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How to Prepare for WBJEE 2023: Check Preparation Tips

Updated By Ritoprasad Kundu on 27 Apr, 2023 10:41

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How to Prepare for WBJEE 2023

WBJEE preparation tips 2023 have been developed by experts keeping in view the challenges that every candidate face while preparing for WBJEE 2023 exam. Applicants preparing for the WBJEE 2023 must check this page to know how to prepare for WBJEE 2023 by following the WBJEE 2023 preparation tips. The preparation tips of WBJEE 2023 must be followed by every candidate in order to secure a seat in one of the top most colleges / universities in the state of West Bengal. Our experts have worked on every minute detail to easily make the candidates understand on how to prepare for WBJEE 2023. 

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As per the official WBJEE exam pattern 2023, the WBJEE 2023 will be held in offline mode. Keeping in view the level of competition for WBJEE, candidates must prepare a robust preparation strategy for WBJEE 2023 to secure high marks and a good rank. Moreover, it is recommended to build a study plan and stick to it throughout the preparation time. By developing the study plan and following the WBJEE preparation tips 2023, it will not only boost the confidence of the applicants but also help them in achieving success.

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Preparation Tips of WBJEE 2023

In order to achieve success in the upcoming WBJEE exams, candidates must follow the below mentioned WBJEE preparation tips 2023. 

Understand the WBJEE 2023 Exam Pattern

The first step in preparing for any hghly competetive exam like WBJEE is to understand the WBJEE exam pattern 2023. The WBJEE exam consists of two papers - Paper 1 (Mathematics) and Paper 2 (Physics and Chemistry). The exam is conducted in offline mode, and the duration of each paper is two hours. The total number of questions asked in the WBJEE exam is 155 i.e. 75 from Mathematics section and 80 questions from Physics and Chemistry paper. All the questions will be asked in MCQ pattern and total marks is 200. 

Plan your Study Schedule

Once candidates have a clear understanding of the WBJEE 2023 exam pattern, it is recommended to create a study schedule that works best for them. Candidates should allocate enough time for each subject while preparing for the exam and they must regularly revise the important topics for the exam.

Focus on the Basics 

Before moving on to advanced topics, applicants must make sure that they have a clear understanding of the basic concepts of each paper. This will help them in solving complex problems easily. 

Take WBJEE 2023 Mock Test 

Candidates are recommended to take mock test of WBJEE 2023 regularly to assess their preparation level. Before the exam candidates should analyse their performance level and work on their weaknesses. This will ultimately help them to boost their knowledge thereby improving their confidence level.

Understand the Syllabus of WBJEE 2023

An important step towards preparing for WBJEE 2023 is to understand the WBJEE syllabus 2023 thoroughly. It is recommended to every applicant to go through the WBJEE syllabus 2023 and make a list of all the topics that are covered in the exam. 

Practise WBJEE Previous Year Question Papers  

Solving WBJEE previous year question paper and WBJEE sample papers is one of the approaches that all applicants have acknowledged adopting. Information regarding the WBJEE 2023 exam pattern, kind of questions and more can be learned from the WBJEE previous year question papers and WBJEE sample papers. By attempting these papers, candidates will be able to put all that they have learned into practise and evaluate what has been done incorrectly.

Time Management 

Time management is crucial while preparing for any exam. Set deadlines for yourself and try to stick to them. Divide your time between all the subjects according to your strengths and weaknesses.


Applicants must make sure to schedule time for revision in their weekly study plan. Assessing everything from the previous week is one of the best ways to go over and refresh anything you had previously studied. You will be able to consistently recall all of the topics and chapters you have studied, which will be helpful in the WBJEE 2023.

Avoid New Topics In the Last Week Before Exam

Candidates should avoid learning new concepts or chapters in the last week before the exam. Instead they must focus on the topics that they have already learned. Moreover, reading the prepared chapters more often can ensure that candidates do not forget any important concept or point. 

Staying Healthy

Although studying should be the main priority during these times, maintaining your health is also crucial. Get adequate rest and don't disrupt your sleep schedule. Between study sessions, make sure you eat appropriately and take brief pauses. You are ready to take the exam if you try to maintain a low level of stress.

WBJEE Important Topics 2023

The table below includes a list of some of the key topics for WBJEE 2023 preparation. These are the subjects that are more important for the exam or that come up frequently. But, this does not imply that you limit your study to only these areas. To be on the safer side, it is recommended to study the entire WBJEE 2023 syllabus.

Important Subject Specific Topics for WBJEE 2023

Candidates can check the list of important topics from each subject for WBJEE 2023.


Important Topics


  • Current Electricity
  • Heat & Thermodynamics
  • Electrostatics
  • Magnetic Effect of Current & Magnetism
  • Work Energy Power
  • Wave Motion
  • Simple Harmonic Motion
  • Physics of Nucleus
  • Solids & Semiconductor Devices
  • Modern Physics -Atomic Models
  • Center of Mass, Impulse & Momentum
  • Laws of Motion
  • Rotational Motion


  • Chemical Kinetics
  • Chemical Bonding
  • Transition Elements – d & f block
  • s-block Elements
  • General Organic Chemistry
  • p-block Elements
  • Redox Reactions
  • Ionic Equilibrium
  • Chemical Equilibrium
  • Coordination Compounds
  • Carboxylic Acid & its Derivatives
  • Alcohol Phenol Ether
  • Chemical Thermodynamics


  • Vectors
  • Probability
  • Three-Dimensional Geometry
  • Matrices Determinants
  • Limits
  • Indefinite Integration
  • Sets, Relations & Functions
  • Definite Integration
  • Theory of Equations
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Complex Numbers

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WBJEE 2023 Preparation Tips for Mathematics

Applicants must keep be aware of the following points while preparing the maths section for WBJEE. 

  • Mathematics constitutes half weightage of the entire paper, hence candidates must read up on WBJEE 2023 Mathematics important topics

  • A strong conceptual base and understanding of the concepts should be the priority for the candidates

  • Mathematics is all about the theory behind every concept which is why the candidates should not skip the same

  • The candidates must sweat it out over how to derive the formulas rather than memorizing them

  • The candidates must always remember - More the Merrier, i.e more practice will make the candidates better at solving question

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WBJEE 2023 Preparation Tips for Physics

 Here are the preparation tips for physics that candidates must keep in mind while preparimg for WBJEE 2023.

  • The candidates must prepare short notes including bulleted concepts, flowcharts, block diagrams etc which will be of great use during the final stages of revision

  • A good score in the WBJEE Physics section is always attributed to application skills and strong conceptual knowledge which can only be attained from a good understanding of the theory

  • Speed also plays a major role in the WBJEE Physics section which is why the candidates must focus on improving the speed of question-solving

  • Candidates must be familiar with the WBJEE 2023 Physics Important topics to understand which chapters to concentrate on and to create a time management plan for this section.

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WBJEE 2023 Preparation Tips for Chemistry

Candidates must target the chemistry section to secure full 40 out of 40 in this section and this can be possible by following the preparation tips for chemistry in WBJEE exam.  

  • Understanding the basics should be the priority for the candidates which will, in turn, help them remember the equations, formulas, reaction steps without extra effort

  • For equations and reactions, the candidates are suggested to put in extra efforts in understanding the working of the reactions which should be followed by practising enough number of questions based on them

  • Candidates must understand the WBJEE 2023 Chemistry important topics as it is a crucial chapter in the examintion

  • The secret of scoring good marks in the Chemistry section of WBJEE lies in regular problems practising

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Toppers’ Tips to Prepare for WBJEE 2023

Haven't started preparing for WBJEE 2023 yet? What better than to have a previous year topper’s tips to prepare for WBJEE 2023 for a clear vision. Here is what the previous year WBJEE toppers have to say regarding how to prepare for WBJEE 2023 entrance exam:

  • Always remember what Colin Powell had said - Success is the result of hard work, preparation and the ability to learn from failure

  • Studying without thinking of the future will bring fruitful result

  • On a regular basis, anything less than 4 hours of study cannot reproduce good marks

  • Equal emphasis should be given to all the subjects of the WBJEE 2023 exam

  • Focus on doing the hard work and the results will take care of itself

  • Attaining clarity of concepts should be the ultimate goal

  • Regular revision and analysis can do wonders

Important Instructions for WBJEE 2023

Some important instructions regarding the WBJEE 2023 preparation strategy are as follows - 

  • Candidates must report at the exam centre allotted to him/her in the admit card

  • Candidates are advised to enter the exam hall at least 30 minutes before the commencement of the entrance exam

  • Candidates must occupy the seats allotted to them at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the entrance exam

  • Under any circumstance, no candidate will be allowed to enter the exam hall after the scheduled time of commencement of the test

  • Candidates must carry a hard copy of the WBJEE admit card 2023, a copy of the coloured photograph (the same one uploaded during the online application), and a photo ID proof in original such as Passport/Aadhaar card/ Pan card/voter card/ 10th standard admit card/ School – ID card

  • Candidates are not allowed to carry any written or printed material, log table, calculator, pen, wristwatch, any communication device like mobile phones, etc. inside the exam hall

  • Before the commencement of the test, question booklets will be distributed to the candidates. Candidates must check whether their OMR number & question booklet number are the same and must put their signature on top of the question booklet

  • Candidates must read the instructions given on OMR & on the cover page of the question booklet very carefully

  • Candidates must write their name in BLOCK LETTERS, name of the centre and put their signature in appropriate places on the OMR. Putting any unwanted marks in OMR may lead to rejection of OMR

  • In the exam hall, candidates must check their Roll number, Photograph, the spelling of their name in the attendance sheet. The details of the candidate should match the information in the admit card. In case of any correction requirement, candidates must bring it to the notice of the invigilator

  • All candidates must maintain silence during the entrance exam

  • If any candidate is found adopting any unfair means, his/her candidature will be cancelled and he/she will be debarred either permanently or for a period from taking the exam as is deemed fit by the centre- in-Charge

  • Until the exam is over, no candidate will be allowed to leave his/her seat without the permission of the invigilator

WBJEE 2023 Best Books

Applicants are recommended to follow one or two books for each subject for their WBJEE preparation instead of relying on numerous books. The WBJEE best books 2023 which candidates must follow are given below. 


WBJEE 2023 Best Books


  • NCERT Textbook for Physics 11th and 12th Standard
  • Concept of Physics Volume 1 & 2 by H.C. Verma
  • Understanding Physics series by D.C. Pandey
  • Problems in Physics by AA Pinsky
  • Objective Physics by Arihant Publishers


  • NCERT Textbook for Chemistry 11th and 12th Standard
  • Physical Chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • Concepts of Organic Chemistry by O.P Tandon
  • Numerical Chemistry by P. Bahadur
  • Inorganic Chemistry by O.P Tandon


  • NCERT Textbook for Mathematics 11th and 12th Standard
  • Mathematics by R.S. Aggarwal
  • Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma
  • Higher Algebra by Hall Knight
  • Complete Mathematics by McGraw Hills

Want to know more about WBJEE

FAQs about WBJEE Preparation Tips

How many hours should I study for WBJEE 2023?

To prepare well for WBJEE 2023, every candidate must give 4 hours everyday to achieve success in the exam. It is recommended by experts that in the last month before WBJEE 2023, each applicant should study 6 hours on a daily basis, i.e. 3 hours in the morning and 3 hours in the evening. 


Should I include new chapters in my last week of revision?

Experts recommend focusing on the topics that are already covered by candidates during their preparation. As an important WBJEE preparation tips 2023, applicants need not include new concepts and topics in the last week before the exam.  


When will WBJEE 2023 be conducted?

WBJEE 2023 will be conducted on April 30, 2023.


What are some of the important preparation tips of WBJEE 2023?

Candidates must have a clear idea of the WBJEE exam pattern along with the syllabus of WBJEE 2023. Moreover, preparing with the WBJEE previous year question paper and taking  regular mock test of WBJEE 2023 is also recommended by experts.


How much time before the exam should I reach the WBJEE examination centre?

You should reach the WBJEE exam centre 30 minutes before the exam.

How many hours should I allocate each day for WBJEE preparation?

It is recommended to allocate 4 hours each day for WBJEE preparation.

Which subject should I focus on more to prepare for WBJEE?

You should focus on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry/ Biology to prepare for WBJEE.

Which topic is the most scoring topic in WBJEE?

All of the topics for WBJEE are important and you must study all of the topics equally.

How much time is required to prepare well for the WBJEE exam?

The students must start their preparation in class 11th to prepare well for the WBJEE exam. However, if you work hard, you can also prepare for the exam in 6 months.

Is there a shortcut to prepare for WBJEE?

No, there is no shortcut if you want to score well in the WBJEE exam. You need to work hard.

What are the best tips to prepare for WBJEE?

The best tips to prepare for WBJEE is to prepare a study plan, divide the topics as per the study plan, practise mock tests and previous year papers.

Where can I download previous year papers for WBJEE?

You can download the previous year’s paper for WBJEE through the official website or from this page directly

What are the WBJEE mock tests?

The WBJEE mock tests are the practice questions which you can attempt to practice for the exam.

Is WBJEE tough?

Yes, WBJEE is a tough exam as lakhs of aspirants registers every year for the exam. However, if you study hard, you can easily score well in the exam.

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