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XAT 2024 Preparation Strategy, Tips & Time Table - Study Plan for XAT Exam

Updated By Subhashri Roy on 30 Nov, 2023 11:29

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Preparation Tips for XAT 2024

How to Prepare for XAT 2024: Preparing for XAT 2024 can be an overwhelming task for many aspirants, and devising an effective strategy is key to achieving a strong score. Successful XAT preparation requires a well-structured approach that involves familiarizing yourself with the course content and supplementing your studies with ample XAT Mock Tests. The number of hours needed for XAT preparation can vary significantly based on individual academic backgrounds, prior preparation, and subject proficiency. In this article, we will provide you with invaluable preparation strategies to help you successfully navigate for XAT 2024 and maximize your chances of qualifying for this prestigious examination.

It's important to emphasize that there is no one-size-fits-all XAT preparation plan. Your preparation for XAT 2024 should be tailored to your level of familiarity with the material, available time, and learning pace. How to prepare for XAT is a subjective question, as the approach to XAT preparation must be customized for each individual.

XAT 2024 is scheduled for January 7, 2024, and it is the second most widely recognized MBA admission test in India. Over 100 MBA institutes, including prestigious institutions like XLRI, XIM, XIME, and XISS, rely on XAT scores as a primary screening criterion for admission to their MBA programs.

Scroll through the entire page to find out more about how to prepare for XAT 2024!

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What is a Good Score in XAT 2024?

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      Exam date: 24 Nov, 2024

    Section-Wise XAT 2024 Preparation Tips

    Check out the section-wise preparation tips for XAT 2024 below:

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 Decision-Making

    • There are a total of 22 questions that the candidates must solve in a time span of 40 minutes. Candidates must keep 5 minutes to revise the answered questions and attempt the unsolved questions.

    • The best way to clear this section is to first understand the subject matter properly and then start solving the questions.

    • Take help from your mentors and seniors to study the subject well.

    • All you need to do is to have a good command over the questions on topics like Coding and Decoding, Data Arrangement Test, Numeric Grid, Analytical Reasoning, and Logical Matching.

    • Take practice sessions on a regular basis so that you may solve the questions with full confidence and accuracy.

    • Experts advise that understanding the questions first and then attempting the solutions will give better results.

    • For Mathematical sections, practice the equations and formulas that will help you solve the questions of these sections. This section includes questions on Arithmetic, Series, Situational, etc.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 Verbal and Logical Ability

    • Candidates must complete the 26 questions of this section in not less than 50 minutes.

    • The area judges candidates on their English language and grammar skills.

    • The seven sub-sections Reverse Analogies or Analogies, Paragraph Completion, Reading Comprehension, Paragraph Jumble, Vocabulary, Critical inference/Reasoning, and Grammar require candidates’ efforts and rigorous practice.

    • Reading newspapers and good journals will help candidates go through the questions of this with ease.

    • Divide your study time according to the seven portions and then start practicing the related questions.

    • Good command over the paragraph jumble and reading comprehension will help candidates be quick with these questions at the time of the main examination. This can be gained by solving similar types of questions with timers on.

    • Candidates can get help from good English grammar books and other competitive books in order to improve practice and enhance knowledge.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation

    • The questions in the Quantitative Ability & Data Interpretation section must be answered in 45 minutes. There will be a total of 27 questions framed for this category of XAT 2024.

    • This paper is purely based on Mathematics and its types and functions. In order to conquer this field of XAT 2024, candidates first need to clear their Mathematical concepts and formulas.

    • Taking help from mentors and seniors is considered to be good for this section. Candidates can also take admission to some reputed coaching centres, which will them guide through the subject matter.

    • Making notes of the different processes of solving equations and formulas, is also a good study plan for clearing this portion.

    • Candidates must also keep track of the time taken to solve a particular type of question/s so that at the time of the main examination maximum numbers get answered in the provided time.

    • The more the questions of QA and DI are practiced, the more confidence candidates will gain, increasing their speed and performance.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 General Knowledge

    • 40 minutes devoted to this section is considered to be a good time duration. A total of 25 questions will be in store for the candidates.

    • Candidates who have full confidence in this section, must finish it in 30 minutes and keep the rest 10 minutes for the overall revision of the answered paper.

    • Different sectors are covered in this circumference of XAT 2024. These include International Relations, Nation & States, Politics, Business, Economy, Commerce, Science, Geography, Sports, History, etc.

    • To overcome this section, the best would be to connect with current affairs with the help of news and newspapers, internet and journals, books and magazines, etc.

    • Keeping track of the latest news and reading in detail about the burning issues of society, will help candidates to cover this section with ease.

    • Group discussion among friends and with teachers will also be a good way to approach this section of XAT 2024.

    • Candidates must have a curious and intriguing mind while reading or studying a topic or issue. This will help them in acquiring more and more knowledge about that particular topic.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 Essay Writing

    • Make sure your writing is significant and original; this is one of the common XAT essay writing suggestions from experts.

    • Candidates should always remember to write their essays in multiple paragraphs.

    • The essay's body paragraphs should each discuss a separate idea that supports the topic.

    • The essay should be structured in such a way that

      • The first paragraph should serve as an introduction to the essay topic.

      • In the paragraphs that follow, the main essay topic must be expanded upon, defended, or refuted.

      • A summary of the primary point must be included in the final paragraph as a conclusion.

    • Refrain from using technical terms/jargon and informal slang.

    • Make speculative remarks rather than conclusive ones so that there is room for additional discussion.

    General Tips & Tricks for XAT 2024

    Given below are a few general tips and tricks for XAT 2024.

    Preparation tips for XAT 2022

    Know Your Syllabus Well

    It is very important for every test taker to know the syllabus of the examination. Without knowing the syllabus, the preparation process will become difficult and time-consuming. XAT 2024 Syllabus will guide the candidates through the sections and topics that must be studied and prepared well before appearing for the examination. The syllabus has minute details of the sections from which the different questions will be framed for the test paper.

    Familiarity with the XAT 2024 Exam Pattern

    Knowing the exam pattern is another important part of the preparation plan. The XAT 2024 exam pattern deals with the structure of the question paper. It tells the candidates how the paper looks by defining factors like the number of questions per section, the total number of questions, marks per question, total marks, time duration, negative marking, and format of the paper. If the candidate is aware of these factors then he/she can divide the syllabus according to the exam pattern and start studying the portions giving equal weight to each section of the syllabus. This in return will also help candidates in scoring good marks for XAT 2024.

    Create a Study Plan

    Candidates must start the preparation by creating a study plan. It is very important for candidates to plan out the vast syllabus of XAT 2024 to cover everything well. A good study plan will help candidates get through the syllabus in a smooth and easy manner, as it will make space for every subject and the sections that must be covered for the test.

    Focus on the Concept

    A clear concept is very important for every subject and topic that we study. If the candidates have understood the concept of a particular subject or topic then studying and memorizing that subject or topic becomes easy and quick. It is very important for candidates to focus more on understanding the subject matter first and then start practicing it. Understanding the concept of the subject works best for the subjects that need to be solved in steps.

    Learn Time Management

    Time management is very important for competitive exams like XAT 2024. If candidates fail to handle the allotted time duration for completing the exam paper then they might lose their chance of getting selected for the best management institution. Similarly, if the candidates fail to complete their syllabus on time then sitting for the examination will become a tough task for them. Therefore, experts advise that candidates must manage their time by making a timetable for the purpose of exam preparation. This will help them cover the entire syllabus on time and will also give candidates time to revise the chapters well before appearing for the examination. Time management can also be conquered by following the exam pattern at the time of practice sessions. All that is required is to be quick and easy with the questions on the main exam day and this can be achieved only by following the time duration, keeping the exam pattern in mind.

    Make Short Notes

    This is one of the most effective ways to cover the difficult topics of the XAT 2024 syllabus. Making short notes is also a fun task to do. Candidates can cut short a huge topic in a number of short notes or pointers which will help them go through the topic in an easy manner. Short notes will lighten the burden of the vast syllabus and will encourage candidates to read the entire topic quickly.

    Take Tests Regularly

    Candidates must take tests on a regular basis so that they are aware of the pattern that they are about to face at the time of examination. Taking tests on a regular basis will also help candidates to revise what they have studied and will also help them to know what they need to study more. It will help candidates to know their weaker sections and the sections that need more practice and focus.

    Seek Guidance From Experts

    One of the best ways to deal with the syllabus and the examination is to seek help and guidance from experts. These experts can be your teachers, parents, seniors, and friends. You must not hesitate to seek help from any available source or person that you think can help you go through the syllabus. These people can help you understand the concept of a topic/subject or can also help you understand the pattern and structure of the examination that you are about to face.

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    XAT 2024 Preparation Timeline

    Check out the ideal dates for XAT 2024 preparation below:

    XAT Preparation Plan

    Preparation Start Date

    Time for XAT 2024 1-year Study Plan

    February - March 2023

    Time for XAT 2024 6 months Study Plan

    July - August 2023

    Time for XAT 2024 3 months Study Plan

    October - November 2023

    Time for XAT 2024 Last-minute Study Plan

    2nd week of December 2023 onwards

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 60 Days?

    With around 60 days left on the exam calendar, here is how you can prepare for the XAT 2024 exam.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 1st Month

    • Go through the topper’s recommendations and tips. 

    • Pick up reliable study materials to prepare for the exam.

    • Curate a well-woven study plan. Keep in mind the weightage, strengths, and weaknesses before doing so.

    • Start with the basic concepts so that the foundation remains intact.

    • Keep writing important notes in a separate notebook so that it is easy to go back to it while revising for the exam.

    • Solve mock tests and sample papers time and again to keep track of your performance.

    • Work towards strengthening your weak areas. Try turning your weakness into your strength.

    • Try covering new topics in the first month only. Leave the second month for practice and revision.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 2nd Month

    • Modify or edit your study plan as per the remaining days for the exam and your performance level.

    • Keep enough mock papers, sample papers, and last year’s question papers for practice.

    • Work towards strengthening your preparation.

    • Spend more time revising.

    • Keep visiting the notebook with important points so that you do not forget any crucial detail on exam day.

    • Stay away from distractions and focus completely on exam preparation.

    • Brush up your preparation including the foundation and crucial topics.

    • Find out which sections of the exam are most important and better prepared. Understand your preparation level and strategize your exam approach.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 30 Days?

    Preparing for XAT 2024 in 30 days is a task as it is not an easy exam to crack. However, with a definite day-by-day study plan and dedication, anyone can ace the XAT exam. Here is the weekly study approach that an individual can take while preparing for XAT 2024 is 30 Days.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 1st Week

    • Go through the entire exam pattern and syllabus of XAT 2024. Also, take note of marks allotted to each topic and concept.

    • Identify your weak and strong points before starting the preparation.

    • Create a study plan for the remaining days keeping in mind the weak areas, strengths, weightage, and importance of each topic/subject.

    • Collect all the required study materials from reliable sources. Make sure that they are of the latest edition.

    • Work on clarifying your basics this week and making the foundation strong.

    • Keep evaluating your performance so that you can strengthen them in the upcoming days.

    • Jot down important points so that you can come back to them anytime you want.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 2nd Week

    • Analyze your preparation and make the necessary changes in the study plan. Also, keep the days left in mind before modifying anything.

    • Do not think about leaving any topic or subject unattended. Cover the entire syllabus as the question can pop up from simply any section of the exam.

    • Solve as many mock tests, sample papers, and last year’s question papers as possible.

    • Instead of investing your entire time in studying new topics, lend it to strengthen the prepared topics and weak areas.

    • Stay away from distractions such as social media, mobile phones, etc.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 3rd Week

    • With only a few days left for the exam, it is important to stick to the study plan completely. 

    • Take a few small breaks in between studying hours as it helps in breaking the monotony. 

    • Keep solving sample problems. It will help you in building confidence.

    • Self-time yourself and solve as many question papers of previous years as possible. It is one of the best ways to identify the type and nature of questions that might crop up in the exam.

    • Evaluate your performance and strengthen your weaknesses.

    • Start going back to the jotted important pointers so that you can retain your memory on the exam day.

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 in 4th Week

    • Take 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

    • Invest almost all your preparation time in revision.

    • Brush up your basics so that your foundation remains fresh in your mind.

    • Do not immerse yourself in studies all day. It can exhaust your body and mind.

    • Only focus on revision on the last day. Do not pick up a new topic or concept, Sleep on time so that you are ready to crack the exam the next day.

    Find Out What to Do 1 Week Before XAT Exam

    How to Prepare for XAT 2024 Within a Short Span of Time?

    There is no shortcut for XAT 2024 preparation but with the right tricks and tips, an individual can prepare for the exam in a short span of time. Here are a few instructions on how to do so.

    • Create a study plan for the number of days left for the exam.

    • Look out for important concepts and topics. Also, find out areas that have the most weightage and start working on them. 

    • Invest time in solving previous year’s question papers, sample questions, practice problems, mock tests etc.

    • Keep a self-timer so that you can time yourself. It helps in building stamina and confidence for the exam.

    • Evaluate your performance and make a note of your weak areas. Work on them and turn them into your strengths.

    • Jot down all the important topics and concepts so that you can revisit them whenever required.

    • Keep the last few days aside for revision. It helps in retaining memory.

    XAT 2024 Self Study vs Coaching - Which is More Important?

    Self-study and coaching are two beneficial ways to prepare for the XAT 2024 exam, however, candidates can go for any of the two keeping their convenience in mind. CollegeDekho has captured the highlights of Self Study vs Coaching below in order to make it easy for the applicants to make a choice.



    Self Study

    Place of Study

    A few coaching institutes provide online coaching while others require the applicant to be physically present in a centre to take the XAT Coaching.

    It can be done from anywhere and everywhere. Candidates can easily study from the convenience of their own homes.

    Method of Study

    Coaching Institutes often curate a study plan and provide it to the candidates. It decreases the workload on them and all they have to do is stay dedicated and focused.

    Candidates have the advantage of crafting a study plan as per their requirements. They can keep their weak & strong areas, pace, and learning abilities in mind before chalking out a plan of study.

    Study Materials

    Most of the coaching institutes offer sample papers, mock tests, and practice problems to the students which saves them from trouble. Applicants have to carry their own books for classes.

    Applicants are required to look out for the best options available in online and offline mode and have to pick up the most relevant ones which is quite a task. Guidance of teachers and the recommendation of toppers need to be considered before making a decision. 

    Pocket Friendly

    Candidates have to pay for the institute and books. The sample papers, directions, and techniques are provided by the center itself which prove to be very beneficial eventually.

    Applicants only have to pay for the study materials. Candidates are saved from paying the tuition fee and travel fee.

    Exam Updates

    Coaching centres/ institutes keep the student updated on the constant exam developments.

    Applicants are required to keep visiting reliable and official sources time and again to keep an eye on the regular exam developments.

    Time Management

    The coaching institutes often move at a very fast pace and those who are successful in keeping up with the speed have a high chance of cracking the exam.

    The candidates are free to create their own guidelines and timelines. They can keep the grasping power, learning pace, and strengths/weaknesses in mind before deciding how much time to allocate to each topic.


    While taking the coaching for XAT, applicants come in contact with a dozen other candidates which gives them a sense of competition and provides them with an understanding of their preparation level.

    An individual is his/her own competition and needs to evaluate his/her performance regularly. They are required to work on weak areas and keep striving for excellence.

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    XAT 2024: One-Year Study Plan

    XAT 2024 Preparation Tips by XAT Previous Year Toppers

    XAT 2024 preparation tips by XAT previous year toppers can provide useful insights regarding what the XAT 2024 aspirants have to do to secure the maximum highest marks. The XAT previous year toppers preparation tips can help the candidates narrow down the list of do’s and don'ts to secure the best possible marks. According to the XAT previous year toppers, the XAT 2024 aspirants have to:

    • Be thorough with XAT 2024 exam pattern and XAT 2024 syllabus. 

    • Solve XAT previous year papers and XAT 2024 mock test papers to segregate the strong areas from the weak ones.

    • Dedicate at least 3 hours daily for XAT 2024 preparation.

    • Focus more on the XAT Decision Making (DM) section.

    • Practice more Data Interpretation (DI) questions as it always consumes more time.

    • Dedicate separate hours for strengthening the weaker areas.

    • Stop learning anything new at least 15 days before the exam starts.

    The toppers and experts also suggest that students who have a separate 6 month and 3-month preparation plan are the ones who are most likely to succeed in the XAT 2024 entrance exam. So, CollegeDekho has prepared a 6 month and 3-month preparation strategy based on tips given by the XAT previous year toppers and XAT experts:

    XAT 2024 6-Month Preparation Plan

    XAT 2024 3-Month Preparation Plan

    • Deeply understand the XAT 2024 Exam Pattern 

    • Understand the XAT 2024 Syllabus

    • Find out the weak and strong areas

    • Work on fundamentals and clarity of concepts

    • Dedicating too much time to theory is a waste of time

    • Solve and attempt XAT previous year papers, mock test papers, and quizzes at regular intervals

    • Look out for the best books for XAT 2024 preparation

    • Be positive every single day leading up to the exam

    • Do not hesitate to ask the mentors regarding any doubt that may arise during the preparatory stages

    • Check if all the bases regarding the fundamentals are covered

    • Other than the XAT 2024 best books, look for some additional preparatory materials online

    • Start taking more and more mock tests to identify the errors and dedicate extra time to rectify them

    • Start attempting more and more previous year test papers and sample test papers 

    • In case of any roadblock, refer to the basics again

    • Sign up for a good XAT 2024 test series 

    Last Minute Tips for XAT 2024

    No matter how well you are prepared for the exam, if you forget to pay attention to last-minute instructions, chances are you might ruin your exam. So, to ensure you have the best experience and don't face any trouble, we have listed some last-minute tips which must be followed by every candidate.

    • The first and most important thing test-takers must do is to assemble all the necessary documents like XAT 2024 Admit Card and Identity Proof a night before the exam so that they do not miss out on taking these documents with them to the centre.

    • Remember to carry only the documents that have been asked for and not the ones that might create trouble at the exam centre.

    • Candidates must also check the centre of the examination a day before the main examination, so that, they may reach the correct exam centre on time.

    • Check without your transport, distance, and estimated time to reach the venue, so that, you do not reach late.

    • Stay calm and avoid unwanted conversations a day before the examination. This will help you recollect all your facts and figures and will help you gain confidence for the day of the examination.

    • A healthy mind can conquer the world, and this is what exactly you need to do while preparing for the examination and revising your syllabus.

    • Take good care of your health and eat your meals on time, without avoiding food and taste. If you are unwell and your stomach is empty then you will not be able to concentrate on the examination.

    • Listen to the instructions disseminated at the centre carefully and follow it the way it has been told.

    • Reach the XAT examination centre an hour before the allotted time. 

    • Remember not to be in a hurry to solve all the questions. First, solve the ones that you have confidence in and then solve the tricky ones. Also, remember that your every wrong answer will deduct 0.25 marks.

    Want to know more about XAT

    FAQs about XAT Preparation Tips

    When should I start preparing for the XAT exam?

    There is no fixed time to start the preparation for the XAT exam. The earlier, the better. If you are starting from scratch, you are advised to start the preparation at least 6-7 months before the exam so that you can easily cover every topic of the syllabus and then revise it. It will also leave enough room to practice the previous year questions and mock tests. If you already have a reasonable level of proficiency in the areas from which questions are asked in the XAT exam and can dedicate 2 to 3 months of focused preparation, you can achieve a good score. After extensive preparation, 1 to 2 months of revision and practice is also enough.

    How should I prepare for XAT?

    You can start preparing for the XAT exam by checking all the important topics mentioned in the exam syllabus. Start your preparation by revising and strengthening your basics in mathematics, language skills, and logical reasoning. After that, you prepare a schedule so that you can divide the time equally among all the sections. If possible, take daily mock tests and solve previous year question papers and sample papers to gauge your preparation. 

    What is the importance of previous years question paper for XAT preparation?

    Previous years question papers of XAT will help you understand what type of questions will be asked in the exam. They are important tools to accelerate your preparation by showing you a proper direction to study for the XAT exam. It is imperative to practice as many previous year papers as possible to assess your preparation level. 

    Are 6 months sufficient to prepare for XAT?

    Yes, if you prepare for the exam with good dedication and hard work then 6 months are enough for XAT preparation. You should make a solid preparation strategy involving understanding the concepts, rigorous practice of question papers, and improving quick thinking skills. You may need less time for preparation if you have strong foundational knowledge in the key areas tested in the XAT, such as mathematics, language skills, and logical reasoning. Develop a well-structured study plan that covers all the topics and sections of the XAT syllabus and allocate time to each section based on your strengths and weaknesses. Additionally, practise regularly and take mock tests to assess your progress.

    What are some tips and tricks to clear the XAT exam?

    To clear the XAT exam, you should practice lots of questions of different difficulty levels to analyze your strengths and weaknesses. Improve your reading comprehension skills and vocabulary. Develop a structured approach to solve questions based on Decision-Making. Revise the basic mathematical concepts and formulae. Also, you should make a proper study schedule and make notes along with your exam preparation. These notes will help you revise all the important points before going for the exam. 

    What type of questions should you prepare for the XAT exam?

    You should prepare multiple choice questions from all four sections of the XAT exam. You can refer to the mock test papers and previous years’ question papers to know what type of questions will be asked in the exam and prepare accordingly. 

    Is coaching necessary to clear XAT?

    No, coaching is not necessary to clear the XAT exam. You can clear the exam by self-preparation if you are highly self-disciplined, motivated, and can stick to a structured study plan on your own. If you have strong foundational knowledge of the subjects tested in the XAT (Verbal Ability, Quantitative Ability, Decision Making, etc.), you may not need coaching to prepare for the exam. There are several study materials available in the market. You can also download the notes available on the internet to get some additional help for exam preparation. 

    What are the important exam day tips for XAT?

    You are advised to be confident while attempting the questions of the XAT exams, hence, start with the sections you are most comfortable with. Since XAT has negative marking for incorrect answers, if you are unsure about an answer, it's often better to skip it than to guess and risk losing marks. Do not forget to review and recheck your answers in each section. You are also advised to reach the examination centre one hour before the exam so that you can get comfortable with the environment.

    How much time is required to prepare for XAT?

    It will take around four to six months to prepare for XAT. The preparation time for the XAT will vary depending on the current level of preparation, academic background, familiarity with the exam format, the target score or percentile, and strengths and weaknesses. During this time, students can cover the syllabus thoroughly, practice extensively, and take multiple mock tests. Those who are already familiar with the type of questions will require 2-3 months of focused preparation. 1 to 2 months of revision and practice is enough for candidates undergoing extensive preparation.

    How can I improve my Quantitative Ability for XAT 2024?

    You should try to solve at least 4-5 problems of all types of questions. Besides this, you are also advised to learn short cut ways to solve any problem so that you can complete all the questions within the time allotted. Try to clear all the concepts so that your accuracy increases.

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