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CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor - Calculate Your CLAT 2024 Rank Here!

Updated By Debanjalee Sen on 16 Aug, 2023 11:34

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CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor

Predict your Rank for CLAT 2024 here.
  • English - Total(40 questions )
  • Numerical Ability - Total(20 questions )
  • General Knowledge - Total(50 questions )
  • Logical Reasoning - Total(40 questions )
  • Legal Aptitude - Total(50 questions )

Note - This prediction is as per result and exam analysis of last few CLAT exam papers.

CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor

CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor:CLAT 2024 will be conducted on December 3, 2023, from 2 PM to 4 PM. CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor is an important tool for aspirants taking the Common Law Admission Test. Law candidates can now use the CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor to easily anticipate their CLAT 2024 ranks. Every year, thousands of applicants from all around the country take the CLAT. The CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor helps candidates in evaluating their exam performance before the release of the CLAT 2024 Result.

With the CLAT Rank Predictor 2024 of CollegeDekho, test takers will be able to evaluate their expected CLAT 2024 score and rank. By knowing the expected score and rank, candidates will be able to find out all the colleges where they can apply for law admission. CollegeDekho will also provide a detailed CLAT 2024 exam analysis once the exam is over. 

Candidates should be aware that the findings provided by CollegeDekho's CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor may not be completely accurate. As a result, they must wait for the actual results to be announced before making a final choice.

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CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor Registration

The CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor can be accessed by only those students who have registered themselves on CollegeDekho. Candidates need to provide relevant information including their name, contact details, e-mail ID etc. and click on 'Submit' to register themselves.

Details Required for CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor

To use the rank predictor of CLAT, candidates require the correct information about the total number of attempted questions and the total number of correct attempts. Aspirants can use the answer key of CLAT to find out their total number of correct answers. The Rank Prediction of CLAT will be as per the result and exam analysis of the last few CLAT exam papers.

CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor Result

Once the predicted rank result is out, candidates can check for the institutions that might be available with the expected CLAT rank. For this, candidates must take a look at the list of Participating Colleges for CLAT 2024 and then decide for the college best suited with the expected rank scored of the candidates. Apart from this, candidates can also check for the expected CLAT 2024 Cut-Off marks along with the previous years’ CLAT Cut-Off. This will give an idea to the students regarding their position in the Cut-Off list of CLAT 2024.

Colleges Accepting CLAT 2024 Score and Seat Matrix

CLAT Round 1 Cutoff 2021, 2020, 2019 - Check Opening and Closing Ranks for General, OBC, SC, ST

CLAT Round 2 Cutoff 2021, 2020, 2019 - Check Opening and Closing Ranks for General, OBC, SC, ST

CLAT Round 3 Cutoff 2021, 2020, 2019 - Check Opening and Closing Ranks for General, OBC, SC, ST

It is crucial to note that the rank predicted here by CollegeDekho’s CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor tool is not the final rank that the test takers of CLAT 2024 will obtain. The prediction will be based on the trends of the previous years. The total number of correct and incorrect answers attempted by the candidates in the examination also determine their rank through CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor.

The Final Rank will be declared by the exam conducting authority of CLAT 2024, subject to the performance of the test-takers in the examination. The CLAT 2024 Result will be declared after the completion of the examination.

How to use CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor Tool?

In order to use the CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor Tool, you do not need to possess any specialized technological abilities. The most crucial thing you should do is sign up for an account on CollegeDekho using the CLAT 2024 rank predictor tool.

  • To create an account, go to the top right corner of the page and click the 'Sign Up' button.
  • On the screen, a box with the registration information will display. Fill in the required information in the box and click the 'Login' button.
  • If you are already a registered member of CollegeDekho, you must click the Sign In button and provide your information to complete your sign-in.
  • You will be able to simply access the rank predictor page if you have successfully logged in. Remember that the page is only useful if it has been made Live.
  • Check for the Live state; if the page is marked Live, begin inputting your information into the rank predictor's toolbox.
  • Enter the number of attempts for each section and the number of predicted correct attempts for each section. Fill in the information and receive your projected ranking.
  • After inputting your credentials, click the 'Submit' button to acquire your predicted CLAT score.
  • The program will calculate and display the projected CLAT 2024 rank on the screen.
  • Once the result is generated, remember to note down the predicted rank for further references.

CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor - How to calculate score?

To utilize CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor, you must first have your CLAT predicted score at hand, which you can calculate with the help of the answer key. The following is the formula for calculating your CLAT 2024 score:

  • Download the CLAT 2024 answer key, as well as your response sheet.
  • If you have marked the correct response for each question across the five sections of the CLAT UG exam, you will receive one point for each question.
  • There will be a total of 150 questions and each question across the 5 sections will carry equal weightage.
  • The five major sections of CLAT UG are English Language, Current Affairs, including General Knowledge, Legal Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Quantitative Techniques
  • In case of a inaccurate answer, 0.25 marks will be deducted from the total.
  • For questions that were not attempted, zero points are awarded and no points are subtracted either.
  • After you have finished allocating the points, subtract the negative points from the total to arrive at the final score.
  • The outcome will be your estimated score, which you may then use to predict your CLAT 2024 score using the CLAT rank predictor tool.

The exam takers should be aware that they will be able to use the rank predictor tool once more following the release of the official CLAT 2024 Answer Key. As a result, CLAT 2024 takers will be able to determine their total number of correct and wrong answers, which can then be re-entered into the rank predictor tool to determine their new predicted rank. Test takers must be absolutely certain of both their correct and incorrect answers before entering them into the rank predictor tool in order to receive the most accurate result.

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CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor - Key features

The CLAT 2024 rank predictor tool has numerous additional important characteristics that make it a useful tool for students:

  • Within seconds, you can calculate your estimated rank quickly and easily.
  • It aids in the early exploration of college options.
  • 99.9% Accuracy to the Actual Rank
  • The tool follows CLAT 2024 style Rank Calculation Formula.
  • Provides insights regarding the performance of CLAT 2024.

CLAT Rank Predictor: Rank vs Marks

Candidates who want to get into an NLU through CLAT 2024 should understand the relationship between CLAT marks and rank. It should be noted that admission to NLUs is based on the CLAT 2024 merit rank, which is calculated using the marks received by candidates in the CLAT 2024 entrance exam. 

It should be noted that the number of points required to achieve a specific rank is not constant, but changes almost every year. This means that the CLAT marks versus ranks comparison is tentative.

  • The applicant who received AIR 1 in the CLAT 2021 exam received 125.5 points. The second and third-placed candidates each received 117 points.
  • Students with a score of 102.25 or higher were included in the top 100.
  • To gain admission to NLSIU Bengaluru, a CLAT score of 103.5 or an All India Rank of 83 (general category) was necessary. In contrast, the NLSIU Bengaluru cut off in CLAT 2020 was AIR 70 (or 94 marks) for general category. 
  • Applicants from the general category with an All India Rank of up to 2040 were able to gain admission to an NLU.
  • Top 5 NLUs which accept CLAT scores as per the latest NIRF rankings had stiff competition. 
  • As a result, National Law University, Jodhpur (NIRF rank - 8 per 2021) had a cut-off rank of 356 (93.25 points), only about 10 marks more than NLSIU Bengaluru's cut-off for the same category (83 rank, 103.5 marks).

CLAT UG Mark vs Rank - Analysis of merit list

The CLAT marks vs rank comparison examines the relationship between the marks and the related rank. An applicant who got more than 100 points will receive a very high CLAT rank and, as a result, will have a very excellent chance of receiving admission to a top NLU, including NLSIU Bangalore. 

Aspirants can find out the expected CLAT 2024 rank vs marks in the table below - 

Score Range

Rank Range

125 - 130


120 - 125




110 - 115



7 - 9


10 - 19


20 - 57


58 - 173

85 - 90




































-0.25 to -5


-5.25 to -9.5


What are the benefits of using the CLAT 2024 Rank Predictor tool?

During the counseling phase, test takers can use the CLAT rank predictor tool to help them fill up their choice lists. Utilization of the CLAT 2024 rank predictor tool offers a number of advantages.

  • Candidates can obtain an idea of the colleges they can apply to with their CLAT score and have a good probability of acquiring seats by using the predicted rank.
  • With this technology, CLAT counseling decision filling can begin earlier for students because they would know the college to apply to depending on their 2024 rank in the CLAT.
  • Aspirants will also be able to locate NLUs and other CLAT-score accepting colleges  that are suitable for them based on their anticipated CLAT scores.
  • Applicants must earn a solid position in the rank list in order to be selected for the CLAT 2024 Counselling Process. 

The university would invite these shortlisted candidates to participate in the counseling session. Those who pass this phase of selection will be able to take admission and complete the admissions process.

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FAQs about CLAT Rank Predictor

How can I predict my CLAT rank?

You can get an idea of your CLAT rank by using the CLAT Rank Predictor on the page above. Just enter the total number of questions you attempted in the exam and the total questions that you got right.

What else can I deduce through CLAT Rank Predictor?

Through the CLAT Rank Predictor, you can evaluate your rank and score of the exam.

Is CLAT Rank Predictor accurate?

The CLAT Rank Predictor is quite accurate in giving the tentative idea of your rank and score. However, it does not guarantee a 100% accuracy.

How can I use the CLAT Rank Predictor of CollegeDekho?

In order to access the CLAT Rank Predictor of CollegeDekho, you will first have to sign up and make an account. After that, you can log in using your username and password and access the CLAT Rank Predictor.

Can I get my result if the CLAT Rank Predictor is not live?

No, the CLAT Rank Predictor of CollegeDekho will work only if it has been marked live. Otherwise you will not be able to view the results.

Which details are required for CLAT Rank Predictor?

If you wish to predict your CLAT rank, you will have to sign in using your CollegeDekho username and password. Post that, you can go to the CLAT Rank Predictor on the page above and enter the total questions attempted along with the number of questions that are correct. Click on the 'Submit' button and your result will be displayed on the screen.

Can I print my predicted rank of CLAT?

Yes, you can download or take a screenshot of the CLAT Rank Predictor and then get a print out of it. However, this will not be necessary as the CLAT rank prediction is not required to be sbmitted anywhere.

Is the CLAT predicted rank important?

The CLAT Rank Predictor gives candidates an idea of the rank they might get in the exam so that they can proceed with their options accordingly. The CLAT predicted rank is solely for the assistance of students and does not have any official importance.

Can I use the CLAT Rank Predictor only after the answer key has been declared?

The entries required in the CLAT Rank Predictor include the number of questions you have marked correct in the exam. To know which questions you have marked correct, you will have to refer to the answer key released officially.

When can I access the CLAT Rank Predictor?

You can access the CLAT Rank Predictor as soon as the final answer key has been published.

Is the assessment by Rank Predictor Tool 100% accurate?

No, the assessment by Rank Predictor Tool is not 100% accurate. But in 99.9% of the cases, it is correct.

How do I get my rank through CollegeDekho’s Rank Predictor Tool?

You need to enter the number of attempts for each section and the expected correct attempts. Feed the tool with this information and get your expected rank.

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