CMAT 2024 Last-Minute Preparation Strategy and Tips

Shivangi Ahirwar

Updated On: May 14, 2024 10:05 am IST

One of the most important CMAT 2024 last-minute preparation strategy and tips is attempting the mock test, as it gives the experience of solving the actual exam and helps identify your strong and weak areas. Know what else you need to focus on at the last moment of the CMAT exam!
CMAT Last-Minute Preparation Tips

CMAT 2024 last-minute preparation strategy and tips are essential for candidates to qualify for the exam successfully. It is of utmost importance for aspirants to revise critical concepts and formulas from the sections carrying high weightage. While preparing for the final stage of the CMAT, candidates must avoid learning anything new. Instead, they should concentrate on strengthening the knowledge they have already acquired, in a manner that ensures maximum retention. The last-minute preparation for CMAT 2024 must serve as a conclusion to the overall preparation journey. The CMAT 2024 exam is scheduled for May 15, and to help candidates achieve their desired outcome, we have curated some of the best and most effective last-minute preparation tips for CMAT 2024. These tips are bound to boost your confidence and provide you with the necessary tools to crack the exam.

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CMAT 2024 Last-Minute Preparation Strategy and Tips

Common Management Admission Test (CMAT) is conducted for admission into MBA courses offered by more than 1000 B-Schools across India. While the exam is around the corner, it’s important to focus on the last-minute preparation tips and strategies for CMAT 2024 provided here.

Revise Important Topics

Identify the important sections in the question paper and know the CMAT 2024 important topics that may come into the exam. Revise and review the topics and remove any doubts and confusion you might have with the topics. This will help improve the accuracy and time needed to solve the questions in CMAT 2024. Also, go through various shortcuts to help you solve problems faster. Avoid cramming a lot of information into your head before the CMAT exam. At this moment, don't start studying any new topic or attempt any new questions. Revise the theories, formulas, shortcuts, and techniques from your previously written notes. Revise for two hours every day to ensure that concepts and theorems are permanently imprinted in your memory.

Don't Begin Any New Topic

Avoid beginning a new chapter when there is just one week till CMAT. A few days before the exam, starting a topic from scratch is a terrible idea since it will not only devour your time but might also leave you confused and grossly unprepared. Make use of the effort you've previously expended. When answering questions on the exam, stick to the topics you've studied with confidence.

Attempt Mock Tests

Taking CMAT mock tests in the final moments of the exam can give you a real-time experience of taking CMAT 2024. You can see how well you have prepared for the exam by analyzing your performance. You can also practice time management by solving the questions from various sections. If you perform well in the mock test, you will be more confident in solving the real exam. And if not, you can identify the areas that need improvement. In the last week before the examination, practice one full-length CMAT mock exam. This is intended to increase your confidence in managing a speed-based test rather than to judge your performance or degree of preparation. If you perform poorly on the final mock exam, don't stress! If there are questions from those specific areas on the actual examination, note the areas where you struggled so you will know what to do. 

Examine CMAT Previous Year Question Papers

Analyse CMAT question papers from previous years to learn which topics frequently appear on the exam. There will be 20 questions in each of the CMAT's five components, each with the same weightage. Look through the question papers from previous years to see how many questions have been asked on each subject overall. The CMAT's Language Comprehension section often has just one RC passage. When there is only one table or series, data interpretation is negligent. 

Create a Time Management Plan

The CMAT is an aptitude test focused on speed. In 180 minutes, 100 questions must be answered. This implies you have 1.8 minutes to read, comprehend, and answer each question. Develop an approach that will enable you to answer 70–75 questions with the highest level of accuracy in 180 minutes. Determine how long it takes to complete each of the 15–18 questions in the QA, LR, and verbal ability sections. Make sure you maintain your speed appropriately during the CMAT 2024 exam. The GK portion of the CMAT shouldn't take more than 15 minutes. So split the time appropriately.

Utilize Shortcuts and Tricks for Problem-solving

Invest some time practicing the shortcuts and tricks you've learned for answering questions that require heavy calculation, in addition to the revision of important topics. Because of the time constraint, you must avoid wasting time by undertaking too much rough work. For Quant, memorize the following tables: square, square roots, cube, cube roots, etc. Become familiar with brief definitions and examples of English grammar.

Avoid Mugging Up the GK

Mugging up names, dates, and facts is useless for the general knowledge portion. The knowledge won't stay in your memory for very long. It's best to review your notes on current events and static GK.

Know the Number of Good Attempts in Each Segment

You should be quite aware of how many questions you must attempt to pass each CMAT segment. For each portion of the exam, you must spend a specified amount of time to do well. The goal should be 15–17 successful attempts since the CMAT 2024 exam has 20 questions in each of its five components.

Stay Calm and Sleep Well 

The stress of an upcoming exam can be taxing on the mental condition of the students. So, candidates must stay calm and not worry much about the results. They should be confident they will do well in the exams and prepare accordingly. It’s important to sleep well the night before the exam so you can feel refreshed and have a clear head while taking the exam. Remember that no amount of preparation can help you if you are stressed and feeling nervous.

Gather Important Documents

Carrying the CMAT 2024 admit card and original ID proof is mandatory as entry to the exam hall will not be provided without them. So, ensure you take a few printouts of the admit card and gather all the necessary documents beforehand to avoid any last-minute hassle. Also, check the address and exam center and make proper arrangements to reach there before the reporting time.

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Documents to Carry to the CMAT 2024 Exam Centre

Candidates must carry some important documents to the CMAT exam center for identity verification. Here is a list of items you must carry to the CMAT 2024 exam center.

  • CMAT admit card
  • One Passport size photograph (same as uploaded with the Online Application Form) 
  • A valid Photo ID Proof in original (PAN card/ Driving License/ Voter ID/ Passport/ Aadhaar Card (With photograph)/E- Aadhaar/Ration Card/ Bank Passbook with Photograph)
  • Original and attested copy of valid PwD certificate issued by a competent authority, in case of a physically disabled candidate, if claiming relaxation under the PwD category.
  • Medical certificates issued by the concerned authority in case of any special medical condition.

What Not to Carry to the CMAT 2024 Exam Centre

Candidates are prohibited from carrying the following items to the CMAT 2024 exam center:

  • Mobile Phone/ Earphones/ Microphone/ Pager
  • Calculator, DocuPen, Slide Rules, Log Tables, Camera, Tape Recorder
  • Watch including Electronic Watches having the facilities of a calculator, any metallic item, or electronic gadgets/ devices
  • Instrument/ Geometry/ Pencil box, Handbag, Purse, Paper/ Stationery/ Textual material (printed or written material)
  • Eatables and Water (loose or packed)
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Instructions to Follow Inside CMAT 2024 Exam Hall

Candidates have to go through certain security and verification procedures before entering the CMAT 2024 exam. Once, they are inside the examination hall, they need to abide by certain rules stated below.

  • Candidates will be provided a pen/pencil and blank paper sheets for rough work in the examination hall. 
  • Candidates must write their name and Roll Number at the top of the sheet. It is mandatory to return the sheets and Admit Card to the invigilator before leaving the examination hall.
  • Candidates must enter the required details in the Attendance Sheet, put their signature and Left Hand Thumb Impression, and paste the photograph in the mentioned place. The Left-Hand Thumb Impression must be clear and not smudged.
  • If any candidate is caught adopting any unfair means during the CMAT exam, his candidature will be automatically canceled without any notice.

CMAT 2024 Dress Code

NTA hasn't prescribed any dress code for CMAT 2024, however, candidates are advised to dress in a simple manner so that they do not have to go through any extra checking at the exam centre. Some of the suggestions related to the dress code for CMAT 2024 are as follows:

  • Wear plain jeans or trousers with fewer pockets.
  • Wear slippers and avoid shoes (closed footwear is not allowed in the exam hall)
  • T-shirts or shirts with no pocket
  • Jewellery is not allowed inside the exam hall
  • Footwear with thick soles and clothes with large buttons are not allowed inside the exam hall.

Hope these CMAT 2024 last-minute preparation strategies and tips help you crack the exam successfully.

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In case you have any questions related to CMAT 2024, feel free to ask them in our QnA Zone. For admission-related assistance, fill out our Common Application Form or call our toll-free number 1800-572-9877.

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What are some CMAT last-minute tips?

CMAT last-minute tips include:

  • Getting the hard copies of the CMAT admit card ready.
  • Locating the address of the CMAT exam center.
  • Checking the ID proof to be carried at the exam center.
  • Checking the reporting time to avoid any delays.
  • Keeping calm and focusing on the exam.

How can I prepare for CMAT in the last month?

To prepare for CMAT in the last month, candidates can follow the given tips:

  • Revise important topics and formulas.
  • Brush up your basics to ensure you’re prepared for every type of question.
  • Take as many mock tests as you can and aim for a 90 percentile.
  • Analyze your test scores to check your stronger and weaker areas.
  • Focus on improving your vocabulary and grammar skills.
  • Solve CMAT previous years’ question papers as well as sample papers.

What are the best study materials for CMAT preparation?

The best study materials for CMAT preparation are listed below:

  • How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for the CAT by Arun Sharma (Mc Graw Hill Education)
  • How to Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude for CAT by Arun Sharma (Mc Graw Hill Education)
  • How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT by Arun Sharma (Mc Graw Hill Education)
  • Newspapers and Journals

What is the best way to prepare for CMAT at home?

The best ways to prepare for CMAT at home are the following:

  • Take official CMAT mock tests available on the website.
  • Get well-versed in the basic concepts.
  • Buy study materials provided by top coaching institutes.
  • Study from the best books for CMAT preparation.
  • Plan a strict schedule for studying.
  • Get in touch with people who can help you with the preparation.

How to prepare for the CMAT exam?

To prepare for the CMAT exam, candidates must keep the following points in India:

  • Analyze your strong areas and weak areas.
  • Solve numerical problems to brush up on your mathematical skills.
  • Read newspapers and magazines to stay updated with current affairs.
  • Study from the best books and materials.
  • Take CMAT mock tests to analyze your performance and get familiar with the exam pattern.
  • Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers.

What not to carry to the CMAT exam hall?

Below is the list of things that are not allowed to carry to the CMAT exam hall:

  • Any electronic items (Mobile phones, iPad, calculators, etc.)
  • Bluetooth devices (watch, earphones, etc.)
  • No documents other than admit card and ID proof
  • Any stationary item other than a pen
  • Don’t wear jewelry or jacket
  • No eatables are allowed inside the exam hall

How to solve CMAT question paper?

Here are some strategies to solve the CMAT question paper:

  • Focus on solving easy questions which take lesser time and then move to the longer questions
  • Then focus on difficult sections
  • Lastly, focus on questions where you can maximize your scores.
  • Ensure that you balance time on both sectional cutoffs and overall scores.
  • Don’t waste too much time on intelligent guessing.

What are the documents to carry to the CMAT exam hall?

Here are the necessary documents to carry to the CMAT exam hall:

  • Admit Card
  • ID Proof issued by the Government of India (PAN Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Passport, etc.)
  • Candidates belonging to the PwD category have to bring the necessary medical certificates

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