How to Prepare for UPES DAT 2019

Nupur Kaushik Updated On: 06 May, 2019 12:56 IST

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How to Prepare For UPES DAT 2019

In order to prepare well for UPES DAT 2019, you must have a good preparation strategy ready beforehand. Once you sit to study for the entrance exam, you must keep in mind few tips and tricks to score better marks in UPES DAT 2019.

Plan Things Beforehand:

Having things planned beforehand will be of great help to you. For UPES DAT 2019 preparation, know how, when and what you should study for the entrance exam. You should also take a note of your revision plan as it will really help you do well in your exam. Students who plan things beforehand would be able to perform much better and much more than aspirants who don’t.

Start with Early Preparations:

Starting preparing for UPES DAT 2019 as early as possible to avoid last minute hassle and stress. In addition, set aside a little time each week to sit down and organise your notes and think about what's going well and what requires more attention.

Revision of Syllabus:

The time left for the entrance exam determines how many times you can, and you should revise the whole syllabus of the exam. For better exam preparation, you should revisit the entire syllabus at least twice before the exam. Doing sincere revision will certainly help you master the subjects in your syllabus.

Take Small Breaks:

Taking breaks is very important while you prepare for your exam. While you should devote a good amount of time to your study, you should also not compromise on taking a few small breaks in between your studies. Studying in one go may not prove to be beneficial for you as you wouldn’t remember a thing in the exam. So, take some hours off while studying to cope well with your exam preparation.

Best Books for UPES DAT 2019 Preparation

Design drawing by Francis Ching

NIFT, NID & IIFT Entrance Exam Guide (01 Edition) by Dharmendra Mittal

Rendering in Pen and ink by Robert Gill

Seeds For CEED by Bhushan Patil

Perspective Drawing handbook by Joseph Amelio

NIFT / NID and IIFT Entrance Exam by Mittal D

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