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How to Prepare for XAT 2023 Without Coaching?

Samiksha Rautela
Samiksha RautelaUpdated On: January 08, 2023 01:56 pm IST | XAT

Preparing for XAT 2023 without coaching? Get to know about tips, tricks and strategies to ace the exam and get admission to the top-notch management institute.

XAT 2022 Preparation without Coaching

Candidates appearing for the XAT 2023 exam and contemplating if they can study independently without coaching for the exam should be rest assured that they can. One of the most difficult entrance exams in the management domain is the XAT exam, thus succeeding in it is undoubtedly not simple; it requires a lot of diligence and commitment. To pass this exam, proper mentoring and advice are beneficial but self-preparation is also an important factor. 

XAT Question Paper 2023

In this article, we have tried to explain how to go ahead with XAT preparation without coaching. Continue reading to learn about expert tips, hacks, and tricks on How to Prepare for XAT 2023 Without Coaching.

Tips for XAT 2023 Preparation without Coaching

Check out a few tips enlisted below highlighting how to prepare for XAT 2023 without coaching.

Tip 1: Know About XAT

Before starting with the XAT 2023 preparation without coaching, candidates should know about the complete exam pattern and syllabus of XAT as it provides them with an idea about the format and type of questions that might crop up in the exam.

Here are all the important details regarding the XAT 2023 exam pattern:


Key Elements

Conducting body 

XLRI Jamshedpur

Mode of the exam

Computer based test


Three hours

Type of questions

Multiple choice questions

Number of questions


Marking scheme

  • + 1 Mark for every correct answer
  • - 0.25 for every incorrect answer (except general awareness)
  • No negative marking in general awareness

Number of Sections

Four sections

  • Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
  • Verbal and Logical Ability
  • Decision Making
  • General Knowledge

Tip 2: Pick up the Best Study Materials

An individual needs to go through the topper and expert’s recommendations before investing time and money in the study material. Besides it, it is also of utmost importance to check out the publisher/author and the edition of the book. The author/publisher needs to be reliable, and the book needs to be of the latest edition.
The best books that candidates must refer to for acing the XAT 2023 exam are as follows:

  • How to prepare for Data Interpretation by Arun Sharma

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations; by R. S. Aggarwal

  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning; By R.S. Aggarwal

  • Word Power Made Easy Book; by Norman Lewis

  • Analytical and Logical Reasoning by Arihant Publications

  • Target XAT 2023 (Past papers & mock tests); by Disha experts

  • General Knowledge 2023 by Manohar Pandey

  • Lucent's General Knowledge 2023 by Dr. Binay Karna

  • Mastering Essay & Answer Writing - Disha Experts

  • 151 Essays by S.C. Gupta

Tip 3: Chalk Out a Study Plan

Every preparation begins with a well-structured timetable or study plan. Applicants should take out at least 7-8 hours in a day and divide it as per his/her requirement. The topics and subjects need to be included in the study plan keeping in mind the strong and weaker areas. The weightage and importance of each topic must be considered before finalizing the XAT timetable.

Tip 4: Take Breaks

No person can study for straight 8 hours in a go. The human body demands rest and refreshment in order to function properly. Candidates should allot 4-5 short breaks and 1-2 long breaks in between the entire course of study to ensure that the mind and body remain fresh in order to grasp concepts easily.

Tip 5: Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question papers of XAT is one of the best ways to prepare for the exam. It provides a rough idea of the types of questions that might be asked in the exam. Setting a self-timer and solving question papers also helps in building exam stamina and boosts confidence.

Tip 6: Stay Consistent

Stick to the XAT study plan ardently and modify it at your convenience. The best way to crack the exam is to practice regularly and stay consistent with it. Work hard till all your weak areas are your strengths. Taking halts in between study hours is different but taking a day or two off from XAT preparation is not commendable. It breaks the thought process, routine and momentum all at once.

Tip 7: Solve Mock Tests

Your preparation must be centered around XAT mock tests and their analysis. Every mock you solve will teach you a new concept that will be extremely helpful to you on the day of the XAT 2023 exam. Solve one mock test every day and evaluate your progress and revision. Take 10-12 mock tests in the last few days and analyze them thoroughly. Pay extra attention to weak areas and work on them to gain expertise. Taking recourse to mock tests before the exam will help the candidates gain accuracy over each subject.

Tip 8: Learn to Handle Pressure

As future managers, you'll be put in stressful situations at work, so you must be able to think quickly and remain composed at all times if you want to ensure the best performance by your team. Whether it be a change in the pattern of questions or levels of difficulty, you must be able to cope with it. Only after taking a series of mock tests will you be able to handle such situations. So, if a certain test makes you nervous, try not to lose motivation. 

Tip 9: Make Proper Strategies

The foundation of management is effective planning. You will be able to determine your comfort levels with various sections and questions after 3–4 serious mock exams, and you will finally develop a plan of your own. But keep in mind that nothing is definite. It's possible that the exam's pattern will be changed, making it very different from your practice tests. Therefore, it would be best to have an overall strategy while simultaneously evaluating each question separately. A question from Mixture might be quite challenging, but a Probability question might not be. Therefore, avoid making assumptions or showing favouritism with questions.

Tip 10: Learn Effective Time Management

Divide your allotted time into minutes per question, adding a correction point around every ten minutes. It helps you stay composed and prevents you from becoming overwhelmed by a question and then panicking. It also guarantees that you have enough time to read through every question. The questions on the paper will differ in difficulty-level from easy to challenging. Start with the simple and most of the moderate questions. If time allows, move on to the remaining moderate and difficult ones in order of difficulty. Likewise, study in sitting sessions of three hours.

Tip 11: Prepare for Quantitative Aptitude

Comprehend the relationship between formulas and the meaning behind them. Use the appropriate techniques to answer questions effectively and swiftly. The secret to efficiency and accuracy is using shortcuts for quantitative aptitude. Therefore, the more you use the formulas, the more likely it is that you will comprehend the formulas. Use the formula when answering practice questions to avoid complicating the process of memorization. To master the skills, you must practise math problems every day. You can develop your abilities by coming across several options and variations. Preparing for quantitative aptitude tests cannot be completed in a single day by cramming; success requires hard work paired with more intelligent strategies.

Tip 12: Prepare for Decision Making

Identify the relevant stakeholders in a situation. To find the persons who are significant to you in the context of the provided question, skim the passage and perform a rapid analysis. Learn the extent of the circumstance so that you can make the best choice possible. As you comprehend the issue and work to find a solution, keep the list of individuals in mind. Analyze issues in a holistic manner. Take the stance that minimizes harm while maximizing gain. Do not express personal opinions. Avoid making choices that make unsubstantiated conclusions.

Tip 13: Prepare for Verbal and Logical Ability

The candidates for the XAT must read extensively while preparing. They will benefit from it not only for questions focused on vocabulary, grammar, and reasoning in verbal ability tests, but for reading comprehension problems as well. Read a variety of subjects because a typical XAT passage will be based on philosophy, history, psychology, art, or culture. They are complex and rely on inference. As a result, reading such texts requires skill and enough experience. Avoid rapid reading during the XAT exam. Keep in mind that the XAT passages are not fact-based, so you cannot simply read the data and assume the correct response. To understand the main themes raised in the passage, read it slowly and attentively. Aim to finish the VA section of the XAT in 50 minutes. In the XAT, sectional cut off is significant, thus be sure to perform well in each section.

Tip 14: Know How to Solve Questions

Your speed and accuracy need to be improved for the XAT preparation 2023 as the time to answer each question is less. Although the XAT exam is considered to have slightly more difficult questions than other exams, you have slightly more than one minute to complete each one, and the marking system is uniform. As a result, you must concentrate more on the questions that count toward your merit score; GK can be completed in the time left over. Therefore, in order to be eligible for shortlisting at XLRI, you must also achieve excellent sectional scores in XAT 2023 in addition to your total score.

Tip 15: Say No to Distractions

It is easy to get distracted while preparing for XAT 2023 without coaching because you are in the comfort of your home. Make sure to keep your phone and other gadgets away. Also, do not waste your study time scrolling through social media, chatting with friends and daydreaming. Instead, try mindfulness and focus your entire attention on the syllabus of XAT 2023.

Tip 16: Take Proper Rest

Taking proper rest, sleep and a balanced diet can help in eradicating restlessness and exhaustion. It is important to sleep for at least 7-8 hours every day as doing so will improve concentration and focus.

Tip 17: Revision Is the Key

Jot down all the important concepts, theories and formulas in a notebook so that you can revisit them when there are only a few days left for the exam. Keep aside at least 3-4 weeks for solid revision. It helps in retaining memory and performing better on exam day.

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Benefits of XAT 2023 Preparation Without Coaching

Given below are a few benefits of preparing for XAT without coaching. Applicants can go through the pointers to find out the advantages of the same:

  1. The biggest merit of self-studying is that an individual is his own master. They have the power to analyze their preparation and customize a study plan targeting their weak and strong areas.

  2. Every candidate has a different pace of learning and grasping. Through self-study, candidates can increase or decrease their speed at their own convenience.

  3. Some applicants prefer studying at night while others find studying early morning a better option. With self-study, it becomes easy to pick an hour as per your efficiency.

  4. It enhances the learning experience and confidence of the students as they become their own problem-solvers.

  5. Self-study encourages curiosity and helps aspirants in digging deep and discovering more about prescribed concepts.

  6. Students are free to take breaks and refresh their minds whenever they feel exhausted.

  7. As opposed to the coaching institutes, self-studying is pocket-friendly.

  8. Candidates can choose to study from the comfort of their homes or from anywhere in the world.

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How to Score 95 Percentile in XAT 2023 Without Coaching?

In order to earn a good score in the XAT 2023 exam, you don't need to study nonstop; instead, study wisely and with an intelligent strategy to answer the questions properly in the least amount of time. The ideal way to get ready for the XAT 2023 exam is knowing your skills and weaknesses and beginning to work on them. You must start devoting about 2-3 hours every day from now to succeed in XAT 2023 with a good score because there is still time to overcome your weaknesses and develop your strong areas. The three main portions of the XAT 2023 exam will each count toward your percentile score. Try any section within the time allotted. As there is a sectional score cut off in the XLRI XAT cut-off, you must secure a high score in each of the three areas. It should be emphasized that if attempted correctly, even half of the questions on the XAT exam might help you earn a percentile of 98–99. The key is to increase your successful attempts while reducing your unsuccessful ones.

When Should I Start XAT 2023 Preparation without Coaching?

What is the ideal time to start XAT preparation without coaching? This question often crosses the mind of every aspirant. Since XAT is not an easy exam, around 11-12 months are enough to prepare well for XAT 2023. The last 1-2 months should be kept purely for revision and practicing  sample papers and problems.

Self-Study Guide for XAT 2023 Preparation

Provided below is the detailed preparation guide of XAT 2023 that can help an individual in scoring well in the entrance exam:

XAT 2023 Study Plan - One Year Study Plan for XAT

XAT 2023 Predicted Question Paper: Important Topics, Weightage

What is a Good Score in XAT 2023?

What to Expect in XAT 2023?

XAT 2023: What to Do 1 Week Before Exam

XAT Last-Minute Tips and Exam Day Guidelines- COVID-19 Guidelines, Rules, What to Carry

Best Books for XAT 2023 Preparation

Mock Tests for XAT 2023

Previous Year Question Papers for XAT 2023

Sample Papers for XAT 2023

Top Colleges Accepting XAT 2023 Scores

The objective of qualifying the XAT exam is to get admission at a top-notch B-school that offers quality education and brilliant exposure. Here are a few colleges that accept XAT 2023 scores and grant admission to the students:

College Name

College Location

Fee Structure

Institute of Business Studies and Research

Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

₹2.85 Lakh

BML Munjal University

Gurgaon, Haryana

₹5.25 Lakh

KIIT University

Bhubaneswar, Odisha

₹1.26 Lakh

IIHMR University

Jaipur, Rajasthan

₹2.62 Lakh

Amity University Chhattisgarh

Raipur, Chhattisgarh

₹2.32 Lakh

Advanced Institute Of Technology And Management

Palwal, Haryana

₹2.62 Lakh

Acharya Institute of Management

Bangalore, Karnataka

₹4 Lakh

MET Institute of Management

Mumbai, Maharashtra

₹3.75 Lakh

Loyola Institute of Business Administration

Chennai, Tamil Nadu

₹6.75 Lakh

Alliance School of Business 

Bangalore, Karnataka

₹13.50 Lakh

Check the entire list of Colleges Accepting XAT Scores here!

To explore more possibilities or to apply for admission to the desired college, simply dial the helpline number 18005729877 or fill up the Common Application Form. Our admission experts will quickly come to your rescue.

For more queries, write to us at the QnA PortalTo find out more information on XAT 2023, keep visiting CollegeDekho!

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Is it possible to prepare for XAT in 6 months without coaching?

Yes, with regular practice, right study materials and concrete study plan, it is possible to prepare for the XAT exam.

Where can I find the sample papers of XAT?

The sample papers of XAT can be found online. CollegeDekho has also shared a few sample papers and questions that can be solved to score-well in the exam.

How many months will it take to prepare for XAT without coaching?

To qualify the XAT exam, it will take around 9-10 months to prepare for the exam without a coaching institute.

How much time should I keep for revision of XAT Syllabus?

It is crucial to keep at least 2-4 weeks for the revision of the entire XAT Syllabus.

Is it possible to crack XAT without coaching?

Yes, with an apt study plan, self-study and dedication, anyone can crack XAT without coaching.


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