MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills: Tips for Preparation, Topics, Good Score

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MAT is a common entrance exam conducted 4 times a year for admission into the MBA program. Check out the MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills preparation tips and the important topics covered in the section.

Preparation Tips for MAT 2024

The MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills section is the most challenging section of the exam. This section is the most time-consuming as it mostly depends upon the calculation skills of the candidates. The difficulty level of this section generally ranges from moderate to difficult. The Mathematical Skills section of MAT 2024 is generally the favorite section for students who love calculations. Some of the questions may require a lot of calculations while some can be solved quickly using logic. The total time consumed for this section depends upon the problem-solving skills of the candidates along with their grasp of logic.

Candidates are advised to practice solving more questions and they should focus on preparing strategies for solving a particular type of question. Solving questions from the previous year's MAT Question paper may also be helpful to get familiar with the questions that can be asked in the exam. In this article, Collegedekho covers some of the most important topics in the mathematical skills section of the MAT exam.

Here, you will get an idea of the syllabus, marking scheme, topics, and an average or good score in the MAT mathematical skills section.

MAT Exam Pattern

MAT Previous Year Question Paper

MAT 2024 Exam Pattern

The MAT question paper consists of 5 sections containing 200 questions in total. Each section has 40 questions. One mark will be awarded for each correct answer while 0.25 marks will be deducted for every wrong attempt.

The maximum time for the exam is 150 minutes. There is no time limit for any of the sections so the candidates can devote any amount of time to any section. They must prevent themselves from wasting time on more time-consuming questions.

Aspirants should solve mock test papers to get an idea about the total time taken by each of the sections which can be helpful on exam day. Also, the difficulty level of each of the sections is different.

Candidates should attempt to solve the easier ones first so that they can save time for lengthy and complicated questions.


No. of Questions

Total Marks

Suggested Time

Mathematical Skills



40 min

Data Interpretation and Sufficiency



35 min

Intelligence & Critical Reasoning



30 min

Language Comprehension



30 min

India and Global Environment



15 min




150 min

Topics Covered under MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills

The Mathematical Skills section of the exam includes around 40 questions. Each of the questions carries one mark. Candidates can check the list of all the topics covered under this section below:




Commercial Maths, Permutation and Combinations, LCM and HCF, Percentages, Number System (3-4) questions, Profit and Loss, Interest (Simple and Compound), Speed, Time and Distance; Time and Work; Averages; Ratio and Proportion and others, Elementary Mathematics, Number System, Sequence And Series, Mixtures and Allegation, Unitary Method, Heights, and Distance.



Mensuration/ Geometry

Triangles, Circles, Coordinate Geometry

Pure Maths

Pure Maths

Other topics

Venn diagrams, Linear Equations; Quadratic Equations, Complex Numbers, Logarithm; Progressions, Binomial Theorem, Surds and Indices, Inequalities, Set Theory, Mixtures, and Alligations, Co-ordinate Geometry, Trigonometry, Linear Programming

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MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills Sectional Breakage

A total of 40 questions will be asked from the mathematical section of the exam. You can check the number of questions that will be asked in the exam and the total weightage of the section in the table below:

Type of Questions

Multiple Choice Questions(MCQ)

Total weightage in MAT syllabus 2024


No. of Questions

40 questions

Best Books For MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills

Candidates can refer to the books listed below for Best Books for MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills preparation. These books are suggested by the toppers and experts.

Book Name

Publisher/ Writer

Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Exams

RS Aggarwal

Speed Mathematics: Do it Quick, Do it Right

Rajesh Kumar Thakur C

Magical Book on Quicker Maths

M. Tyra

Quantitative Ability

Arun Sharma

Good Score in MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills

One of the important questions asked by the students is “what is a good score in the mathematical skills section of MAT”. While there is no specific answer for this question, a good score can be calculated based on questions attempted by the candidates.

Candidates who attempt 130+ marks with 100% surety can expect 99.9 percentile, those who attempt 120+ marks can get 90 percentile and those who answer the paper for 100 marks will get around 90 percentile.

The candidates who answered for 80 marks with 100% surety will get around 80 percentile. It must be noted that this criterion is just prepared after analyzing previous scores. Candidates should not answer questions about which they are not confident.

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MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills Sample Questions

Here are some of the MAT Mathematical Skills sample questions.

Question: LCM of 2 natural numbers q and p where q > p is 935. What is the maximum possible sum of the digits of p?

  1. 1
  2. 13
  3. 8
  4. 2

Question: Q is y% more than P. P is (y - 10)% less than X. If Q > X, what is the range of values Y can take?

  1. 10% to 28%
  2. 10% to 25%
  3. 10% to 37%
  4. 10% to 43%

Question: B is y% more than A and is y% of the sum of B and A. What is the value of y?

  1. 50%
  2. 62%
  3. 75%
  4. 37%

Question: In a class, if 60% of the girls were boys, then there would be 60% more boys than girls. What percentage of the overall class are boys?

  1. 25%
  2. 33.33%
  3. 40%
  4. None of These

Question: The sum of the first 13 terms of an AP is equal to the sum of the first 8 terms in the same AP. The sum of the first 9 terms is 62, what is the third term in the AP?

  1. 92
  2. None of These
  3. 46
  4. 23

Important Points to Crack Mathematical Skills in MAT 2024

Some of the important points to solve the mathematical section are listed below.

  • You should solve questions based on difficulty level so that you manage your time accordingly.

  • Practice mock test and sample question papers.

  • Check the shortcuts for all types of questions so that you can solve the problem quickly.

  • You can also calculate the approximate value instead of the correct number for data Interpretation questions.

Candidates are further advised to work on their calculation speed and shortcut techniques so that they can attempt this section easily.

Candidates can also download the previous year's question papers for the MAT entrance exam to know more about the type of questions they can expect in the Mathematical Skills section.

Those who have any doubts regarding MAT 2024 exam may ask questions on the Collegedekho QnA zone. Besides this, those who want admission-related assistance may fill out our Common Application Form.

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How to improve MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills?

To improve your MAT 2024 Mathematical Skills, you must first master all of the fundamentals of mathematics. If you don't comprehend the fundamental ideas of Mathematics, get assistance from a tutor or look for appropriate study material for Mathematical Skills on YouTube, coaching institutions, or online learning platforms. There are several good resources for studying Mathematics online or understanding highly extensive explanations for every topic. So, preparing for MAT Mathematics Skills is relatively easier with practice and dedication.

I did not study Maths in class 12th. So, how can I perform better at MAT Mathematical Skills?

Even if you did not study math in class 12th, you need not be concerned since the syllabus is mainly of the 10th-grade level. Concentrate on knowing all the core concepts. Refer to Arun Sharma's, Nishit K Sinha, and RS Aggarwal's books. It is also strongly advised to take Mathematical Skills lessons, either online or in person, since they will assist you in planning your preparation.

How much time is required for preparing for MAT Mathematical Skills?

Candidates for the MAT Mathematical Skills must devote at least 2-3 hours every day to intensive preparation until the test date. If this is your weakest section in the exam, devote extra time to it and prioritize your preparation for it.

What is the fastest way to prepare for MAT Mathematical Skills?

The fastest way to prepare for the MAT MS is to practice MAT sample papers and previous year question papers. By practising them, you will be able to readily comprehend the kind of questions asked in the exam and will have a clear understanding of what to anticipate.

What is the overall difficulty level of the MAT Mathematical Skills section?

The overall difficulty level of the MAT Mathematical Skills section is rated as moderate-high in difficulty. The Arithmetic and Algebra problems are a little difficult to answer. Geometry and mensuration issues need the application of fundamental principles as well as some logical reasoning. Candidates who have done enough preparation and have mastered all of the fundamental topics, on the other hand, will have an easier time.

MAT Previous Year Question Paper

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