How to Score Well in NID DAT 2024

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Updated On: April 19, 2024 07:37 pm IST | NID DAT

Are you curious about scoring well in the NID DAT 2024 exam? You have landed in the right spot. Let's delve into the top tips on how to score well in NID DAT 2024 to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern to boost your performance. 

How to score well in NID DAT 2023

How to Score Well in NID DAT: Wondering how to score well in NID DAT 2024 exam? You are not alone! Many aspirants like you seek guidance every year. To help every design enthusiast on this path, we have gathered a variety of tips on how to score well in NID DAT 2024. This exam evaluates not just your design skills but also opens doors to prestigious design colleges based on your NID DAT 2024 result. The exam takes place in two stages: NID DAT Prelims and NID DAT Mains. Only those who clear the Prelims move on to the Mains, which includes a written aptitude test and subsequent stages like the Mains Studio Test, Portfolio Evaluation, and an Interview. Getting a good score in NID DAT 2024 requires creativity, hard work, and general awareness. Though preparing for such a competitive test can be daunting, following specific tips and tricks can make the journey smoother. We recommend all candidates follow this article till the end for essential tips, along with valuable insights on the best books, syllabus, exam patterns, and effective preparation tips for NID DAT 2024

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Top Tips to Score Well in NID DAT 2024

Before you wonder what is a good score in NID DAT, let us look at some tips to score well in NID DAT 2024. Go through the tips given below to score well in the exam: 

  • Make a Plan: Curating a plan and making a strategy, is very crucial for NID DAT. It helps in managing time and implementing ideas. Try to allocate enough study time to all the subjects. Making a plan is an effective way to manage time and achieve desired goals. 
  • Solve the Sample Papers: Sample Papers or Practice Papers are a great way to understand the exam pattern and type of questions that might crop up. Solve as many NID DAT sample papers as you can. It would also help in analysing your performance and rectifying mistakes. 
  • Follow the NID DAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus: To score well in the NID DAT 2024 exam, it is important to familiarize yourself with the NID DAT 2024 exam pattern and syllabus. Make sure you Are following these guidelines closely throughout your preparation. Take a moment to review the exam pattern to ensure you are on the right track. Similarly, stick strictly to the NID DAT 2024 syllabus and avoid studying anything beyond its scope.
  • Take Mock Tests: One effective strategy on how to score well in NID DAT is to take mock tests. NID DAT mock tests simulate the real exam environment, allowing you to experience what it is like to tackle a practice paper under exam conditions. By engaging in mock tests, you can assess your readiness for the actual exam and identify any areas where you may need improvement.
  • Work on your Speed: There are plenty of questions to attend to in a limited time. Practising through previous years' question papers and model papers provides the required speed and enhances accuracy. Set a timer each time you solve a mock test and try to wind it up within the prescribed time limit
  • Polish your Visualization and Observation Skills: It is often believed that this entrance test only deals with creative skills. However, the truth is that the visualization and observation skills of a candidate are also evaluated in the exam. Revisit the NID DAT previous year’s question papers and understand the requirements of the questions. Try practising as many online exercises as you can. 
  • Put on your Creative Hat: Creativity and imagination skills play a vital role in this design exam. Instead of focusing on the conventional concepts, candidates should try to think outside of the box and carry an experimental approach to the answers. Unique and ingenious ideas choose to stand out and grab the attention of the admission cell.
  • Practice is the Key: Practice and consistency together are very important for the NID DAT. Stay constant and practice every day. It not only helps you be better than the last day but also builds momentum. Aspirants will get a better understanding of the questions and will reach the answers sooner. Check out some last-minute NID DAT preparation tips for exam day.
  • Take Breaks: Do not study continuously as it can exhaust your brain and can leave you restless. The mind of an individual needs to be refreshed after regular study hours as too much information can cause brain fatigue. Overflow of information can also confuse the candidate.
  • Fix your Sleep Cycle: A few aspirants mess up with their sleep cycle and then complain about nervousness and uneasiness. Not having enough sleep can make your body and mind weak. To concentrate well and maintain a good grasping power, the mind and body require at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.
  • Improve your General Awareness: Keep yourself informed about the current happenings and general affairs as they are asked in the exam. Instead of cramming up books, try reading newspapers, magazines and journals every day. Find out about the designing world and the top designers. Know everything about them and their contribution to the design world.
  • Revision is Crucial: Keep a separate notebook to write important topics and concepts so that you can revisit them later. Keep the last few weeks reserved only for revision as whatever you have studied needs to be retained and revision is the best way to do that.

As the NID DAT 2024 Prelims draw near, the final 10 days play an important role in solidifying your preparation and maximizing your chances to score well in NID DAT 2024. Here are key tips to excel in the exam:

Revise and Reinforce

While preparing to score well in NID DAT 2024, concentrate on revisiting notes, mock tests, and essential concepts instead of introducing new topics. Assess your mock test performance to pinpoint weaknesses and allocate additional time for improvement in those specific areas. Enhance your speed and accuracy by practising with the previous years' NID DAT question papers while adhering to time constraints. This focused approach will contribute to a more effective and targeted preparation for success in the upcoming NID DAT 2024 exam.

Organize Your Resources

Ensure easy access to notes, mock test papers, textbooks, and reference materials. Organize your remaining days efficiently by allocating dedicated time for each subject and topic. Maintain a healthy sleep routine and take regular breaks to prevent burnout.

Seek Clarification and Guidance

For any challenging concepts, seek clarification from teachers, or mentors, or participate in online study groups to gain a better understanding. Stay connected with fellow NID DAT aspirants through online forums to exchange helpful tips, and strategies, and maintain motivation throughout your preparation. Minimize distractions, particularly from social media, to ensure focused and productive study sessions. This collaborative and focused approach will contribute to a more enriching and supportive preparation for the NID DAT 2024 exam.

Manage Stress

To manage stress and anxiety, incorporate mindfulness or deep breathing exercises into your routine. Visualize yourself confidently navigating and succeeding in the exam. Maintain a strong belief in your skills and sustain motivation throughout the preparation period of how to score well in NID DAT 2024 exam. These practices will contribute to a more relaxed and focused mindset, enhancing your ability to perform well in the NID DAT 2024 exam.

Stay Updated

Stay updated on any last-minute changes or modifications to the exam schedule. Make certain you have downloaded and printed your NID DAT 2024 admit card well ahead of time. Get acquainted with the exam venue, and plan to arrive early to sidestep any last-minute rushes. This preparation ensures you are well-prepared and organized on the day of the NID DAT 2024 exam, reducing stress and enhancing your overall performance.

Note: While the last days are important, avoid excessive stress. Stay calm, confident, and dedicated to success in the NID DAT 2024 Prelims!

Exam Day Tips to Score Well in NID DAT 2024

Here's a rundown of top tips straight from past toppers and exam experts on how to score well in NID DAT:

  • Keep Calm and Stay Focused: Exam jitters can throw you off, so take deep breaths and trust your preparation.
  • Maintain a Positive Attitude: Believe in yourself and visualize success to keep those nerves at bay.
  • Bank on Your Practice: Your hard work counts, so trust your skills and knowledge base even if a question seems tricky.
  • Read Instructions Thoroughly: Don't lose scores due to misinterpretations. Take time to understand each question fully.
  • Plan Your Time: Allocate time wisely for each section based on its difficulty level and importance.
  • Attempt All Questions: No penalty for wrong answers means it's better to make an educated guess than to leave questions blank.
  • Prioritize Strategically: Tackle your strongest sections first to maximize your score.
  • Brainstorm and Sketch Swiftly: Use initial minutes to jot down ideas for all questions.
  • Emphasize Composition and Creativity: A well-thought-out concept can compensate for technical flaws.
  • Manage Your Time: Ensure you allocate enough time to finalize your chosen sketch.
  • Pack Your Essentials: Double-check that you have all necessary drawing materials and a valid ID.

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Top Colleges Accepting NID DAT Scores 2024

Check out the list of colleges that accept the scores of NID DAT 2024 along with their location below.

College Name

College Location

D. J. Academy of Design

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu 

National Institute of Design

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Shiv Nadar University

Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh

National Institute of Design

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

National Institute of Design

Gandhinagar, Gujarat

IILM School of Design (IILM)

New Delhi, Delhi

WLCI School of Fashion Technology

Kolkata, West Bengal

Pearl Academy

Mumbai, Maharashtra

World University of Design

Sonepat, Haryana

To perform well in the NID DAT you can also read How to Crack Interviews for Design Admissions in India and the Importance of Portfolio for Admission in Design Courses. They will help you comprehend the requirements of the design sphere.

To find out more options for design admissions, feel free to talk to our admission experts. To do so, you can either dial 1800-572-9877 or fill up the Common Application Form (CAF). For any queries or concerns, write to us through the QnA zone.

Stay tuned to CollegeDekho for more information on NID DAT 2024!

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How can I prepare for NID DAT 2024 to score well?

There are several things you can do to prepare for NID DAT 2024, including:
- Start your preparation early and stick to a study schedule.
- Understand the exam pattern and syllabus thoroughly.
- Practice previous years' question papers and mock tests.
- Focus on improving your time management skills.
- Stay healthy and get enough sleep before the exam.

What is the eligibility criteria for NID DAT 2024?

Candidates must have passed Class 12 or equivalent from a recognised board with a minimum of 50% marks in aggregate to be eligible for NID DAT 2024. They must also have been born on or after July 1, 2003. There are no age restrictions for NRIs or overseas candidates. 

What are the best books for NID DAT 2024 preparation?

There are several good books available for NID DAT preparation. Some of the most recommended ones include:
- NID DAT Guide by RPH Editorial Board
- Design Aptitude Test by Arihant Publications
- General Knowledge and Current Affairs by Disha Publications

How many students appear for NID DAT Prelims every year?

The precise number of students who take the NID DAT Prelims each year is not made public. However, approximately 35,000 students applied for the NID DAT exam in 2023. Approximately 25,000 of these candidates took the Prelims exam. Given the popularity of the NID DAT exam, the number of students taking the Prelims exam in 2024 is expected to be similar to or slightly higher than the number in 2023.

Can I score well in NID DAT 2024 without coaching?

Yes, you can score well in NID DAT 2024 without coaching. Many students have passed the exam on their own by sticking to a strict study schedule and practising often. It is crucial to note, however, that the NID DAT is a competitive exam, and doing well demands dedication and hard study. If you are thinking about getting coaching, keep in mind that it can give you guidance and support, but it is not a guarantee of success. Finally, the secret to NID DAT success is to be well-prepared and confident in your abilities. 

How many students get into NID colleges every year?

The total number of students who get into NID colleges every year varies depending on the number of seats available and the number of applicants. However, in recent years, an average of 200-250 students have been admitted to NID colleges each year.

Does Class 12 marks matter in NID DAT 2024?

No, Class 12 marks do not matter for the NID DAT 2024 exam. The NID DAT is a design aptitude test and does not assess academic performance. Candidates will be evaluated based on their design skills, creativity, and general knowledge. However, candidates must have passed Class 12 or equivalent with a minimum of 50% marks to be eligible for the exam.

Is NID DAT 2024 among the toughest exams to clear or pass?

Yes, the NID DAT 2024 is regarded as one of the most difficult tests to pass. This is owing to the high level of competitiveness and the exam's tough character. Only a small number of applicants are eventually accepted into NID colleges. However, with hard effort, determination, and proper preparation, anyone may pass the NID DAT exam.

How is the NID DAT 2024 score calculated?

The NID DAT 2024 score is determined by adding the results of the Prelims and Mains exams. Typically, the weightage for the Prelims exam is 30%, while the weightage for the Mains exam is 70%. In the official NID DAT booklet, the exact weightage for the 2024 exam will be disclosed.

What is a good score for NID DAT 2024?

A good NID DAT 2024 score is normally over the 90th percentile. This indicates that you must outperform 90% of other exam takers to be considered for admission to NID colleges. However, depending on the year and the amount of applications, the particular cutoff for admission will change. To maximise your chances of admission to NID, always aim for the highest possible score. 

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