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CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile Analysis - Find Your Expected Percentile in CMAT

Sakunth Kumar
Sakunth KumarUpdated On: April 30, 2022 10:51 am IST | CMAT

The CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile can be found here. CMAT 2022 is one of the leading MBA Exams in India to get admission into over 600 MBA colleges.

CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile Analysis - Find Your Expected Percentile in CMAT

CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile is a detailed analysis of what score was required to attain a certain percentile in the exam. The exam was conducted on April 9 and the answer key for CMAT has been released on April 19. The challenge window was closed on April 21 at 11: 50 PM. CMAT 2022 result has been released on April 29. As the CMAT exam was reduced to a single session this year, there was no normalization process.

CMAT 2022 Score Vs Percentile: Key Highlights

Candidates can find the major highlights for CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile below.

  • NTA will prepare the National Merit Ranking (All India Rank) with CMAT Score vs Percentile based on the marks secured in the exam.
  • In CMAT 2022, the score vs percentile is expected to be higher. Test takers securing 345 – 350 marks are expected to secure the 100 percentile and those securing in the range of 285 to 340 marks will obtain 99 to 99.99 percentile.
  • CMAT merit list will include names of all the aspirants scoring CMAT score vs percentile from 0.005 to 100 percentile. No applicants will be disqualified from the entrance exam.
  • The percentile ranking will be calculated in order of Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation (QTDI), Logical Reasoning (LR), Language Comprehension (LC), General Awareness(GA), less negative responses, and Aspirants who are older in age.

CMAT 2022 Exam Pattern Change - Impact on Score vs Percentile

CMAT 2022 is one of the leading MBA Entrance Exams in India that is accepted for admission by over 600 MBA colleges in India. The exam pattern has seen a change this year, the new Innovation & Entrepreneurship section in the exam was made compulsory. There were 20 questions in this section. Therefore, CMAT 2022 was a 400-mark exam with a duration of 3 hours. This will also have an impact on the score vs percentile for certain candidates. The expected score will be higher based on the previous year's analysis. The changed exam pattern for CMAT 2022 has been given below.

SectionsNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks Section-wise
Language Comprehension2080
Innovation and Entrepreneurship2080
Logical Reasoning2080
Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation2080
General Awareness2080

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What Does CMAT 2022 Score vs Percentile Mean?

CMAT score vs percentile 2022 is a detailed analysis of what score was required to attain a certain percentile in the entrance exam. This is a correlation based on the previous year trends and is for the reference of the candidates. With the study of score vs percentile analysis, students can set targets for their respective colleges and prepare accordingly. Students can also use the tools given below to find out their expected rank/ college in CMAT 2022.

CMAT 2022 Percentile Predictor

CMAT 2022 College Predictor

The results will be announced in the form of the total score obtained by the candidates, percentile score and AIR (All India Rank). These details will be available on CMAT scorecard. The rank allotment process is completely different from other national-level management exams. If you compare CMAT with CAT, NMAT, and XAT, the scoring, ranking, and percentile process is completely different.

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CMAT Cutoff 2022

CMAT Selection Process 2022

In order to give students an idea of the scoring mechanism, rank allotment process, and determine percentile score, CollegeDekho has come up with a detailed analysis of the same. This article will be discussing the following aspects of the CMAT Exam:

  • CMAT Score vs Percentile
  • CMAT Score
  • CMAT Score Calculations
  • CMAT Seat Allocation

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CMAT 2022 Expected Score vs Percentile

The expected score vs percentile analysis of CMAT 2022 will be available on the basis of the expert analysis/ They will look at the difficulty level based on student reports and other parameters to provide an analysis of how the score vs percentile trends are expected to look this year. The expected CMAT 2022 score vs percentile has been provided in the table below.

CMAT 2022 Expected Score (out of 400)CMAT 2022 Expected Percentile Range
286-31099.1 – 99.99
Below 116Below 51

This year, the score vs percentile calculation for CMAT 2022 will change due to the changes in the exam pattern. Meanwhile, candidates can take a look at last year's analysis for their reference.

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CMAT 2021 Score Vs Percentile

Given below is an analysis of the relationship between the CMAT 2021 Score and Percentile attained by the candidates in the exam.

CMAT 2021 PercentileCMAT 2021 Score 
100345 – 359
90 – 99.99296 – 344
80 – 89230 – 295
71 – 79181 – 229
61 – 70131 – 175
51 – 60115 – 129
50 and belowBelow 114

CMAT 2020 Score Vs Percentile

Given below is an analysis of the relationship between the CMAT 2021 Score and Percentile attained by the candidates in the exam. The top-scorer last year with 100 percentile in CMAT 2021 had a score of 347. The following data shows the score brackets and their correlation percentile ranges attained by the candidates in the exam.

CMAT 2020 Score

CMAT 2020 Percentile



251 - 342

95 - 99.99

232 - 250

90 - 94.99

216 - 231

85 - 89.99

204 - 215

80 - 84.99

192 - 203

75 - 59.99

180 - 191

70 - 74.99

170 - 179

65 - 69.99

160 - 169

60 - 64.99

Important Points

  • Candidates were able to achieve a higher percentile in CMAT 2020 with a lower score as compared to CMAT 2019.
  • This indicates that the average score of the batch fell and students were not able to score as much as the last year's exam.

  • A possible reason behind the same could be that students found the exam to be a rise in the difficulty level as there was no change in the exam pattern.

Candidates can also take a look at the exam analysis of CMAT for more details.

CMAT Exam Analysis

Now, let's go into a bit more detail about what is CMAT score and percentile, and how they are calculated.

What is CMAT Score?

CMAT exam is divided into four sections such as General Awareness, Language Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and Quantitative Technique & Data Interpretation. Each section in CMAT 2022 comprises 25 questions for 100 marks (4 Marks), which means that CMAT is conducted for 400 marks (100 questions). However, there is a negative marking of -1 for each wrong answer. The total score in CMAT is calculated by totalling/ compiling marks gained or lost in each question.

How to Calculate CMAT Score?

The table below explains the process to calculate the CMAT 2022 score with examples, let us have a look at it for a better understanding of the process:

Name of the Student

Questions Answered

No. of Correct Answers

No. of Wrong Answers

Marks Awarded for Correct Answers

Marks Deducted for Incorrect Answers

CMAT Final Score





90 X 4 = 360


360 – 7 = 353





78 X 4 = 312


312 – 22 = 290





84 X 4 = 336


336 – 16 = 320





62 X 4 = 248


248 – 38 = 210

As per the above example, wrong answers by students will have a negative impact on the overall CMAT score.

CMAT Rank Allotment Process

CMAT ranks are allotted based on the overall score secured by candidates in CMAT. If two candidates secure same/ similar marks in CMAT, two candidates shall be allocated the same rank. However, the order in the rank list will be sorted out alphabetically.

Here is an example of the CMAT rank allotment process that will help students to figure out what happens if two or more students secure the same marks:

Name of the Student

CMAT Overall Score

CMAT AIR (All India Rank)






















How to Calculate CMAT Percentile?

Based on the rank secured by students in the exam, the percentile score is determined. The percentile score determines the score of the candidates equal to or less than the score of other candidates in the exam. CMAT percentile is calculated by applying the following formula –

Percentile (P) = N (Total No. of Candidates Appeared in CMAT Exam) – Rank of the Candidate divided by N multiplied by 100

Check the example below for a better understanding.


Let us assume that 50,000 candidates appeared for the exam. The percentile of 5 students might be as follows:

Name of the Student

CMAT AIR (All India Rank)

CMAT Percentile (as per formula mentioned above)



Percentile = 50000 – 1/50000 X 100 = 99.9



Percentile = 50000 – 7/50000 X 100 = 98.6



Percentile = 50000 – 11/50000 X 100 = 97.8



Percentile = 50000 – 22/50000 X 100 = 95.6



Percentile = 50000 – 120/50000 X 100 = 76



Percentile = 50000 – 230/50000 X 100 = 54

Note: Even though the CMAT percentile score is determined, the rank allotment is completely based on the overall score secured by the candidates.

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CMAT 2019 Score vs Percentile

In CMAT 2019, 100 percentile was given to students with 372 CMAT Score and 99 percentile to candidates with 310 CMAT Score. Approx to 64,582 students registered for CMAT 2019. Check the score vs percentile analysis given below.

CMAT 2019 Score

CMAT 2019 Percentile



300 - 361

98.11 - 99.99

282 - 299

95.17 - 97.98

262 - 281

90.15 - 94.94

247 - 261

85.27 - 89.88

234 - 246

80.37 - 84.95

221 - 233

75.06 - 75.95

Colleges Accepting CMAT 2022

Here are some articles on the colleges accepting CMAT scores that will help you figure out the best colleges for your target percentile.

MBA Colleges for Low Percentile/ Score in CMAT 2022

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 50-60 Percentile in CMAT 2022

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 60-70 Percentile in CMAT 2022

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 70-80 Percentile in CMAT 2022

List of MBA Colleges Accepting 80-90 Percentile in CMAT 2022

List of Top MBA Colleges Accepting 90+ CMAT Percentile

If you have any queries about CMAT scoring, rank, and percentile mechanism, please ask your query through the Q & A section of CollegeDekho. For the latest updates on CMAT, stay tuned to CollegeDekho.


How does the revised exam pattern affect CMAT Score vs Percentile?

A new section has been added in the CMAT question paper as per the revised exam pattern. This will increase the maximum marks to 500 from 400. Hence, a higher score will be required to get the same percentile in CMAT. However, this is only true for candidates who opt for the Innovation & Entrepreneurship course.

What score do I need to get 99+ percentile in CMAT?

In order to get 99+ percentile in CMAT, a candidate must aim for a 300+ score.

How much score is required to get 90+ percentile in CMAT?

Going by the previous year trends, around 230 - 240 is a good estimated score to cross the 90 percentile mark in CMAT.

Why is the score vs percentile analysis of CMAT important?

CMAT Score vs Percentile Analysis is important as it provides the candidates with an idea of the previous year scoring patterns of the exam. It also helps candidates set targets and set the right balance between speed and accuracy.

Does a certain score in CMAT guarantee a fixed percentile?

No, the percentile of a candidate is calculated through their rank in comparison to other candidates. Hence, there is no fixed score that guarantees a certain percentile in CMAT.


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