S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test -

S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test (S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test - 2016)

Pen & Paper | National Level Exam
Important Dates
Registration Date
May 17, 2016
Admit Card Date
Jun 17, 2016
Test Date
Jun 19, 2016
Result Date
Jun 30, 2016

S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test 2016 Important Instructions

Please read instructions in the answer sheet and question booklet before answering 1. There will be negative marking as per indication in each section. 2. Please check the number of questions before you start answering 3. All rough work to be done only on the blank sheet provided at the back of the question booklet. Please do NOT write on the question paper 4. Laptops, calculators, slide rules, log tables, watch calculators, papers, cellular phones etc are not allowed inside the examination hall 5. You will not be allowed to leave the examination hall during the examination 6. This objective type exam is for 60 minutes 7. Any candidate found violating the instructions and receiving/giving any form of help will be disqualified

S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test Application FAQ

1) When and where is the SPJET administered?

The SPJET will be conducted periodically in select cities in India, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney (subject to change).

2) When does the application process for the academic year 2017 start?

The application process for the academic year 2017 has begun. A student may apply online.

3) Does S P Jain have more than one intake in a year?

SPJAIN has 2 intakes in an year Sep & Jan.

4) In what currency is fees payable - be they for entrance and evaluation or for the program?

All fees are to be paid in USD only. Fees are payable at S P Jain's Dubai campus.

5) Do I need to send any certificates with the application form?

No. If a student is shortlisted for the evaluation process,s/he would need to carry these for the same.

6) I reside outside of India. Do I still need to apply through the Mumbai office?

A student can apply through S P Jain’s Mumbai, Dubai, Singapore or Sydney offices. A student may apply online too. For shortlisted students the evaluation process (interviews/group discussions) will be conducted in person or on Skype in India, Dubai, Singapore and Sydney.

7) What are the factors considered for admission?

There is no one criterion for admission that S P Jain looks for. A student is evaluated overall, on several factors. These are good entrance test score, English Language proficiency, good academic record, good communication skills and extracurricular activities.

8) Will I have to go through an interview for admission?

A student would be required to go through S P Jain's evaluation process if shortlisted for admissions. S P Jain would notify the student of the same if selected for the evaluation process.

9) Can I choose which countries I study in?

  • Students of Indian origin can do their first year in either Mumbai or Singapore. Non-Indian students do the first year in Singapore.
  • The undergraduate cohort comes together in Dubai for the second and third years. BBA students complete their fourth and final year in Sydney.

10) I do not meet the entry requirements as listed on the S P Jain website, can I still apply?

Normally S P Jain selects students with a high academic performance. However, a student may still apply and S P Jain would consider other factors too like presentation and communication skills as well as extracurricular activities.

11) Is the SPJET a computer based test or paper based?

The SPJET could be taken online or at a centre as a paper based test.

12) What is the minimum score required in SAT/SPJET?

It is rare for us to admit students with a SPJET score of less than 70 percentile or a SAT score of less than 1900. However, we consider all factors including academic performance, extracurricular achievements etc.

13) Could I finish the BBA in less than 4 years?

The BBA subjects are sequenced to build skills, and are offered only once a year; as a result, it takes 4 years to complete the program.

14) Post submitting my application I noticed that I had forgotten to enter certain details. What should I do in this case? Should I re-apply?

If a student has forgotten to mention certain details in his/her application and wishes to inform S P Jain about the same, s/he is required to send an email to bba@spjain.org with all the details and information that need to be updated. A student will not be able to update his/her application as it is locked for editing. Please do not re-apply as this is strictly not allowed.

15) How much does the BBA/BBC/BEC program cost?

The fees for each program(2017-18):-
Mumbai    :-11,17,225

List of S P JAIN’S BBA Entrance Test 2016 Centers (Expected)

State City Mode of Exam
Maharashtra Mumbai Pen & Paper