How to Approach CAT 2017 Question Paper?

Published: | November 23, 2017
How to Approach CAT 2017 Question Paper?
  • How to Approach CAT 2017 Question Paper? With 10 days left for the CAT 2017 exam, it's time to implement your CAT strategy, CAT preparation smartly for a good CAT score & CAT % to get a good B-school.

With 10 days left for the CAT 2017 exam, it is essential that you make the most of the time that you have for preparation. You can strengthen your approach to attempt the CAT 2017 exam during this time. This is the time when you can practice CAT sample papers and CAT mock tests and enhance your performance.

While planning your revision, scan through your CAT preparation books and select the topics and formulas that you need to work on. Also, device a strategy to approach the CAT 2017 exam that you can implement on the final day. To strengthen your preparation, you can also practice these strategies while taking CAT mock tests.

Following are some of the tips that can help you enhance your score in the CAT 2017 exam. Approaching the QA and VARC sections in the right way is of utmost importance to maximize your performance and get a good percentile. Check the tips to crack CAT 2017 below:

General Tips for CAT 2017 Exam Day:

1. Avoid R&D on the Exam Day: On the day of the exam, it is important that you follow your tried and tested exam strategies. Don’t indulge in a new approach and avoid any new type of questions that you have not tackled during your practice sessions. Always keep in mind that wrong answers will award you negative marks.

2. Read the Options along with the Questions: Often, you can eliminate the answer choices while reading the question carefully. So go through the question and its answer choices simultaneously to enhance your solving speed during the exam.

Ways to Tackle QA Section in CAT 2017:

1. Target the Easy Questions First: The most important thing while attempting the QA section in CAT 2017 is to solve the easy questions first. This not only boosts your confidence but also ensures that you don’t miss out these questions while trying to solve the difficult ones first.

2. Leave the Toughest Questions: If after reading a question you think it is too difficult to solve or will take a lot of time then it is better to leave that question un-attempted as negative marks are awarded for every incorrect question in CAT.

3. Go through the Entire QA Section: A rough reading of the questions is very important to pick the questions that belong to your area of interest or topics that are your strengths. Target all the questions that can be solved in less than 90 seconds.

4. Mark the Difficult Questions: While you are reading and solving on your way through the QA section, don’t forget to mark the difficult questions so that you can go back and attempt them once you are done with the easy questions.

5. Go for the Toughest Questions only if you have time left: If you are done with the easy and moderate difficulty level questions and there is still time left, then attempt the toughest questions that you were otherwise going to skip.

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Ways to Tackle VARC Section in CAT 2017:

1. Attempt the Short Questions First: You must always be ready to approach the paper in the right order. Targeting the short questions first in the order of vocabulary, sentence completion, grammar, deductive logic, para jumbles, critical reasoning, para completion and then summary questions. This ensures that you attempt most of the questions in the VRC section of the CAT exam.

2. Glance through the Reading Comprehension Passages: Make sure that you scan through all the passages to understand the topics and figure out the passages that you will attempt and the ones that you will leave.

3. Complete the Familiar Questions First: Make sure that you follow the chronological order mentioned above and attempt the easy passages after that. You should aim to finish these questions within the deadline. If you have spare time after completing these questions, then you can attempt the passage that you were planning to leave.

4. When in Doubt, Leave the Question: If you are not sure about the answer choice that you must mark, it is better to leave the question and move forward, especially in critical reasoning questions.

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With only a few days' time left to prepare for the exam, doing smart work along with hard work is the key to success. Performing well in the CAT exam is important as a good score in CAT 2017 can also help you in getting scholarships at the prestigious IIMs.


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