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30 Nov-17 Dec, 2018

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About ATMA 2018

AIMS Test for Management Admissions (ATMA) is a credible, comprehensive and single-window test for admission to postgraduate management programmes offered by various institutions across India. The exam is conducted at the national level by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). It is an online based exam which usually is held four to five times a year. ATMA 2018 December session is about to start its registration process for the interested applicants. The exam will take place at different organised centres, following a pattern of objective type questions. For the year 2019, a total of four sessions of examination has been planned by AIMS, which will take place in the months of February, May, June and July. However, it was held six times in the year 2018 which is to end with the December dated exam. The scores of ATMA can help determine a candidate's suitability for management education and career. 

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ATMA 2018 Eligibility Criteria

The ATMA 2018 Eligibility Criteria defines the norms and requirements that every applicant must fulfil in order to become eligible to apply for the examination. Candidates who wish to apply for ATMA 2018 must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria prescribed for the exam. The eligibility norms give a fair idea to the applicants of whether or not they are eligible to apply for ATMA. The eligibility criteria describe requirements like age limit, nationality, educational qualification, professional qualification, reservation and relaxation of criteria, etc., for the interested candidates who wish to apply and appear for the ATMA 2018 exam.

The aspirants must know that the examination is conducted four times in a year, starting from February. However, the eligibility norms for each session of ATMA 2018 examination remain the same. The examination for the December session of 2018 has been scheduled to take place on 23rd December 2018. The registration process for the same is about to start soon in the month of November 2018. For candidates who are about to apply for the examination for the first time, it is important that they read about the eligibility criteria in detail and then start with the Application Process of ATMA 2018.

Note: Applicants must carefully cross-check the prescribed eligibility criteria of ATMA 2018. Those who fail to meet the eligibility norms can be disqualified from taking the exam.

Detailed Eligibility Criteria for ATMA 2018

The detailed eligibility criteria for ATMA 2018 examination is elaborated below:


  • Candidates who are citizens of India are eligible to take ATMA 2018 examination.

  • Citizens of Bhutan or Nepal or Refugees from Tibet who have settled in India for more than 15 years can also be eligible for ATMA 2018 with the subject of approval of the exam conducting authority.

Educational Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree is a must for all the candidates appearing for ATMA 2018.

  • Candidates who are in the final year can also apply for the ATMA 2018 examination.

  • However, the admission to management courses in various B-Schools that accept ATMA 2018 score is based on the qualifying status of the applicants in UG degree.

  • All the applicants must have at least 50% of marks in three-year or four-year UG degree. Without the minimum eligibility marks, the candidates will be ineligible to register for ATMA 2018 examination. However, the minimum qualifying marks in UG degree varies from institute to institute.

Age Limit

  • There is no maximum age restriction for the applicants of ATMA 2018.

  • However, applicants must be above 18 years of age with supportive documents and educational documents.

  • There is no age relaxation prescribed by the exam conducting authority of ATMA.

Important Information

  • Work experience is not necessary to apply for ATMA 2018. However, candidates with work experience can also apply for the examination. 

  • Candidates who appeared for ATMA examination in 2017 or earlier can also apply for ATMA 2018 examination.

  • Final year graduation students or students with result awaited can also apply for ATMA 2018.

  • Applicants should have their Graduation degree from a recognised and accredited university.

  • Candidates failing to meet the eligibility criteria of ATMA 2018 will not get admission.

  • Verification of candidates’ eligibility may be done at any point in time.


1. What is the eligibility criterion for ATMA?

  • In order to be eligible for ATMA, candidates should have done their Graduation from a recognised university scoring at least 50%  marks.

  • Final year students may also apply for ATMA.

2. Is there any age restriction to appear for the exam?

No, there is no age restriction to appear for the exam.

3. Is it necessary to show graduation proof at the time of admission?

Yes, at the time of admission, it is mandatory for all candidates to show the proof of graduation (done from a recognised Insitute/University).

4. To become eligible for the exam, what are the minimum marks required?

Candidates must obtain at least 50% in their final year graduation exam to become eligible for the exam.

5. Can final year graduates appear for the test?

Yes, final year students can take ATMA.

6. I have previously applied for ATMA exam, am I eligible to apply for the exam again?

Yes, aspirants who have previously applied for ATMA exam can apply for the exam again.

7. I have no working experience, am I eligible for the exam?

No, ATMA exam does not require any work experience. 

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ATMA 2018 Syllabus

ATMA tests your ability and skills in various areas including Quantitative, Reasoning, Verbal. So, you must go through the section-wise syllabus in order to prepare well for ATMA 2018.

Verbal Skills

This section comprises of 30 questions. Questions are mostly based on:

Idioms and phrases

Sentence Completion

Word meanings


Jumbled Paragraph

One Word substitution


Fill in the blanks with words

Summary Questions


Cloze Passage


Sentence Correction


Analytical - Reasoning Skills

This section comprises of 30 questions. Questions are mostly based on:

Verbal logic




Seating Arrangement

Direction Sense

Statement – True/false

Data Sufficiency


Blood Relations

Number Series

Arrangement of letters

Statement– Conclusion

Pie Chart

Visual Reasoning

Venn Diagrams

Symbol decoding

Bar Graphs

Assumptions and Conclusion

Line charts

Quantitative Skills

This section comprises of 30 questions. Questions are mostly based on:


Binomial Theorem

Number System


Simple Interest



Quadratic Equations

Data Interpretation

Speed, Time and Distance

Pie Chart

Linear Equations

Compound Interest


Profit and Loss




Co-ordinate Geometry





Ratio & Proportion Variations


Age calculation

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ATMA 2018 Exam Pattern

ATMA exam pattern gives a fair idea about how the examination is going to be in terms of weightage of marks, total number of questions, negative marking, nature of questions, time duration and pattern of questions.

Every year, Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), which is the conducting body of ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admissions), releases an official notification regarding ATMA. Conducted multiple times in a year on a national-level, ATMA is a gateway for admission in postgraduate management courses.

To know more about the exam pattern of ATMA, continue reading the information given below.

  • ATMA is conducted in both online and offline mode.
  • It is conducted in English language.
  • ATMA comprises of objective type multiple-choice questions.
  • Each multiple-choice question is followed by four answers, numbered 1, 2, 3 and 4. You have to choose the correct or best answer from these four choices and then darken the corresponding oval in the answer sheet/click on the right answer in the online test.
  • There are 180 questions in total, which you have to attempt in 180 minutes.
  • The total duration of ATMA is 3 hours.
  • Each question has four options, out of which candidate has to choose one appropriate answer.
  • 1 mark is allotted for every correct answer, and no marks are awarded for unanswered questions.
  • 0.25 marks are deducted for each incorrect response.
  • More than one answer marked for a particular question is considered invalid, and no marks are allotted to such answers.
  • ATMA question paper is divided into 6 sections consisting of Analytical Reasoning Skills (Part 1), Analytical Reasoning Skills (Part 2), Quantitative Skills (Part 1), Quantitative Skills (Part 2), Verbal Skills (Part 1), Verbal Skills (Part 2), and each section comprises of 30 questions.
  • There is no penalty for leaving an answer blank.

Break-up of ATMA Exam Pattern 2018

Question-Context related to No. Of Questions Time allotted
Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 Min
Verbal Skills 30 30 Min
Quantitative Skills 30 30 Min
Verbal Skills 30 30 Min
Analytical Reasoning Skills 30 30 Min
Quantitative Skills 30 30 Min
Total 180 180 Min (3 Hours)

ATMA Marking Scheme 2018

While preparing for ATMA 2018, candidates must know the marking scheme in detail. The below table lists the marking scheme of ATMA 2018.

Question Type Objective (MCQs)
Total Number of Questions 180
Marks for Each Question 1 mark
Negative Marking 0.25 marks

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ATMA Exam Analysis 2018

The ATMA or AIMS Test for Management Admission 2018 was conducted in a computer-based format on Sunday, February 25, 2018 in various cities across the country. ATMA is conducted in both online and offline modes on different dates. In ATMA, (Objective) Multiple Choice type questions are asked from candidates. For offline mode, the correct answers have to be marked on the OMR answer sheet. Using blue or black ink ball point pen only to mark the answers is a must.

The paper has 6 sections carrying a total of 180 questions. In case of offline test, one has to attempt each section in serial order. However, the computer-based exam has no such requirement. All the questions, which cover topics including Analytical Reasoning, Quantitative, and Verbal skills, have to be attempted within a duration of 3 hours.

For every multiple-choice question, you have to choose the correct or best answer from the four choices available. The four answers are numbered as 1, 2, 3 and 4. In case of paper-based test, you have to darken the oval in the answer sheet whereas you have to click on the right answer in the computer-based test. In the question paper, you will see that the questions are numbered serially starting from 1 and ending at 180. You must begin with answering the first question of each section and proceed in a sequential manner.

For every right answer, one mark is awarded. A zero score is given to a question that had not been answered. For every wrong or incorrect answer, a negative score 0.25 is subtracted. Therefore, one mark is deducted from the total score for four wrong answers.

ATMA is a national-level exam, which is taken by management aspirants for admission to programmes such as MBA, PGDM, MCA, MCM etc. Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) is the official conducting body of ATMA and it is held multiple times in a year.

You may check the ATMA 2018 Answer Key now that the exam has been conducted. With the help of answer key, you can calculate your probable marks and get an idea of how you performed in the exam. The last ATMA 2018 examination was conducted on 14th January, 2018 in a paper-based format.

ATMA Exam Analysis 2016

ATMA exam is one of the most popular MBA entrance exams in India. The exam pattern of ATMA exam has remained similar as compared to previous years ATMA exams. The paper was divided into 2 parts, each part having 1 Quant, 1 Analytical Reasoning and 1 Verbal section. The ATMA test is conducted online and the duration of each part is 90 minutes, and the students have no option to go back to the first part once the second part has started. However, individual sections are not timed during the ATMA exam. There are 170 questions in total: 85 questions each in Part I & Part II to be attempted in 180 minutes. Negative mark of 1/3 is deducted for every wrong answer. One minute gap is usually given between the parts. Students with a valid ATMA score can apply to Master of Business Administration/ MBA course across top MBA colleges in India.

ATMA 2016 Exam Pattern:



Allotted time

Number of questions


Quantitative skills

90 min


Analytical Reasoning skills


Verbal skills



Analytical Reasoning skills

90 min


Verbal skills


Quantitative skills



180 min


ATMA Sectional Analysis

  • Verbal Skills

No. of questions: 50 (25 in each section)




Good Score

Reading Comprehension

Passage 1



Passage 2


Passage 3


Passage 4



Synonyms (Word pairs)



Fill in the Blanks


Para Completion Questions (PCQs)




Error identification in bold part of a sentence


Sentence completion questions






The RC passages were simple and the questions following them were also easy to answer. The RC questions in Part 1 were relatively easier to score when compared to the RC questions in Part 2. The VA questions in Part 2 were of slightly difficult as compared to those in Part 1. The PCQs were a bit difficult and needed good comprehension and understanding of grammar tools. The Fill in the blanks had simple options. Two out of three idiom questions were simple. Idiom questions were asked in both the sections with a difference in question type. The vocab questions were simple. Both the sections, part 1 and 2 (RC and VA) needed around 20 minutes each and a combined score of 30+ can be good enough for some of the good schools.

ATMA Quantitative Skills

No. of questions – 60 (in both sections put together)

The questions given on Quantitative Skills in ATMA this year is along the lines of previous ATMA papers. The questions given in Part -I are simple and straightforward, while the questions given in Part II are time-consuming and a few of them are application oriented.

The following table describes the difficulty level of various types of questions in Quant part.



No. of

Good Score


Equations, Ratio - Proportion & Variation


37 - 39

Percentages, Profit & Loss & Partnership




Simple Interest & Compound Interest


Average, Mixtures & Alligation


Time & Distance


Geometry & Mensuration


Time & Work


Number Series


Quantitative Comparison


Higher Maths

P & C, Probability and Statistics


Data Interpretation

Charts + Caselet






Most of the questions were straightforward with simple concepts and direct application. About 30 minutes will be needed in each of the parts for this section and any score above 35-40 for both the sections combined can be considered to be good.

So if you are preparing to give the 2018 ATMA exam, you should refer to these ATMA reference materials & to score well.

ATMA Analytical Reasoning

No. of questions: 60 (in both sections put together)




Good Score

Analytical - Reasoning

Puzzle on Circular arrangement





Puzzle on Distribution


Data Sufficiency




Coding and Decoding


Statements & Conclusions (Inequalities)


Critical Reasoning

Cause and Effect


8 - 10

Strong and weak Arguments


Course of Action Questions


Cause & Effect








Though this section has questions on predictable patterns, this is the toughest section in the exam, relatively. The students needed good exposure and practice to crack the questions in these sections. Questions on deductions were tough this year which were based on possibility model. Overall, 35-40 minutes will be needed in each of the part of this section. Any score above 30 for both the sections combined will be a good one.

If compared to other MBA competitive exams in India, ATMA exam's difficulty level lies somewhere in the middle. But if you intend to take admission in the top B School in India, you have to ensure that you fare amongst the top rung of the 2017 ATMA results to study a PGDM or MBA course. Nevertheless, you should be well prepared not just with the syllabus, but with important notifications like:

See the top 10 ATMA colleges in India & top colleges in north India accepting ATMA scores.

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How to Prepare for ATMA 2018

Are you planning to take admission in top management institution to pursue your desired management course through the national level examination ATMA? If that is so, then you must take interest in the preparation of the December session of ATMA 2018. In order to do so you as a test taker must also understand the importance and need for exam preparation. Only when you are well prepared, you will be able to give your best and score good marks, which in return will help you to take admission in your desired B-School of India.

The ATMA 2018 December session has been scheduled to take place on 23rd December 2018. Therefore, you must now start with your preparation and get ready to face the examination. The first and most important step that you must take for a good preparation is to know the details of your ATMA 2018 Syllabus. It is important that you know what you should study and what subject matters can help you score more in this examination. Apart from knowing the syllabus, you must also know about some tips and tricks to solve the equation of preparation. These general tips and tricks will help you to be quick with your preparation plan and achieve your desired score in the examination. Along with the general tips and tricks, you must also read the tips given for different subjects of the ATMA 2018 Syllabus. Starting with the subject-wise preparation plan given below are a few easy and most recommended tips and tricks for you to start preparing for the national level examination.

Important Instructions for ATMA 2018

Following are the important exam instructions for the candidates to follow in ATMA 2018:

  • The question booklet, as well as the answer sheet, will be supplied by the exam conducting authority. You should bring two HB pencils, one eraser, one pencil sharpener and one ballpoint pen.

  • You should also bring a specimen answer sheet given in the bulletin / on the website. This will help you to fill the information on the actual answer sheet in the examination hall.

  • Please bring the ATMA admit card and identity card (undetached) with photographs pasted in the space provided, when you come to appear for the ATMA. You have to put your signature on the line for Applicant’s Signature only in the presence of the invigilator in the examination hall.

  • Please ensure that the photographs on both the admit card and identity card are verified and signed by invigilator in the examination hall.

  • Admit card for ATMA should be given to the Invigilator and identity card should be retained by you.

  • You have to download your ATMA admit card from the website by using the login credentials.

Other Information

  • All rough work/calculations can be done in the test booklet itself and not in the answer sheet or elsewhere. Books, notepapers, calculators, slide-rules, mobile phones, and other electronic devices are not permissible. Giving/seeking/receiving help in any manner during the Test is prohibited.

  • ATMA admit card is valid when the photograph of the candidate is pasted on it and produced with a photo id proof.

  • Possession of mobile phones even in switch off mode is not allowed in the exam. Do not bring mobile phones to the test centres as there is no arrangement for safekeeping.

  • You are not allowed to carry calculators, statistical tables, laptop computer or gadgets to the examination hall.

  • You have to report at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the examination.

  • In all Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), each question will have only one correct or most appropriate answer. The answer must be indicated by selecting the checkbox provided at the left side of the options.

  • Ensure that your test invigilator signs in the space provided on your ATMA admit card.

  • Use of unfair means, disobedience of instructions, arguing or threatening the examination officials, cheating, etc. will be treated as a malpractice. This may lead to the cancellation of your examination.

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ATMA 2018 Participating Colleges

ATMA participating institutes 2018 provides all the details of the colleges that accepts ATMA scores. Candidates who wish to appear for ATMA 2018 will have to qualify the entrance examination to take admission into various postgraduate management programmes offered by various participating institutes across India. ATMA is one of a popular entrance exam that is conducted by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) at national level. For admission into various ATMA participating institutes, the scores of the candidates will be taken into consideration.

After appearing in the entrance exam and declaration of the results, candidates can select their preferred ATMA 2018 participating institutes. On the basis of the scores in postgraduate management programmes, ATMA participating institutes will start their next round of selection process.

Important Points

Few important points that candidates must know about the participating colleges of ATMA 2018 are mentioned below:

  • Before selecting the participating colleges, candidates must have all information regarding the institute/college they wish to take admission.

  • The participating institutes of ATMA 2018 will select candidates for final admissions based on their scores in postgraduate management programmes.

  • The selection criteria of ATMA participating institutes varies from each other.

ATMA Participating Institutes 2018

There are many participating institutes of ATMA 2018. Some of the participating colleges that accept ATMA 2018 scores are mentioned below:



Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB)


Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Usha & Lakshmi Mittal Institute of Management (BULMIM)

PGDM – Full Time

PGDM – Three Years (Part Time)

IIHMR University

MBA Hospital & Health


MBA Pharmaceutical


MBA Rural Management

New Delhi Institute of Management (NDIM)


Jindal Global Business School


Institute of Rural Management


PGDM Rural Management

Master School of Management


Sri Sukhmani Institute of Management


Delhi School of Business


Master School of Management


Regional College of Management



Development Management Institute


 Disclaimer: Please note that this list is not exhaustive and it only includes some of the popular B-Schools in India that accept ATMA scores.

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ATMA 2018 Result for August Announced

The ATMA 2018 Result for August exam has been declared by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). Candidates who took the examination on 5th August can download their scorecards from the official website of AIMS using their login credentials.

ATMA is taken by candidates for admission in various management courses offered by popular B-schools in India. Every year, AIMS makes an official announcement about the declaration of ATMA results. The ATMA Results are announced in the form of both overall & sectional scores and percentile. The ATMA scorecard contains scores for 3 sections:

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Verbal Ability 
  • Analytical Skills

Candidates can download their ATMA result 2018 & ATMA scorecard 2018 by logging into the official website mentioning the date of ATMA exam and using their PID & password. PID is a unique identification number, which is issued to every candidate at the time of filling up of the application form. Candidates should note that the ATMA result & scorecard are available in the online mode only. 

Note: AIMS does not issue any hard copy of ATMA 2018 scorecard to the candidates. Therefore, candidates are advised to download and keep a printout of the ATMA 2018 scorecard. A hard copy is issued ONLY when a specific request is raised. 

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ATMA 2018 scores are sent to 5 institutes selected by the candidate. Participating institutes call students for the next round of selection process basis ATMA 2018 score. For additional reporting of ATMA test scores, students have to write to ATMA and pay Rs. 150 per institute. In total, there are 51 participating institutes that accept ATMA scores.  

Steps to View ATMA Result 2018

In order to view ATMA results, candidates may follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official website of AIMS (

Step 2: On the homepage, you will see a link 'Click Here' next to the line 'ATMA 5th August 2018 Exam: Candidates can print result using PID and Password'.

Step 3: Once you click on that link, a new page will open where you will be required to enter certain details like exam month, PID, and Password.

Step 5: Once you click on 'Login In', ATMA August 2018 Results will appear on your screen.

Step 6: Do not forget to download and print the ATMA scorecard for future reference.

ATMA Scorecard 2018

The ATMA scorecard 2018 displays the total marks/percentile secured by the candidates in the entrance test. As there is no provision to send the hard copy of the scorecard to the candidates, all the candidates who appeared for the exam must download their respective scorecards immediately after result declaration and keep it for future reference.

Note: The validity of ATMA scores will be valid only until the next academic year.

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ATMA 2018 Selection Process

AIMS starts the ATMA selection procedure 2018 after releasing the result. The selection of the candidates for admission is purely done on the basis of candidates’ result and performance in the pre-admission rounds.

Conducted by the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), ATMA is for the candidates who wish to take admission in MBA, PGDM, PGDBA, MCM courses. For admission into various management courses, candidates have to undergo ATMA selection procedure and participate in ATMA counselling process afterward.

Detailed ATMA Selection Procedure 2018

The selection of the candidates depends on the candidates’ overall ATMA 2018 result. After clearing the ATMA 2018 written exam, candidates have to appear in pre-admission rounds, which includes:

  • Group Discussion

  • Personal Interview

Various participating institutions of ATMA start their selection process for the shortlisted candidates, who are eligible for admissions in their institutes.

Group Discussion Round:

For selection procedure, all the shortlisted candidates have to undergo Group Discussion round. In this round of the selection process, candidates’ overall knowledge and communication skills are tested. Candidates qualifying in this round become eligible for further rounds of the selection process.

Personal Interview Round:

This round involves face-to-face interview with the shortlisted candidates, wherein the overall personality of the candidates is judged by the interviewer. In ATMA selection process, this is the final round of selection for admission into various courses. Candidates must try their level best to qualify in this round.

ATMA Admission Procedure 2018

After ATMA 2018 result announcement, shortisting of the candidates is done on the basis of ATMA 2018 scores. As a part of the selection procedure, shortlisted candidates have to appear for Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds. Based on the candidates’ overall performance in the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds, selection of the candidates is done for admission into various management courses.

Note: ATMA merit list is prepared on the basis of candidates’ score in ATMA 2018 and performance in the pre-admission rounds.

Documents Required for ATMA 2018 Selection Process

  • 10th and 12th class passing certificate (in original)
  • Mark sheet of Graduation
  • ATMA Score Card 2018
  • ATMA Admit Card 2018 (in original)
  • Original degree/provisional certificate (in case of the candidates appearing in Graduation)
  • Caste Certificate ( for SC/ST/OBC candidates)
  • Passport size photographs (4 to 5)

ATMA Counselling 2018

ATMA counselling is conducted by Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) after result declaration. The counselling dates of ATMA 2018 are yet to be released by the conducting authority. However, candidates must note that only shortlisted candidates are considered eligible to participate in ATMA counselling 2018.

Highlights of ATMA Counselling Procedure 2018

  • To participate in ATMA counselling 2018, shortlisted candidates have to check the available counselling dates on the concerned Institute’s official website.

  • ATMA counselling procedure involves seat allotment for the shortlisted candidates.

  • The seat allotment is done on the basis of ATMA cut-off/ATMA rank.

  • For counselling, selected candidates need their personal documents like certificates and mark sheets.

  • Verification of documents is done at the time of ATMA counselling. Failing to bring the required documents leads to cancellation of candidates' admission.

Documents Required for ATMA 2018 Counselling

Shortlisted candidates must have the following documents while participating for ATMA 2018 counselling:

  • Aadhar Card or any other identity proof
  • Age proof
  • Original mark sheets and their photocopies

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ATMA Cut-off 2018

The ATMA cut-off 2018 list determines the ratio of seats and candidates to be admitted for admission in various institutes. Once the result of ATMA is announced by the conducting authority, the participating institutes start their process of preparing the cut-off list. The cut-off list of ATMA 2018 is prepared on the basis of scores in the exam and performance in pre-admission rounds that comprises of Group Discussion and Personal Interview. Candidates must note that admission in various management courses is given only to the candidates who meet the ATMA cut-off.

The final selection of the candidates is done considering the ATMA score of the candidates and their performance in pre-admission rounds. Therefore, candidates scoring either equal or more than the cut-off marks have to participate in Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI) rounds.

Note: The institute-wise cut-off list may vary from institute to institute.

ATMA Cut-off 2018 Important Dates



ATMA 2018 August Test Date

5th August 2018

Declaration of Result

Around 9th August 2018

Cut-off Release

After Result Declaration

How to Check ATMA 2018 Cut-off

Every participating institute will have a different cutoff list, however, candidates can check and download the institute-wise cut-off of ATMA and save the ATMA cut-off list for future reference.

Factors Determining ATMA Cut-off

Following are the factors on which the ATMA 2018 cut-off will depend:

  • Difficulty level of the entrance exam

  • Total number of candidates appearing in ATMA 2018

  • Total number of the seats available

ATMA Institutional Cut-off



SIES College of Management Studies, Navi Mumbai


PUMBA (MBA Pharma Biotech), Pune


Prin L.N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development and Research (WeSchool), Mumbai


ISBM Pune: International School of Business & Media


IPE Hyderabad: Institute of Public Enterprise


Vignana Jyothi Institute of Management - VJIM Hyderabad


NDIM New Delhi: New Delhi Institute of Management


FIIB New Delhi


SCMS Cochin: SCMS Cochin School of Business


 Note: The cut-off marks are tentative and based on the previous years’ ATMA cut-offs. 

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Best Books for ATMA 2018

For the preparation of ATMA 2018, there are various best books that aspirants can refer to study for the entrance exam. Many books, sample papers, question banks and online resources are available that can be useful for the candidates, however, it becomes difficult to choose books that are best for ATMA preparation. The exam pattern of ATMA 2018 is divided into 6 sections that evaluate candidate’s Analytical Reasoning Skills, Verbal Skills and Quantitative Skills. To prepare for all these sections, candidates must have best books/study material by their side to obtain a good score in ATMA examination.

With the help of ATMA 2018 best books, candidates can gain conceptual clarity and can ensure that their preparation is in the right direction. Therefore, candidates should use the combination of the best books and other preparation resources to ace ATMA 2018.

How to Select the Best Books for ATMA 2018

Selection of best books is essential for the candidates preparing for ATMA 2018. Before choosing right set of books, candidates must keep the following points in mind so that they can prepare effectively for the entrance exam.

  • While selecting the best books for ATMA 2018, candidates must ensure that the book is of the latest edition. For entrance exam preparation, it is always better to read from the latest edition/ publication so that one is updated with the new topics that are added in the syllabus of the entrance exam.

  • The book should cover whole syllabus of ATMA 2018 which includes all the topics and sub-topics of the ATMA syllabus.

  • Candidates should choose a book that is easy to read and is written in comprehensible language so that one can understand the subject-matter easily and properly.

  • For the purpose of entrance exam preparation, candidates must select a book that has sample papers or question banks with solutions. With the help of sample papers/ previous years’ question paper, candidates can have a brief idea about frequently asked questions and the overall pattern of the entrance exam.

ATMA 2018 Best Books

Candidates preparing for ATMA 2018 must take a look at the recommended and best books that are suggested below for ATMA 2018 exam preparation.


Author/ Publisher

The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations

Dinesh Khattar

The Complete Reference Manual for CMAT 2018

SK Sinha

Krishna's Verbal Ability And Logical Reasoning For The CAT And Other MBA Examinations


Fast Track Objective Arithmetic

Rajesh Verma

CMAT Entrance Guide with Mock Test CD 2 Edition

Disha Experts

Mission MBA MAT Mock tests & Solved papers

Tarun Goyal

SNAP / IIFT / XAT / TISS / CMAT / NMAT / IRMA / MAT Management Entrance Tests: MBA Solved Papers

Gautam Puri

The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT with CD

Nishit K. Sinha

Master Key To MBA Entrance Exam 2009 01 Edition (Paperback)

S. L. Gulati, Ravi

Quantitave Aptitude for MBA : Entrance Examination 1st Edition (Paperback)


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ATMA 2018 Admit Card

The ATMA 2018 (December Session) admit card will be issued by the official authority i.e. Association of Management School (AIMS) on 20th December 2018. ATMA admit card/hall ticket 2018 will be available online for the registered candidates. To access the ATMA 2018 admit card from the official website, candidates will be required to select the exam date from the exam drop down and enter their PID and Password.

ATMA 2018 (December Session) will be held on 23rd December 2018 for candidates seeking admission in the management courses offered by various AICTE-approved institutions across the country. In order to appear for the exam, candidates must bring their issued admit card along with a valid Identity Proof, to the exam centre. Those who fail to get the Admit Card will not be given the permission to sit for the examination.

In addition, it must be noted that no hard copy of the ATMA admit card 2018 will be sent by AIMS via post or by any other offline method to candidates’ address. Candidates must download and print the ATMA admit card 2018. Further, before downloading the ATMA 2018 admit card, candidates must check all their details printed on the admit card and immediately report to AIMS for corrections in case of any issue/discrepancy.

ATMA Admit Card 2018 - Important Dates



Issue of ATMA Admit Card for December Session 2018

20th December 2018

ATMA 2018 Exam Date (December Session)

23rd December 2018

Result Declaration of ATMA 2018 (December Session)

28th December 2018

How to Download ATMA Admit Card 2018

To download the admit card of ATMA 2018, candidates must follow the steps given below:

Step 1: Visit the official site to access the ATMA 2018 admit card.

Step 2: Click on the 'Click Here to Print Admit Card' link.

Step 3: You will be redirected to a page (, which will ask for your login details like Exam Date, PID, and Password.

Step 4: After entering the details, click on the 'Login' tab.

Step 5: Your 'ATMA Admit Card 2018' will appear on the screen.

Step 6: Download the admit card of ATMA 2018 and take a print out of the same for future references.

Important Instructions Regarding ATMA Admit Card 2018

  • The admit card of ATMA is issued only to the registered candidates.

  • ATMA admit card is an essential document to be carried to the exam centre for all candidates.

  • In case, any candidate does not carry the ATMA admit card to the exam centre, he/she will not be allowed to appear for the entrance exam.

  • ATMA admit card 2018 has all the exam related information like candidate's name, exam date, the time duration of the exam and venue/centre details etc.

  • It is mandatory to bring a photo ID proof to the exam venue along with the ATMA admit card 2018.

  • Candidates should carefully read all instructions mentioned on the ATMA admit card 2018.

Details Mentioned on ATMA 2018 Admit Card

The admit card of ATMA 2018 has the following details of the candidates:

  • Name of the candidate

  • Roll Number of the candidate

  • Exam Date

  • Registration Number

  • Time duration of the exam

  • Venue details of the exam centre

  • Important exam instructions

  • Signature of the Head of the Concerned Department

ID Documents Required with ATMA 2018 Admit Card

At the exam centre, candidates have to bring any one of the following documents along with the ATMA 2018 admit card/hall ticket. It is also important to note that the ID Proof must have the candidate's photograph on it. As ID without a photograph will not be accepted at the exam centre.

  • Passport

  • PAN Card

  • Voter ID Card

  • Aadhar Card

  • Driving License

  • A Government approved ID Card or certificate with photograph

  • Disability Certificate (if the candidate is differently abled)

Discrepancy in ATMA 2018 Admit Card

Admit Card is a vital document for any test taker. The details mentioned on the Admit Card denotes the eligibility of the candidate for the examination they are about to give. Therefore, the details mentioned on the Admit Card must be correct and accurate as the information provided by the test takers. ATMA 2018 applicants must also check the information on their Admit Card. While downloading ATMA 2018 admit card, if any candidate finds any discrepancy, then he/she must immediately report the same to the exam conducting authority. Below are the contact details:


The Executive Secretary,

Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS), D No:6-3-668/10/76, First Floor, Near Sri Kalyana Venkateshwara Temple, Durga Nagar Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad 500082.

E-mail:, Tel: (O) 040-23417875/76

FAQS on ATMA Admit Card 2018

1. How do I get my ATMA Admit Card 2018?

ATMA Admit Card 2018 will be available for the registered candidates in online mode. Candidates will be able to download their respective admit card by visiting the official site of ATMA-AIMS.

2. While downloading ATMA 2018 admit card, I forgot my Password/PID number. What should I do?

  • In case any candidate forgets his/her password, he/she can retrieve it by clicking on “Forget Password link” provided on the admit card login page.

  • Now, select the exam date, DOB, mobile number and Email -ID and click on ‘Find PID or Password’ tab.

3. Do I need to bring any other document except ATMA admit card to the exam center?

Yes, candidates must bring any one of the Photo ID Proofs along with the ATMA 2018 admit card/hall ticket. Photo ID Proofs include Passport, PAN Card, Voter ID, Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License.

4. What should I do in case there is an error/mistake in ATMA admit card?

Before downloading the ATMA admit card 2018, candidates should carefully verify the details printed on ATMA admit card. In case of any discrepancy, the same should be immediately informed to the examination authority.

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How to Apply for ATMA 2018

Applicants who are interested in appearing for the December session of ATMA 2018 examination, must prepare themselves for the Application Process as the procedure is about to start soon. How to Apply for ATMA 2018 is an important question that must be answered in detail. For this candidates can go through the information given below and start with the procedure in a systematic way. The process involves registration, filling up the form, paying the requisite amount and uploading the required documents along with the important instruction to be followed until the examination gets over.

Association of Indian Management Schools or AIMS conducts ATMA examination for admission to Post Graduate management programmes every year. Usually, ATMA examination takes place multiple times in a year. Around 200 institutes across the country accept ATMA scores for admission to their MBA/ MCM/ MCA/ PGBA/ PGDM courses. The candidates can check the detailed application process for ATMA 2018 examination here.

The application process of ATMA 2018 involves the following steps: 

  • Fee Payment
  • Request for Personal Identification Number or PID
  • Filling the Online Application Form

Candidates have to visit the official website of ATMA to fill the online application form. There is an option of offline filling and submission of application form as well.

ATMA 2018 Important Dates



Application Process Starts from

To Be Announced

Closure of Payment Gateway

15th December 2018 

Application Process Ends On

17th December 2018 

ATMA 2018 December Exam Date

23rd December 2018

ATMA 2018 Online Application Process

Step I:

  • Payment of ATMA 2018 application is the first step of filling the online application form.
  • The candidates have to visit the ATMA official website and click on the link denoting the online application form availability. The link will direct them to the fee payment portal.
  • The candidates can pay the ATMA 2018 application fee using credit/ debit card/ net banking.
  • Bank transfer is also one of the options in fee payment portal.
  • Candidates who wish to transfer the application fee through Bank Transfer must transfer the amount to A/C Number 068010100035918 and IFSC Code is UTIB0000068.
  • The application fee for ATMA 2018 will be Rs. 1,100 plus GST @ 18% which sums up to be Rs. 1,298.
  • The application fee of ATMA 2018 once paid is non-refundable.
  • After the successful payment of application fee, the candidates will receive PID that must be used to fill the online application form.

Step II:

  • The second step in ATMA 2018 application process is filling the online application form.
  • The candidates will not get any option to edit the details in the application form once submitted. Therefore, fill all the details carefully.
  • Various details relating to the examination and candidature of an applicant have to be filled as the first stage of the application process.
  • In the second stage, the candidates have to fill personal details including Name, Date of Birth, Email ID and Mobile Number.
  • The candidates have to enter the same details they had filled during the online fee payment.
  • Checking all the details in the ATMA 2018 application form before clicking on ‘Register’ button is compulsory for candidates.
  • After checking the details, the candidates have to click on ‘Click here to Register’ button to complete the registration process for ATMA 2018.

Step III:

  • The candidates must take two printouts of ATMA 2018 application form.
  • Preserve the application form for future references.

Step IV:

  • The candidates will receive an automatically generated email that contains the login credentials after the successful registration.
  • Login credentials include Username and Password.
  • These login credentials are required to take the printout of the filled-in application form, downloading the ATMA 2018 Admit Card and check the Result of ATMA 2018 examination in further stages.

ATMA 2018 Offline Application Process

  • In the offline application process, the candidates have to initially purchase the application form from the selected centres by paying the required application fee.

  • After the fee payment, the candidates receive the application number or voucher code.

  • Next, the candidates have to visit the official website of ATMA.

  • On entering the voucher number or application number, candidates receive a PID number.

  • Next, the candidates have to fill the application form carefully.

  • PID is essential for downloading the admit card for ATMA 2018 and check the results. It is something like login ID.


1. What is the registration fee for the exam?

The registration fee for ATMA is INR 1100/- (plus GST @ 18%)

2. I want to refund my ATMA registration fee. What should I do?

Once the registration fee is paid, it is not refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

3. How can I pay the ATMA registration fee?

Candidates can pay the application fee through the following modes:

  • By Credit card/Debit card/Net Banking facility.
  • Bank Transfer facility.

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ATMA 2018 Answer Key

ATMA 2018 answer key is released on the official website of Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) i.e. The answer key of ATMA 2018 is available in online mode after ATMA 2018 is conducted. By using the ATMA 2018 answer key, candidates can calculate their probable scores and performance in the entrance exam. In addition, candidates get to know their chances of getting admission in Colleges Accepting ATMA Scores.

The last ATMA 2018 examination was conducted on 25th June 2018 for admission into various post-graduate management courses. After appearing for the entrance exam, appeared candidates get to know all the correct answers through ATMA 2018 answer key. Candidates must note that the ATMA 2018 official answer key is published by the exam conducting authority. However, the unofficial ATMA 2018 answer key is also released by some coaching institutes.

ATMA 2018 Answer Key-Important Dates (August Session)



ATMA 2018 Exam Date

5th August 2018

ATMA 2018 Answer Key


ATMA 2018 Result

Around 9th August, 2018

Steps to Download ATMA 2018 Answer Key

By following the steps given below, candidates can download their ATMA 2018 answer key:

Step 1: Visit the official website of AIMS i.e. to download the ATMA 2018 answer key.

Step 2: A link displaying the 'ATMA 2018 Answer Key' will be available.

Step 3: Click on the link.

Step 4: 'ATMA 2018 Answer Key' will appear on the screen.

Step 5: Download the PDF file of the answer key for future use.

Marking Scheme of ATMA 2018 Answer Key

Candidates can check the table given below for understanding the ATMA 2018 marking scheme:

  • For each correct answer, candidates are awarded one mark.

  • For each incorrect answer, 0.25 marks are deducted.

  • No marks are awarded for unattempted questions. 

Type of Answer


For Correct answer

+1 Mark

For Incorrect answer

- 0.25 marks

For No answer


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ATMA Mock Test

Candidates preparing for ATMA 2018 can access the ATMA mock test available on the official website for Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS). AIMS ATMA is a national level entrance exam that is conducted for the candidates willing to take admission into MBA, PGDM and other management programmes. Before taking the ATMA 2018 mock test, it is advisable that candidates should go through the ATMA 2018 exam pattern and syllabus first for better exam preparation.

Solving mock tests on a regular basis is indeed important for the candidates planning to appear for ATMA 2018, as mock test gives a brief idea about the level of difficulty of the actual exam and exposes you to a large variety of questions. Additionally, by taking mock tests, candidates will learn from their mistakes. Therefore, to enhance the exam preparation, candidates must visit AIMS official website and start taking the mock tests.

ATMA Mock Test Series at CollegeDekho

The series of ATMA Mock test will be available soon!

Click Here to take ATMA Mock Test

How to Access CMAT Mock Test with Solutions

The steps to access the ATMA mock test are mentioned below:

  • Go to the official website of AIMS,

  • Click on the link available for ATMA mock test on the homepage.

  • To access the mock test, enter your login credentials, i.e. Email address, and Password.

  • After entering the details, you can start taking the ATMA mock test.

What is the Importance of ATMA Mock Test

  • Mock tests helps you experience the real ATMA questions, which helps to boost the level of self-confidence in the exam.

  • With the help of mock tests, you can know your strong and weak areas and so that you can work on them accordingly.

  • Mock tests stimulates test-like conditions and helps you to condition yourself for your best performance during the actual test.

  • Taking mock tests regularly helps you to improve your time management skills.

  • Mock tests are also an effective source of revision that provides a thorough analysis of your exam performance.

Quick Look at ATMA Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme

Before appearing for ATMA 2018, one must have a good understanding about the exam pattern and marking scheme of the entrance exam. Given below is a snapshot of ATMA exam pattern and marking scheme.

  • ATMA consists of multiple-choice questions. Each question has four options, out of which candidate has to choose one appropriate answer.

  • The total number of questions in ATMA is 180.

  • The medium of language of the entrance exam is English.

  • The total duration of ATMA is 3 hours.

  • For each correct answer, candidates are allotted one mark and no marks are awarded for unanswered questions.

  • For each incorrect response, 0.25 marks are deducted.

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ATMA Coaching Institutes

Coaching institutes play an important role in shaping the career of students and especially when it comes to preparation of competitive examinations like ATMA it becomes even more important. There are various ATMA coaching institutes all over India that prepares candidates for the entrance exam. The Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) conducts ATMA (AIMS Test for Management Admissions) every year for the candidates willing to take admission into postgraduate management programmes offered by various institutions across India.

By a joining a good ATMA coaching institute, students will be provided with a comprehensive study material and a unique pedagogy that will enable them to achieve a good score in the entrance exam. Additionally, these coaching institutes not only provides the required edge to students for clearing competitive exams, but these institutes also provides a healthy competitive environment and adequate guidance to the students aiming to crack competitive management examinations like ATMA.

How To Choose Best Coaching Institute

Before joining ATMA coaching institute, aspirants must consider the following factors:

  • Candidates must know about the teacher-student ratio in the coaching institute.

  • Faculty members and teachers of the coaching institute also plays an important role in choosing best coaching institute. Therefore, candidates must take feedback from ex-coaching students regarding the teachers and faculty members of the coaching institute.

  • While choosing a coaching institute, candidates should know about the evaluation procedure of the institute. Whether the coaching centre counts and test students’ performances by evaluating them weekly or monthly.

  • Infrastructure, safety, and assurance are also essential factors that must be considered before opting for a coaching center.

  • Candidates must check whether the study material/ mock test series provided by the institute is appropriate.

  • Candidates should join a coaching institute that has doubt clearing sessions regularly.

  • Candidates must keep the location and the timings of the coaching institute in mind while choosing a coaching centre.

Top Coaching Institutes in India for MBA Entrance Preparation

Here is the list of some of the top coaching institutes in India that prepares the students for MBA entrance exams:

Byju’s Classes

Bulls Eye

Endeavour Careers


Career Launcher



Prudence Academy


PT Education



Top Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Delhi, NCR

T.I.M.E, Connaught Place, Delhi

PT Education, Kingsway Camp, Delhi

Alchemist, Kingsway Camp. Delhi


Top Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Kolkata, West Bengal 

Diksha Learning Services Ltd, Gariahat, Kolkata

Eduwest Institute, Salt Lake City, Kolkata

Success Study Point, Bhowanipore, Kolkata


Top Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Mumbai, Maharashtra 

Competitive Exam Toppers Institute (CETI), Borivali West, Mumbai

Tutor Jar, Vasai West, Mumbai

Planet E, Dadar East, Mumbai


Top Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Chennai, Tamil Nadu 

Career Launcher, T. Nagar, Chennai

Global Smart Infotech and Education, Royapettah, Chennai

C-CAT, T.Nagar, Chennai


Top Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Bangalore, Karnataka 

IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd, Malleswaram, Bangalore

Summit Careers, Jaya Nagar, 5th Block, Bangalore

Competition Forum, Koramangala, 5th Block, Bangalore


Top Online Coaching Institutes for ATMA in Hyderabad, Telangana 

IMS Learning Resources Pvt Ltd, Begumpet, Hyderabad

IBT India Pvt Ltd, Secunderabad, Hyderabad

Career Launcher, Himayat Nagar, Hyderabad


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ATMA 2018 Conducting Body

Formed in the year 1988, the Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) is one of the largest networks of management schools in the world. Over the years, AIMS has grown into a powerful body of B-schools in India with a membership of over six hundred Institutes. The main aim of AIMS is to promote management education in India by collaborating with agencies. For years, it has been working towards manpower training and development, management research and curriculum development.

ATMA 2018 Important Dates

ATMA for December and February sessions are about to be conducted and the results will be announced after the completion of the examination. The schedule for the fourth and fifth ATMA exam has been scheduled to be conducted on 23rd December 2018 and 17th February 2019 respectively as declared by the exam conducting authority. The upcoming exam will be organised in online mode.

ATMA Important Dates for December 2018 Session  

Events Dates
Date of Commencement of Registration To be Announced
Closure of Payment Gateway 15th December 2018 
Last Date of Registration 17th December 2018 
Last date for Printing of filled-in Application Form 18th December 2018
Download Admit Card from 20th December 2018
ATMA 2018 December Test Date 23rd December 2018
Result Date 30th December 2018

ATMA 2018 Exam Centres

State City Mode of Exam
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Online
Chhattisgarh Raipur Online
Gujarat Ahmedabad Online
Jharkhand Ranchi Online
Karnataka Bangalore Online
Madhya Pradesh Indore Online
Maharashtra Kolhapur Online
Maharashtra Mumbai Online
Maharashtra Nagpur Online
Maharashtra Nashik Online
Maharashtra Pune Online
Maharashtra Thane Online
Orissa Bhubaneswar Online
Rajasthan Jaipur Online
Uttar Pradesh Lucknow Online
West Bengal Kolkata Online
Maharashtra Navi Mumbai Online

Contact Details

Association of Indian Management Schools (AIMS) 
D No: 6-3-668/10/76, First Floor, Near Sri Kalyana Venkateshwara Temple
Durga Nagar Colony, Punjagutta, Hyderabad - 500082

Important Dates

Prepare Exam
ATMA 2018 Important Events Dates
Registration 30 Nov to 17 Dec, 2018
Admit Card 20 Dec, 2018
Exam Date 23 Dec, 2018
Declaration of Result 28 Dec, 2018

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