IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs -

International Institute of Information Technology(IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs) (IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs - 2016)

Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
Feb 02, 2016
Admit Card Date
Apr 11, 2016
Test Date
Apr 17, 2016
Result Date
May 08, 2016

IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs 2016 Important Instructions

Note that the Registration WILL NOT be considered until the candidate completes the Main Registration Form. After filling in the Main Registration Form, the candidate gets an Acknowledgement E-Mail, which confirms that the registration is complete. The purpose of Pre-Pregistration Form is to Confirm the E-Mail address. So it is very important to give a valid E-Mail ID as it will be used for later communication. Note that the candidate can also update the information such as program details and center till their application has been finalized, by following the same link which has been received after filling in pre-registration form. Everytime you update or modify your information you will get an Updated Acknowledge Mail. Most important, please check the acknowledgement E-Mails in your “Bulk” or “Junk” folders, because sometimes the mails may go there. Application will be considered valid only after the Pre-Registration and Main-Registration form is completed, and the application fee is received by IIIT-H.

IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs Application FAQ

1) What is IIIT ?

International Institute of Information Technology , Hyderabad is an autonomous, self supporting, institution, started in 1998 , with seed support from the Government of AP. It received the Deemed University status in August 2001. A major goal of IIIT is to impart a uniquely broad and interdisciplinary IT Education of the highest academic quality. 

2) How is Hyderabad climate?

Hyderabad has a pleasant salubrious climate. It is dry, so even when it is hot under the sun, it is pleasant under the shade. It has two hot months (April and May) and even in those months there is no loo (hot wind), and evenings become pleasant. As soon as the monsoons arrive (approximately 7th June) Hyderabad becomes like an "air conditioned" city and not hot and muggy like other cities. Winters are mild with temperature rarely going below 12 degrees Centigrade at night. (Hyderabad is at an attitude of 500 m so its climate is different from rest of the Andhra climate.)

3) What kind of city is Hyderabad? What does it have to offer?

Hyderabad is a large metropolis (5th largest city of India) with the old world charm. It is a favoured destination of software industry in India and a large cosmopolitan city with interesting eating places, shopping areas, theatres, visibly present film industries, etc. However, it retains a personal touch of a small town. People are helpful and laid back, and surprisingly autorickshaw drivers do not "take you for a ride" unncessarily. Culturally it is active with heritage walks, monuments that invite you, painting exhibitions, Hindustani and Carnatic music.

4) Where is IIIT-H located in Hyderabad? What facilities are available in its vicinity?

IIIT is located in Gachibowli with a largely self contained campus. Most of your needs will be satisfied with in the campus: hostel, mess, canteen, stationery shop, weekly film shows, etc. There is a nearby market within a kilo metre from campus where items of personal need are available. IIIT is about 15 km from centre of the city but well connected with buses and shared minitaxies (tempoes). Gachibowli is a fast developing area in which several new software companies are building their campuses including Infosys, Wipro, Microsoft and others. As a result, many new facilities are coming up in the area. However, you will be busy with academic activities, and will go out relatively infrequently.

5) Where can I get the application form?

There is no separate application form needed. All candidates have to register and apply through Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs. Admissions portal.More information about the programme can be obtained from the official website.

6) I have paid on-line through debit/credit card. How do I verify if payment was successful?

Please ask your bank if amount is deducted from your credit card / debit card account. If amount is deducted then payment was successful. If you do not click anywhere on the screen while the bank website is redirecting to IIIT website after successful on-line payment, then you will see confirmation message on screen and you would also receive email with payment successful message. In case you have not received an email but the amount is deducted from your account, please send an email to 'ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in' with transaction ID, Bank account no., Date/Time of trasaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details. We will try to confirm within 7 working days whether we have received the payment.

7) Do I have to fill or buy IIIT Hyderabad form for admission?

The admission to IIIT is through institute portals. Kindly check the official website for the details of filling application form and paying the application fees.

8) Will I receive confirmation if I send form by post / courier?

If you have specified correct email address in application form for phase-I then you should receive email confirmation about registration. We also send postal confirmation to all applicants who have filled application phase-I form through post.

9) I have not received any confirmation email after completing phase I. What should I do?

Please check SPAM folder or bulk email folder for the confirmation email. Since such emails are generated automatically they very often go to SPAM or bulk mail folders. In case you can't find the email and the amount got deducted from your debit/credit card account then please send an email to ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in with transaction ID, Bank account no., Date/Time of trasaction, Transaction amount, your name, email address, etc. details and we will reply to you within 7 working days.

10) If I have paid application fee (or any other fee) more than once, what should I do? Is refund applicable on the full amount?

  • In case you have paid application fee (or any other fee) more than once by mistake or for any other reason (you find the amount has been debited from you more than once), please immediately send a mail to ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in. The admissions office will cross-check the same and inform you of the refund possibility.
  • As regards the refund amount, please note that the refund for the additional payments, if any, will be only for the fee amount that was charged by the Institute and will not include the Transaction and/or Bank charges paid as part of the online payment process.

11) I lost my application number. Whom should I contact?

If you have already sent your application fee, write to ugadmissions@iiit.ac.in giving your first and last names, date of birth, programmes you applied for, and your postal address. We will send you the application number from our records by email. If you have not sent your application fees, it may be easier to apply again using the portal. Use the new application number for all communications.

12) What is it in there for me in the Dual Degree Program?

Lot of fun in doing cutting edge research in a specific stream. Opportunities to do internships in best of places. Ability to join Research Exchange Program.

List of IIIT-Lateral Entry to Dual Degree Programs 2016 Centers (Expected)

State City Mode of Exam
Andhra Pradesh Hyderabad Pen & Paper