UCEED 2020: How to Prepare

Subhashri Roy Updated On: 14 Jan, 2020 14:27 IST

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How to Prepare for UCEED 2020

IIT Bombay conducts the Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design (UCEED) for candidates seeking admission in Bachelor of Design programme (B.Des) offered at IIT Bombay. To begin preparing for UCEED 2020, you must know why the exam is conducted in the first place. The exam is basically meant to test your Visualisation and Spatial Ability, Environmental and Social Awareness, Observation and Design Sensitivity, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Design Thinking, Language and Creativity, as well as Problem Solving skills.

There will be usually three types of questions, which will be asked in UCEED 2020: 

  • Numerical answer type (where the answer has to be a numerical value)
  • Multiple select questions (where one or more than one answer can be right) 
  • Multiple choice questions (where you have to mark only one right answer) 

We have compiled a list of things that you should and shouldn't do in order to prepare for UCEED 2020:

1. Start from understanding the UCEED exam pattern and UCEED syllabus.

2. You must start your preparation for UCEED 2020 well in advance as the range of knowledge and aptitude tested for the examination will be vast.

3. Although UCEED 2020 will be a computer-based test and will not have a drawing section, there will be questions based on the fundamentals of drawing. In that case, understanding concepts and theories of drawing such as perspective, shade, human figure and proportion, shadows and textures will be essential.

4. You should have a good understanding of elements and basic principles of design, such as colour theory, animation techniques and typography.

5. You must read newspapers, general knowledge books, research on the internet or watch youtube videos to improve your vocabulary, general knowledge and current affairs.

6. There could be questions based on basic topics of science, math and computer science. Hence, try and brush up such topics.

7. Also, try and familiarise yourself with information on famous designers and iconic products, Art history and movements, Architectural history, monuments, terminology, popular logos - automobiles, companies or organisations, internationally recognised Indians in the corporate or technology sector, sports, and also any famous international personality. However, you must keep in mind the fact that questions in UCEED will not be limited to these topics. There could be questions beyond these topics as well since UCEED 2020 will be an open-ended exam.

8. Make a study plan as per the availability of time. Only cover topics that you feel can be possibly covered in the given period rather than just going through all the topics.

9. Practice questions papers from previous years so that you know the type of questions to expect in the UCEED 2020 exam.

10. You do not have to spend time on practising drawing for UCEED 2020 because it will be an online exam, and it will not involve drawing.

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