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Deepansh Sharma
Deepansh Sharma
Deepansh Sharma

Deepansh, I believe my name is as unique as I am. Giving my description always excites me as I have a lot to tell. I was being told by my friends that I am a good story teller and insisted that I be the next zakir khan. And that’s too in the pipeline. The more sorted I considered myself when I was a teenager the more muddleheaded I am as of now. 

I completed my schooling from Christ the King Inter College which is located in Tundla, a small suburb on the outskirts of Agra. I am more than grateful to the opportunities that this institution provided me during my early ages. I was good in studies as well as well represented in most of the extracurricular activities at school level. 

I have played almost every sport on a good scale. But the innate skills that I imbibed for cricket helped me to play twice at the state level and once at the national level in open category. I have also played basketball at the state level. In class 12, I became the head boy of my college and that was the moment which made me realise the immense possibilities of growth. That particular reign helped me to grow as a leader, by upscaling my decision making skills. During my tenure as a head body, we organised a district level multi facet event named “Sangam” which was a grand success. 

I always had a very strong affinity towards the defence forces. So after my 12th, I took a break and started preparing for NDA and other defence exams. Unfortunately, I could not make it in the NDA. But since I was very much inclined towards the tri forces, I cleared the Navy 10+2 exam and joined the Indian Navy in 2019. But as fate would have it, I came out of service in 4 months of service. As I joined the Indian Navy after 10+2, I got admitted into IGNOU to pursue my graduation. I completed my graduation in mathematics. 

Thereafter, in 2021, while i was seeking for an access in the IT industry, i got an opportunity to work as a business analyst in a start-up firm, based in NCR. There, I dealt with US based clients, preparing the FRDs and BRDs in an agile environment. The work was exciting at the beginning but it felt quite monotonous later. I was looking for a change but I was blank as to what to go ahead with.

Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to recognise my intrinsic flair for writing and got the opportunity to work as a content writer with collegedekho. I am enjoying my work over here. Being someone who has prepared for the government services, it makes it convenient for me to write the content about different exams. I also write about educational board pages. This gives me the plausibility of learning about new domains as well. I had also been writing some crisp web stories pertaining to academics. Recently, I had been privileged by my firm to work over the video content and this served as an icing on the cake. 

In addition to all this, I like to sing and dance. Yet I am not professional in any of the two but yes I enjoy my own vibe of marky moves. I am very much interested in Geopolitics as well. And it is due to this fact that I try to possess wisdom about almost everything that surrounds me. I have been in a consistent camaraderie with calisthenics since early ages. That's why working over my physical well being has always remained a priority for me. I am being considered as a Mr. Emergency by my friends because of the fact that I am readily available for them but eventually I prefer solitude over amity. 

I am a wanderlust as well. To see the unseen is what my eyes crave for. I have visited a lot of places in northern as well as southern India but the undiscovered list is quite lengthy. I believe that the coming days and years have enough to offer me to quench my thirst. 

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