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How to Prepare for MAT 2023

Updated By Shivangi Ahirwar on 04 May, 2023 12:59

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How to Prepare for MAT 2023

MAT Preparation Tips 2023: When it comes to preparing for an exam like the Management Aptitude Test (MAT), it is important to have a strategy beforehand to perform well in the exam. Since MAT is a speed-based test, preparation for it involves some hard work as well as some intelligent work. All you need to focus on during MAT preparation is speed and accuracy in question-solving because the exam is easy to moderately difficult. Candidates must obtain a minimum score of 90-95 percentile on the MAT. MAT scores are accepted for admission to management courses offered at some of the leading B-Schools in the country. Since the level of competition for this exam is extremely high, candidates must focus on creating a plan that works for them and that they can follow easily without any hassles. 

How to prepare for MAT 2023 is a big question when it comes to starting preparation for such an important exam like MAT. MAT is an entrance exam whose preparation strategy needs more focus and time. Which books to refer to for MAT, or which MAT coaching institute to join are some of the fundamental questions that candidates think about before appearing for the entrance examination.

If you wish to prepare for MAT 2023, then, you must first know about the detailed exam pattern and syllabus of MAT 2023. After knowing all the details about MAT 2023 preparation, candidates will know what exactly should be prepared for to crack the entrance examination. Also, we have listed some of the prominent MAT preparation tips and tricks that will guide you on how to prepare for the exam. These tips and tricks will not only make your move in the right direction but will give you a clear understanding of “How to crack MAT exam 2023.”

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MAT 2023 30 Day Preparation Strategy

MAT is a relatively easier exam as compared to other MBA entrance exams and it is not very challenging to prepare for MAT in one month. The only strategy which candidates need to follow while preparing for MAT is to have a quick plan, which can be exhaustive as well. We have devised a 30-day preparation strategy for MAT to help you prepare effectively for the exam and score well and before we get to the 30-day MAT preparation plan, it is a good approach to take a look at the time management for acing MAT 2023. 

MAT 2023 Time Management Division 

The table below will help you get an idea regarding time management for MAT 2023 as it lists the various sections along with the marks, difficulty level, and time duration for each section.

SectionMarksDifficulty LevelTime Duration (In Minutes)
Mathematical Skills20-27Difficult40
Data Analysis and Sufficiency21-28Moderate35
Language Comprehension20-37Moderate30
Intelligence and Critical Reasoning19-26Moderate30
Indian and Global Environment10-15Moderately Difficult05

The score for the Indian and Global Environment section is included in the MAT scorecard but it is not added to the final total percentile. 

MAT 30-Day Preparation/ Study Timetable

The table given below has a 30-day plan for MAT preparation. It also includes all the topics from the MAT syllabus. Candidates should practice all the topics mentioned below at least for an hour each to score well in the exam.

DaysTopics (Mathematical Skills)Topics (Data Analysis and Sufficiency)Topics (Language Comprehension)Topics (Intelligence and Critical Reasoning)Topics (Indian and Global Environment)
Day 1HCF and LCMPie ChartVerbal ReasoningCritical ReasoningCompany Punch Lines
Day 2PercentagesPie Chart


Visual reasoningGeography
Day 3Ratios and proportionsGraphsVocabulary 50 wordsSequencingCurrent Affairs
Day 4Mock Test----
Day 5

Quadratic and linear equations

GraphsUsing the same word with a different meaningCritical ReasoningGeography
Day 6Work and TimeBar GraphsContextual UsageVisual reasoningHistory
Day 7Work and TimeBar GraphsVocabulary 50 wordsSequencingCurrent Affairs
Day 8Mock Test----
Day 9GeometryLine ChartsAnalogiesCoding and DecodingHistory
Day 10GeometryLine ChartsOne Word SubstitutionAssumption-Premise-ConclusionBusiness
Day 11Geometric ProgressionPie Chart

Vocabulary 50 words

Assumption-Premise-ConclusionCurrent Affairs
Day 12Mock Test----
Day 13Time-Speed-DistanceColumn GraphsAntonymsStatements and AssumptionsBusiness
Day 14Profit and LossColumn GraphsIdiomsStatements and AssumptionsScience
Day 15Geometric ProgressionLine ChartsVocabulary 50 wordsIdentifying valid inferencesCurrent Affairs
Day 16Mock Test----
Day 17AlgebraVenn DiagramFill in the BlanksAssertion and ReasonsBooks and authors/ Awards
Day 18AlgebraVenn Diagram

Odd man out

Identifying ReasonsSports/ Politics
Day 19


Bar GraphsVocabulary 50 wordsLinear ArrangementsCurrent Affairs
Day 20Mock Test----
Day 21AveragesGraphsJumbled ParagraphsLinear ArrangementsCompany punch lines
Day 22Number SystemPie ChartSentence CompletionMatrix ArrangementsSports/ Politics
Day 23Partnership (Accounts)Bar GraphsVocabulary 50 wordsMatrix ArrangementsCurrent Affairs
Day 24Mock Test----
Day 25PercentagesColumn GraphsSentence CorrectionFamily treeBooks and authors/ Awards
Day 26


Venn DiagramForeign language words used in EnglishFamily treeGeography
Day 27Work and TimeLine ChartsVocabulary 50 wordsCause and effectCurrent Affairs
Day 28Mock Test----
Day 29Time-Speed-DistanceVenn DiagramReading ComprehensionCause and effectHistory
Day 30Geometry

Bar Graphs

Reading ComprehensionCritical ReasoningCompany Punch Lines

With the above timetable and plan, you can revise the MAT syllabus in 30 days and this will also help you to score higher marks in the exam.

MAT 2023 2 Month Preparation Strategy

Students planning on taking the MAT 2023 exam within a two-month timeline can check out the 2 month preparation strategy below: 

2 Month Preparation Strategy of MAT 2023

Now, as the exam will be approaching, candidates should not waste their time and must practice the art of time management.

Focus more on self-study as self-preparation is the best preparation strategy for cracking any competitive entrance examination.

It is indeed important for the candidates to self-evaluate themselves from time to time.

Fear and stress are two of the major factors which tend to hinder overall performance in the exam, Therefore, candidates should try to stay calm while preparing for exams like MAT.

During the entrance exam preparation, candidates should take good care of themselves. It is indeed important to be in good mental and physical condition, as it affects your overall performance in the exam.

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MAT 2023 Important Instructions

  • Candidates must report to their respective test centres at least 45 minutes before the commencement of the examination.
  • Candidates will not be permitted to enter the exam hall if they come 15 minutes after the commencement of the test and no extra time will be provided for finishing the examination.
  • All test takers must carry Admit Card, and Writing Materials such as Ball Point Pen, HB Pencils, Eraser, and Sharpener when reporting to the test centre.
  • The examination hall will be opened for candidates 30 minutes before the commencement of the test. Candidates must settle down to give the exam at the allotted place.
  • The test invigilator will verify candidates' respective admit cards. One part of the admit card will be given to the candidate as proof that he/she has taken the test. The admit card must be duly signed by the candidate and the examiner.
  • MAT exam is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, comprising of 200 questions. Candidates must attempt all questions and every question has four choices out of which candidates must pick one option.
  • Candidates must ensure that they follow the directions for answering. Only if the responses are given the following directions, AIMA would be able to scan/capture the answer accurately.
  • While one should try and stick to answering questions in the order they are given in the paper, candidates should not waste time pondering over those questions that seem tough. They can always come back and answer such questions if they have time left at the end of the paper. They must first answer questions that they are completely sure of.
  • Candidates must read all the test directions carefully. The directions explain exactly what each set of questions requires to answer those questions. Read each question carefully and thoroughly. Before answering a question, determine exactly what is being asked.
  • Electronic gadgets such as a calculator, pager, mobile, etc. are not allowed inside the exam hall.
  • If a candidate completes his/her exam before time, then he/she will be allowed to leave the test room only after permission from the invigilator. Else, the candidate will have to stay in the exam hall until the exam is over. If a candidate wishes to take leave the room while the exam is on, then he/she must take permission from the invigilator. However, the candidate will not get any extra time in this case.
  • Candidates' entry to the test room will be prohibited if he/she is found to have used unfair means during the test. AIMA may also withhold the results of such candidates.
  • If a candidate does not adhere to any of the given instructions or fails to comply with any rules of the test, it will lead to the cancellation of his/her candidature.

MAT 2023 Preparation Tips

Tools for MAT Preparation: The biggest advantage for students taking the MAT examination is the fact that the MAT question paper has remained unchanged for quite some time now. Therefore, students can refer to MAT sample papers prepared by experts based on MAT's previous year's papers. Candidates may refer to the MAT practice questions and MAT sample papers with solutions as they are good tools for MAT exam preparation.

Familiarity with Exam Pattern & Syllabus: In the process of preparation, knowing where to start is the key to making a successful exam strategy. One should know the MAT exam pattern and MAT syllabus thoroughly to crack MAT exam papers with a high score. Based on the exam pattern and syllabus, candidates may then gather the best MAT exam study material such as MAT preparation books, MAT sample papers, MAT practice books, and MAT previous year papers.

Plan Study Routine: Once you know the exam pattern and syllabus as well as the study material for MAT, candidates may plan a study routine, allotting time for each subject. This way, they will be more organized and would be able to study each subject systematically. An unorganized way of preparation has the potential to disrupt test-takers concentration and reduce productivity.

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Crash Courses: There is nothing wrong with enrolling in a good institute for MAT preparation. Some institutes that provide coaching for MAT exam preparation can help candidates become familiar with the exam format. Such institutes also hold tests. regularly to help candidates practice well for the exam. As part of the preparation process, group discussions are also conducted to help candidates develop speaking prowess and gain knowledge about important happenings in the world. The best part, however, is that these institutes provide a very competitive atmosphere for students, which is extremely important to keep them motivated.

Speed and Accuracy: First, candidates should focus on solving the papers subject-wise, within the time limit. Then, they may take an entire model paper or a previous paper and try to finish the same in time. While speed is a crucial aspect, accuracy is paramount to achieving a good score in MAT. Extensive practice sessions can help candidates achieve both. While MAT's emphasis is more on accuracy rather than speed, candidates must utilize the allocated time wisely. He/she should become familiar with the mechanics of the test to pace himself/herself appropriately for the exam.

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Time management: Before starting the exam, candidates should spend five minutes at least taking a look at the paper for five minutes. in the beginning, test takers should focus on solving the easier questions first and then moving on to the tougher ones. Candidates must read the instructions and questions in the paper carefully. They should not waste any time on a question if they get stuck. Re-checking the paper before the submission is extremely important just to ensure that there was no misinterpretation of questions.

Confidence is the Key: Staying nervous throughout MAT exam preparation could turn out to be a big roadblock. Candidates must try and stay confident to answer the questions efficiently.

MAT 2023 Section-wise Preparation Tips

Apart from the above-mentioned general preparation tips of MAT 2023, there are other preparation tips of MAT 2023 that candidates should keep in mind for better exam preparation. To master the reading comprehension skills, candidates should read English books, novels, and read newspapers. For strong reading skills, candidates must practice more and more comprehension passages also. For mathematics, one must have a thorough knowledge of the formulas and they must be in your tips. You should be good at calculations for scoring good marks in Quantitative aptitude. The logical and critical reasoning and Data interpretation section needs a lot of practice and concentration and must be solved calmly. Also, one must be well aware of the current affairs section. Candidates can enhance their knowledge about current affairs through newspapers, television, journals, magazines, etc.

Data Analysis & Sufficiency:

This particular section of the exam is regarded to be one of the most scoring sections of MAT 2023. To master this section, candidates are advised to practice more and more questions of all kinds to increase speed and solve the questions in less time.

Language Comprehension:

Language is one of the most important aspects of cracking any entrance examination. For language comprehension, candidates must practice various unseen passages to make it easy for them to find the answers well on time. Candidates can also improve their vocabulary by watching English news channels, reading English newspapers, etc.

Mathematics Skills:

Mathematics is one of the critical sections of the MAT 2021 exam. Candidates should have a good understanding of the formulas and theories to solve questions in the entrance examination. The candidates should make their notes of the formulas and memorize them regularly. Candidates should have strong basics and short tricks so that they can easily answer time-consuming questions.

Indian & Global Environment:

Indian & Global Environment section can be extremely scoring if prepared thoroughly. To ace this section, candidates read magazines & newspapers, watch news channels to that boost their knowledge of GK and current affairs.

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning:

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning tests the overall knowledge and critical reasoning skills of the candidates. In this section, verbal and non-verbal types of questions are asked. High accuracy is required in this section and to attempt this section, candidates should practice various previous year question papers and take practice tests to help you crack this section.

MAT 2023 3 Month Preparation Strategy

3 Month Preparation Strategy of MAT 2023

Analyze whether you have gained good clarity and understanding of your basics and fundamentals.

Self-study is advisable to the candidates, however, they can also look for some of the best coaching institutes which prepare the students for MAT exam.

Start Making notes of each topic and focus of GK and current affairs.

Solve MAT previous year question papers and mock tests to self-assess yourself.

MAT 2023 6 Month Preparation Strategy

6 Month Preparation Strategy of MAT 2023

Have a good knowledge about MAT exam syllabus and exam pattern

Make and proper Preparation schedule for yourself.

Focus on your fundamentals and get conceptual clarity on various topics

List down the areas where you are strong and weak at.

View various MAT previous years, mock test, MAT previous years question papers

Choose the right set of MAT preparation books and study material to begin your MAT exam preparation.

Best Books for MAT 2023 Preparation

Students usually get extremely confused when it comes to choosing the right books to start preparing for an entrance exam. To resolve this problem, we've listed below some of the most popular books for MAT preparation that have been recommended by toppers, academicians, and exam experts. Those who are appearing for the exam must choose books that contain all the necessary topics as prescribed in the MAT syllabus. Candidates may order these books online or get the same from the designated sales centre. 

  • 10 Challengers MAT by Dharmendra Mittal (Arihant Publications)

  • A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal (S.Chand)

  • Mission MBA MAT Guide by BS Sijwali and Tarun Goyal (Arihant Books)

  • Complete Guide for MAT and Other MBA Entrance Exams by Deepak Agarwal and Mahima Agarwal (Disha Experts)

  • Study Package for MAT by Arun Sharma (Tata McGraw Hill)

  • MAT (Management Aptitude Test) Entrance Exam Guide by R. Gupta (Ramesh Publishing House)

  • The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations by Dinesh Khattar (Pearson Education)

  • MAT Score Accelerator (Disha Publication)

Want to know more about MAT

FAQs about MAT Preparation Tips

When should I start preparing for MAT 2020 exam?

3-4 months is a good amount of time to prepare for an exam like MAT. MAT is not as tough as other popular MBA entrance exams like CAT and XAT. Hence, 3 months is a good time period to score well in the exam and get admission in a desired management college.

How to prepare for the MAT exam?

Candidates can begin MAT preparation by knowing all the topics to study under the syllabus. Once all the topics are identified, candidates can identify books and other reference material to start their preparation. They can also take mock tests and solve sample papers to get a good understanding of the exam pattern. To know the complete preparation plan, visit

What are the best books to prepare for MAT?

Some of the best books to prepare for MAT are A Modern Approach to Logical Reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal and The Pearson Guide to Quantitative Aptitude for MBA Entrance Examinations by Dinesh Khattar.

How to prepare for MAT?

You can start your exam preparation by preparing a strategy for all important topics of MAT. After that, you can select any section to prepare.

What are the preparation tips for MAT exam?

You are advised to get familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus of MAT exam before starting the preparation. Besides this, you are also advised to prepare notes alongside your preparation.

What is the importance of previous years' question papers for MAT preparation?

Previous years question paper of MAT will help you understand what type of questions were asked in the exam.

What is the best preparation time for MAT?

Since MAT is conducted four times in a year, there is no fixed time to start preparing for the MAT exam. You can start preparing for the exam anytime. However, you are advised to give at least 4-5 months for the preparation.

How to select books for MAT preparation?

You should choose a book that contains some sample papers from all the sections so that you can practise maximum number of questions of each type. Besides this, you can also refer to a separate book for all sections.

What is the three-month preparation strategy of MAT 2020?

You are advised to solve a maximum number of mock test papers and previous years question paper of MAT. Apart from this, you are also advised to work on leaning shortcut techniques to solve problems quickly.

How difficult is MAT?

The difficulty level of the MAT is not so high. You can score good marks in a single attempt.

How to prepare for Mathematical Skills section of MAT?

You are advised to practise the maximum number of questions from each topic. Besides this, you should focus on improving your time management skills to score well in Mathematical Skills section of MAT.

Is coaching necessary to clear MAT?

No, a good preparation plan and hard work are enough to clear the MAT exam. You may clear the exam without coaching.

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