create a lot of confusion in the final days and can result in a lot of confusion which can hamper your exam preparation.

Accuracy and Speed: These are two factors that play a very important role in the AILET Exam Preparation. Speed is important but not at the cost of accuracy. If your speed is not so good, make sure that you focus on achieving maximum accuracy. There is negative marking in the exam so instead of blindly focusing on attempting all the questions, try attempting all the questions correctly.

Keep All the Documents Ready: To avoid any last-minute rush, keep all the required documents and things ready. Take a printout of the AILET 2025 admit card beforehand. Keep identity proof, sanitizer, gloves, and mask ready so that on the day of the exam you do not have to spend your time searching for these things.

Take a Balanced Diet: Food is an integral part and a key factor that helps an individual perform better in the exam. Avoid taking overly oily food as it can make you feel heavy and lethargic. Also, having a light meal can result in hunger pangs which can create a distraction on exam day. Take a balanced, healthy diet so that your mind remains fresh while taking the AILET exam.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity: The last few days of the exam preparation must be spent on quality preparation. Candidates should not be in a rush to cover anything and everything. The main focus should be on revision.

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AILET 2025 Section Wise Last Minute Preparation Tips

AILET 2025 last minute preparation tips section wise are provided below. Candidates are recommended to wrap up their preparation using these section wise preparation tips as these will aid in effective preparation of all the subjects which will affect their overall score in the exam.

AILET UG 2025 Section Wise Last Minute Preparation Tips:

English Language:

  • To wrap up the English language section for AILET 2025 candidates must practice as much as possible using sample papers, previous year question papers, worksheets and workbooks.
  • Candidates must revise the rules of grammar very diligently in order to prepare respectively during the last minute.
  • Multiple revisions of vocabulary, grammar rules will also help in preparing well for the exam during the last days.

General Knowledge & Current Affairs:

  • For AILET 2025 general knowledge in the current affairs section, it is recommended to salt as many as sample papers during the last days. It is expected that each and every appearing candidate must have solved at least 35 to 50 sample papers before sitting for the real exam.
  • Candidates must revise the notes they have created by using both static as well as current affairs knowledge about each and every topic.
  • Candidates must put extra emphasis on topics that have been repeated in the previous year question papers.
  • Candidates must learn time management and elimination techniques specifically for this section as it is considered one of the most challenging yet scoring sections.

Logical Reasoning:

  • To wrap up the logical reasoning section of AILET 2025 the candidates develop a practice of solving previous year question papers and then compare their performance with the solved previous year question papers in order to understand their strengths and weaknesses and work upon them accordingly.
  • This section is the highest rated section as candidates cannot afford to miss any essential topic or leave any topic completely. Candidates must cover all the topics of this section comprehensively.
  • Further to increase your chances of success in getting the desired score, candidates can also solve 50 to 70 sample papers during the last months.
  • One must also have a proper revision schedule, wherein all the topics have been devoted equal hours of study.

AILET LLM 2025 Section Wise Last Minute Preparation Tips:

Different Branches of Law:

  • To prepare different branches of law for AILET LLM it is important to cover all the static parts comprehensively with an amalgamation of current affairs in order to develop deep understanding of topics.
  • Further, practicing tons of previous year question papers and sample papers will help in getting the desired score.
  • A proper revision plan must be created in order to complete all the subjects effectively during the last days.

General Tips for AILET 2025

As the AILET 2025 exam approaches, here are some crucial last-minute recommendations for aspiring law students to consider:

  • Revise Your Short Notes: To reinforce essential concepts, review the concise notes you’ve prepared during your AILET 2025 preparation.
  • Practice Previous Year Papers: In the remaining days, focus on solving as many AILET previous year question papers as possible.
  • Time Management: Cultivate the habit of allocating enough time to review your answers before submitting the answer sheet.
  • Question Paper Familiarization: With just a month left for the AILET exam, practice solving question papers to get a feel for the types of questions and the exam’s difficulty level.
  • Avoid New Topics: In the final days leading up to AILET 2025, refrain from attempting to learn new or unclear topics, as this may lead to anxiety and a loss of confidence.
  • Stay Calm and Optimistic: Stress and anxiety can hinder your performance. Stay optimistic about the exam, as a positive outlook can boost your self-esteem.
  • Revisit Your Notes: Re-read the notes you’ve prepared for AILET 2025 to ensure you remember the key points.
  • Section-Wise Practice: Take practice exams for one section at a time. This approach will help you gauge your preparation level for each part.
  • Follow Exam-Day Instructions: Adhere to the AILET 2025 exam-day instructions provided by the exam authority to ensure you don’t miss any important details.

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AILET 2025 Exam Pattern

AILET 2025 exam pattern for UG contains three sections and the exam pattern for PG includes assessing the candidate's knowledge about different branches of law. The AILET UG has a total of 150 questions for a total of 150 marks and the AILET LLM has a total of 100 questions for 100 marks.



Exam Name

AILET 2025

Conducting Body

National Law University, Delhi

Exam Duration

2 Hours or 120 Minutes

Total Sections


  • Section A: English Language
  • Section B: Current Affairs & General Knowledge
  • Section C: Logical Reasoning


  • Section A: English Language & Legal Reasoning
  • Section B: Different Branches of Law

Total Marks

AILET UG: 150 Marks

AILET LLM: 100 Marks

Total Questions

AILET UG: 150 Questions

AILET LLM: 100 Questions

Question Type

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

Negative Marking


AILET 2025 Detailed Syllabus & Weightage

AILET 2025 detailed syllabus for both undergraduate and postgraduate law courses are as follows. Having prior knowledge of the team syllabus and subject weightage is necessary for all the candidates so that they can be aware of the topics which require more emphasis.\

AILET 2025 UG Syllabus:

The detailed AILET UG 2025 syllabus is tabulated below. There are a total of 150 questions for 150 marks with the logical reasoning section being the highest weighted.




Section A: English Language

  • Comprehension Passage
  • Sentence Correction
  • Fill in the Blanks
  • Parajumbles
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Phrases
  • Word Usage
  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar

50 Questions & 50 Marks

Section B: Current Affairs & General Knowledge

  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • Current Affairs
  • History
  • Geography
  • General Science
  • Static GK
  • National & International Events
  • Sports
  • Awards & Honors
  • Eminent Personalities

30 Questions & 30 Marks

Section C: Logical Reasoning

  • Blood Relations
  • Critical Reasoning
  • Statements & Conclusions
  • Statements & Assumptions
  • Directions
  • Numbers
  • Letter Series
  • Syllogisms
  • Coding
  • Word Formation
  • Legal Principles

70 Questions & 70 Marks


150 Questions & 150 Marks

Note: The legal principles that may be used in the logical reasoning section to test logical aptitude but the examination will not require any kind of legal knowledge or technical understanding.

AILET 2025 PG Syllabus:

The AILET PG syllabus contains one section only wherein candidates knowledge about different branches of law is assessed. A total of 100 multiple choice questions are asked for a total of 100 marks. There is also negative marking in the exam.

The different branches of law include subjects like: Constitutional Law, Jurisprudence, Administrative Law, Law of Contract, Law of Torts, Family Law, Criminal Law, Property Law, Company Law, Public International Law, Tax Law, Environmental Law, Labour & Industrial Law etc.

AILET 2025 Marking Scheme

The marking scheme remains the same for both AILET UG & AILET LLM. There is negative marking in the exam Therefore, candidates are recommended to answer the questions by applying proper static knowledge as well as logic and not answer mindlessly as this can hamper their score.

Answer Type


Correct Answer

+1 Mark

Incorrect Answer

-0.25 Marks

Unattempted Questions

0 Marks

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How important is time management when preparing for AILET?

Time management is one of the most crucial and important parts of your AILET preparation. You need to finish the exam on time to get selected for NLU Delhi. While solving previous question papers, sample papers or giving mock tests, you need to set the timer, so that you can complete the papers on time. This way, you can manage your time at home and on the final day of the exam. 

Should candidates take study breaks while preparing for AILET?

It is very important to take study breaks while preparing for AILET as it refreshes the mind and increases the concentration ability of a candidate. During your break time, you can listen to some music which would calm your mind or do other things that you like to do. 

How many hours of sleep is required for every candidate preparing for AILET?

While preparing for AILET, a candidate must get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every day. You need proper rest before the exam so that you can attempt the exam with a relaxed state of mind. Sleeping for at least 7 hours will help you to concentrate and ease your exam pressure.

What documents do I need to carry on the day of the AILET exam?

On the day of the exam, you need to carry some important documents along with you. The admit card is the most important document that you need to carry otherwise you won’t be allowed inside the exam centre. You need to carry a photo ID proof which can be an Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, Passport or Driving License. You will also need to carry a pencil, eraser, blue/black ballpoint pen, and your photographs.

How can I prepare in a better way for AILET?

Follow the latest AILET exam pattern and start your preparation by getting good books. You should be aware of the latest syllabus before you sit down with your preparation. First, complete the syllabus and then revise. You must daily solve AILET sample papers and mock test papers to improve your speed and accuracy. After solving some papers you will realise that you are able to manage time.

How much revision time is needed for AILET preparation?

As your AILET preparation, you need to complete the syllabus first and then move on to the revision phase. You will need at least 3-4 weeks time to revise for AILET. The notes that you have prepared during your preparation should help you during this time. Read the notes thoroughly to memorize the important topics. 

How important is it to solve the AILET previous question papers?

The previous year question paper must be solved as a part of your preparation to improve your knowledge about the topics. Solving the question papers will give you an insight into the AILET question pattern, the difficulty level of the exam, the types of questions asked and many more. You can understand your preparation level when you start solving the question papers.

How can I prepare for the English section in AILET?

Before you start preparing for the AILET English section, you must know the topics asked in the exam. The English section consists of Comprehension Passages, Antonyms, Synonyms, Jumbled words and sentences, Idioms and Phrases, Fill in the blanks, and Choosing the right words and the mark allotted for this section is 35. You must practice these topics every day to improve your grammar.

What are some of the good AILET books that I must refer to?

To prepare for AILET, it is very important that you follow some good books. Study materials, books, previous question papers and sample questions are some of the most important things that will help you ace the examination. Some of the best books for AILET preparation are Logical Reasoning by AP Bhardwaj, Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis, English Reading Comprehension by RPH Editorial and many more. 

Is it possible to prepare for AILET 2023 in one month?

It is not advisable to start your preparation for AILET when only one month is left. The syllabus is vast, so it will take time to complete the topics. You must not forget that AILET is a competitive exam as students get to take admission only in one NLU and that is NLU Delhi. Prepare yourself keeping in mind that the competition is tough.

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