CMAT 2024 Preparation Strategy & Study Plan - Last-Minutes Study Tips

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CMAT 2024 Preparation Strategy

The CMAT preparation strategy 2024 should focus on building a strong foundation of the important concepts from the syllabus and taking as many CMAT 2024 mock tests. If you are an aspirant who is undertaking CMAT preparation, then you must be well aware that cracking CMAT 2024 requires a well-planned approach and a good preparation strategy. Only with an effective study plan can candidates crack the CMAT exam and achieve a high percentile score. Candidates also need to put rigorous effort into completing the vast CMAT syllabus and regularly attempt mock tests to test their knowledge and sharpen their time management skills. Also, candidates must check the CMAT previous year papers to get an idea about the types and difficulty level of questions asked in the CMAT exam.

CMAT has a total of 5 sections - Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Each section comprises 20 questions for a total of 100 questions across the CMAT question paper. Therefore, for preparation for CMAT 2024, one should prepare strategically and start their exam preparation well in advance, and make sure to cover the maximum topics mentioned in the syllabus of CMAT 2024, if not all of them. Some CMAT 2024 last-minute preparation tips are also helpful for the CMAT 2024 exam. 

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    CMAT 2024 Preparation Dates

    Candidates preparing for CMAT 2024 must be aware of the following important dates of the exam.



    CMAT 2024 Admit Card Release Date

    May 6, 2024

    CMAT 2024 Exam Date

    May 15, 2024

    CMAT 3 Month Preparation Start Date

    February first week 2024 - May 15, 2024

    CMAT 2 Month Preparation Start Date

    February last week 2024 - May 15 2024

    CMAT 1 Month Preparation Start Date

    March 2024

    CMAT 2024 Preparation Tips

    Preparing for CMAT 2024 means you should first become familiar with the exam pattern and syllabus of CMAT. This way, you will be able to come up with a sound preparation plan. The CMAT exam has five sections including:

    • Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation
    • Logical Reasoning
    • Language Comprehension
    • General Awareness
    • Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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    Go Through the Entire Syllabus of CMAT 2024

    Apart from understanding the exam pattern, you should know the CMAT 2024 syllabus completely. This will also help you focus on all the topics from which the questions are asked in the exam. Most of the questions asked in the paper are based on basic concepts, and there are also some tricky questions that may require logical thinking. So, focusing on all the topics is vital during CMAT preparation.

    Regular Study is the Key

    It's important to set a fixed study routine for the CMAT exam 2024 as it will help you stay connected with the exam all the time. This way, you will also become more disciplined as far as exam preparation is concerned. You can also plan what CMAT topics you should study as part of your daily preparation plan.

    Preparing Short Notes

    No matter how much study material you gather, there is just no replacement for making your own notes. Get into the habit of making short notes. It also helps at the time of revision.

    Time Management

    Time management skills are vital when it comes to preparing for entrance exams. You must set a certain time limit when you set a goal to solve a certain amount of questions. Gradually, you will get better at solving questions and your speed will also increase.

    Previous Year's Question Paper

    Candidates may check out the previous year's questions and the CMAT predicted question paper to know the difficulty level of the exam. It will help me to prepare well enough and remain confident during the exam.

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    15-Day Revision Plan for CMAT 2024

    With only two weeks left for CMAT 2024 exam date, this is an optimal time when candidates must start revising their previously studied topics and brush up on basic and advanced concepts for the exam. Candidates should continue doing regular practice of mock tests and previous year question papers but the focus should now reduce from taking up new topics to focusing on strong topics for the exam.

    Approx. Number of Topics

    4 Section x 20 Sub-Topics per Section = 80 topics

    Number of Days to Practice


    No. of Hours for Revision on Each Day

    3 - 4 hours

    No. of Topics to Revise on Weekdays

    54 / 10 = 5 - 6 topics per day

    No. of Topics to Revise on Weekends

    16 / 4 = 4 topics per day

    No. of Days for Practice (on Weekends)


    No. of Mock Tests / Sample Papers to Practice

    4 / 4 = 1 test per day

    No. of Days to Relax


    The 15-day revision plan of CMAT 2024 provided here will help you plan your strategy to revise the CMAT 2024 syllabus and make the most of your final two weeks of exam preparation. It is best to not pick up any new topics during the final few days of your exam preparation. Also, remember to revise the important formulas and key concepts during these times. Here are some related articles that you must check out.

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    Preparation Plan for CMAT 2024

    While starting with the preparations, candidates must not just start randomly. To attain the best results in CMAT 2024, one must plan strategically. With proper planning, it is confirmed to get the best scores and secure admissions in top B-Schools in India. Follow this strategic plan to guide through the preparation process: 

    Phase 1: Complete Syllabus for CMAT 2024

    • First steps should always be to complete the syllabus for CMAT 2024.

    • Collect the syllabus for CMAT 2024 and start the preparations accordingly.

    • Prepare for each section-wise separately. Take note of the Best Books for CMAT 2024 section-wise for guidance.

    • Memorize the formulae, concepts, theorems, and GK questions.

    • Do not skip to the next topic, unless the previous one is completed.

    • Target the difficult or lengthy topics first. 

    Phase 2: Practice Mock Tests

    • As soon as the syllabus is completed, without wasting any more time, start with the mock tests and sample papers.

    • Attempt at least one-two mock tests each day.

    • Evaluate yourself on the scores to know how well you are prepared.

    • Try to improve the speed and accuracy each time you attempt a mock test.

    • Attempt a variety of tests: easy, moderate, or difficult. It will help build confidence and familiarise with the exam pattern. 

    • Also, attempt to answer tricky and lengthy questions for practice. 

    Phase 3: Revision

    • Finally, on the last few days of the exam, candidates must ensure revisions.

    • Revisions will help to recall all the long-studied topics.

    • Recall all the formulas, theorems, concepts, and such logic or the quantitative section.

    • Avoid starting any new topics. Simply revise what has been covered. 

    • Stay calm and relaxed before the exams. 

    CMAT 2024 Coaching vs Preparation from Home

    When starting to prepare for CMAT 2024, candidates often debate whether it is better to join coaching classes for CMAT 2024 preparation or is it better to prepare for CMAT 2024 from home. The answer mostly depends on the student's needs and personal requirements. It is indeed very much possible for the aspirants to start preparing for CMAT 2024 at home provided they have the right guidance and materials to start preparing for CMAT 2024 without taking the help of the CMAT 2024 coaching centres. However, joining a coaching class is also a very effective strategy. Good coaching centres not only are able to quickly improve your knowledge of core concepts, but they also help in providing effective tricks and guidance for solving questions and increasing speed in the exam. Here are some of the things that a student should consider when trying to decide.

    Are there good coaching institutes for CMAT 2024 available?

    A coaching institute can be effective but it will just be a wastage of your time and money if they are not good. Previous year trends are a good metric to judge these institutes on but advertisements can be misleading. Most institutes allow students to attend demo classes, which are an excellent way for a student to judge whether the institute is satisfying their requirements or not.

    Best Coaching Institute for CMAT 2024

    Should I join a coaching institute or study group for CMAT 2024?

    Study groups are a good alternative to coaching classes. One of the advantages of coaching institutes is that it is a place to meet like-minded individuals and peers that can help and guide their study. Study groups address this requirement without adding anything else. Many of CMAT 2024 can be found online on platforms such as Facebook and Telegram. The best part is that candidates are often not required to pay a fee to join unless the group rents a shared space such as a library.

    Do I have a good preparation plan from home for CMAT 2024?

    When preparing for CMAT 2024 from home, it is important to ascertain whether you have a good preparation plan from home or not. Having a plan is crucial when you decide to go solo with preparation.  Given below are some of the self-preparatory tips that will help them prepare for CMAT 2024 from home:

    • Go through the revised CMAT 2024 exam syllabus and CMAT 2024 exam pattern first.

    • Identify your strong areas and weak areas.

    • Gather the best CMAT 2024 study materials.

    • Work hard on your weaker areas.

    • Take the maximum number of CMAT 2024 mock tests available on CollegeDekho’s CMAT 2024 mock test page.

    • Resort to reading English novels, articles and watching English movies with subtitles to prepare well for the Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC) section.

    • Try learning at least 8 to 10 new words you encounter every day while reading newspapers or articles.

    • Start dedicating extra time to Data Interpretation (DI) questions as they are the most time-consuming questions in the entire paper.

    How to Get 95 Percentile Score in CMAT 2024

    If we take a look at CMAT 2024 Score vs Percentile, we find that for achieving the 100-percentile score, a raw score of 315-350, and for a score of 99.99 percentile, a raw score of around 286-310 was required. However, that takes a steep drop as we move down the ladder and to score 95 percentile in CMAT, a 260+ score can be sufficient. Hence, once you have set the target, it is important to direct your time and energy wisely to achieve that target. This does not mean that you should not try to better your score but merely that a difference of more than 100 marks is very relevant and it can make things easier.

    What is a Good Score in CMAT 2024?

    The CMAT question paper will contain 100 questions with each question carrying 4 marks. For a 250+ score, you will be required to attempt 65 to 70 questions with high accuracy. Hence, once you have this target in mind, you can focus more on being accurate than on being fast. It gives you a bit more time with each question and hence, provides time to improve your accuracy. Make sure that the answers you are entering are correct. However, it would be good advice to be cautious and not take too much time. Remember that you have to hit your target number of questions to succeed. Even a drop of 5 attempts can reduce your percentile from 95 to 90 or 92.

    Study Material and Books for CMAT 2024 Preparations

    Many candidates often ask the question, which books to refer to? However, MBA Coaching Institutes provide a complete guide for the same. But, you need not worry. Candidates can get the answer to their questions here at CollegeDekho easily. Simply refer to the Best Books for CMAT 2024 for detailed information. 

    Further, there are multiple books available in the market, section-wise as well as overall. But for easy learning, candidates may refer to this book to complete the entire syllabus. 

    Name of the Book 


    The Complete Reference Manual for CMAT

    SK Sinha, S Satyanarayan & JS Rana

    This book is highly recommended for CMAT 2024 preparations. for self-study, it is the best book with easy language and understanding. Apart from books, candidates must also depend on the CMAT Previous Year's Question Paper and CMAT Mock Tests. Solving as many as possible question paper will help reduce the pressure on the exam day. It will expose the vulnerability and difficulty level of the question paper. Preparing well in advance for what is to come will also give confidence. Hence, make sure to prepare for the CMAT 2024 in advance to improve accuracy and speed. 

    Daily Preparation Timetable & Study Plan for CMAT 2024

    Check out the month-wise preparation timetable and schedule for cracking CMAT 2024. By following the month-wise schedule, you can cement your preparation and improve your test-taking strategies. You may prepare from the topics that have been given below:

    Total Number of Days

    Sections to be Covered

    Sub-topics to be Covered from the mentioned section 

    Sub-topics to be Covered from the mentioned section

    Sub-topics to be Covered from the mentioned section

    Sub-topics to be Covered from the mentioned section

    Day 1

    Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

    Set Theory

    Pipes and Cisterns



    Day 2

    Logical Reasoning

    Critical reasoning

    Assertion and reasons

    Ranking Tests

    Blood Relations

    Day 3

    Language Comprehension

    Verbal Reasoning

    Contextual usage



    Day 4

    General Awareness


    Social issues

    Books and authors


    Day 5


    Revision of the sub-topics from all sections 

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Day 6


    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Day 7

    Language Comprehension

    Jumbled paragraphs


    Sentence Correction

    Odd one out

    Day 8

    Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation




    Allegation & Mixtures

    Day 9

    General Awareness



    World Records

    Famous award and prizes

    Day 10

    Logical Reasoning

    Visual reasoning

    Clocks and Calendars

    Cause and Effects

    Statements and assumptions

    Day 11

    Language Comprehension

    Sentence correction

    One word substitution

    Fill in the Blanks


    Day 12


    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Day 13

    Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation


    Quadratic and Linear Equations


    Ratios and Proportion

    Day 14

    General Awareness

    International organizations


    Top officials of big companies

    Culture and Society

    Day 15

    Language Comprehension

    Fact Inference and Judgement (FIJ)

    One word substitution

    Sentence correction

    Contextual usage

    Day 16

    Logical Reasoning

    Statements and conclusions

    Non-Verbal Reasoning

    Matrix Arrangements

    Identifying arguments

    Day 17


    Revision of the sub-topics from all sections 

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Revision of the sub-topics from all the sections

    Day 18


    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Day 19

    General Awareness

    Current Affairs

    World Records

    Social issues


    Day 20

    Language Comprehension


    Sentence completion

    Jumbled paragraphs


    Day 21

    Logical Reasoning

    Analogy Test



    Statements and conclusions

    Day 22

    General Awareness


    Famous award and prizes



    Day 23

    Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation

    Profit & Loss

    Number system

    HCF & LCM


    Day 24


    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Take a Break

    Day 25

    Language Comprehension

    Different usage of the same word



    Jumbled paragraphs

    Day 26

    General Awareness

    Social issues


    Important quotations

    Current Affairs

    Day 27

    Logical Reasoning

    Matrix Arrangements

    Clocks and Calendars

    Blood Relations

    Seating Arrangement

    Day 28


    Practice Mock tests for CMAT

    Practice Mock tests for CMAT

    Practice Mock tests for CMAT

    Practice Mock tests for CMAT

    Day 29


    Stay calm and confident, revise and practice mock tests 

    Stay calm and confident, revise and practice mock tests 

    Stay calm and confident, revise and practice mock tests 

    Stay calm and confident, revise and practice mock tests 

    Day 30


    Appear for CMAT 2024

    Appear for CMAT 2024

    Appear for CMAT 2024

    Appear for CMAT 2024

    2 Month Preparation Tips for CMAT 2024

    When preparing for CMAT 2024 in 2 months, you will be facing a time crunch. With this strategy, it is essential to be efficient and smart with your preparation. Here are some of the best tips for preparing for CMAT 2024 in 2 months.

    • Focus on practising. Make sure you are solving a lot of CMAT Mock Tests and going through CMAT previous year question papers. After solving any mock test or paper, analyze your performance and find out the areas you are the strongest and weakest in.

    • Go through the CMAT Exam Analysis and check out the type of questions most frequently asked in the exam. Check out the most important topics and make sure those are covered.

    • Choose your CMAT Study Material wisely and do not take up more than that is necessary or possible to cover. When going through the books, make sure you attempt the practice sets.

    • Take the help of tips and tricks that can help you cut down on calculations and reach answers faster. Find out the best tips that work for you. Do not merely rely on other sources and suggestions, practice and find out what's best for you.

    • Give a majority of your focus on your strong areas. However, do not completely ignore your weak areas. Giving them some time and care can help you earn valuable marks in the exam and better your score.

    3 Month Preparation Timetable for Cracking CMAT 2024

    As the time for CMAT exam preparation is getting shorter with each passing day now, it has become utmost necessary to make a comprehensive study plan and schedule for yourself to crack CMAT 2024. Take a look at the table below to improve your test-taking strategies.

    Total No. of sections in the entrance examination 

    4 Sections

    Name of the Sections of CMAT 

    Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, Quantitative techniques and data interpretation and Language Comprehension 

    No. Of Sub Topics in Each Unit

    15 to 20 (Let us Assume 20 )

    Total No. Of Sub- Topics to be covered within 3 Months

    20*4 =80

    Total No. Of Sub Topics to be covered in a Day

    At least two or three 

    Total No. Of Sub Topics to be covered in a Week (Monday to Friday )

    5X2 = 10 sub-topics

    Practice test series or mock test on Saturday and Sunday

    At least 2-3 Mock Tests

    Last Month 

    Revision of sub-topics of all sections, the practice of mock tests or test series

    3-Month Preparation Tips for CMAT 2024

    Now that only three months are left for Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) 2024, there must be a lot of pressure on CMAT aspirants to perform extra-ordinary well in the entrance examination. 

    You must be thinking of when and how to prepare for CMAT, whether or not to do CMAT preparation online, which CMAT preparation books and preparation material to follow and what strategy to prepare to crack CMAT 2024 Exam with a high score. So, to make it easy for you, we’ve come up with a proper study plan and schedule to make your journey easy and you can crack the CMAT 2024 like a pro:

    Focus More on your Self-Preparation:

    For three months, self-preparation is one thing that is utmost essential for you. For self-preparation of CMAT, you will have to understand what books you should study for CMAT preparation 2024, whether or not to join a good CMAT exam coaching. One of the best ways to do self-preparation is to take up CMAT exam quiz 2024, CMAT mock tests that can help you with CMAT preparation.

    Keep Yourself Updated:

    It is necessary for you to keep yourself updated on all the latest news and current happenings. It is not only important for GK preparation but otherwise also. Apart from this, one must understand that CMAT is designed to assess your management skills like time management, stress management, prioritization, and balancing accuracy & speed which will surely give you an added edge.

    You should Revise Regularly:

    Regular revision of the sub-topics of CMAT 2024 will not only make you confident about the syllabus, but you will also be familiar with the types of questions and the exam pattern of CMAT. Also, regular revision of the sub-topics will help you to concentrate more on your entrance exam preparations. 

    Keep a Finishing Date in Mind:

    For finishing the whole syllabus of CMAT, you must keep a date in mind and plan your preparation strategy. With three months left for preparation, it is important for you to finish your syllabus beforehand so that one can you can concentrate more on revision and take up various mock tests to crack the entrance examination.

    Last Week Preparation Tips for CMAT 2024 Exam

    As you approach the final week before the CMAT 2024 exam, it's crucial to refine your preparation strategy. Here are key focus areas and tips to maximize your readiness:

    • Mock Tests and Revision: In the last phase of CMAT 2024 preparation, prioritize the practice of mock tests to familiarize yourself with the exam format. Dedicate a few hours each day to the revision of important concepts and formulae. This consistent practice will enhance your confidence and reinforce crucial knowledge.
    • Sharpening General Awareness: Allocate specific time to focus on the General Awareness section of CMAT 2024. Prioritize memorization of static GK topics, and if you've been staying updated with current affairs, it will naturally contribute to this section. Strengthening your grip on this area can significantly boost your overall performance.
    • Revision through Notes: While revising challenging topics, create concise notes with key points. These notes serve as quick references, aiding in last-minute revision. Reviewing these notes a day before the CMAT 2024 exam can refresh your memory and reinforce essential concepts.
    • Clarify Doubts with Mentors or Study Groups: If any topic or concept remains unclear, utilize this time to reach out to mentors or your study group. Seek clarification on doubts and practice the problematic areas at least twice to ensure a thorough understanding. Clarity on doubts is paramount for a confident performance.
    • Approach to Mock Test Insights: Take note of the types of questions you consistently solve with speed and accuracy in CMAT mock tests. Target these specific question types during the exam to minimize the risk of negative marking. This strategic approach leverages your strengths and contributes to a more efficient and focused performance.

    By integrating these tips into your last-week preparation routine, you can fine-tune your approach, bolster your confidence, and optimize your readiness for the CMAT 2024 exam.

    CMAT 2024 Last-Minute Tips

    Mentioned below are some of the last-minute tips for CMAT 2024:

    • Collect all your relevant things that might be required at the exam centre.

    • Don’t forget to keep your CMAT 2024 Admit Card along with a valid ID Proof.

    • Check on your test centre, understand the location well and plan how you will commute. Google your test centre and note the time of travelling, so that, you may leave your home on time.

    • This is the time when you need to revise all that you have studied. Take a look at the short notes that you made and the formulas that confuse you the most.

    • Sleep well the night before the examination, so that, you remain fresh on the day of the exam.

    • Take good care of your health and eat your meals on time.

    • The first and most important thing test takers must do is to be calm and complacent. Take deep breaths and avoid nervousness.

    • Self-confidence is what you will need at the last moment before the exam begins. Have faith in yourself and maintain the trust within you. Keep telling yourself that yes you can do it and you have studied everything.

    • At the test, the centre does as said by the examiner and do not indulge yourself in any kind of quarrel and fights.

    • Reach the CMAT 2024 examination centre an hour before the allotted time.

    CMAT 2024 Exam Pattern

    Before moving on to the preparation strategies for CMAT 2024, it is important to understand the exam pattern of CMAT. The CMAT exam pattern has seen some changes. Here, the details are provided as per the revised exam pattern for CMAT 2024:


    No. of Questions


    Expected Difficulty

    Language Comprehension


    3 hours

    Easy to Moderate

    Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation 


    Moderate to Difficult

    Logical Reasoning


    Easy to Moderate

    General Awareness



    Innovation & Entrepreneurship


    Day-Wise Preparation Timetable for CMAT 2023

    For a smooth and successful CMAT 2023 preparation, it is always advisable for you to plan and divide your time of the day as per the topics you will have to prepare for the entrance exam. We’ve tried to list a proper study plan for the students who wish to prepare in the morning and for those who wish to do their preparation late at night. Have a look.

    CMAT 2023 Time Table for Those Who Study Early in the Morning

    Total Number of Hours to  Study

    8 to 10  Hours

    Morning Time (6:00 AM to 8:00 AM)

    Out of the four sections, start a sub-topic from one of the sections. Plan what to begin first and start understanding the topic.

    Note down all the important points side by side/ make notes

    8:00 AM to 10:00 AM

    Take Rest or follow your other daily activities

    10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

    Revise the topics that you have studied in the morning and then start with a sub-topic from a different section.

    Make notes from the sub-topic

    1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

    Take a Break/ Rest

    3:00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Revise the topics that you have studied so far and then start with a sub-topic from a different section.

    Make notes from the sub-topic

    6:00 PM to 8:00 PM

    Take a Break/ Rest/ Go for a Walk

    8:00 PM to 10:00 PM

    Revise all the sub-topics that you have studied during the day and then start with a sub-topic from a different section.

    Make notes from the sub-topic

    10:00 PM

    Go to Sleep

    CMAT 2023 Time Table for Those Who Study Late at Night

    Total Number of Hours to  Study

    8 to 10  Hours

    Night Time (10:00 PM to 12:00 AM)

    Take up a sub-topic from the syllabus of CMAT. Start a sub-topic from one of the sections. Plan what should be studied first and start reading and understanding the topic.

    List down all the important points side by side/ make notes

    12:00 AM to 01:00 AM

    Take Rest/ Take a Break

    01:00 AM to 3:00 AM

    Revise the topics that you have prepared before and then start with a sub-topic from a different section out of the CMAT  syllabus.

    Make notes from the sub-topic chosen

    3:00 AM to 4:00 AM

    Take Rest/ Take a Break

    4:00 AM to 6:00 AM

    After revising the sub-topics, start any other subtopics mentioned in the syllabus of CMAT. 

    Keep making notes from the sub-topic

    6:00 AM to 8:00 AM

    Take Rest/ Take a Break

    8:00 AM to 10:00 AM 

    Revise all the sub-topics that you have studied during the night and then start with a sub-topic from the syllabus of CMAT.

    Want to know more about CMAT

    FAQs about CMAT Preparation Tips

    How can I improve my General Awareness skills for CMAT?

    To improve your General Awareness for CMAT, you should read newspapers, magazines, and current affairs books regularly. You can also watch news channels and listen to radio shows to stay updated with the latest events. Additionally, you can take online quizzes and participate in group discussions to improve your knowledge.

    Can I crack CMAT by preparing on the weekends only?

    Yes, it certainly is possible to crack CMAT with just weekend study. However, it will significantly increase your preparation time and it will also be recommended to spend some time on daily practice while studying CMAT. Moreover, a thorough preparation throughout the week will only improve your chances of scoring high on the test.

    How do I improve time management in CMAT?

    Time Management is an essential quality for CMAT preparation. In order to improve this skill, always use a stopwatch while studying and improve your general focus on how you spend your time. Additionally, it is recommended to attempt multiple sample and mock tests during your preparation phase while timing them, to improve your speed and accuracy in answering the questions correctly.

    Is CMAT preparation a difficult task?

    No, if you have a good preparation strategy and are dedicated to clearing the exam, it is not that difficult of a task to clear CMAT, especially for an MBA aspirant. The test becomes easier for those attempting multiple MBA entrance exams in a year as they will be better equipped to attempt the questions with a better speed and accuracy.

    How should I prepare for General Awareness in CMAT?

    Reading the newspaper is the best strategy to prepare for the General Awareness section in CMAT. Also, dedicate a notebook for writing down events, and download a current affairs app on your phone to keep in touch with the section. It is also recommended to go through some of the bigger news and announcements that have taken place over the past two years as well.

    Should I take coaching for CMAT preparation?

    Taking up coaching for CMAT preparation should depend on individual preferences, as both self-study and coaching centres work exceptionally well for different types of candidates. Coaching centres may help those candidates who are strapped for time and need assistance covering several topics within a short period of time while also enhancing their speed and accuracy in answering questions correctly.

    Is CMAT preparation from home possible?

    Yes, it is entirely possible to prepare for CMAT from home. However, the two very main things it requires are a good preparation strategy and time management. If you choose to prepare for CMAT at home, be sure to note down all the topics that you need to prepare in order to get good marks in the test, attempt multiple mock tests and adhere strictly to a preparation plan.

    How many hours of study is good for CMAT preparation?

    Around 4 to 5 hours of studying every day is considered good enough to prepare for CMAT. However, the number of hours you should dedicate on preparing for CMAT should be determined based on your preparation and understanding of the different topics used for CMAT. People attempting several different MBA entrance exams may not need as many hours of preparation as those appearing only for CMAT.

    Is it possible to prepare for CMAT in 1 month?

    Yes, but only if you have already prepared for any other MBA entrance exam in the same session and only need revision of different topics in CMAT. Otherwise, a 1-month preparation strategy for CMAT is not recommended as many may find it difficult to get good marks. However, a highly structured preparation strategy and long dedicated hours of preparation can help you prepare for CMAT in one month.

    What is the ideal preparation time for CMAT?

    Ideally, 2 to 3 months are enough for a student to prepare for CMAT if they are in touch with their studies. Otherwise, 6 to 9 months will be required for CMAT preparation, especially if you are a working professional. The ideal duration of preparation should stem from the amount of preparation you need to get a good grasp of all the topics for CMAT.

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