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JEE Mains -
JEE Mains (B.Tech)
Both Online and Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Application Fee - General - Rs.1000 | SC / ST / OBC - Rs.500
Important Dates
Registration Date
Dec 01, 2016
Admit Card Date
Mar 26, 2017
Test Date
Apr 02, 2017
Result Date
Apr 27, 2017
JEE Mains Previous Year Practice Papers

A stream of electrons from a heated filament was passed between two charged plates kept at a potential difference V esu. If e and m are charge and mass of an electron, respectively, then the value of h ? (where ? is wavelength associated with electron wave) is given by :

1) 2 meV
2) sqrt(meV)
3) sqrt(2meV)
4) meV

Which of the following statements about low density polythene is FALSE ?

1) It is a poor conductor of electricity
2) Its synthesis requires dioxygen or a peroxide intiator as a catalyst
3) It is used in the manufacture of buckets, dust-bins etc
4) Its synthesis requires high pressure

For a linear plot of log (x/m) versus log p in Freundlich adsorption isotherm, which of the following statements is correct ? (k and n are constants)

1) 1/n appears as the intercept
2) Only 1/n appears as the slope
3) log (1/n) appears as the intercept
4) Both k and 1/n appear in the slope term

. The heats of combustion of carbon and carbon monoxide are ?393.5 and 1 283.5kJ mol? ? , respectively. The heat of formation (in kJ) of carbon monoxide per mole is :

1) 676.5
2) -676.5
3) -110
4) 110.5

Which of the following is an anionic detergent?

1) Sodium lauryl sulphate
2) Cetyltrimethyl ammonium bromide
3) Glyceryl oleate
4) Sodium stearate

The distillation technique most suited for separating glycerol from spent-lye in the soap industry

1) Fractional distillation
2) Steam distillation
3) Distillation under reduced pressure
4) Simple distillation

Which of the following statements about low density polythene is FALSE ?


For a linear plot of log (x/m) versus log p in Freundlich adsorption isotherm, which of the following statements is correct ? (k and n are constants)


. The heats of combustion of carbon and carbon monoxide are ?393.5 and 1 283.5kJ mol? ? , respectively. The heat of formation (in kJ) of carbon monoxide per mole is :


Which of the following is an anionic detergent?


The distillation technique most suited for separating glycerol from spent-lye in the soap industry

How to Prepare for JEE Mains 2017

Practicing model papers of JEE Mains will aid the candidates in knowing their strong and weak areas. These practice papers are like the actual question paper of this exam, which will be tentatively held in April. Model Papers of JEE Main help in better preparation and candidates can practice these anytime as per their convenience. Download and practice Sample Papers of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics of last few years.

Make a Time Table:

It is very important that you make a timetable and stick to it and you will have an exact idea of what you are required to study and the time required for it.

Concept Clarity rather than Rotes Learning

It is essential that you have a clear idea of the formulas and concepts rather than rote learning of things for the papers. While you might require it for memorizing formulas it is important that for other stuff you make sure you clear your basics and concepts before moving on.

Prepare Notes

It is very important to make small notes or a comprehensive list of formulas on each covered topic and chapter which will come in handy at the time of revision. This will require you to be regular with your work but will surely make things easy at the time of revision.

Revision of Class XI and XII Concepts

Make sure that you revise your concepts from the syllabus of these classes before starting anything new as most of the engineering exams will be for admission to undergraduate courses and so the syllabi from class XI and XII becomes the testing ground to check students.

Seek guidance

It is not possible for you to know everything in your syllabus, at least not at the time of preparation. Sooner or later you will run into a concept or so which will give you trouble and then it is best you seek guidance from an instructor or a teacher. It is necessary that you clear your doubts at regular intervals and don’t prolong things for long. Getting into a good coaching class is nothing to be ashamed of and if anything a regular coaching class will enable you to avoid roadblocks in your preparation.

Sample Papers

Even though there may be a complete change in the exam pattern or the expected questions altogether, it is important that you practice on the sample and previous years question papers available for the engineering exam you’d be attempting. You will know the existing pattern and have a fair idea of the type of questions to expect in the paper along with the time constraint.

Mock tests

The paper pattern, duration of the paper and the number of questions to be attempted in the given amount of time is not something you will be able to pick up on the day of the examination. A Mock Test tests a student’s abilities as it not only provides a similar feel of real exams but also helps in building speed and confident to face the exam. Furthermore, they can improve their performance to get an extra edge in actual exams. Try to build up an Engineering Entrance Exam Test Prep MCQ Question Bank

Time management

Time management can be learned through thorough practice and regular test taking. So it is important that you practice it and practice it well.

Negative marking

Most the entrance examinations will have negative marking and everyone would suggest you stay clear of questions are not sure about. But some experts are of the opinion that you answer the questions in which you are confused between an option or two because there will also be a chance of getting it right.

JEE Mains 2017 Important Instructions

  • Please ensure your eligibility as per the criteria laid down for JEE (Main), JEE (Advanced) and participating State Institutions (as applicable).
  • All the candidates who have submitted the online application and paid the examination fee till the last date will be allowed to appear in JEE (Main) and their admit cards will be uploaded on the website as per schedule. 
  • The JEE (Main) secretariat/CBSE do neither verify the information filled by the candidates in the application form nor verify any certificate of category/educational qualification for deciding the eligibility of candidates. 
  • The certificates of educational qualification and category (if applied under reserved category) will be verified by the concerned institution. The candidates are, therefore, advised to ensure their eligibility and the category (if applying under reserved category). 
  • The CBSE will, in no way, be responsible for any wrong/incorrect information furnished by the candidate(s) in their online application form.
  • The letter/e-mails in this regard will not be entertained by JEE (Main) Secretariat/CBSE.
  • The use of Aadhaar for the candidates of JEE (Main) will result in an accuracy of the candidates? details.
  • This will also help in ascertaining identities of the candidates at the examination centers in a convenient and hassle free manner. 
  • Aadhaar obviates the need for producing multiple documents to prove one?s identity.
  • The provisions of the Aadhaar Act and Regulations under the Act have come into effect from 14th September 2016 and notifications to this effect have been published in the Official Gazette. Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act 2016 permits the use of Aadhaar number for establishing the identity of an individual for any purpose pursuant to any law or any contract to this effect.
  • Accordingly, CBSE has decided to use Aadhaar for the candidates of JEE (Main), and hereby notifies the following:

1. Candidates, who are in possession of Aadhaar, shall enter Aadhaar number, name, date of birth & gender in the online application for JEE(Main) for the purpose of his/her identity and authentication thereof.

2. Candidates not yet enrolled for Aadhaar, are hereby required to make application for Aadhaar enrolment in case he/she is entitled to obtain Aadhaar as per section 3 of Aadhaar Act. Such applicant may visit any Aadhaar enrolment center (list available at Offical Website) to get enrolled for Aadhaar.

3. In order to facilitate such candidates who are not having Aadhaar, the CBSE has specially set up facilitation centers in each city of examination for the purpose of Aadhaar enrolment.

4. The candidates can approach such facilitation centers who will not charge any amount from any applicant for Aadhaar enrolment.

5. The list of the facilitation center is available on Offical Website. These candidates who have enrolled for Aadhaar and have not received Aadhaar should enter 14 digit Aadhaar Enrolment ID (including slash) printed on the Aadhaar enrolment slip at the time of filling online application form for JEE(Main).

6. In case Aadhaar enrolment facility is not available at the facilitation centers, the candidates should submit a request for Aadhaar enrolment. The facilitation center will issue a registration number to such candidates. This registration number should be entered by the candidates at the time of filling online application form for JEE(Main).

  • The above provisions shall be applicable in all states except J&K, Assam & Meghalaya.
  • The candidates who have passed or appearing in Class XII examination from the states of J&K, Assam & Meghalaya need to enter the passport number, ration card number, bank account number or any other valid Govt. identity number provided they should select the city of examination in these states only.
  • The Hon'ble High Court of Delhi alone will have the jurisdiction to settle and decide all matters and disputes related to JEE (Main) as JEE Apex Board located at CBSE Delhi is organizing the JEE (Main) examination.
  • The offer of admission shall be subject to verification of original certificates/ documents at the time of admission. If any candidate is found ineligible at a later date even after admission to an Institute, his/her admission will be canceled.
  •  The candidates must have their own personal and valid email id. They are also advised to have their own mobile number. The candidates are advised to retain the same mobile number and email id in use which they have furnished in the application form because the important information may be given to the candidates through SMS or e-mail.
  • The decision of the JEE Apex Board regarding the eligibility of any applicant shall be final.
  • All correspondence related to JEE (Main)–2017 should be addressed to:

The Executive Director, (JAB),

Central Board of Secondary Education,

H-149, Sector - 63, Noida

Distt. Gautam Budh Nagar 201309 (UP)

  • For candidates who appeared in the Class XII (or equivalent) Board examination in 2016 but reappeared in 2017, the best of the two performances will be considered.
  • If a Board awards only letter grades without providing an equivalent percentage of marks on the grade sheet, the candidate should obtain a certificate from the Board specifying the equivalent marks and submit it at the time of acceptance of the allocated seat. In case such a certificate is not provided, the decision taken by the CSAB/JoSAA will be final.
  • If a Board gives aggregate marks considering both Class XI and Class XII examinations (in the 10+2 system), then only Class XII marks will be considered. Similarly, for Boards which follow a semester system, the marks scored in the final two semesters will be considered.
  • If a Board does not give marks scored in individual subjects but gives only the aggregate marks, then the aggregate marks given by the Board will be considered as such.
  • The category-wise cut-off marks for the top 20 percentile are calculated based on the marks scored by all the “successful” candidates in their respective boards in the particular year.
  • If a candidate passes Class XII in 2016 but writes one or a few subjects in 2017 for improvement or any other reason, then top 20 percentile cut-off for 2016 will be considered. However, if a candidate writes all the subjects in 2017, then the best of the two performances will be considered.
  • In case a Board does not provide information about the cut-off for the top 20 percentile, the candidate will have to produce a certificate from the respective Board stating that he/she falls within the top 20 percentile of successful candidates. If the candidate fails to do so, then the cut-off marks for the CBSE will be used.
  • Please check the Admit Card carefully for your Name, Paper, Date of Birth, Gender, Test Centre
  •  Name, City, State Code of Eligibility and Category. In a case of any discrepancy, communicate to JEE (Main) Secretariat immediately for necessary action.
  • The Admit Card is issued provisionally to the candidate subject to his/her satisfying the eligibility conditions.
  • Candidates are advised to reach the venue at least 21⁄2 hours before the examination so as to complete the frisking and registration formalities well before the time. The registration desk will be closed 05 minutes prior to the examination.
  • The candidate must show, on demand, the Admit Card for admission in the examination room/hall.
  • A candidate who does not possess the Admit Card issued by the Board shall not be permitted for the examination under any circumstances by the Centre Superintendent.
  • The candidates claiming the relaxation under PwD category must carry with them the copy PwD certificate in the prescribed format (Appendix 9) issued by the Competent Authority.
  • No candidate, under any circumstances, will be allowed to enter the Examination Centre after the commencement of the examination.
  • A seat indicating roll number will be allocated to each candidate. Candidate should find out occupy their allotted seat only. Any candidate found to have changed room or the seat on his/her
  •  own other than allotted, his/her candidature shall be canceled and no plea would be accepted for it.
  • The candidate should ensure that the question paper available on the computer is as per his/her choice of medium. In case, the question paper is in medium other than his/her choice, the same
  • may be brought to the notice of the Invigilator concerned.
  • No Candidate will be allowed to carry any baggage inside the Examination Centre. JEE Apex Board will not be responsible for any belongings stolen or lost at the premises.
  • Candidates are not allowed to carry any textual material, Calculators, Docu Pen, Slide Rules, Log Tables, Electronic Watches with facilities of calculator, printed or written material, bits of papers, mobile phone, pager or any other device, except the Admit Card, identity proof inside the Examination Room/Hall. 
  • If any candidate is in possession of any of the above items, his/her candidature will be treated as unfair means and his/her current examination will be canceled & he/she will also be debarred for future examination(s) & the equipment will be seized. Smoking and eating are strictly prohibited in the examination room.
  • Tea, coffee, cold drinks or snacks are not allowed to be taken into the examination rooms during examination hours.
  • Approach the Center Superintendent/Invigilator in the room for any technical assistance, first aid emergency or any other information during the course of the examination.
  • No candidate, without the special permission of the Centre Superintendent or the Invigilator concerned, will leave his/her seat or Examination Room until the full duration of the paper.
  • Candidates must follow the instructions strictly as instructed by the Centre Superintendent/Invigilators.
  • For any queries or issues regarding computer-based examination, the candidates may contact on
  • Toll-free Call Centre No. which will be available on JEE (Main) website later on.

** Note that all the aspirant and registered candidates of JEE (Main) that the facility for correction in their data (particulars) will be operational on the Offical website from 25/01/2017 to 03/02/2017  

Instructions for Computer Based Examination

  • The Computer Based Examination will be conducted as per the following schedule.
  • A sample/mock test will be available on JEE (Main) website in the month of December for
  • practice purpose and to give the candidate look and feel of the Computer Based Examination (CBE). 
  • The test will start exactly at the time mentioned in the Admit Card and an announcement to this
  •  the effect will be made by the invigilator.
  • The test will be of 3 hrs duration
  • The test paper will be consisting questions of Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics and all questions will have equal weight age.
  • There will be three parts in the question paper consisting of Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics having equal weight age.
  • Each question is allotted 4 (four) marks for the correct response. 1⁄4 (one-fourth) marks i.e. one mark will be deducted for indicating the incorrect response of each question. No deduction from the total score will be made if no response is indicated for a question.
  • There is only one correct response for each question out of four responses given.
  • The Ball Pens will be supplied to the candidates in the examination hall so they should not bring any type of Pen/Ball Pens with them.
  • All calculations/writing work are to be done only in the rough sheet provided at the center and on completion of the test candidates must hand over the rough sheets to the invigilator on duty in the Room/Hall.
  • During the examination time, the invigilator will check Admit Card of the candidate to satisfy himself/herself about the identity of each candidate.
  • The candidates are governed by all Rules and Regulations of the Board with regard to their conduct in the Examination Hall.All cases of unfair means will be dealt with as per rules.
  • The candidates must sign on the Attendance Sheet at the appropriate place.


1) What is JEE?

JEE is Joint Entrance Examination which was previously known as AIEEE (All India Engineering Entrance exam). It is conducted by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education). Students who are interested to get into Engineering and other technical courses in the premier institutes like IIT, ISM, NIT etc.

2) What will be the mode of JEE Main ?

JEE Main will be conducted in offline as well as online mode. The offline or pen and paper based exam will be held on April 2,2017 while the online or computer based exam will be conducted oApril 08th & 09th, 2017.

3) When the forms will be available ?

There will not be any physical sale of forms. The forms will be filled up ‘Online’only. The forms will be available on JEE-Main website . The form will be available from first week of December . To help candidates fill up the application forms online , the CBSE will release list of facilitation centres at the time of release of the form.The candidates can avail services of these centres free of cost.

4) When the application correction window has been activated by the Board, what are the corrections that cannot be made?

Typically, changes in the examination center, changes in the mode of the exam i.e computer based to pen & paper based mode and changes in the date of the computer-based examination will not be allowed.

5) What should a candidate do in case of a failed transaction while paying the fee?

In case, the payment status remains as ‘Failed’ during the online transaction of the application fee, then candidates should note that the fee payment is not complete. In such instances, candidates will be required to pay the fees again via online transaction or e-challan and download their acknowledgment slip. If the amount is found debited against the previous attempt, the same will be processed at payment gateway and refunded back within 7 to 10 days.

6) What are the specifications for the thumb impression that should be used while filling in the JEE Main Application Form? What should a candidate do if he/she has no thumb?

  • When uploading the thumb impression, male candidates are required to upload the impression of their left-hand thumb and female candidates are required to upload the impression of their right- hand thumb. However, in case candidates have provided the wrong thumb impression, they should ensure that they apply the same thumb impression on the attendance sheet as well, at the time of the examination.
  • Candidates, who do not have a thumb, can upload an impression of their finger or foot thumb and the same is to be applied on the attendance sheet as well.

7) Is there a provision for candidates to appear for Paper-1 (Computer based) and Paper-2 (Pen and Paper based)of JEE Main at different centers?

Candidates opting to appear for both Paper-1, which will be held in the online mode and Paper-2, which will be held in the offline mode will be allotted only such test centers which have the facility for both the modes of examination.

8) What is Computer Based Examination (Online mode)?

It is a Computer Based Exam which will be conducted using the Local Area Network (LAN) to make it safe, secure and un-interrupted.

9) How will students who failed to book their session for the online examination be informed of the date and session of the exam?

Candidates who missed out on making any selection after paying the fees will be allotted a random slot/date as per the availability. The details of the session/slot that has been allotted to the candidate will be given on the admit card that is issued to him/her.

10) Is it possible for candidates to change the exam mode if they wish?

Candidates can change their exam mode. However, the mode of examination can be changed from the pen and paper based mode to the computer based mode of examination only.

11) Is computer based examination for B.E. and B.Tech only?

Yes,Computer based examination for B.E. and B.Tech only.

12) Which thumb impression should be used while filling JEE-Main form? What if a candidate has no thumb?

The scanned image of left hand thumb impression (right hand thumb in case the candidate do not have left hand thumb or any finger if both thumbs are not there) is to be uploaded during online submission of application form of JEE Main . However, if a candidate has uploaded right hand thumb impression (by mistake), he/she need not to worry because the JEE Main Application Form will not be cancelled because of this mistake and he/she will be issued admit card for appearing in JEE Main as usual.

13) In case photograph doesn’t have name and date, would the form be rejected?

Though Name of the candidate and date on which the photograph is taken is to be mentioned on the photograph, but in case uploaded photograph does not have name and date, the form will not be rejected and no correction is required in such a case and he/she will be issued admit card for appearing in JEE Main as usual.

14) Could you clarify a little on how will NRI or a foreign student enter his/her mobile number?

Such candidates should enter the mobile number of his/her relative residing in India.

15) What corrections are allowed to be made during the month of January in Online JEE Main Application Form?

The correction in particulars can be done only if the candidates have paid the fee and completed all the steps of online application form of JEE Main. The candidates can modify all the particulars (except change of examination center and change of mode of examination from computer based to pen paper based examination) of his/her application form during the facility of correction from January 21 to January 31. The balance fee, if any due to correction in particulars, will have to be paid by the candidates during this period.

16) If a student fails to book his/her session for online examination after paying the fees, how will he know about the date and session of the examination?

If a candidate does not make any selection, he/she shall be randomly assigned a slot/date as per the availability of the same. Details of session and slot will be mentioned on the admit card which can be downloaded from the second week of March.

17) Can a candidate get an exam center as per his/her choice?

The Candidate can opt for city of his/her choice as per list of computer based exam cities at the time of filling application form only.

18) What JEE Main Application Form mistakes cannot be rectified in January?

Candidates, who wish to rectify the mistakes committed while filling the application form of JEE Main must note that the following errors might not be rectified:

  • Change in exam center
  • Mode of exam from computer (online) to pen & paper (offline) based
  • Change in the date of computer based (online) examination.

19) If a candidate has passed in 2015 and has appeared for improvement in 2016, what he will fill in the academic details section.

Such candidates have to decide as to which percentage of marks i.e. 2015 or 2016 is better and accordingly, they have to select the year and corresponding roll number in the first step of application form of JEE (Main) .

Further, the candidates who have passed class 12th in 2016 and appearing in improvement examination of class 12th in 2017, may fill the form in either of the following methods:-

a) Select the year of passing class 12th as 2016 and enter the roll number, name of the board in the first step of the application form. In the second step of application form select ‘yes’ in the column – appearing for improvement examination.
b) Select the year of appearing class 12th as 2017 and fill the remaining form correctly.After declaration of result of improvement examination, there will be option on the website to provide the correct roll number of class 12 in which candidate’s result is better.

20) What if the candidate has no thumb?

In case the candidate has no thumb, he/she can upload the finger and foot thumb impression. Also, he/she has to apply the same on the attendance sheet during final exam.

21) In case the photograph does not have name and date, will my form be rejected?

Candidates are required on enter their name and date on the photograph. However, if the uploaded photograph does not have name, then the form will not be rejected. Also, no correction is required in this case.

22) During JEE Main application form correction period in January, what mistakes will I be allowed to correct?

Candidates can rectify the following mistakes:
1.Examination center
2.Mode of exam from pen and paper to computer based
3.Date of computer based examination.

23) What are JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED examinations ?

The erstwhile AIEEE exam will now be called as JEE-MAIN exam and erstwhile IIT-JEE will now be called as JEE-ADVANCED exam. To appear in JEE-ADVANCED, one has to appear in JEE-MAIN first and should be in top 1.5 lakh candidates category wise.

24) Is there any option available that the Hindi Medium paper comes in both the languages?

Yes, Hindi medium paper will be bilingual in English and Hindi medium.

25) Will a candidate have a choice to change the mode of examination?

Yes, but a candidate can change mode of examination from pen & paper examination to computer based examination.

26) What is the number of permissible attempts to appear for JEE Main ?

The permissible number of attempts is limited to three.

27) What is the eligibility for private candidates?

  • Candidates targeting JEE Main must have qualified Class XII or equivalent qualifying exam in 2016 or 2017. Those who will be appearing in their Class XII exam or equivalent qualifying exam in 2017 are eligible for JEE Main 2017.
  • Students, who qualified Class XII or equivalent qualifying exam in 2014 or before are not be eligible. Even candidates who will be appearing for Class XII or equivalent qualifying exam in 2018 or later are not eligible for JEE Main 2017.
  • Additionally, candidates who appeared in Class XII/equivalent qualifying exam in 2014, did not pass in 2014, but passed in 2015 are also not eligible to appear in JEE Main 2017.
  • The eligibility criteria for JEE Main 2017 is same for both regular and private candidates.

28) What is the eligibility for Diploma candidates?

Diploma holders are eligible only for JEE Advanced examination. But in order to appear for JEE Advanced 2017, a diploma candidate can apply for JEE Main 2017 however his/her JEE Main 2017 score and rank will not be declared because a diploma holder cannot apply for admission in NITs and CFTIs through JEE Main.

29) What will be pattern of examination for JEE-MAIN 2013 (both for B.E./B.TECH. and B.ARCH) please inform ? What will be the duration of exam?

Subject combination for each paper and type of questions in each paper are given in the table below:





Paper 1

Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

Objective type questions with equal

weightage to Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics

3 Hours

Paper 2

Mathematics – Part I Aptitude Test – Part II & Drawing Test – Part III

Objective type questions Objective

 type questions questions to test Drawing Aptitude

3 Hours

Requirement of papers for different courses is given in the table below:




Paper –1


Paper –2

30) Will there be negative marking in JEE-Main exam 2013 ? What will be the typology of the questions therein ?

YES. There will be objective type questions with four options having single correct answer. For each incorrect response, one fourth (1/4) of the total marks allotted to the question would be deducted. No deduction from the total score will, however, be made if no response is indicated for an item in the answer sheet.

31) What is age criteria to be eligible for JEE Main ?

Only those candidates whose date of birth falls on or after October 01, 1988 are eligible. However, in the case of Scheduled Caste (SC), Scheduled Tribe (ST) and Persons with Disabilities (PWD) candidates, upper age limit is relaxed by 5 years, i.e. SC, ST and PWD candidates who were born on or after October 01, 1983 are eligible. Date of birth as recorded in the Secondary Education Board/University certificate only will be taken as authentic.

32) When are the candidates appearing in class 12th examination in 2017 or improvement examination in 2017 supposed to enter their roll number of class 12th?

The roll number data of class 12th examination of 2017 is being collected from all the boards and it will be linked on the website of JEE Main 2017. The candidates at the time of downloading their admit cards of JEE Main 2017 will have to enter their roll number of class 12th which will be verified with the data received from the concerned board and thereafter it will be updated in the database. In case, the roll number of class 12th of any particular candidate(s) is not provided by the concerned board, such candidates will not be able to download their admit card of JEE Main . The candidates appearing in improvement examination of class 12th in 2017 will get a chance in the last week of May or first week of June 2017 to confirm as to which result/roll number of class 12th (i.e. of the year 2016 or 2017) they want to get considered for calculation of All India Rank of JEE Main 2017.

33) If a candidate wants to opt for bothB.E./B.Tech and B.Planning/B.Arch from city of computer based exam,than how will a candidate appear for B.Arch/B Planning exam?

His/Her B.E./B.Tech Exam will be conducted in computer based exam mode and B.Planning/B.Archin offline mode in the same city.

34) Why are there no sample papers for offline exams?

The mock test available on website is for all the candidates who have opted either for pen and paper based mode or computer based mode. However it is also for practice purpose and to give candidates look and feel of the Computer Based Examination (CBE). Questions from the previous years are uploaded on JEE (Main) website.

35) What will be medium of examinations of JEE-MAIN and JEE-ADVANCED ?

Hindi and English. The JEE-MAIN examination will also be conducted in the Regional Languages of the State(s) on the requests of such State(s) who are participating in JEE(Main) for their State Engineering Colleges/ Universities. However JEE-ADVANCED will be conducted in English/Hindi medium only.

36) Can I use calculator for calculations in the JEE-Main exam ?

Use of electronic devices like mobile phone, calculator, iPod, etc. is NOT PERMITTED in JEE (Main). Also materials like log table, book, notebook, etc. Should NOT be brought into the examination hall.

37) I am a blind student. Will I get amanuenses ?

Provision has been made to provide amanuenses to the blind candidates. Candidate has to contact Executive Director, JEE(Main) for JEE(Main) exam one month before the examination along with medical certificate issued by the competent authority.
Amanuenses will be provided by the Center Superintendent. Class XI student of Commerce/Humanities without Mathematics will only be provided as amanuenses. One hour extra time will also be allowed to such candidates.

38) Will a candidate be getting some practice test? If yes, than how and when ?

Yes, the mock test is available on CBSE / JEE websites and can be downloaded for the practice.

39) If a candidate has selected medium want to see question in Hindi for more clarity or vice-a-versa, is this possible ?

Yes you can easily do with the click of computer of question paper as English but mouse.

40) Will there be a question booklet like in offline examination?

In Computer Based Examination the questions will appear on computer screen along with the answer options. Instruction page will also be displayed before the actual test begins. The time of reading of instructions will not be part of examination duration.

41) When will the result of Computer Based Examination be declared?

Combined result will be declared along with the Pen and Paper based examination candidates.

42) When will the JEE MAINS results be declared?

Results will be available on the website Last week of April .

43) For how long is the JEE MAINS score valid?

The JEE MAINS score is valid for just one year.

44) Could you kindly name the boards recognized under Association of Indian Universities?

You can visit the official website .

45) What are HSC vocational courses?

Different states can have different HSC vocational courses, so students of different states will have to verify it from their particular state.

46) What will be admission criteria for State Engineering Colleges ?

In case any State opts to admit students in the engineering Colleges affiliated to state Universities and requires separate merit list to be provided based on relativeweightages adopted by the states, the merit list shall be prepared with such relative weightages as may be indicated by States. As of now Gujarat state has opted for the same.

47) What are the reservation rules for JEE-Main Exam ?

As per Government of India rules candidates belonging to certain categories are
admitted to seats reserved for them based on relaxed criteria.
These categories are:
(i) Other Backward Classes (OBC) if they belong to Non-Creamy Layer (NCL)
(ii) Scheduled Castes (SC)
(iii) Scheduled Tribes (ST)
(iv) Persons with Physical Disability (PD)
Benefit of reservation shall be given only to those classes/castes/tribes which are in the respective central list published by the Govt of India.

48) What are the advantages in opting for Computer Based Examination?

a) The candidate can review or re-answer any question at any point of time during the examination.
b) The candidate can change the option of the answer during the exam duration and it is one of the most important feature of computer based examination
c) The candidate also has the option to mark any answer for review at later stage during the examination.
d) There will be a panel on computer screen showing all the question nos in different colour scheme which will indicate which are the questions answered, left un answered and marked for review
e) Candidate gets the flexibility in choosing the exam date of his/her choice as per his/her convenience.
f) It will make Candidate feel confident on use of Information technology.
g) You can also save upto Rs. 500 in Exam fees compare to Pen/Paper mode.

49) Is there any call centre support?

Yes. There is a call centre support for candidates appearing in computer based examination. The helpline number(s) are available on the JEE website.

50) What are Seat Allocation Process for JEE MAINS?

  • Candidates shall be offered admission based on their choices and All India Ranks of JEE (Main) through a Seat Allocation Process to be announced later. The candidates will be able to make their choices online for branches/programmes and institutes at appropriate time.Candidates are advised to regularly visit the JEE (Main) website for latest information.
  • The verification of documents would be done at the time of Seat Allocation Process/admission. The purpose would be to verify different records regarding identification, age, qualifying examination, state of eligibility, category and disability (if any) of the candidate. On failing to produce any of the authentic documents, the candidate will not be considered for admission.
  • SC, ST, OBC and PwD candidates will be required to produce original certificate issued by the competent authority at the time of Seat Allocation Process as well as at the time of admission, failing which they will not be considered for admission.

51) If the photograph affixed on the application form does not have the name and date mentioned on it, would the application form be rejected?

Candidates are to mention their name and the date on which the photograph was taken on the photograph that is attached on the application form. However, the form will not be rejected in case candidates have failed to mention the same and the candidate will not be required to make corrections in such a case either.