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Bipasha Ray
Bipasha Ray
Bipasha Ray

A dedicated and passionate thinker, Bipasha Ray excels in the craft of content writing, seamlessly blending research with compelling language to produce comprehensive and captivating content. With a natural inclination towards originality, Bipasha possesses the ability to deliver productive content that resonates deeply with every kind of audience.

Originally from Delhi, Bipasha holds an Honors degree in History from Delhi University. Her journey as a professional content writer began in 2021 when she discovered her true passion for writing. Starting as a freelancer, she gradually transitioned into a full-time employee, gaining valuable experience through a diverse range of projects spanning various industries. 

From writing recipes and counselling provisions to SaaS, IT, real estate, jewellery, engineering, and packaging, she has expanded her horizons and honed her writing skills in diverse niches during her professional journey spanning over two years. Her expertise extends to crafting SEO-optimized content for company websites, social media marketing, presentations, blogs, and creatives.

Currently working as a content writer with CollegeDekho, her role comprises producing informative, fact-driven articles and news on recruitment exams, college admissions and so on. 

In her quest to deliver top-notch work, Bipasha relies on extensive research from credible sources available on web-based search engines, social platforms, and offline reading materials like books, newspapers, and magazines. Her commitment to delivering exceptional content has garnered her a reputation for consistently meeting and exceeding client expectations.

After settling in Kolkata in 2011, Bipasha found inspiration in the vibrant metropolis and lives with her family, consisting of her husband, son, and in-laws. Besides her writing pursuits, she proudly identifies as a bibliophile with a penchant for documentaries and horror movies.

Continually embracing new challenges, Bipasha aspires to evolve further as a seasoned writer, leaving a lasting impact with her words. 

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