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Career as Art Director

Career as a Art Director

About Art Director

Being an Art Director can have different meanings with respect to different organisations. Talking in broad terms, the job of an Art Director involves managing a team of designers who work on a creative project. However, the degree of responsibility and autonomy can vary depending upon many factors. It is an impressive job title that exists widely in the fields of graphic design, marketing, advertising, publishing, web design, film and TV, and video games. Art Directors have to create a culture of exploration and experimentation while keeping in mind and being guided by the brand strategy and creative brief. They have to ensure that their team is empowered and grounded, whilst also being excited and inspired for pushing boundaries. As an Art Director of an organisation, an individual needs to maintain a culture where the team feels nurtured and free to be the best they can and produce ideal content with respect to the requirement of the company.

Eligibility to become Art Director

The eligibility criteria for becoming an Art Director have been listed here. Candidates seeking to make a career as an Art Director must ensure that they meet all the prerequisites for the same.

  • The candidate must have completed his/ her education up to the graduation level (at least).
  • It is mandatory for the individual to at least have a bachelor's degree in design. Students of other fields will not be able to have a stronger candidature over those who come from the stream of design.
  • The candidate must have substantial work experience in the sector he/ she aspires to join as an Art Director. The amount of work experience a person has makes a solid impact on his/ her career as an Art Director.
  • The candidate must have prepared a good portfolio that contains as much information and details as possible. This portfolio will represent them for any job role that they apply for in the design field.
  • Depending upon the type of employment that the candidate seeks, the companies might have some additional set of eligibility criteria with respect to their operations. The individual must check these conditions as well.
  • Apart from the educational qualifications, people looking forward to making a career as an Art Director must also have the necessary skills that are required for the job. These include creativity, ability to work in strict deadlines, resourcefulness, leadership, time management skills, communication skills, etc.

Types of Job Roles Art Director

The job roles for Art Directors depend highly upon the level at which they are in their career. Candidates who are just started with their work in this arena will be hired as Junior Art Directors and will be promoted to the Associate or Senior level as per their quality of work and the time they spend with the organisation. The duties that are to be fulfilled by Art Directors at certain levels also increase with their designations. They have the liberty of switching to a different sector in which they can enhance their skills and learn more about how to be an Art Director in a different field.

Employment Opportunities for an Art Director

Many sectors and employment opportunities are open for recruiting art directors. Some of the most popular sectors in which art directors seek jobs are listed below.

  • Advertising
  • Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines,
  • Periodicals
  • Book Publishers
  • Publishing Houses
  • Motion Pictures
  • Video Industry
  • Specialised Design Services
  • Film and Television
  • Web Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Video Games
  • Self Employed Services

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Books & Study Material to Become Art Director

It is important to refer to the best books for becoming an Art Director as it can definitely assist the candidate in his/ her professional venture in the field of art direction. The list given below mentions some great preparation books for Art Directors. Studying these books will not only give important insights but will also enhance the knowledge, abilities, and skills of candidates.

  • 'The Education of an Art Director' by Steven Heller and Veronique Vienne
  • 'Inside Art Direction' by Steven Brower
  • 'Creative Direction in a Digital World: A Guide to Being a Modern Creative Director' by Adam Harrell
  • 'The Art Direction Handbook for Film' by Michael Rizzo
  • 'Art Direction for the Web' by Andy Clarke

Pros of becoming a Art Director

  • Art Directors have a team working under them which means they have a number of creative minds that are focused towards a task. This helps in garnering more ideas and suggestions for the particular task which can prove to be quite beneficial.
  • Art Directors can look for jobs in innumerable sectors and industries. With digital media at its peak, almost all the sectors hire experts for their digital needs.
  • The pay scale of art directors in quite lucrative when they reach higher positions at good organisations. The job is quite fulfilling not only creatively but also financially.

Cons of becoming a Art Director

  • The job of an Art Director can be quite hectic and some projects might require them to put in extra long hours to complete the task in tight deadlines.
  • Managing a large group of people can be a difficult task to achieve at times.

Paths for Being Art Director

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