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MAT Previous Year Question Paper

MAT Previous Year Question Papers

MAT previous year question papers help the candidates understand the overall MAT 2024 exam pattern including types of questions, difficulty level, weightage of topics, and distribution of questions. Candidates gain sufficient experience in answering 200 questions of different types and levels of difficulty in 150 minutes by answering MAT previous year questions and sample questions. The MAT 2024 exam is a speed-based test, thus effective time management is essential. By solving the previous year's question papers of MAT, candidates can improve their speed and time-management skills.

After completing the exam syllabus, applicants must practice a significant number of question papers and sample papers in order to be well prepared for the MAT 2024 exam. Apart from this, MAT sample papers also help the candidates in getting familiar with the exam pattern. Solving MAT question papers is a great way for candidates to identify their strengths and weaknesses and cover the entire MAT syllabus 2024

MAT question papers and sample papers can be downloaded free of cost from this page. Candidates must solve the previous year question papers for more focus and comprehensive exam preparation.

MAT 2005 Question Paper

MAT 2006 Question Paper

MAT 2007 Question Paper

MAT 2008 Question Paper

MAT 2010 Question Paper

MAT 2012 Question Paper

MAT 2013 Question Paper


How to Download MAT Previous Year Question Papers

The steps to download MAT Previous Year Question Papers are mentioned below:

  • To download MAT Previous Year Papers, click on the links provided on this page. Apart from this, candidates can visit the official website of AIMA to download the same.

  • After clicking on the appropriate links, a PDF file will be opened.

  • Download the MAT Previous Year Question Papers in PDF format for practice.

  • Subsequently, candidates may then start solving the MAT Previous Year Question Papers.

Advantages of Solving MAT Previous Year Question Papers

Solving MAT previous year question papers offers several advantages to candidates preparing for the exam. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Understanding Exam Pattern: MAT question papers from previous years give you insight into the exam pattern, including the types of questions asked, distribution of topics, and the overall structure of the paper. This helps you familiarize yourself with the format and expectations of the exam.
  2. Assessment of Readiness: By attempting previous year papers, you can assess your level of readiness for the actual exam. It helps you gauge how well you understand the concepts and how effectively you can manage your time during the exam.
  3. Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses: Analyzing your performance in previous year papers allows you to identify your strong and weak areas. This enables you to allocate more time for subjects or topics that require further practice and improvement.
  4. Time Management Practice: Solving previous year papers under timed conditions helps you practice time management. It's important to get used to answering questions within the time limit imposed by the actual exam.
  5. Practice and Revision: Revisiting topics and concepts while solving previous year papers enhances your overall revision process. It reinforces your understanding and memory of the material.
  6. Application of Concepts: Previous year papers give you the opportunity to apply the concepts you've learned in a practical context. This enhances your problem-solving skills and deepens your understanding of the subject matter.
  7. Identifying Trends: Analyzing previous year papers might help you identify any recurring trends or patterns in terms of frequently asked topics or types of questions. This can guide your study focus.
  8. Refining Speed and Accuracy: Regular practice with previous year papers hones your speed and accuracy in answering questions, which is crucial for achieving a good score in the exam.

Preparation Tips for MAT 2024

The preparation strategy should start with knowing the syllabus well and then practising questions based on it. Those who are planning to take MAT 2024 exam must develop a strategy for exam preparation. Apart from the preparation strategy, candidates can also solve the Previous Year Question Papers, Mock Tests and Practice Papers regularly. It helps candidates in analysing their performance and getting the right framework for the examination.

In addition to attempting the Previous Year Question Papers, candidates should also solve the sample papers to know the type of questions asked in the exam and improve their question-solving ability, speed, and time-management skills.

Here are the section-wise preparation tips for MAT 2024:

MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills

MAT 2024 Intelligence & Critical Reasoning

MAT 2024 Indian & Global Environment

MAT 2024 Language Comprehension

MAT 2024 Data Analysis & Sufficiency

Last Minute Preparation Tips for MAT 2024

Aspirants can also explore the following options to boost their preparation for the MAT 2024 examination:

MAT 2024 Preparation Tips

MAT 2024 Exam Analysis

MAT 2024 Mock Test

MAT 2024 Best Books

Top Management Colleges :

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FAQs about MAT Question Papers

Do coaching institutes provide last year question papers of MAT?

Yes, most of the coaching centres provide last year question papers and sample papers for practice and improvement.

Does the last year question paper of MAT help in time management?

Solving last year question papers of MAT is the best way to learn time management as it provides an idea of how much time each section and question demands.

Can I skip solving the MAT previous year question paper if I do not have time for preparation?

An aspirant must always try to make time for solving the last year question papers of MAT as it prepares them for the final exam. However, if they do not have enough time to do so, they can appear for quick mock tests and online quizzes.

How much time should I take to solve each previous year question paper of MAT?

It is crucial to time yourself and set the clock to the exam duration while solving the MAT last year question papers.

Should I solve last year's question papers before the preparation or after it?

It is beneficial to solve the last year question paper of MAT after the exam preparation as it provides a better reality check and evaluation of performance. It helps in understanding the weak areas and coming up with a better strategy.

Is solving the sample papers better than solving the previous year question papers of MAT?

Solving the sample papers, as well as the previous year question papers of MAT, are equally important and the candidate must not skip solving any of the two. Having said that, the last year question papers are the exact replica of the MAT exam which can provide them with an upper hand over the sample papers.

How many last year question papers of MAT should I solve for preparation?

It is great to solve at least 7-8 last year question papers of MAT as it helps in understanding the core of the exam better.

Does solving last year question papers of MAT increase speed?

Yes, solving the previous year question papers of MAT is one of the best ways to increase speed as well as accuracy.

Where can I find the MAT Previous year question paper?

Candidates can find the last year question papers either on the exam page of CollegeDekho or behind the practice books of MAT.

Why is it essential to solve previous year question papers of MAT?

It is very essential to solve the previous year question papers of MAT as it helps in providing a better understanding of the exam pattern and structure. An aspirant also gets an idea of the type and nature of questions that might come in the exam.

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