Career as Digital Marketer

Career as a Digital Marketer

About Digital Marketer

While browsing the internet, there are various things like funny memes, gifs, images, viral videos, ads, mobile apps etc that catch your attention.  Have you ever given a thought that who creates these ads or memes? how do they know what is trending? If all these question pop in your head and excites you then a career in Digital Marketing is possible the best choice that you can make.

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing fields and as per the experts, the world will fully get Digital by the year 2020, thus creating a lot of career opportunities.  The digital economy is growing ten times faster than the traditional economy.


Eligibility to become Digital Marketer

To become a digital marketer one does not require a special degree in the respective field. But a certification in Digital Marketing will enhance your knowledge and skill set which will ultimately increase your employability.  There are various Digital Marketing courses that cover all the aspects of the respective field. They not only provide one with theoretical knowledge but will also provide you with practical training.

There are many digital marketing certifications and diplomas offered by many private and government institutes. These courses can be short-term (six months) or long-term (one year). For advanced diploma candidate must have a prior professional experience or diploma in the same.  

Types of Job Roles Digital Marketer

Based  on your professional  experience and your skills (both technical and non-technical such as communication, creativity, analytical skills) and your interest, you can consider following digital marketer  job profiles:

Digital Marketing Executive/SEO Marketing Executive-At the start of their career candidates usually get employed as Digital Marketing Executive or as Social Media Marketing Executive.They work under a team leader or a manager to perform multiple tasks such as research, content development and others.

Search Engine Marketers- They report directly to digital marketing managers. Their job role is to search engine marketer to bring the target number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget.

Social Media Marketing Expert-The job responsibility of social media marketing expert is to spread the companies owned content via social media channels. For example, they run paid advertising on Social media to target the audience.

Digital Marketing Manager-Digital Marketing Managers are the backbone of the digital marketing team. As they lead the digital marketing team and they will report to the V.P. of Marketing in the company they work for. DMM is a mid-senior level manager position.

Content Marketing Manager-They primarily focus on content marketing which includes managing blogs, sales page copywriting, drip marketing campaigns and etc. They also head their team which includes several content writers, and copywriters.

Conversion Rate Optimizer-The make use of various tools to achieve higher conversions such as heat map tools. Increasing conversion rate is an important aspect at each stage of the funnel. This is because an ad copy or the site title should attract more clicks, the visitors should convert into leads, and the leads should convert into paying customers.

Employment Opportunities for Digital Marketer

Based on your interest listed below are some of the popular employment opportunities for digital marketers. This kind of work and variety of job profiles make online marketing career even a bigger opportunity.

  • Digital Marketing Companies
  • Advertising Companies
  • Digital Marketing Platform Company

Top Recruiting Companies for Digital Marketers

Some of the most popular digital marketing agencies/companies that hire digital marketers are as follows:

  • iProspect India
  • Mirum India
  • Webchutney
  • WAT Consult
  • Quasar Media
  • Pinstorm
  • Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide
  • GroupM India
  • Reprise Media

Pay Scale/Salary of Digital Marketer

The salary of a digital marketer majorly depends on the type of organization and your role. Check out the salaries bands of digital marketer and other related job profiles:

Roles Salary Band (in INR)
Digital Marketing Manager Rs.6,00,000 to Rs.10,00,000
Social Media Manager Rs. 4,00,000 to Rs. 7,00,000
Content Writer Rs. 3,00,000 to Rs 5,00,000
SEM Expert Rs 3,50,000 to Rs 6,00,000


Books & Study Material to Become Digital Marketer

When it comes to Digital Marketing the best way to learn is not through the books but the internet. The field is mainly creative and one needs to perform various creative tasks for their brand awareness. However, some of the popular digital marketing books that can help one to enhance their knowledge and skill set in the respective field is listed below:

  • Permission Marketing by Seth Godin
  • Social Media ROI by Olivier Blanchard
  • Youtility: Why Smart Marketing is about Help Not Hype by Jay Baer
  • Epic Content Marketing by Joe Pulizzi

Pros of becoming a Digital Marketer

  • Even with the increasing gap between demand and supply of Digital Marketing professionals, the average salary of a digital marketer is much higher as compared to other industries.
  • It provides you with various career options. If you love coding, you can opt for career in web designing or if you like writing , go for content marketing.

Cons of becoming a Digital Marketer

  • One of the biggest con of a career as a digital marketer is that it lacks structure. There is no such formal education or certification in the respective field.
  • All in all, digital marketing is crucial to every business. Most self-taught marketers don’t have practical experience that allows them to provide professional services that make an impact on a business.

Paths for Being Digital Marketer

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