How to Prepare for LSAT India 2020

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How to Prepare for LSAT India 2020

Designed by Law School Admission Council (LSAC), LSAT India has always been a popular law entrance exam, as it tests the critical thinking skills of the candidates instead of current affairs or factual knowledge. LSAT 2020 syllabus is vast, and it is necessary for the aspirants to allocate sufficient time for the exam preparation.

LSAT India is a gateway for admission in more than 50 law schools in the country. Therefore, it is extremely important for law aspirants to attempt all the questions in the paper to the best of their ability in order to score well. In the paper, there are around 92-100 questions that candidates have to attempt within the duration of two hours and twenty minutes.

Section-wise Preparation Strategy for LSAT

LSAT India 2020 has questions related to Analytical Reasoning, Logical Reasoning and Reading Comprehension. While preparing for this law entrance exam, students should keep in mind that it is a skills test and not a knowledge test. The section-wise preparation strategy for LSAT is elaborated below.

Analytical Reasoning

Questions in the analytical reasoning section of LSAT exam tests the understanding and logical thinking ability of the candidates. Some of the preparation tips that will help candidates to improve are -

  • LSAT aspirants must give more importance to the analytical reasoning section, as it needs a lot of practice.
  • It is necessary to practice numerous LSAT mock tests to attain perfection and accuracy in analytical reasoning.
  • While solving a question, you must understand the structure of relationships and draw logical conclusions from the same.
  • The analytical reasoning section of the LSAT exam will have some questions associated with complex analysis, which are required for a law student to solve legal problems or issues.
  • Therefore, a better practice makes perfect. Therefore, the candidates must practice regularly, and solve five to ten legal problems per day.
  • Analytical Reasoning books for LSAT preparation are available in the market and online stores.
  • The LSAT preparation books will have an explanation to various topics associated with the subject and mock tests. You must practice regularly to attain a better score in LSAT India 2020.
  • After practicing the mock test on analytical reasoning, try to figure out solutions for the wrong answers marked by you. Analysing your mistakes will sharpen your mind, and improves your skills in the area of analytical reasoning.
  • Do not lose confidence or give up.

Logical Reasoning

Logical Reasoning questions in the LSAT India 2020 exam are based on short arguments derived from different sources such as magazines and newspapers. Some of the preparation tips that can help candidates improve are:

  • You must apply your common sense in an effective way to answer these questions.
  • The Logical Reasoning section focuses on logical connections and the candidates must find arguments for the same. Such skills will test whether the candidate is capable of becoming a lawyer or not.
  • In order to attain perfection in this area, the candidates must study various legal issues that appear in the newspaper regularly. You can also refer judgments delivered by the apex court on important cases.
  • Understand the case, prepare the arguments, and stick yourself to the positive side of the case. Such exercise will help candidates score better in the LSAT exam.
  • Practicing mock tests is very important to sharpen your mind and improve your logical reasoning skills.
  • Do not lose confidence or give up at any stage of exam preparation. There are different ways to improve.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension of LSAT exam carries utmost importance, as the passages given in this section are lengthy. This section is also time-consuming, and the candidates must be careful while answering questions. A single mistake will make other answers incorrect, and it is important to be accurate, sensible, and careful while answering. Reading comprehension section also contains complex vocabulary and questions, which are difficult to understand. Some of the preparation tips that will help candidates to improve are -

  • It is important to enhance your reading and language skills in advance for better performance in the exam.

  • Read the articles in various magazines, blogs, websites that have rich content.

  • You cannot improve reading merely by reading articles, and it is significant to note down the complex words.

  • You must learn the meanings of complex words, and prepare at least three to four sentences on that particular word.

  • Practice as many as mock tests you can to gain more knowledge, experience, and perfection.

  • Do not skip reading process even on a single day, and it must be regular.

  • Concentrate on given questions in the mock test under reading comprehension, understand the question carefully, and find out the logical answer. You must be 100% sure that the answer picked by you is correct.

6-Month Preparation Strategy for LSAT India 2020

With the help of the 6-month preparation strategy for LSAT India 2020, the LSAT India 2020 aspirants should start preparing for the entrance exam. The LSAT India 2020 6-month preparation strategy by CollegeDekho suggests that:

  • The LSAT India 2020 aspirants should start going through each topic and sub-topic in a detailed manner 

  • The aspirants must not restrict themselves from learning the topics and sub-topics  from more than one source

  • The LSAT India aspirants should focus on learning how to apply the concepts with more and more practise

  • The aspirants must aim at solving the maximum number of LSAT India 2020 mock test papers during this time 

  • Dedicating extra hours to the logical reasoning and analytical reasoning subjects will at this juncture to produce a fruitful result

  • The aspirants, amidst all the preparation plans for LSAT India, must not forget to revise the topics once they are completed

Important Pointers for Exam Day

Reach Your Exam Venue Before the Scheduled Time: The examination will begin at 10:30 AM on the exam day. However, candidates must reach the venue around 9:30 AM, which is at least an hour prior to the commencement of the exam. Those who will reach after 10 AM will not be permitted to appear for the exam.

Carry Necessary Documents: Candidates must ensure that they have all the necessary documents such as admit card, identity proof, etc. on the exam day. Those who forget to bring the required documents could be barred from taking the exam.

Go Through the Paper Carefully: When you sit down to answer the paper, read all the questions carefully to avoid making any silly mistakes. Take your time while going through the paper as the exam is known to have longer questions which are bound to consume a lot of time. 

Attempt All Questions: Candidates taking LSAT India 2020 must try and attempt as many questions as possible because there is ample time to solve the paper. 

No Negative Marking: The best part about taking LSAT India 2020 is that it has no negative marking. So, you must try and attempt all the questions even if you're not sure about the answers.

Time Management: Since every section in LSAT India has a fixed time duration, you must try and manage your time well. This is because once the allotted time is over for a particular section, you will not be allowed to return to that specific test section and attempt questions that were left unanswered.

Revision: Approximately 35 minutes will be given to solve each section in LSAT India 2020. Therefore, you should try to answer all the questions in a particular section within the fixed duration and keep at least 5-10 minutes spare to do a quick revision of that particular section.

LSAT Exam Taking Strategy

As already mentioned above, LSAT does not have questions on legal knowledge, mathematics, grammar, and current affairs. The exam completely tests the critical thinking skills of the test takers. There is a specific exam-taking strategy with regard to the LSAT exam. More details are elaborated below.

  • It is important to read and understand the sample LSAT India test questions to become familiar with the nature of questions. Try answering these sample questions to test your abilities. LSAT India website contains a sample test, and the candidates can practice the same to test your capabilities and identify weak areas.

  • If you choose the wrong answer, try to find out why the answer was incorrect, and find out the correct solution.

  • Read the explanations given to 15 questions LSAT India website, and understand each explanation.

  • Later, proceed with one practice test under timed conditions (30- 35 minutes). It is better to find a peaceful spot where you cannot be disturbed.

  • Do not check for correct answers until the completion of each section.

  • Repeat the same process for remaining sections, and make sure that you maintain time. You must complete the test within the specified time.

  • Try to answer all the questions within the given time. Do not leave any questions, as it influences the overall performance.

Usually, LSAT India is a difficult exam, and in most cases, not all the answers given by the candidates may turn out to be correct. Therefore, do not panic if you score fewer marks in the mock test. Try practicing more mock tests, and you can see improvement in performance from time to time.

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